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[1st Hearing] Kim Hyun Joong’s Legal Case Updates – 2015.06.03 ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

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  • 김현중vs전여친, 오늘(3일) 16억 소송 첫공판 임신 증거 나올까 | 다음 연예  첫 공판이 6월3일 오후 4시 30분…서울지방법원에서…. First hearing wl b held at 4:30pm..

The article also said that in the hearing only the two legal counsels will attend [2 represent each side respectively] 이번 공판에는 양측 법률대리인만이 참석한다…

  • 김현중vs前여친, 오늘(3일) 변론준비기일..당사자는 불출석 | 다음연예 두사람의 법률대리인들만 출석해 각자의입장을 주고받을예정이다. Two legal cousels will represent respective side
  • 김현중vs 前여친, 오늘 16억 손해배상 소송 첫 기일 | 다음 연예 양측은… 상반된 주장을 펼치고 있다. 따라서 이날은 변론에 앞서 사실관계나 법적관점을 되짚어보는 시간이 될 것으로 보인다

KHJ vs Former GF, First Hearing today: Due to two sides’ different claims, it will be a day to check factual/legal points of view

Source/Credit:  via Deanna Dsc

  • Kim Hyun Joong vs. former girlfriend, today (June 3) 1.6 billion in damages
    plead-preparation date
    김현중vs전여친, 오늘(3일) 16억 손해배상 변론준비기일

Credit:  Lynn Kim  via Deanna Dsc

  • Kim Hyun-Joong vs ex-girlfriend, today’s lawsuit is the first summation is in progress … evidence of pregnancy?
    Korea Internet Journalists Association

Translation Credit:  Marta Plaza via Deanna Dsc

  • Hyun Joong’s parents said they will explain everything that transpired in the trial
    to Hyun Joong on the 18th when they visit him in the training camp
    김현중 부모 “18일 열리는 아들 훈련소 퇴소식 보러갈 것”…

Sourc/Credit:   via Deanna Dsc

  • Kim Hyun-Joong-side “does not have a medical certificate submitted, the fact that Ms. Choi was pregnant”
    김현중 측 “최씨 제출 진단서, 임신 사실 없다”

Credit:  @LuckyGuy的Henecia_Sasa  via Deanna Dsc

  • Media/ newsmen waiting outside the Court

Source/Credit: via Deanna Dsc

  • Kim Hyun-Joong vs ex-girlfriend billion lawsuit spread is “defamation counterclaim”
    김현중vs전여친 억대소송 번진다 “명예훼손 반소할것”

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  • KHJ’s lawyer prepare fr sue against A due to libel

Tweeted by: push the envelope@Hyunjoongzzang

  • Kim Hyun Joong’s parents finally burst into tears and said “KHJ had so much pressure on this.

Tweeted by:   dodo@Beinghappykhj

김현중 부모, 결국 눈물..”김현중 심적 고통 상당했다” | 다음 연예

  • HJ’s lawyer emphasized that he will do the best for regaining KHJ’s reputation…
  • HJ’s side:”even if A submit millions of text msgs and brings frnds, thats not a proper evidence. No pregnancy.”

    Tweeted by:  매일맑음 @catgojump

  • KHJ’s side: He will verify last yr’s assault case and current pregnancy status

    Tweeted by:  ♥mikitty♥ @chocolatdaleKHJ

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  • KHJ’s side, starting a counterattack.. “Defamation + compensation, countersue against A for 1.2 billion won expected”

  • HJ’s lawyer: After claiming she’s pregnant, Choi posted on her own SNS: “I’m going to go cycling until Chuncheon” …

“…And also she received X-ray exam that was generally not allowed for pregnant women due to the fetus’ health.”

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  • 김현중 父 “아들, 임산부 폭행범몰려 前여친에6억준것” 최씨측이 제출한 진단서에는 임신한사실이 전혀없다고 나왔다”면서 “앞서 최씨와 (임신여부를 파악하기위해) 초음파검사를 받으려고했지만, 최씨측 변호사가만류한것

KHJ’s father:  “my son gave 600MW for assault to pregnant woman”: Choi’s medical certificate shows no-pregnancy. #1

#2 “When they went for ultra sound (to confirm pregnancy), Choi’s Atty put a stop on it”

  • [인터뷰] 김현중 측 변호사 “A씨 임신·유산거짓.김현중 명예찾겠다”|다음연예 김현중측 변호사는 취재진을향해 강한자신감 KHJ’s lawyer showed a strong confidence after hearing

Q: What’s been presented?

A: Hearing is…[expl what it is] There’s only one evidence from A’s atty. The evidence was medical certificate for 4th wk no period.

It wasn’t medical certificate for pregnancy. Medical certificate for 4th week no period is what clinic issues per statement of person. A side couldn’t present pregnancy medical certificate that is issued after many tests. So A proved herself that she wasn’t pregnant.

Q: Treatment after miscarriage

A: “A side couldn’t present anything for it.

Q: Wasn’t it because she was never pregnant & miscarried?

A: Other than medical certificate for 4th wk no period, they said they will present text messages. How can they be evidence?

Heard there’s a friend who can confirm pregnancy.

Even if A said to her ‘Im pregnant,’ how can the friend be witness? That’s something the friend can’t claim.

Medical certificate is needed as evidence. Medical certificates for treatment for miscarriage and pregnancy are most needed. Don’t understand why they can’t present the documents carryng all d weight

Q: whats biggest Question?

A: A and KHJ met on Dec 20 last time. A’s medical certificate shows impregnation on Dec 20. On Jan 3 KHJ was informed of pregnancy.  So it was confirmed within 12-13 days. Per OB&G specialist, that’s the time only [in home] urine pregnancy test is possible. For pregnancy confirmation, clinic must run tests like blood test. But A side said today it was confirmed with [self] pregnancy tester. Does it make sense?

I’m so sure after hearing what they said there’s neither pregnancy nor miscarriage by A.

Q: Why did KHJ give 600MW to A before 1.6BW lawsuit?

Q: How is KHJ’s condition? [it’s so heartbreaking to see how much HJ suffered for all this. My deepest thx to Atty LJM – sunsun_sky]

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  • That’s the end of Atty Lee’s interview portion. I will take a break and translate some more either of that article or others. Thank you!
  • I cry so much after translating because it is so heartbreaking to see so much injustice done to a very good person and his family and today is not exception.
  • Thx 4all retweets and comments. I will do my best to check them all and answer if there’re questions. Also my big kshanx to all the appreciative words for translating! Big hug
  • 4th wk no period is not 4th wk pregnancy. It simply means person hasn’t had period for 4wks. As period is once a month cycle, its just regular process.
  • A’s evidence for pregnancy last yr: 4th wk no period. It means the person is in the 4th wk since last one. 1,2,3, and 4th wk from her last period. A’s evidence for pregnancy this yr: in home self pregnancy test in 12-13 days from alleged impregnation on Dec 20.

2015.6.3 MidNiteEntTV

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  • “김현중 vs 전 여자친구 첫 법정공방 [150603 한밤]”

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  • KHJ’s father said that A’s parents said she wasn’t pregnant last yr in fact …

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2015.6.3일 한밤의TV 방송중에서…”작년최씨의임신과유산에”-의문을제기한 김현중 측 (김현중 아버지인텁2) 최씨 부모님이 작년에 임신했던 사실이 없다고 하니까 ~

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  • Currently Choi filed a 1.6BW damage lawsuit….

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2015.6.3일 한밤의TV연예방송 중에서…

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  • KHJ’s lawyer: Are there medical certs for pregnancy and miscarriage?

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2015.6.3일 한밤의TV연예방송 중에서… (김현중측 법률대리인)-오늘 초미의 관심사는 “임신확인서와유산에 따른 치료내역서”가 나오느냐 였는데~

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  • KHJ’s Lawyer: The medical certificate was for 4th week no period. Not weeks of pregnancy

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2015.6.3일 한밤의TV연예방송 중에서…최씨측이 보여줬다는 진단서는?(김현중 법률대리인) -그 진단서가 뭐냐면~”무월경4주” 임신이면 임신몇주 나와야 하는데…무월경4주니까~

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  • Choi’s Atty said “There are things difficult for me say….

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2015.6.3일 한밤… (퐁영상) 아 긍데 왜 최씨측 변호인은 저렇게 기자 질문에 버벅되는걸까? 혼자 땀도 많이 흘리더만 … (노이해)

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Kim Hyun Joong′s Father Claims Son′s Ex-Girlfriend′s Family Denied Pregnancy (Eng)


Kim Hyun Joong′s Father Claims Son′s Ex-Girlfriend′s Family Denied Pregnancy

Tweet Credit:    via Deanna Dsc

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:  Kim hyun Joong trial news is #1 in News Portals in SK!
<다음 댓글 많은 뉴스 1위> 김현중 父 “아들, 임산부 폭행범 몰려 前 여친에 6억 준 것”


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