Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[TweetBits] KIM HYUN JOONG’s Letter English Translation + Other Updates – 2015.09.17 #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ

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Tweets/ Translation Credit:

Translation based on HENECIAWINGLEE’s chinese translation on HJ’s letter which was delivered to media at press conference by Atty Lee on 17 September 2015.

Hi everyone, I’m KHJ. It has been awhile since I greeted everyone through letters and frankly I don’t really know how I should raise this matter. Due to recent online heated discussions, I’m really sorry that everyone saw a ‘not-good’ side of me. Even for myself, I’m also tired and sick of it. So I could imagine how everyone felt about it. Henceforth, to prevent any more misunderstandings, I should state my position directly on those few points which I was not able to share previously.

During enlistment time the situation was chaotic and I was not able to properly bid farewell to those who love and support me. In the end I enlisted with my head hung low, like a guilty person. It seemed like only yesterday yet I’m already a private first class now! For the past 1 year, while under everyone’s close scrutiny had made me felt uneasy and even to the point of feeling suffocating, it was also a period of time I had to myself. Thanks to comforting words from my training officers, I’ve grown/ matured and gradually becoming healthy again like before. Once again, I want to covey both my gratitude and apologies to everyone. Even though I would like to formally apologize to everyone when this whole matter is finally settled, I hope that there will not be any more misunderstanding, hence I would like to convey the following points to everyone.

Heard news about KHJ refused paternity test. But since enlistment till 12 September, the only news I heard was that the baby had been born, not even news of the delivery. It was from news reports that I found out about the delivery and that i had refused to go for paternity test. I thought such reporting may have surfaced because I have not said a single word about it. Actually I’ve already completed all the necessary info and preparation for the DNA test in the army. I decided to wait till 12 September as I thought the other side (A side) would get in touch with me. I’ve insisted on doing the paternity test as this is the only legal way for me to take responsibility. Although I’m determined and would really like to raise the child, but it is not something that is up to me to decide. Hence, I’m sorry that I could only say I will take the legal responsibility for the child. Even though it may sound like a hypocrite, but for the sake of the child, I would still like to say this. Even now as I write this letter with a trembling hand, becoming a military personnel made my mood even more subtle. Unable to be like other fathers to bless their child when the child is born, my mind kept thinking if the child would resemble me or not. Not being able to be with the child on the precious day of birth, I will forever feel apologetic to the child.

Every night before I sleep I would ask myself 10 times if I’m really prepared and if I know what to do. As custody of the child depends on the Court’s decision, I’m feeling somewhat depressed. The other party (A) had only informed me of the gender of the child but refused to disclose anything on the blood type or the hospital they are in. In addition, they have been lying in order to stop me from trying to approach the child. I may not be a qualified dad but I will definitely take responsibility. As the father of the child, there are many things I would like to say but I decided I won’t do so here as it would not be appropriate. Even though I’m really curious and would like to see the child very much, but I have to endure it now and strive to become an upright father, taking full responsibility for the child.

I sincerely hope that the child will not get exposed no matter where the child is. I’m sorry for the lack of orderliness in this letter and inadequacy in conveying my thoughts. i promise I will return as a more matured and healthy person to greet everyone.

(Note: Please note this is purely based on Chinese translation which I did not reference to the actual letter in Korean. So there may be slightly different interpretation but the gist of the message is there. It is a heartfelt letter from HJ and I can empathize how much it hurts him.)

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[2015.09.17] TV Daily 영상 ‘친자 논란’ 김현중, 아이는 소송에 이용하지 않았으면

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[Exclusive] KHJ’s genetic test publicized … “Why is (paternity) lawsuit necessary?”

HJ’s DNA test was done at humanpass, which has practically a 100% accuracy; also where most paternity tests are done

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HJ delegated (AttyLee) to sue, strong response to those mockery, malicious comments onlineTranslation: 


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HJ side “A lied about past pregnancy, received 600mil+abortion operation fee”Translation: 

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李在萬律師:「金賢重先生遭對方太殘忍地傷害,再也不想見到崔某」 – 

AttyLee : “Mr KHJ was so cruelly hurt (by A), he does not want to see A anymore” –  Translation: 

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<金賢重方懷疑親子(與否)的理由> 崔某在去年9/15得到6億9月主張懷孕12/6來生理期12/7虛假主張墮胎手術(得到150萬手術費+300萬服裝費) –   

[Reason why HJside has doubts on child’s paternity] >last year15Sept A took 600mw then in Sept claimed pregnant.  6 Dec A had her period 7 Dec pretended to have an abortion operation (took1.5mw for op fee+3mw of clothing fee) –  Translation: 

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KHJ side pressconf:  KHJ done with DNA test. asked A to do baby’s DNA test asap. will be responsible if his. vacation time not yet up – Translation

KHJ wants to confirm paternity because it’s the only way he can take legal responsibility as father, if it is his.-  Translation

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KHJ, done DNA test, asked A to have baby’s paternity confirmed asap to end issue and to stop using baby for lawsuit related mattersTranslation: 

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PLS COMMENT: KHJ made public GeneticTest Report done at HumanPass (most prestigious private co).  No need for lawsuit/tgo2gthr – Translation: 

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  1. Atty Lee expressed his concern over the articles gossiping with bruise pics as if it is true that KHJ caused abortion by hitting belly last year.
  2. Atty Lee emphsized that isn’t true.  It is a legal case under criminal investigation for blackmail. Until legal judgment is made, it must not be reported.

Atty Lee also said A is now at a midwifery for postpartum care. So HJ side already arranged and paid for baby’s DNA test to be done at that place.

If criminal suspect A/Seonquack had a real intention to do baby’s DNA test, there’s no reason to reject such considerate offer and test by a prestigious inst.

Atty Lee: In HJ’s personal letter to me, he asked me to emphasize ‘regardless of baby, there will b no reunion and  also not even meeting with her.

HENECIA is ALWAYS with you KHJ!!!

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3 responses

  1. Noya

    CREDIT to SUNNY translations….

    This is one of the parts missing in translations of HJ’s letter

    At the moment, the other side only informed me of the sex of the baby but nothing abt the blood type nor the hospital. And they have been telling lies so that I can’t approach the baby. Thou I am an unfit father, I will take full responsibility for the baby by all means. The other side said they still do not know the blood type of the baby, but this is the part that I can’t understand at all. They dont even tell the blood type to the baby’s father but just insist on suing for no reason… It is true that I can’t help but think, in the end, it’s all for money again.

    [Atty Lee said HJ wrote it not under the assumption that the baby is his, but just in case the baby is his. If his, he was concerned for all the hurts that the baby will get constantly and tremendously.]

    Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 3:47 am

  2. nana

    that bitchchoi are crazy…….i also dont want to see her face….. :p

    Friday, September 18, 2015 at 8:40 pm

  3. Justice 4 KHJ!! Henecia with u always!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday, September 18, 2015 at 8:58 am

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