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[KHJ’s World Wide Fans] Kim Hyun-joong, Choi’s side ‘No medical record to confirm pregnancy’ by Star News on July 23rd, 2015


MC: The 2nd hearing was held yesterday for the 1.6BW damage lawsuit against Kim Hyun-joong filed by his former girlfriend Choi. The main issue was the submission of evidences for pregnancy, miscarriage and assault. The hearing ended without much progress and the third hearing was scheduled. Reporter Kim Myoseong covered the case.

Reporter: For the 1.6BW damage lawsuit against Kim Hyun-joong filed by Choi, the 2nd hearing was held on 22nd. Hearing is a preparatory procedure for the two parties to submit issues and evidences for the case.

The first hearing ended with setting the 2nd hearing, which wrapped up with setting the 3rd hearing.

Here are some comments by both sides:

(Caption: At 1st hearing) Choi’s side expressed words of firm assurance for having enough evidences to prove the pregnancy last year.

(Caption: At 1st hearing) Attorney Seon: We have enough to prove everything.

Reporter: I met Choi’s legal counsel after the 2nd closed hearing to ask whether everything was submitted.

Attorney Seon: At this time we submitted a part of the entire text message exchanges between the plaintiff and the defendant.

Reporter: Is there any reason why text messages were submitted as evidence of the pregnancy and miscarriage last year instead of medical records?

Attorney Seon: It’s hard for me to say this but I have it confirmed. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in 2010, the cases of abortion reached 170,000 a year in our country. Among them, cases that were legally allowed…

Reporter: Choi’s legal counsel talked about matters unrelated to the question for a while and then informed of the confirmation of pregnancy by a pregnancy tester.

Attorney Seon: It was confirmed by a pregnancy tester. I did not submit the pregnancy tester today; but have it.

Reporter: Reporters asked once again to confirm the fact accurately.

Another reporter: Does it mean that you do not have a medical record to confirm the pregnancy?

Attorney Seon: Yes… yes.

Reporter: The question about the assault was brought up too. How about the question regarding ‘injury at a health club’ in one clinic and ‘beaten by another’ in the other clinic?

Attorney Seon: Hmm… she really tried hard quite for a while not to, but finally sued on Aug 20. What could she do? Until that time her bone wasn’t healed. So, she went to the clinic and got an accurate diagnosis including x-ray for the 9th rib fracture.

Reporter: His position was that it was a procedural matter in the process of collecting materials. Kim Hyun-joong’s legal counsel expressed frustration in regard to Choi’s side dealing with evidences of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Attorney Lee: Because the other side did not submit evidences, we had to request statements of fact and got them back. It took two months for us to get the documents that the person concerned can get it in ten minutes… If we have to keep on bringing in evidences, the court may consider [the other side] very unfavourably.

Reporter: There’s one thing that Choi’s side responded in a slightly raised voice that day.

Attorney Seon: Attorney Lee said 600MW was extorted by blackmail. We never, even once, demanded a certain amount. It’s totally different from the fact. In this regard, we will separately file a criminal charge.

Reporter: Kim Hyun-joong’s legal counsel made a comment in this regard.

Attorney Lee: If the other side have enough evidences, they can fight with the evidences they have and prove the facts in the civil court. Just because they lack evidences, they want to put pressure on our side in a different way. That’s a very dangerous way.

Reporter: The legal dispute between Kim Hyun-joong and Choi will now continue in the 3rd hearing set on September 23. Attention is given to what evidences will be submitted by both sides to prove their arguments. This is Kim Myoseong for Star News.

Translated by: Sunny
Edited by: Nikita and Hazell
Subbed by: Leighn

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