Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong: One Body, One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, One for Our Only One, One Unbreakable Henecia



The Best of Kim Hyun Joong Album Release July 1, 2015:  To Buy or Not to Buy is the Shakespearean Question.  Whatever the Conclusion, May We Remain United with Love


cr: Rukubebe
I always follow my heart when making decisions.  Logic may lead us to believe that leaving emotion out of our decisions would be most wise.  However, if you make a decision based only on cold, logical facts, you will ineviitbly lead a life of regret.  I listen to Wisdom and reason with my mind first.  God gave me a curious mind that loves to learn.  I like to research every possible angle of a situation before coming to my personal conclusion.  After I have exhausted all sources, I then turn to my heart.  I ask myself whether I am making a decision based in love.  If the emotion driving my decision is ANYTHING other than LOVE, I know it will lead me to regret.  If I am doing something out of Fear, Pain, Frustration, Anger, Jealousy, Spite, or even in the name of ‘Justice,’ in the end that decision is ultimately going to harm myself or another person or both.  And so, my judge and jury are LOVE and TRUTH.
I will follow the LOVE in my heart  and live by what I know to be TRUTH.   Simply put, in my life experience, LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH.  If something comes from anything other than a place of Real, Selfless, Unconditional LOVE, it is FALSE and comes from that Spirit of Deception that wants to turn our eyes from the path of righteousness.  To be righteous, I must ACT IN LOVE without any other emotions being involved.  It is ok to be angry.   It is ok to want Justice.  It is ok to grieve for someone we love and want to stomp down every enemy that rears its ugly head against that person we love body, mind, heart and soul.  This is RIGHTEOUS ANGER and has it’s place in Love.  However, we must consider carefully when deciding how to act in the best interest of the person we love.  If we act out of anger, we may end up doing more harm than good.  We may be directing it at our loved one’s enemy, but our loved one has the potential of getting hit in the crossfire, and we will regret our actions deeply once our anger cools.
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And So, after carefully listening to both sides of the current issue of whether ‘to buy or not to buy’, I have come to my personal conclusion.  By voicing my opinion here, I want my Fan Family to know that I have no less respect or love for them if they have done the same, weighing all the pros and cons, measuring against the love in their hearts for Kim Hyun Joong and landed on the opposite side of the coin.  I do not for one minute believe that my Fellow Fans love Kim Hyun Joong any less than I do just because we disagree on the best course of action.  That being said, I have decided that supporting and buying ‘The Best of Kim Hyun Joong’ Album and ‘Gemini 2015 Japan Tour’ DVD being released by Universal Japan is the best way to make sure I am able to see my Angel on Stage again after he completes his Military Service in 2017.  Ultimately, there were three posts on facebook that swayed me.  There were two posts by Ms. D of Henecia Philipinnes whom I love and respect with all my heart and soul crediting @illublue pointing out the BUSINESS side of this Album, it’s sales, the trend that was happening to his album and concert sales after the scandal, and the future of Hyun Joong’s career.


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My conclusion after reading these is that FIRST, this album is Hyun Joong’s Last Gift to Us before he entered the Military Service.  He was unable to do his free concert.  This album is the consolation.  Like it or not,  he does not own the rights to distribute his own music for us.  It must be done through his contractual agreements with Key East and Universal Japan.  There is no other way for him to bring his music to his fans at this time.  In the future, he may have a choice.  Right now he does not and neither do we his fans.  It hurts, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it is the truth.  Key East and Universal Japan are the only means to bring Kim Hyun Joong to his hungry fans who are missing him so badly.  This is a KEEPSAKE album for us.  To pass up this opportunity to own it may fill us with regret for the future.  To say ‘I will buy it when he comes out of the Military in two years..this will make his comeback even stronger.’  Who is to say you will be ABLE to do that?  There are only so many copies pressed.  Many of his other singles are hard to find and VERY EXPENSIVE when you do find them because they press LIMITED EDITIONS.  And if it does not sell well now… there will be no more made to sell.  If you cannot afford this release, that is another matter.  I empathize with you closely.  To purchase this album and DVD set will be difficult for me financially.  I have other things that could be considered more urgent to do with that money.  However, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to support Hyun Joong’s future and own a once in a lifetime keepsake.  I would like to propose to the fans who have already bought their copies to think of ways to help their less fortunate fans by perhaps purchasing multiple copies as fan clubs and giving them away as gifts.  Or if individual fans have the means, purchase copies for your friends.  These are just ideas and suggestions.  I am not demanding anyone take any action, as I stated earlier, if you have decided that NOT buying the album is the best option, I am not trying to force you.  I am just stating my honest and heartfelt opinion.  I do not want to regret letting an opportunity to own this compilation of his 10 years in the music industry pass me by.


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“This 10th anniversary album is an album that means something. It takes the place of the concert that didn’t happen.” cr: @illublue

Regardless of whether we are angry at Key East for not supporting and protecting Hyun Joong is irrelevant to his future success.  The hard truth is he will need Industry Backing and Investors to make more music and dramas when he gets out of Military Service in 2017.   Whether they be Korean, Japanese, or International, The Investors will not care WHY the fans boycotted this album.  All they will care about are the numbers.  Did it Chart?  How many copies sold? etc.  Even a FULL PAGE AD IN EVERY KOREAN, JAPANESE,or WEEKLY WORLD WIDE PAPER explaining the boycott WILL NOT MATTER.  It will be blamed on the scandal, plain and simple, and Hyun Joong will LOSE in the end because numbers and dollars are the only language Investors speak.  I came to this conclusion after considering the true meaning of a Boycott.   The purpose of a Boycott is to voice your displeasure with a company’s Products and or Services.  To Boycott this album will say to Key East, ‘We are greatly dissatisfied with your services!  You failed to protect our Precious Kim Hyun Joong!  We are now PUNISHING you!”  However, it will also say, “We are not happy enough with your PRODUCT to purchase it!”  That Product is Our Only One, Kim Hyun Joong.  We are not unhappy with him in the least, but that negative message will be sent along with the intended message nonetheless.  Let us not “throw out the baby with the bath water.”  That Precious Baby that might get tossed into the street is our Hyun Joongie.  May that never happen because we were short sighted in our anger.  Hyun Joong’s sales suffered on his last two albums and the Gemini Tour was cut way back to conserve costs and not nearly as many fans turned out as in previous Tours.  It was heartbreaking, but it is a fact we cannot ignore.
cr: Nhor Manuel

“ No sales = “must be due to all that negative publicity”. Occasionally one has to be a pragmatist, not an idealist.” cr: @illublue

The final post I discovered on facebook was this one also posted by Ms. D:  Hyun Joong’s Letter read to his fans at his concert in 2011 at the Breakdown Showcase.  I remember the controversies going on amongst the fans back then.  I was a new fan at the time and had to have  my dear Sister LazerKim explain to me why the fans were fighting and being so hateful to each other.  I will not go into that issue as it is now long over but the current mud slinging and mean comments going back and forth over this Best of Album Controversy reminded me of that time.  I am sure that is why Ms. D. chose to post this letter again.  Kim Hyun Joong grieves DEEPLY over us when we are fighting over what we think is best for him.  It BREAKS HIS HEART!  Those who are for the Album and those who are opposed, we are All His Loving Fans.  We All Love Him Equally!  There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’ in this FAMILY.  I hope we can put those differences aside and be United for Our Only One.  He needs us more than ever.  I want to cry rivers when I think he may hear of the division and feel helpless there in his Dangerous Post in the DMZ.  Right now, I just want him to focus on staying SAFE and Healing his broken heart over this scandal.  He has been damaged more than we could possibly know by it.  We are his LIFELINE.  We are his Wings of Courage.  Let us come together and LIFT HIM UP in every way we possibly can.  Everyone is welcome to their opinion, and it is ultimately each individual fan’s personal right to decide how he or she will support our bias.  Let us make those personal decisions without making it personal with our fellow fans.  We are a LOVING FAMILY in this fandom.  It has been a remarkable show of Unity to those outside it.  Let us not break down that image of Unconditional Love for our idol and each other.  WE ARE ONE FOR OUR ONLY ONE!  I love each and every one of you whether you agree with me or not.  I have very DEAR and PRECIOUS Sisters I know are on the other side of this issue.  I have expressed to them my love because I never EVER want them to believe I don’t love them just because I chose the opposite.  And I would never EVER think they love Hyun Joong any less than I do.  I know they are following the convictions of their hearts with the passion of their love for him just as I have chosen to do.  Let us support each other in love with every step so that we do not fall.  Hyun Joong needs us and we need each other.

“In the next 2 years, I believe I will venture on a whole new path.
As a man, an entertainer, a responsible public figure.
I will come back maturely.

Throughout the past 1 year, I have lived under the love and support that I have received and felt from my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I am grateful to, and fans.

I will return once after I complete my duties, as a better person, if not a perfect individual.
I promise to greet you again with smiles on the day of my return…”

-Kim Hyun Joong, May 12th, 2015

The individual hearts and minds in this fandom are all special, and needed.  We are ONE BODY with many individual parts.  Some fans are active posting memories and photos every day on their social media.  There are the Artist fans who create beautiful and breathtaking Fan Art for us to enjoy.  There are the fans who make jokes about Hyun Joong and the latest news and make us laugh.  Others post news and translate tirelessly for the fans in just about every language around the world.  There are still others that quietly vote in every poll on the world wide web that has Kim Hyun Joong’s name or one of his dramas in the running.  Those fans have made him #1 countless times in those popularity races.  There are the bloggers who post their thoughts, feelings and opinions acting as the voices for the fans who are unable to express themselves with words.  There are the fan clubs that unite the fans by country and region and bring them together for wonderful events and celebrations.  There are the fans who have started fan pages on facebook to support and promote Hyun Joong in every country and language.  There are the fans who are tirelessly coming up with projects and videos to bring our love messages to him and his family in S. Korea.  Each individual is needed and this fandom, Kim Hyun Joong’s precious Henecia, can only be STRONG when we appreciate and rely on each other.  I have wanted to do SO MANY things for Hyun Joong and this fandom.  I have written blog posts during the scandal trying to keep the love of the fans together in our grief over the injustice that was happening to our sweet Angel.  I have posted a Support KHJ page here on my blog and tried to keep it updated as often as I possibly can for you to have a central location for all of his polls and social media pages.  I have helped organize and produced two video projects and sent them to Hyun Joong to bring your messages and prayers to his eyes and ears.  Finally, I started the facebook page Prayers United for Kim Hyun Joong Global Page after God put a HEAVY call on my heart to do so.  I am so grateful to the Sisters I invited to help me who have kept it going beautifully and to the fans who have liked the page and visited each day.  In all my busyness and activity, I realized I SIMPLY CANNOT DO EVERYTHING!  I want to, but I am just one person.  I NEED ALL OF YOU doing what you are good at doing and following your heart to support him.  I cannot do this alone.  We cannot do it alone.  We need each other and our Hyunnie needs us.  We must be United at all Times.  One Body, One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, Only One Kim Hyun Joong.  What an AMAZING fandom!  Henecia:  Hyun Joong’s ‘Blessing.’
cr: Nhor Manuel

“The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” I Corinthians 12:21

I want to conclude that we are still together despite all of the pain and hardship over this last year.  Let’s keep holding each other’s hands and lift each other up every day supporting and sending our prayers to strengthen our Soldier as he serves the rest of his duty at the border.  I have prayed countless times a day for him as my heart cannot help but worry at his dangerous assignment.  I wear my Handmade Prayer Bracelet morning, noon and night.  Yes, I even wear it to bed!  I will not take it off until he returns to us safely!  Only the hardest and the best for our man.  He is a Warrior and a Child at the same time.  Let us cheer him on as we are proud and let us hold and protect him tenderly as he needs our hearts and love.  Hyun Joong, my Angel, be blessed, be healthy, be safe, be diligent, be strong.  But most of all BE HAPPY!  Counting down the days until you return to us with that promised smile!  We are waiting patiently and supporting you all the way!  I pray you feel our love each day as you go about your duties and know deep in your heart we will be here when you are ready to take the stage again.  We will ALL be here, Hyun Joong.  You better prepare a large enough venue!  Your Investors better know we will sell it out 10 times over!  You are Our Only One now and always!


Angie Noonim

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7 responses

  1. emmy

    If i may just to add to your thoughts, ms. Angel joong…
    i think that khj would not want us his fans divided in ways of supporting him. I hope he will not know this. it may add more to what he is shouldering now – the guilt & the regret. As a fan, i think that our love for him should unite us & not divide us. Pondering the issue in buying the cd, I think the issue is not what we feel but what will khj feel. We don’t know what the future holds for him. But we have today in our hands that we can control. I guess it is what we should spend our energy in. This mess has taken so much from our dear khj. Let us help him untangle the mess. I think each one of us wants to spare him from all the pains. But we can’t. We can only be his source of strength. Thus, i think that the only thing we can do for him is to be united in every way we could. If we his fans are divided, what will his bashers say? It will add more to what they would throw at him. Another criticism to hurl at him- that even his fans are slowly losing their trust on him. Let us not give them that chance. Maybe what we should prove to the world is that his fandom is never & will never be shaken. More than the good sales, if we can put hyun joong on top, we are making a strong statement that kim hyun joong’s bankability did not change. Though he is inside, our actions on the outside will give him a solid ground when he comes out. This i think is what we should do for the 2 years he is away – make him so bankable, put him on top, strengthen his fanbase – that there will be many offers for him. To start where he left off – this i think is the best welcome gift that we can give to him when he comes back. ☺

    Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 10:19 pm

  2. bella

    I could never said anything better than what you said in your article. i totally support your opinion and hope all Hyun Joong fans will support his 10 years anniversary album. This is the strongest action we can show to people in music industry how much we appreciate is music. i do not think about KE at the moment i just want to make sure we will see him on stage again after MS..

    Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 10:15 pm

  3. I will buy this CD because I’m a fan, I love KiM HYUN JOONG

    Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 3:28 pm

  4. Khjisdaring

    Thanks for your good analysis and your affectionate article.
    Can’t agree more w you.Boycott will only hurt HJ!
    I have ordered one! Yes, buy more if we could.

    Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 1:01 am

  5. Sassyrn

    Your words are so true. I hope they open the hearts and minds of everyone to see logic and realize the boycott will only harm khj and no one else!!! I already ordered mine. Hope many more will follow suit. He can definitely use good news . Furthermore, record sales can hope to cement his future after MS. Come on people let’s support in action and not just words.

    Friday, June 26, 2015 at 11:46 pm



    Friday, June 26, 2015 at 7:36 pm

  7. Violet

    Thank you for being in your truth and loving KHJ so well….Supporting KHJ always….Blessings….

    Friday, June 26, 2015 at 4:12 pm

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