Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Tweet Bits +English Trans ] KIM HYUN JOONG Legal Issues Updates – 2015.08.06 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬



Let the Korean Media know we are watching from all over the World and we know the truth! We can not be deceived by Media Play and Dirty Methods. If the general public in Korea can be deceived that is one thing, but we are much greater in number. Hyun Joong’s fans buy his albums, watch his dramas, go to his concerts and support him by much greater methods than just our wallets. We LOVE HIM without FAIL and BELIEVE HIM without DOUBT! So, let’s have our voices be heard. Please answer this call to action by his S. Korean Fans and let the S. Korean Media know that we may not live in S. Korea, but our support MATTERS and COUNTS! We will not be IGNORED!

Dear Henecians,

We have an urgent request.

We, Korean Henecia, are fighting with haters hired by Choi’s side under the articles that were released by Attorney Lee.

The Choi’s rear (who you know it is) is manipulating comments to show that HJ and his parents made a wrong decision and they should fire Attorney Lee.

It means that they are afraid of Attorney Lee so that they are trying to detach him from HJ and his parents.

However, we know that without Attorney Lee, the malicious plot by Choi’s side might have not revealed yet.

To protect him and to help him, we have to defeat the arranged haters.

As one of supporting methods, could you fight together with Korean Henecia?

You can put your comments under the articles after logging in with your twitter of face book account.

Here are facts that you may refer:

– She was banned from leaving the nation. It means that the prosecutors are considering her as a serious felon.

– Her claims that she was pregnant and miscarried last year were proven to be her lie.

– The Korean press should refrain from releasing privacy texts without filtering.

or you can simply encourage Attorney Lee and our HJ.

You can copy/paste use these links.…………

Thank you for your supports.

KHJ support team


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김현중, 前여친 변호사 명예훼손으로 고소예정

Tweet Credit: Hyun Min Len@JaneMongan


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A non-fan posted in DCKHJGALL about international fans’ support comments for HJ in news articles. The person has never seen so many, several tens of comments in different languages to articles. She (or he) was very impressed cuz it is not easy for international fans to post comments in Korean articles and some even posted in Korean. So s/he doesnt worry about HJ’s comeback after military service. As far as there are fans, a star can come back to where he left.

Kudos, everyone! We did show our firm and full support for HJ loud and clear!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Let’s keep on doing our good work for HJ!!! Hwaiting!!!

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Original Tweet Credit: 

김현중 측 “전 여친 변호사 고소예정…김현중에 위임 받아” 이재만 변호사에 따르면 김현중 측은 최씨를 무고로 맞고소, 선종문 변호사를 명예훼손으로 고소할 계획이다.

김현중 측 “전 여친 변호사 고소예정…김현중에 위임 받아” 이재만 변호사에 따르면 김현중 측은 최씨를 무고로 맞고소, 선종문 변호사를 명예훼손으로 고소할 계획이다.

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Tweets/Translation Credit:

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2 responses

  1. I was shocked by the Koreans – well, as much as possible to allow such lawlessness blackmailers and bastards – how to Dispatch. Their place is in prison – as well as the Miss Choi and her lawyer, who takes revenge apparently KE. KE – cowards and traitors who have given at the mercy of bandits Dispatch – best actor Kim Hyun Joong. With the same ease, the company will donate and Soo-hyun, if requested by the bastards – Dispatch. Dispatch and other accomplices to the crime – a disgrace to the country and spoils the reputation of the whole of Korea.

    Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 12:45 am

  2. MdmPiggy

    Can’t say enough THANK YOUs to you for your prompt updates!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    We HAVE and WILL ALWAYS be by his side!!!


    Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 5:45 pm

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