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[1st Hearing] Kim Hyun Joong’s Legal Case Updates Part 2 – 2015.06.05 ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Justice4KHJ‬

Tweet/Translation Credit:    Jun 3
  • HJ’s lawyer: After claiming she’s pregnant, Choi posted on her own SNS: “I’m going to go cycling until Chuncheon” …

“…And also she received X-ray exam that was generally not allowed for pregnant women due to the fetus’ health.”

  • KHJ side will revisit last year’s assault case, “her X-ray was taken a month (Aug18) after alleged assault (July21)”

  •   Kim Hyun Joong’s side, will verify A’s orthopedic record as well.. ‘Assault case will also be reinvestigated’

  • HJ’s lawyer:  There’s gap between the time A took pics of her bruises & time of assault. Keep in mind there’s possibility the bruises are make-up.

  • HJ’s lawyer:  “A’s bruises photos weren’t taken at hospital. At background there’s a blanket w/ floral pattern, where do you find such hospital.’

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  • Atty Lee knew A posted on her SNS she took bike ride to Chucheon in (late) May last yr, after she said she was pregnant per Newsen article!
  • 김현중 변호사 “A씨, ‘지난해 임신’ 주장 거짓말 드러나..반소 제기” | 다음연예 … 김현중 측 변호인… “A씨의 ‘지난해 임신’ 주장이 거짓말임이 드러났다. 이에대해 6월 말까지 반소를 제기하겠다”고밝혔다

KHJ’s Atty”A’s pregnancy claim last yr deemed false…Will counterclaim” by the end of June.
[Atty Lee 👍🏼↖️Fighting↗️]

  • "임신NO" 김현중vs전여친 새국면, 어떻게 되나 … 재판부는 오는 7월 22일 제 2차 변론 준비기일을 진행한다.재판부는 워낙 세간의 관심이 집중된 사건이기에 양측을 배려해 2차 변론준비기일도 비공개로 진행된다

“NO pregnancy” KHJ vs A:  new phase, whats going to happen: 2nd hearing will b held on July 22 and closed to public [like1st one]

  • 김현중측 “임신·유산 없었다, 출산 후 특수공갈죄 소송” | 다음 연예 … 민사는 이달 내에 반소 형식으로 진행할 계획이지만, 형사는 상대가 현재 임신중인 만큼 출산을 고려해 시기를 조율하겠다”고 전했다

KHJside “No pregnancy/miscarriage, special blackmail lawsuit postpartum” civil counterclaim in June criminal charge after childbirth

  • Wow! I really like Atty Lee’s step by step approach to d whole procedure! He has everything planned so strategically! #Justice4KHJ #김현중명예회복
  • [단독] 김현중, 전여친 A씨 정형외과 기록도 사실조회신청..’폭행도 재조사’ |다음연예 … 전여자친구의 정형외과 진료기록에 대해서도 법원에 사실조회신청을 했다. 두정형외과는 지난해 A씨에게 폭행관련 진단서를 발급

KHJ, requested statement of facts to be served to two orthopedics, which issued injury medical certificates last year, and revisit assault case

Tweet/Translation Credit:    Jun 3

  • HJ’s lawyer emphasis that he will do the best for regaining KHJ’s reputation…
  • HJ’s side:”even if A sumbit millions of text msgs and brings friends, that’s not a proper evidence. No pregnancy.”

    Tweeted by:  매일맑음 @catgojump

  • KHJ’s side: He will verify last year’s assault case and current pregnancy status

Tweeted by:  ♥mikitty♥ @chocolatdaleKHJ

  •  Lawyer said there is a time difference between photo taken and assualted time..there are possibilites that A had make up fr bruise.
  • KHJ side: “Assured 3 NOs! Assault, Pregnancy,Miscarrige” Totally one-side scheme

Tweeted by:  매일맑음 @catgojump

  • 김현중 측 "폭행·임신·유산 ‘3無’ 확신, 일방적 사기극" 출처 : 일간스포츠 | 네이버 TV연예 article abt 3 NOs, now Naver main issue!

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Translation Credit:
 [ENGL k-starVideo] KHJ vs Former GF True or False Trans: inertview portion of two attorneys 변호사 인텁 부분 영역
I wanna clarify abt prenatal education. It just means mom2b is focusing on thinking/doing/eating good things fr d benefit of d bby 2b-born.
KOR word used for prenatal ed is 태교 n it means teaching bby (fetus) while in d womb. 😊

Tweets/Translation Credit:
  • [오미정의 연예직설] 베일 벗는 진실, 그리고 김현중 어머니의 눈물 | 다음 연예 … 사건이 법원으로 가자 얘기가 달라집니다. 주장이 아닌, 진실이 서서히 베일을 벗는 모습입니다 [MUST READ]

Truth unveils & Tears of KHJ’s Mother:  When case goes to court, story changes. Claims seem to wither and truth unveils✅❤️

  • Pls check out d article (dat i marked wth ✅❤️) n click on ❤️ too. Its rlly objective n we can c change of wind toward HJ’s truth. Thx.
  • 김현중 전 여친,” 폭행,임신,유산 모두 의심되는상황” | 다음 연예 … 폭행 임신 유산 모두 의심스러운 상황… “만약 이 3가지가 모두 거짓일 경우 김현중이 일방적으로 당한 사기극인 셈”이다

KHJ’s former GF “assault pregnancy misciaarrge – all questionable” If all 3 claims are false, it is a total fraud against KHJ.

  • 김현중의 폭행혐의 반소 “처음부터 억울한 누명” | 다음 연예 … “일단 이달 내에 위약금 6억원과 손해배상 6억원 그리고 명예훼손까지 총 12억원 이상의 반소장을 이달 말까지 접수할 계획”이라고 덧붙였다

KHJ side will counterclaim on assault charge “unfairly charged from beginning”
600MW/penalty, 600MW/damage + @/fr libel

  • 김현중, 前 여친에게 사기 당했나?..’폭행·임신·유산 의심’ | 다음뉴스 … 정형외과..두곳의 병원에 사실조회신청…의사의 진단이 아닌, ‘환자 본인 진술’에 의존한 것이기에 여러가지로 신빙성이 없다는 주장이다

KHJ, suffered fraud by former GF? Assault, pregnancy, miscarriage – all questionable: medcerts based on her words are not credible


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  1. If I’m not mistaken, next hearing is on July 22

    Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 11:20 pm

  2. kumiko ozumi

    I like to know next date too. please let us know. I like to Thank you for post. eng sub so much help for us, no matter how end I well waite for him. Love to see him very much.

    Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 1:07 am

  3. Aimee

    Thank you for all the news! When is the next court date?

    Friday, June 5, 2015 at 8:36 pm

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