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[News] Reports Differ About Kim Hyun Joong Paternity Test + Tweet Bits #waiting4KHJ *neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ


Reports Differ About Kim Hyun Joong Paternity Test

BY Julie Jones | Sep 11, 2015 09:54 AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong
(Photo : KDramaStars)

The birth of a baby is usually a happy event but the recent baby news from Ms. Choi, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend, prompted further speculation about paternity tests.

 According to the Korea Herald, a paternity test has already been scheduled, but reports in various media outlets made it sound as if the decision was contentious.
Some reports said that Choi, who gave birth on September 10, requested the paternity test. Korea’s Joongang Daily reported that Choi plans to bring a paternity suit against the singer-actor.

Other outlets reported that Kim Hyun Joong’s legal team requested a paternity test and Choi refused. A statement by Kim Hyun Joong’s father, reported by the media outlet, suggested that Choi refused a test

“I can’t believe she doesn’t want to do a paternity test. She should’ve asked us for it.”

According to Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney, Lee Jae-man, Kim will provide for the child once he is certain that the child is his.

“If Choi wishes to receive child support, she knows that she has to provide the result of a paternity test.”

The outcome of the paternity test will have no effect on the lawsuits that Choi and Kim Hyun Joong have filed against each other.

“Whether Kim is the father of the baby or not has no relation to the current ongoing lawsuit,” said Lee Jae Man.

Choi filed a $1 million lawsuit against Kim, claiming that she suffered a miscarriage during an assault incident that took place in 2014. His legal team counter-sued for defamation. The third hearing in in Choi’s lawsuit trial will take place on Sept. 23.

In the interview with, Kim Hyun Joong’s father also commented on the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the baby, who might be his grandchild.

“Babies should be blessed into this world, but what about this one? I hope none of us hurts the baby.”

Kim Hyun Joong, who previously appeared in “Boys Over Flowers,” “Playful Kiss” and “Inspiring Generation,” is currently enrolled in mandatory military service. He enlisted on June 12 and recently declined to take the leave that was due to him after 100 days of service.

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Sep 11

1). Two sides different claims about paternity confirmation

2)  Did HJ not take vacation to avoid paternity test

3)  reporter: HJ should give hair/blood for test asap

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Tweets./Translation Credit:    Sep 11

  • Media outlets/reporters are obviously being manipulated. Some rare more so than others.
  • I will translate important parts of HJ’s father’s interview video, thou the content is very similar to what has been already reported
  • [ENGL focus on delivery issue] 150911 k-star Interview with KHJ’s father: [영역] 김현중 아버지가 밝힌 심경

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Translation:   Sep 11

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Translation:  Sep 11

Tweets/Translation Credit:   Sep 11

  • So far, Channel A is the only one that specifically mentioned ‘son.’ The exact dates of HJ’s vacation  time have not been mentioned.
  • If u do not know about the content of the videos or articles, it will b better not to retweet them. There are many others we can retweet…
  • Trash media’s garbage talk is not worth mentioning…
  • I read soldiers take 1st vacation 100 days after stationing in their main division. If that’s the case, HJ was stationed on 0618 and it’s not 100days yet
  • Whatever smoke screen criminal suspect-A/Seonquack try to put on, crimes are still there  and will get legal judgement. Their days are numbered!  Blessings to HJ and us all!

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  • Atty Lee: Let us know blood type of the baby and if its type possible from the two people, we can do DNA test for paternity confirmation.

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  • Have I said enough that I respect and love Atty Lee from the bottom of my heart??!! BLESSINGS TO HJ, HIS FAMILY, ATTY LEE N US ALL!!! 🏼🏼🏼🏻
  • Seon uttering ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ is so wrong!!! Empty words to dress up his other empty words/claims without contents and proofs!!!

  • Atty Lee: If it is his baby, he will be responsible as mentioned before. But if not, we will take additional legal action. – OSEN
  • Atty Lee: KHJ has not canceled his vacation. His vacation time is not up yet. His vacation and delivery have no relationship at all. -10ASIA
  • Seon: If two parties go together and take DNA test in an institution with authority and confirm, it may not have to resort to lawsuit.
  • It seems Seon’s focus is in “two parties going together” for the test!!! No need for the two parties even to meet for that!!!
  • Obviously A and Seon dont understand HJ side strong determination to the current litigation!!!! Its already said there’s NO NEGOTIATION!!!
  • Atty Lee already said delivery does not make cs-A’s criminal offenses disappear. All her lies in relation to current litigation are still there.
  • I understand in SK there are such official institutes as National Forensic Service, KSCI or others to handle DNA test.

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As far as I could rmb (though I admit I’m not following up closely), I did not read anything about KHJ denying the child’s existence or unwilling to pick up the responsibilty. It’s reported he will definitely pick up the responsibility if the child is really his, but A refused to take the paternity test during the pregnancy. Fine, until her delivery, she did not inform the male’s side, not even a single member at all until the news broke out. But alongside with this, she is planning to sue HJ for unwilling to take a paternity test. Please pardon me if I’m too dumb to ask this question, but please enlighten me, how on earth HJ refused the paternity test when he himself or his family members were not informed about the delivery? Plus if I remember correctly, she wanted to raise the child on her own thus demanded a sum from HJ right at the beginning. So why is she sueing him for not taking the paternity test? What is the intention? Enlighten me, please.

Tweet Credit:  Sep 11

Tweets Credit:  Sep 11

  • Suddenly tons of irrelevant articles trying to bury neutral articles and those sympathetic to HJ. Guess her media section chief working hard


3 responses

  1. Aimee

    Thank you so much for the updates and translations! Choi is absolutely out of her mind. You know she is not finished plotting and scheming yet. For someone who claims to want to be out of the public eye, she is absolutely addicted to the attention. If this child turns out to be his, he will be dealing with her drama for the rest of his life…that is unless we are all lucky enough that she ends up in jail for her lies. Maybe that would finally teach her a lesson.

    Monday, September 14, 2015 at 12:05 pm

  2. emmy

    In the midst of all the news, one thing is obvious: ms. Choi has something afoot again & that she does not want to take the paternity test so she pre-empts it through the lawsuit. Ms. Choi, with all the lies you’ve said, do you really want khj to just accept your word that the child is his? Just that? No proof? Khj is kind but he is not out of his mind yet. Even if khj is not a star, any guy who would assume responsibility for a kid needs to confirm if the child is his. It is the right of the father so don’t create a mountain out of it. Think some more, ms. Choi.

    Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 11:10 pm

  3. MdmPiggy

    Thanks so much for the updates and translations!!!

    Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 10:40 pm

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