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[Tweet Updates +News] Kim Hyun Joong side “If the baby is not his, will take legal action” – 2015.09.16 #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ

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[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.9.11

[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.9.14

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13 Sep, MBC program 《SectionTV》 scheduled broadcast, actor Kim Hyun Joong conveyed his thoughts on whether the baby of ex-gf A is his, becoming a hot topic of discussions by fans and public.

Kim Hyun Joong side expressed their stand through the program, stating “We’ve got to know about the birth of the baby, we shall proceed to do DNA with the baby. If the baby is confirmed to be Kim Hyun Joong’s, then our side will take full responsibility.” Thereafter, a related personnel adds on, if it’s found that the baby does not belong to Kim Hyun Joong, will take all legal actions to protect Kim Hyun Joong’s legal rights. EX-gf A also expressed that if the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s, will not proceed with any lawsuit.



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  • Atty Lee: If the baby is his, KHJ will be responsible as he has always said. He will register it as his baby, and pay child support too..
  • KHJ’s family has suffered much due to paternity confirmation issue, and will make public position/materials to clear doubts and stop diverting litigation issues

Why does KHJ want to make public his official position re paternity confimation? Q&A

  1. Atty Lee:  KHJ’s family requested press conference. Its more like an interview to make public his position..
  2. Atty Lee: Probably there  won’t be any surprising news.  It will be mostly about paternity related matters.
  3. Aty Lee:  It is a very important matter for KHJ’s family..  KHJ completed DNA test. All is needed now is Choi’s baby to do test. We paid expenses for them too.. We requested a while ago and they have been delaying.
  4. Atty Lee:  That [paternity] and this [lawsuit] are separate. Damages are too big and lawsuit continues. If his, he will register as his baby and pay child support.
  5. Atty Lee:  Police investigation will begin right after Lunar Festival. We requested police to begin investigation 3 weeks after delivery..
  6. Atty Lee: [Seon] called twice. Don’t remember content of 1st call, for 2nd call, I told him we completed paternity test. Seon said he mentioned lawsuit  but he [Seon said] didn’t say KHJ side rejected patelrnity confirmation. It doesn’t make sense we rejected paternity test when we didn’t know delivery.
  7. Atty Lee:  Seon said he would ask his client, And called again and said no-lawsuit but paternity test under condition that they go together with KHJ and not separately.
  8. Atty Lee:  Paternity test can be done separately and as KHJ is carrying out his military duty, he’s not a free person. [CBS NO CUT NEWS]

Pls note Atty Lee is talking about HJ’s DNA test done. The baby’s test is not done yet per Atty Lee.

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  • Atty Lee will have press conference tomorrow at noon (12 kst). Lee said KHJ finished DNA test result has been out. Waiting for Choi’s result.
  • HJ’s family are suffering from biological child battle coz he has never been refused the test.
  • At presscon.Lee will reveal the info that can support his side like reveal HJ’s DNA test pic. And to emphasize the main issue of this trial.
  • Lee: From end of Sep.investigation will be started by police. will take 2~3 months.we requested to police to start it after 3 weeks of delivery
  • Seon call to Lee and said they wont sue him for denying test but will do paternity test but condition is HJ need to go “together”.
  • Now Seon said suing for paternity confirmation is correct but he never been said HJ is denying the paternity test!
  • Atty Lee stated paternity test can conducted separately..doesn’t need to go “together” and HJ is on military duty. He is not free to go out.  KHJ finished paternity its baby’s turn. We already paid fr test fee so all u need to do is just go!

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