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[3rd Hearing – 3] KIM HYUN JOONG’s Legal Case Tweet Updates – 2015.09.23 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

[VOICE]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.9.24

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Eng Trans: The seasons are changing so please be careful to not catch a cold. – Credit:

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  • Whether they drag civil litigation or not, criminal investigation begins after Moon Festival!!  MWAHAHA! Hope its investigation in police custody!!!
  • A still sues fans even now!!!!! WTH!!!!!!
  • It seems in general civil cases take longer than criminal cases. Hope criminal case will complete in a lightning speed!
  • 왼팔? 오른팔?-[김현중갤러리] Bruise on left arm? Right arm? [A’s new pic has bruise on right arm, thou old pic has on left.]

  • SK public is slamming on Seon’s interview dthat A was pregnant 5 times in 7 mohnts last yr and has no intention, even 1%, to send the baby to HJ.
  • Too many lies do not make them truth! People know them by now! When the wall comes down, it wil tumble down with a sound of thunder!
  • 선변 말바꾸기 하나 더: 낙태라는 말은 이차 변론 준비기일 끝나고 법정 앞에서 인텁할 때 선변이 처음 했음. 그걸 우리측에게 뒤집어 쒸우면서 엄청난 횡포고 폭력이라고 운운. 변호인 스스로가 의뢰인에게 한 횡포고 폭력임!
  • Seon: (HJ) still asks whether it’s his baby. It’s shocking. Also it’s shocking that HJ is not blessing the baby of a woman whom he once loved.  I feel sorry and come to tears, when i think of my [our in KOR usually not needed] client, who gave birth to a baby and keeps on living.
  • What a brainless farce!!!! He really quacks n oinks!!!
  • That’s a jerk that only his mouth will float, when he falls into water, as a KOR expression goes!

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Bruise in DP pic on left arm, in SBS pic on right arm.  Someone saw A 3 days later, and said no bruise anywhere. None in pics taken 8 days later –  Translation Credit: 

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HJ side “If A’s child turned out not HJ’s, will take both civil & criminal legal actions (against A)” –  Translation Credit:  

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  1. Atty Lee:  A side submitted text msgs and no med-records this time too.  Text msgs are not evidence for pregnancy but important evidence of her lies to HJ
  2. Atty Lee on court response:  ‘Can they be evidence?, Can the witness be evidence?’ Court was skeptic and didn’t accept witness & regarding text msgs, it was somethng like that court will hold another hearing day to have them organized.

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Q:  A’s witness?

Atty Lee: July 10 assault case completed last yr by settlement and not litigation issue, so witness was denied. –  Translation Credit:   

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.Q: What does it mean KHJ admitted abortion in July last yr?

Atty Lee: KHJ was told and thought she had abortions in May/Jul/Dec. Per statement of fact returned, there was a record of abortion in July.

Q: If enough evidences, why is 4th hearing set

Seon:  because the accused’s side.. we intend to file paternity suit, I dont know why the accused is denying it.-  Translation Credit:   

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  • Seon said there are 5000 text msgs. Litigation began about 120 days ago. If he processed 100/day, by now he could have done 12000! Not rocket science!

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Korean fan’s Food support for Attorney Lee ‘s office staffs, reporters, HJ’s parents on 23 Sep(3rd hearing day)Thank u! –  Translation Credit: 


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