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[More Info] The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG Album #‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎KHJBestAlbum‬

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For those living in Singapore ONLY who wish to order The Best of KHJ album, @luvKHJ4ever will be collating orders. Please send an email to with
1) version 2)no. of copies 3) telephone 4) name
Payment will be in advance

Cost (approximately)
Version A – $64
Version B – $53
Regular – $43

For those who want to support but not too concerned about charts:

IMPORTANT READS RE Support for KHJ’s Album

Reposting this Tweet:  Please note that the person mentioned is definitely reliable and really close to KHJ. 

And you may click illublue’s link to see her post.

These are the words a person, whom I trust with no hesitation, told me this morning regarding the whole issue of the boycott: “His value as a singer is depending on this album”. 😔 This person let me tell you is someone who knows the business and works in it and very close to HJ. You take it or leave it. I know that not revealing the identity of this person may make you doubtful of what I’m saying but many of u have known me for quite a long time, others less and some u don’t but I hope you all know how much I care abt HJ and believe in my word. Maybe I’m asking for too much though. 😔 The situation is serious, more than you can think of and that I’m allowed to tell. If this album doesn’t sell, we may never get the chance to see HJ on a stage ever again and this may be HJ’s last album. Not even in Japan he’ll have a career if he can prove the ppl in the business that he’s profitable (and many ppl are doubting that even in Japan right now). What @illublue said on her long tweet is very accurate. Also this is a Japanese release not a SK so KE’s take in it is very low compared to UM’s. (I confirmed this, I’m not speculating) So HJ has a lot to loose and very little to gain from this whole boycott. And please bear this in mind, HJ’s future is in our hands, non other, his fans, and it is now, not later. We might be too late if we wait. Business is business and ppl in this world don’t care abt feelings, boycotts or whatever. They only see graphs, numbers and results and mostly inmediate ones.

Tweeted by: Jun 23

For those supporting the boycott by not buying HJ’s album, may I be bold and request u to rethink your position. I don’t want to engage in an argument nor am I forcing my thoughts on anyone.

I don’t expect HJ’s album to get top spot at the Oricon but I do want it to get a respectable sales figure. If it lands in top spot, that will really be great!

@illublue and @MarutaSan_KHJ have accurately summed up why we should not boycott.

As fans, we do what we do with HJ in mind. Always. But don’t let your judgement be influenced by your anger and hate towards KE.

All I ask is for you to revisit your position. Particularly those who have a lot of following. You have so much influence on your followers.

Rethinking will not hurt. If you still think that the boycott is the answer…then ok… you’ve made a choice and I will respect that. #supportKHJalbum

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When I read some tweets, I have a feeling that some think we (those that are against the boycott) are putting more importance on the album sales rather than the scandal being resolve. If I’m wrong to think this way, then I apologize

But for some who may have thought this, please don’t because this cannot be farther from the truth.

There was a statement that was tweeted ie. we must think of what’s important for HJ now.

Undeniably, what’s important for HJ now is clearing his name. It’s top priority for his family…particularly for his mum and dad. Top priority for us too….his fans.

I’ve always maintained that resolving the scandal and supporting the album are 2 distinct subjects. But the reality is, BOTH are happening at the same time. The album’s release is next week.

HJ’s lawyer is doing all he can to clear his name. We are all praying for a favorable outcome. As a fandom, we can pray. And should his lawyer need our support, we will support without hesitation. But other than that, I don’t see how else we can help.

Now here we have an album that’s about to be released. As a fandom, we can show support and help with buying. This is something we can actively participate in.

But we are divided. Some intend to boycott and not buy. Why? You all have your reasons and KE is in the centre of it. And some also don’t believe it is important for HJ. As some say, this album will not define him.

Maybe so, but I don’t want this album to be the reason for his downfall either.

I don’t know why I keep explaining myself. To put it simply…I’m a fan.

All i want to put out there is that those of us who intend to support the album…know that we also have issues about KE. We also want the truth exposed just like everyone else. The only difference is we want to support the album. Why?
Because we want to do it for HJ. We don’t want to gamble or take a risk… that poor sales may have a negative impact on his career.


3 responses

  1. Atiq

    I believe some of fans who boycott had change their mind. Especially, fans in SK and Japan. Coz their purchasing power is huge ( regarding their currency much reasonable ). If not this album ranking won’t be in top 10 chart for quite some time. Kudos too whom who has made a wise decision.

    Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 7:19 pm

  2. This clip of Kim Hyun Joong says it all…! What would he feel from all of this contention? How do you think this would make him feel? His tears say it all here. Please, let us support HIM and HIS MUSIC. He worked so hard these last 10 years, please let us continue to support “HIM”!

    Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 11:34 pm

  3. bella

    Thank you so much for all information and thought . i so agree with all the comments above..

    Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 9:03 pm

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