Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[English Translations] KIM HYUN JOONG Various Updates – 2015.09.19 – 2015.09.20 #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

20150917 Letter from KHJ [Japanese translation]

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PLS COMMENT!  Seon says KHJ’s press conference is human rights violation! A/Seon have been violating HJ’s human rights from beging  –  Translation:   

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[ENGL non-fan acnt] DCKHJ 김현중 GALL] 니네 넘 걱정마라, You guys, don’t worry too much

My friends and I met
and was consuming pork-feet n happened to talk abt HJ

All of us, at the beginning,
blamed HJ but as time passes by
the woman’s side
goes way far out of the line, so we r now criticizing her
All of the ppl in the group
said in unison what a poor thing HJ is

He is getting attention like this
and public opinion is turning to his side, after discharged from military service
he will rise ㅇㅇ
You guys stay strong too

ps. 1: This person has interesting use of line spacing without any punctuation marks, so I followed it except a few cases needed.
2: Encouraging non-fan accounts have been quite more frequently posted in DCKHJGALL these days.^^ Hwaiting, everyone! 🔆😇👽🙌🏼☀️

  • an article comment::   Atty Seon looks like a swindler but talks like a thug  [me: totally]
  • Wow that naver article has about 2900 comments! People are clearly against A for delaying paternity test and Seon’s ridiculous human right violation comment!
  • It’s A’s burden to prove baby’s paternity from the beginning but she acts like it’s HJ’s, even after he’s done with his test. People find it very fishy!

  •  선종문이 말하는 사과의 의미? 그건 돈?!! The apology that the pig lawyer says is money. In short, I think the apology means MONEY.
  • no Seon said HJ has to think how he can apologize to A and the baby if he wanna be a good father! Seon is absolutely crazy.
  • So what about 김현중’s rights? The publishing of personal messages unilaterally without consent with the i…

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Food support during press con on 201150817. Chinese fans were represented by @金贤重宇宙神战队.Other groups also participated


One response

  1. great compilation of positive and informative posts.. thank you. We’re all tired, and I’m sure you are Tired, but your articles help us all stay positive and not get depressed. At this point I’m resigned to a Christmas and New year continueing to support KHJ while court situations are still going to be going on… then we can start to get to the half way mark of the MS and can have fun waiting for that. Long term goals now.. since Choi is not going to go down easily.

    Monday, September 21, 2015 at 8:17 am

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