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[NewsBits] Kim Hyun Joong Legal Case Issues- 2015.06.24 #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Wating4KHJ‬

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  • We already know fans/non-fans in SK are sued by A. Some fans who analyzed/posted false docs/pics got sued too. We may not know all things fans do quietly
  • Pls note again:  There are evidences in court Per Atty Lee

1.  Four-week no period medcert for pregnancy last yr

2.  non but there words in court for self pregnancy tester for this pregnancy

  • 뷰티한국 모바일 사이트, 김현중, 초음파 사진 공개 ‘초강수’…김현중 최모, 임신 사기극? “..최씨가 김현중 부모에게 준 초음파사진에는 산모이름도 없고, 검사시각이 진료시각과 다르게 표기됐다”고 문제를제기

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic: KHJ/Choi, Pregnancy fraud? Ultrasound pic provided by Choi has no name and time discrepancy

  • 라이브엔 모바일 사이트, 김현중 초음파사진 공개, 김현중 전여친 본인 것? “최씨가 김현중 부모에게 준 초음파사진에 적힌 검사 시각과 산부인과 진료 시각이 다르게 표시 돼 있으며, 산모 이름조차 없다”고 주장

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pics, Are they ex-girlfriend’s? Utlrasound pics provided by Choi have no name and  discrepancy in time.

  • 김현중초음파사진공개, 김현중母 “전 여친의 거부로 초음파 사진 못받아” | 다음 뉴스 “일주일 후 해당 초음파 사진을 받았지만…검사 받은 시각과 초음파 사진 속 기록 시각이 다르다” 라고 주장했다

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic, KHJ’s mother “unable to get the pic due to ex-girlfriend’s refusal”   Pic received later has no name…

  • 김현중, 초음파 사진 공개 “사진에 문제점 있다” | 다음 연예 “최 씨가 김현중 부모에게 준 초음파 사진에는 산모 이름도 없고, 검사 시각이 진료 시각과 다르게 표기돼 있다”

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic “The pic is questionable” The pic provided by Choi has no name and discrepancy in time.

  • 김현중 초음파 사진공개, 점점 미궁으로..”탐정까지 나서야 할 판” |다음연예 “기계의 체크가 잘못된 것일수도있지만, 그병원이 대형병원인데다 그럴리 없다고 병원측에서도 확인해줬으니 기계결함은 아닌 것으로보인다”

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic, deeper into maze… need a private eye? Ruled out the possibility for mechanical defects

[ENG SUMMARY] SBS Morning Wide 모닝와이드 간추린 영역

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The reporter went to the same hospital and got bunch of ultrasound pics that Choi took in April and May. According to the reporter, regular ultrasound pics do not have names but 3D ultrasound pics have her surname Choi. The pics taken on May 28, regular pic doesn’t have her name but 3D pic has.

Also the reporter showed the medcert issued on Mar 12. It shows surname Choi and expected delivery date on Sept 12 but covers impregnation date.

In the related article, Choi’s side said they have no way of clearly clarifying why the pic [provided to HJ’s parents] was marked with the time 11:22, when the pic was taken between 10:30 – 11:00.

Choi’s side appealed not to raise a frivolous question about pregnancy after the joint visit to the hospital three months ago on Mar 12.

[I dont know why Choi’s side did not submit the pics as evidence to court].
[Ultrasound pics were all blurred, so the size of fetus is not showing at all.]
[Per Atty Lee impregnation date is Dec 21]

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  • 김현중 측이 밝히는 전여친 A씨의 '두번의 임신' 미스터리 지난해 임신과 폭행으로 인한 유산’이 사실이 아님을 확인한데 이어 현재 임신에 대해서도 강한 의구심을 제기하고 나섰다

KHJ side reveals A’s two time pregnancy mystery:  affirmed no pregnancy/miscarriage by assault last yr and strongly questions pregnancy this yr

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  •  [최씨가 주장했던 폭행유산은 사실이 아니다!] 김현중측이 산부인과 등에 사실조회신청한 결과 지난해 임신 및 유산 사실을 증명한 곳이 한 곳도 없다고 합니다.따라서 최씨가 폭행유산이라고 했던 부분은 허위주장입니다
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Some of the statement of facts are returned to court. Among those responded, no clinics confirmed pregnancy and miscarriage last yr

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  • [2번째 임신의문] 임신확인서에는 임신시점과 출산시점 등이 담겨 있어 친자여부 확인에 있어 중요한 서류임에도 최씨는 당시 임신테스트기로 확인했다며 서류를 보여주지 않고 있으며 심지어 재판부에도 서류제출 안함.

Question about 2nd pregnancy:  pregnancy cert with impregnation and delivry info is important but A confirmed by tester and didn’t submit it to court

  • 김현중 측은 “이번 임신 시점에 대해서도 의문이 많지만, 이번 임신은 재판의 쟁점이 아니다. 사랑하는 사람들이 만나 임신을 했다고 16억원을 요구할수는 없기때문이다. A씨의 이번 소송은 그자체로 말이 되지 않는다”면서
  • “중요한 것은 지난해 임신과 유산에 대한 A씨의 주장인데, 이는 이미 사실이 아님이 드러났다”고 밝혔다.
  • KHJ side: we have questions about the time of impregnation but the current pregnancy is not the issue of litigation.  When two people met in love and pregnancy happened, it can,t be a reason to demand 1.6BW. A’s litigation itself does not make any sense. The important issue is A’s claim for pregnancy and miscarriage last yr, but it is found to be not true: #3 stated Atty Lee.
  • KHJ side reveals ex-girlfriend’s ultrasound pic, 2Qs? Pics given by ex-gf doesn’t have name and discrepancy in time of check-up and pic taken

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  1. Angie's Mom

    Who is this reporter who managed to get the ultrasounds with Choi’s name and time on them? Why couldn’t the Kim’s or their lawyer know about these ultrasounds? Why weren’t they submitted by Choi’s lawyer? Doesn’t sound right to me. Why doesn’t the court have Choi get a recent ultrasound just to justify the pregnancy?

    Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 6:20 am

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