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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRESSCON RESPONSE



By: LazerKim


What you are about to read is a news item summary event of Sept 17th press conference conducted by Atty Lee and counter attack by Atty Seon pertaining to paternity dispute over Kim Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby, as Hyun Joong had already complied with his DNA required specimen and result was brought in to the press conference.

As you read on with this news I shall be stating my comment in each of the topic, here it goes as follows:


Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend: The algorithm between ‘paternal test’ and ‘child expenses’

(news cr: Hancinema)

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong are in conflict about the blood of the child. The baby was born early September and paternal issues are at hand. It will happen either way but with form. Kim Hyun Joong claimed he’s done DNA testing but the ex-girlfriend, known as Choi, said, “We have no reason to comply”.

Kim and Choi are in legal dispute over pregnancy, miscarriage, abuse and such. They are irrelevant to the delivery of the child. Choi sued Kim for abuse and infliction of injuries in August last year and again in April this year for compensation of 1.6 billion won.



May I quote, “We have no reason to comply”  stated by Atty Seon.  Fine, if choi will not comply then she will not get child support as simple as that! Why would Hyun Joong provide for child support if the child is not his? Whom are you threatening to Mr. Lawyer? This statement from Atty Seon only created further doubts if Hyun Joong is the father of the baby!

Who among normal men in their right mind would pay for child support with doubts about the child’s biological identity?? If they are confident it’s Hyun Joong’s child then prove it and he’s most willing to acknowledge and provide for the child. What’s your problem!

Choi’s behavior is fishy from the start of her so-called pregnancy in 2015 and yes it would be better for her camp to file charges against Hyun Joong on paternity refusal. It’s only then Choi will be forced to show proof of child’s biological identity by court order. We all know the truth Hyun Joong NEVER refused to acknowledge the child provided it’s proven to be his child.


“Test” VS “Discussion first”   (news Hancinema)

Kim Hyun Joong’s legal attorney held a press conference and stated on the 17th that Kim has completed his DNA test and all that’s left was the child’s. He claimed all costs would be supported with. Kim’s test was taken by trips as he is currently in Service to his country.

After the press conference, Seon Jong-moon, Choi’s lawyer showed his discomfort. He said, “This is just media play. We tried to proceed with the DNA check after discussion with Kim Hyun Joong We can’t comply with one-way notices like this”.



As I quote, “This is just media play” stated by Atty Seon. Oh sure this is just media play, but who started it? Back in 2014 as Choi falsely accused Hyun Joong of alleged assault, Hyun Joong had been roasted by media by Choi’s lies non-stop from 2014 until at present 2015 and it’s been going on continuously!

For over one year with this ongoing scandal Sept 17th this year was the first time for Hyun Joong to say his piece without a gun pointed to his head!! What media play is he talking about?

Atty Seon said as I quote, “We tried to proceed with the DNA check after discussion with Kim Hyun Joong.  We can’t comply with one-way notices like this”.

Oh so there’s discussion with Hyun Joong? What for is that discussion? Is it for bargaining terms? This lawyer is trying to trap him, I wonder which way is one way? Hyun Joong took his test from Human Pass which is said to be a credible institution in SK and paid for Choi and baby’s DNA test that she simply has to go there and have her test.

Why are they refusing? Is it because Choi’s camp cannot falsify DNA result from this institution? Come on counselor, your style is absolutely rotten, Choi is known for fabrication of anything but fake! It’s either she takes this DNA from this lab or wait for her court order to drag her for DNA. Let’s see what she can do, not unless she has other motive!!


Fight for child rearing costs?    (news Hancinema)

They are in conflict with the way this test should be conducted, but both sides agree that the test must be done. Kim’s spokesperson claims that he is ready to take responsibility for his child if it does belong to him. Considering the favorable factors for her, even Choi needs to do this test. Kim Hyun Joong has been pressuring her with this matter but they both have to do it in the end.

Lee Jae-man said, “Choi looks like she’s just stalling time. The longer this takes, the more harm it has on Kim and she knows this. In the end, it’s all about the money and they are just looking out for themselves”.



Bingo! I fully agree with Atty Lee, as I quote, “the longer this takes the more harm it has on KHJ… in the end this is all about MONEY!”    I’ll say it again…Common sense would dictate to us if Choi indeed has the baby and she is sure Hyun Joong is the father, why fear the DNA or any test that the Kims has been demanding that will prove her pregnancy and now her childbirth?

It’s pretty obvious now Choi will reverse every circumstances to be where she is hiding behind the skirt of media to possibly buy time and suck more money from her milking cows! Can you just imagine right after giving birth her camp was already with the media stating she’s filing another charges against Hyun Joong for refusing paternity!!?? Go ahead Choi! I see this act as shameless publicly threatening Kim Hyun Joong again!

He sincerely hope that this child would not be a pawn to this case as what Choi has been intending to. Unbelievable epic, she’s a truly certified GOLD DIGGER! Can anyone here give her a life? She’s now desperate!  Wake up SK, one of your citizen has been scattering garbage and this is already known worldwide!


Distrust and enmity   (news Hancinema)

It all comes down to “Time” Kim Hyun Joong is trying to quicken the process and Choi is taking things more seriously. They have the same goal, but just different methods of approaching it. When it comes to child supporting costs, they might face a bigger conflict. It looks like Choi is preparing for another case regardless of the paternal test.

The problem is distrust and enmity. There is currently no communication between Choi and Kim. Kim said on the 17th in a handwritten letter that he didn’t even know of the child’s birth. Even Choi’s lawyer said that Kim Hyun Joong didn’t seem to want to communicate with them.

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I quote from media “They have the same goal….????”     I don’t think so! Hyun Joong is after the truth. Choi is after concealing the truth from the lies she has been spilling out to media and public.    “Choi is taking things more seriously”…… and more desperately!! Desperate people resort to desperate moves!

“Kim Hyun Joong is trying to quicken the process…”   If Hyun Joong was pushing to rush the DNA process, he has every right to do so. Of course he’s the most affected in this scandal not to mention the mental torture Choi has brought to him to his family and KHJ fans. But remember she was already publicly claiming on Hyun Joong’s paternity refusal!  Again, a baseless accusasion from Choi! What’s new?

Hyun Joong had already submitted his DNA result, it’s Choi’s turn now to submit her baby for DNA test! Now she refuse to comply? What kind of behavior is that? Such a lowlife and a disgrace to SK!

“The problem is distrust…”  Precisely, who do you think can ever trust Choi and her lawyer after all her lies being said to you media (that you believe) to the public and to us KHJ fans ( although we are not stupid to take her words)???



Choi has barely 4 days to go to put up her diversity tactics before the 3rd court hearing on Sept 23rd. The court hearing shall tackle on Choi’s lawsuit filed by her pertaining 2014 case. Just a speculation but I think this case shall be dismissed for lack of substantial evidence. I may just be speculating since what we only have seen from Choi were text messages as her evidence and fake documents which I doubt if the court accepted!

Atty Lee stated police investigation shall start by the end of this month if I’m not mistaken. I think Choi fears this stage of their legal battle that’s why she’s putting all the fuss on DNA issue to divert the public mind. Let’s just stay alert!!

Well, I’m glad KHJ fans has been following this case diligently, as I have written in my articles last year, let’s not forget every details of this case. Because I know Hyun Joong will fight back at the right time and this is the right time to do so.

I think Choi and her camp are now caught in the corner because this time Hyun Joong is definitely firm about fighting against her fearlessly till the end to see her behind bars!. She really made a big mistake to over do with her acts of lying and I don’t think she’ll ever get away with what she had done and will be doing more in the near future!



Even this case wraps up we still have a long way to go to be with Hyun Joong on this road we’re taking with him. I read from tweeter a fan joking that this case might be running until Hyun Joong gets out from the camp!! LOL Funny it may be but I think she’s right!!! What do we do but laugh out whatever Choi presents to us in her every episode!

So do stick around, let’s remain alert on the coming days. Atty Lee mentioned there’s gonna be at least 2-3 months to get over with crime investigation on Hyun Joong’s counter charge against Choi, after this 3rd court hearing. Actually there are more to this, because KHJ camp is definitely going after the big guy, those involve with Choi’s conspiracy and those media who roasted him last year till the present. Plus those bashing on Hyun Joong on line SK sites.

Anyway, please forgive me for not posting Hyun Joong’s letter in this blog, but I shall be discussing the letter next time when we’re all have cooled down. There are lots that I can say pertaining his thoughts not only at present but on his future. And so may I leave you for just a few days and will be back after the 3rd court hearing.

Here’s a joke before I go, to cool down the heat!!

Choi:  “Hey Hyun Joong give me money and let us drop all legal charges between us. I’ll remain silent about this child, we part ways and move on separate lives!”

KHJ: “After what you have done? Over my dead body, see you in court Choi!!”  LOL!!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing


6 responses

  1. since starting she is blaming and creating nuisance to escape from this. the worst behavior, she is a girl..i think she forgot that she is a disgusting she is..she is just using the baby even, she damn stupid..if the baby is joong’s he’ll definitely take the responsibility and he is saying that but she is not coming out for test..she is wrong, here we can clearly see that baby is not joong’s i am sure about it. how can she act so cheap..girl these are personal matters..because u all joong’s family and the baby getting unwanted attention…girl remember,,if u think u can win by doing this..even though u is watching us..yes..god is watching us…we are responsible for our sins..i that you are fearless now..but u cant escape from the Almighty…wait for the results..i am not cursing you..but this is the truth which has been happening from years..Joong i love matter wat…i’ll be with u..fighting!!! ❤

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 2:57 pm

  2. emmy

    Ms. Sandra, hi! Do you have that pic? As in this august she is at a liquor store? In her 8th month? Hmmm. I wonder if she is pregnant.

    Monday, September 21, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    • Mom2

      August 2014 pic in liquor store

      Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 3:56 am

  3. emmy

    Ms. Lazer kim, sorry for asking this. What does this mean – that it would be harmful for khj if ms. Choi will stall for time?

    Monday, September 21, 2015 at 10:02 pm

  4. Kim have a human right to ask for a DNA test whether she like it or not. A was the one that put in the news about him denying to take the test. Now she’s coming up with all mutual consent when she got pregnant all those times after he told her he didn’t want a baby right now. Was it mutual consent when she wrote that apology and had him read it to the public to make him look more guilty. Was it mutual consent when she and her lawyer drew up that contract for a half million dollars. Then say they didn’t get any money, but then turn around and say they didn’t say how much. Or mutual consent when she went and had that baby without telling him or his family or his lawyer. She told them she had the baby at hospital B, then said she had it at a midwifery. Her lawyer said the that reporter’s was at hospital. So that mean the reporter’s play along with her lie. This also shows her lawyer is in on her crimes cause he’s lying to. Was it mutual consent when she told the news before the father. Now she want to put demands on Kim by saying because he when somewhere to do his DNA test done it wasn’t mutual consent. A is saying she don’t trust where he went to take the test. He don’t you and you want to go with you and take the test. Was it mutual consent when A and her sister broke into and started a fight. A is upset that he made it clear that he wasn’t never getting back with her again. So now she’s demanding him to come with her and the baby to do the baby test. Why do he need to go with her. What is she setting him up for now another abuse case. Or maybe she already have a DNA test of Kim. People remember she could’ve gotten his DNA material when she and her sister broke into his home. Let me tell you how, she bit him could’ve had his blood in her mouth. Or his blood under her finger nail, or she could’ve pull some of his hair out. Then went and had it done to have proof he’s the baby daddy. That why she’s pushing so hard for him to meet with her and go where she wants to go. She has already done a test so when they get there. Play like they are doing the test then come out and say he’s the baby father. He would never know that the test was already done. The thing is she needs him to come with her to pull it off. So she can say well he was there and took the test. I wouldn’t put nothing past A and her partners. I don’t think they are protecting A because of Kim. They protecting her because she is working for them. Or she has another contract for him to sign if he dropped the charges against her and her partners in crime. I could see her partner paying for that test already. Or maybe she trying to apology and get him to married her. I don’t put nothing past her or her partners. Kim don’t need to be anywhere she at. Now she want to play she has postpartum depression to keep from going by herself to do the baby’s DNA test. She didn’t have postpartum depression when someone took her picture back in August at the liquor store. People need to open their eyes and see this woman is playing games with the public, Kim, his parents. They don’t need to see the baby until they know for sure this is Kim’s child and their grandchild. That’s going to be a hard pill to swallow, if this is not Kim’s child and they have bonded with this child. What make A thinks that a judge is going to give her any money without proof that’s his child. Not unless the judge is in on it to. Another thing what happen to the half million dollars she got from him last year.

    Monday, September 21, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    • lena

      You are so right. She and who were is helping her had this all planned out. That is exactly why she is holding out, but court can order.

      Monday, September 21, 2015 at 3:55 pm

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