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[3rd Hearing – 2] KIM HYUN JOONG’s Legal Case Tweet Updates – 2015.09.23 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

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  • A side submitted text messages and texts with friends, abortion materials. Court set 4th hearing due to huge amount of materials and some materials unorganized yet
  • Atty Lee: “It seems its their tactic to drag the litigation to 4th hearing in order to bring out negotiations for criminal lawsuit. Text messages, thou large amount, don’t have authority of 1 medical-certificate. Its favorable to us when they have more text messages. Only texts prove nothing. There’s one material for July abortion. A told KHJ she was pregnant in July Sept Dec and he believed her. Per statement of fact, there’s abortion  in July  She talked about abortion in December and got 6BW for compensation but  there’s no material in this regard. [Daily Sports]

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  • Would you employ a lawyer who cannot get his evidence organized first time round? Is it incompetence or intentional delay? Ms Choi is rich?

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  • I don’t quite fathom how come the judge would entertain a 4th session ESP bitch A has not submitted any credible proofs for the last 3! ㅗㅗㅗ

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  • Usually civil action accepts all the evidences that will be submitted by plaintiff to prevent appealing against court decision. Be patience
  • Atty Lee:  Delaying trial till 4th seems to reach the settlement against criminal suit.

이재만 변호사,”계속 시간을 끌면서 변론준비기일을 4차까지 끌고 가는 건 형사소송을 합의로 끌어내기 위한 전략 같다. 친자확인과 관련해서도 시간을 끌기 위해 병원이 아닌 친자확인소송으로 가려고 하는 것 같다”

  • Atty Lee:  Even if tons of text messages,they can’t beat one medical record. More text msgs, more advantage to meaning

이재만 변호사,”문자메시지가 많아도 의사 진단서 1장의 위력은 없다. 문자메시지가 많을수록 우리에게 유리한 것이다. 문자메시지만으로 증거가 되겠느냐. 더 내도 의미가 없다”

  • Seon: my clients is so pitiful raising baby all alone. when I think of her, that made me cry.:

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Didn’t she tell the world she wanted to raise the baby alone??

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Credit:  @K-Day 韩流资讯 on weibo via  Deanna Dinoso Sta. Cruz

K-Day newsletter 【xportsnews】
Sept.23rd, Seoul Central District Court civil section 25
Kim Hyun Joong and ex-girlfriend Choi on damages lawsuit third round defense.
Choi’s counsel submitted to the judge a few text messages & the pregnancy supporting data.
And said “for whether the Choi child own it or not, disagreement and Kim Hyun Joong, the truth will be cleared in court.

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Whether they drag civil litigation or not, criminal investigation begins after Moon Festival!!  MWAHAHA! Hope its investigation in police custody!!!


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  1. Dragon Lady

    What if KHJ decide to marry actress K or J who was caught in the scandal with him last year in his apartment. Will Miss Choi still pursue KHJ ?

    Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 2:40 pm

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