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[Tweet Bits] The BEST of KIM HYUN JOONG – Teaser Video #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬


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キム・ヒョンジュン『The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG』- teaser – Release 7/1

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『The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG』- teaser – UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN cr @Holhyun

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To buy or not to buy?

As I had said before both sides have good reasons for their decisions. Personally I thought about it for a long time before I finally decided to buy the album after all.

I really hate KE/ BYJ BUT I love HJ much more than anything else in this case. What I really do not want to see as mentioned earlier by a fan (and I agreed) is that HJ becomes collateral damage as a result of our actions even though they are not directed at him at all, and hence, provides excuses for trash media to put HJ down again with their biased reporting!

My key consideration to buy the album is because I want to ensure HJ will remain as one of Universal Music Japan’s (UMJ) top selling artistes from Korea in the JP market, so that when HJ finishes his MS in less than 2 years’ time he will be able to return to the JP market with ease to launch new music projects, with support from a major label like UMJ! I’m no expert of the music industry in JP and what I know about it is just based on what I had read about it before. But I know it would be essential/ beneficial for HJ to have a major label like UMJ, supporting the production and distribution of his future work in that market. Like it or not, sale-ability of his albums will be one of the key considerations for UMJ to continue to support HJ in the future!

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Just wanted to consolidate my thoughts regarding this album.

Whatever one’s thoughts regarding KE and amidst conspiracy theories…

In the first place, no one even knows the details of the contractual arrangements. Either on the Japanese side or the Korean side. There are entirely too many assumptions.

This 10th anniversary album is an album that means something. It takes the place of the concert that didn’t happen. That’s one.
HJ has had intense negative publicity. Anything associated with a drop in sales will be directly associated with this whether we like it or not. It is total naivety to assume industry people will take into account whether or not the fans were upset and whether or not there was a boycott going on at the time. In the real world, the business world, cold hard facts are the norm. This person isn’t selling well? So what if he had selling power before? Obviously that’s now a thing of the past since sales have been dropping. Is there any proof you can show me that this person is worth investing in? Yes? No? All that remains of a Japanese album at the end of a couple of years are – did it make no.1? What were the total sales? The number of units sold? Year by year what is the increase or decrease? There is no discussion of the controversies that surround each album. If you cannot offer proof, then forget it. Whatever your assurances to me are, facts are what we seek. This is a company’s view.

So we will support his next album and activity. “Umm…. If you cannot prove to me this will make money I will not bother to fund any more albums or activities. Don’t bother contacting us – what proof can you offer me that his activities will have support after this whole scandal? Oh, he gets lots of letters? The fans came to see him? Hmm…. Can you assure me that translates into profits?” So perhaps fans will finally have the opportunity to save money. Many of you might not have realised how dressed down the concerts were on his last tour. This is no accident. No one with an ounce of business sense would doubt that cost saving was an issue. And likely it was a condition that HJ had to accept before even being allowed to hold the tour.

Just as it was important to show the world we supported him at the end of the world tour, just as it was important for us to show he still had this support at his enlistment, so it is important now to show that this, potentially his last album, still has selling power.

It is illogical to assume that any company is going to spend a majority of its profits in bringing someone down. The purpose of a company is to make money. Yes there may be a lot of manipulation going behind the scenes but no one knows exactly what. Anyone with business sense would know that.

No one likes being held ransom. But for me, it is a small price to pay in return for eradication of that risk of collateral damage to HJ at this very critical point in time. No bystander will bother to delve into the details of why fans are not buying. No sales = “must be due to all that negative publicity”. Occasionally one has to be a pragmatist, not an idealist.

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These are the words a person, whom I trust with no hesitation, told me this morning regarding the whole issue of the boycott: “His value as a singer is depending on this album”. 😔 This person let me tell you is someone who knows the business and works in it and very close to HJ. You take it or leave it. I know that not revealing the identity of this person may make you doubtful of what I’m saying but many of u have known me for quite a long time, others less and some u don’t but I hope you all know how much I care abt HJ and believe in my word. Maybe I’m asking for too much though. 😔 The situation is serious, more than you can think of and that I’m allowed to tell. If this album doesn’t sell, we may never get the chance to see HJ on a stage ever again and this may be HJ’s last album. Not even in Japan he’ll have a career if he can prove the ppl in the business that he’s profitable (and many ppl are doubting that even in Japan right now). What @illublue said on her long tweet is very accurate. Also this is a Japanese release not a SK so KE’s take in it is very low compared to UM’s. (I confirmed this, I’m not speculating) So HJ has a lot to loose and very little to gain from this whole boycott. And please bear this in mind, HJ’s future is in our hands, non other, his fans, and it is now, not later. We might be too late if we wait. Business is business and ppl in this world don’t care abt feelings, boycotts or whatever. They only see graphs, numbers and results and mostly immediate ones.


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  1. pasanggurung65


    I think I have a very good news, it’s going to be a surprise for you, I am sure you will love it! More info here

    Take care, pasanggurung65

    Friday, April 28, 2017 at 6:16 am

  2. bellacruel

    Thank you so much for all information . It is very importance insight and really meaningful. As much as i lost trust to KE and dislike them. I lost respect for them as an artist’s agency. i see HJ as one of a very good artist who became a victim of those who are involve in the entertainment business and surely a victim of a real professional blackmailer.

    I admit i was hesitate to buy it. However i will be even more disappointed and very hurtful if his career get worst because I do not give my support when he truly needs it for his car.

    We,all his fans have supported him through the tough time of his life for the last 9 months and we’re still here. That shows how much we care for him and his career. Therefore when it comes to the critical period of his future’s career it’s no reason for us not to support him. For me I see it as a must to show our support. I can see this is a little to do with KE but it is everything to do with HJ as a singer who is his career as an entertainer very much relates to this album sell.

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 1:28 pm

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