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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JONG More Legal Issues – 2015.06.23 #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

June 22 Updates

Tweet Credit:  Jun 22

Tweet Credit:  Jun 22

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  • 최씨가 우울증이 있으니 합의를 봤어도 김현중씨가 도의적인 책임을 지고 달래줘라 (최씨측) 변호사가 ‘여행도 데리고 가라’ ‘밤에 불러내서 최씨를 위로해줘라’…

Translation Credit:   Jun 22

Ms.Choi’s atty urged to HJ to take care of her since she is suffering from depression. Take her to travel for fresh.

  • There was a condition that HJ need to take care of her till 31 Dec.  After that day, HJ looks happier coz he could get away from her after all.
  • 김현중 측 "전 여친 초음파사진, 시간이 맞지 않다" 의문 제기 Naver main issue talks about ultra sound pic.

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Translation Credit:  Jun 22

Reporter called to A’s mom and asked abt pregnancy and she told there is no worth to talk abt ridiculous

  • 김현중父 현중이 생각은 그랬던 것 같아요 12월 31일에 이젠 자기는 최 모씨에게서 벗어났다 모든 게 끝났구나라는 생각에, 그래서 좋아했던 것 같아요 생각해보니까.. 김현중母…

Translation Credit:  Jun 22

HJ’s dad:  he recall that on 31 Dec.,hj looks happier than before but 3 days after he got call again and this is your baby!

Tweet Credit:  Jun 22

  • **correction: Atty who encourage to HJj to take care of A in Dec. was HJ’s former lawyer!! OMG
  • HJ’s former lawyer is the one who didn’t defend anything for him last yr
  • Atty Lee:  A came down to meet HJ while he was in jeju island….
  • Hj mom:  I went hospital 3 days in a row and met 3 pregnant women a day but there were no us.(all had name )

  • It so funny BYJ release his news about wedding photo shooting at 7:30pm (wedding date not confirmed) why are you so in a hurry?

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Tweet Credit:  Jun 22

Tweets/Translation Credit:  Jun 22

  • [Red Flag]Apparently fetus image in the ultrasound photo from Choi bitch was larger than expected!!!

  • Now I really understand why HJ parents said previously that Choibitch knew too well how soft-hearted HJ is & she exploited him with that!
  • Let’s help keep news of HJ’s parents’ new interview on high visibility so that more ppl will see the truth! Pls search & click on articles!

Tweets Credit:  Jun 22

  • Per Channel A interview with Atty Lee, it’s A who came down to Jeju and asked to be with him. Separation by Dec 31 was oral agreement not a written clause
  • Per interview by HJ’s parents, on 3/12 the medicert for her visit was issued at 11:02 AM and she left. But ultrasound pic has 11:20 and 11:22AM marked on it.

Tweet Credit:  Jun 22

  • Currently 2330h KST (22.06.15) no.4 on most viewed articles and no.1 on most commented

June 23 Updates

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 150622 k star (日本語字幕) [K STAR]キム·ヒョンジュンの両親との独占インタビュー [単独]キム·ヒョンジュン、親が伝える”キム·ヒョンジュンvs前彼女”終わらない戦争

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  • Ch.A video clip:  Atty Lee said Kim and choi were separated till choi came down to meet HJ in Jeju island in mid Dec.
  • They were already separated but *someone* asked HJ to take care of her since she is blar blar.. That was the beginning of 2nd attack to him

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  • Based on translation by KarenKim on weibo

    李律师电话采访:已经协议和解后,女方找到了正在济州岛休息的金贤重,周边人说女方处于非常忧郁的状态,劝说让金带着她一起稍微待一段时间缓合下,道义和 人情上金同意了,女方表示只要一起待到12月末就好,到那时就分手,但这一点只是口头约定,并没写在协议书上(一说你就信真是够傻够天真[挖鼻])

    In a telephone interview with HJ’s lawyer: having reached an agreement, Ms Choi decided to seek out HJ who was then resting in Jeju. He was told by those around that since she seemed to be suffering from depression, perhaps he should keep her company to alleviate things. Based on his sense of righteousness and morality, he agreed to this, at the time Ms Choi expressed that he only needed to stay with her till the end of the year, and then they would part ways. This was a verbal agreement and was not formally written into the settlement.

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  • When news broke out that HJ was in Jeju with her, I was among those left wondering and I couldn’t fathom then why HJ would even think of being with her again after all that she has done to him. Now i know he was conned!! it is obvious that ppl knew how soft-hearted HJ is and they took advantage of this. And now we’re also finding out that it may have been HJ’s previous lawyer who encouraged him to go to Jeju to comfort her?? These ppl are just full of $$h#tt! ?
    Oh well, it looks like they’ll get even more $hit as they will soon learn that they’ve messed with the wrong star and the wrong fandom!!


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