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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG Legal Case Issues – 2015.09.24-26 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ


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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all Henecians, My Lovely Friends and Family^^
祝: 我亲爱的家人,亲戚朋友和全天下的HENECIANS^^中秋节快乐! –  Ruku Bebe Chew

SEPTEMBER 24 Tweet Bits

Tweet Credit:  Sep 24

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Korean fan’s Food support for Atty Lee’s office staffs, reporters, HJ’s parents on 23 Sep (3rd hearing day)Thank you!-  Translation:    Sep 24

SEPTEMBER 25 Tweet Bits

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Thanksgiving holiday gifts to HJ’s parents, Atty Lee and his staffs. Thank you!  – Translation:  Sep 25

[KHJ PowerfulS] Chuseok Support – lovely gifts for HJ parents & Attorney Lee. Very thoughtful gifts Translation:  

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  • On 24 Sep. Choi’s side submitted file for paternity law suit to family court.
  • Atty Lee said police investigation will start after holiday,end of Sep. It will take 2~3 mons.–>> seems they are under urgent situation
  • (FYI) Thanksgiving holiday so called “Chusok” in Korea: 26 ~ 29 September

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[단독] 김현중 전 여친 최씨, 24일 친자 확인 소송 제기 – 최씨는 9월 24일 서울 서초구 양재동 서울가정법원에 친자확인소송을 제기했다.

On 24 Sept, criminal suspect A filed a paternity suit in Seoul Family Court at Seocho-gu Yangjae-dong, Seoul – Translation:   

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  • She does not possess the greatness of a mother, virtue of a woman or dignity of a human being. 丢尽女人的脸!

Tweets Credit: Sep 25

[ENG Partial summary trans] <DCKHJ 김현중 GALL> 헤네치아 저쪽 언플에 휘둘리지마^^ Henecia, let’s not get confused by media play by the other side^^:

Hearings are the period for both parties to establish how they will proceed for the main trial on the basis of materials they submit. It is a period that court neither accepts submitted materials as evidences nor judge them. So in civil litigation, court lets the accuser submit materials until the party says there’s no more materials left. Setting a 4th hearing means nothing more than that court is just waiting till the accuser says no more materials left.

… omitted …

Court is known to dislike that words they haven’t said are being wrongfully mentioned outside the court or being misrepresented in media.

… omitted …

Henecia, we don’t have to get tired or impatient.
Atty Lee is doing awesome^^;no=145480&amp;page=1

ps: HWAITING!!!! ↖️😄↗️

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SEPTEMBER 26 Tweet Bits

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  • From her lawyer’s words recently I’ll bet she’ll try to get out of the DNA test by claiming they were living together !


  • If media affects legal process, our side must have lost suit as soon as it was filed There’s no reason tbo ash SK legal system just because of 4th hearing set.
  • Atty Lee said in interviews after hearing that the plaintiff said they have more materials and court simply gave them time to gather and submit
  • Why is it media influence?  Court has all the right to let the complaint run its course in all fairness b4 arriving at a decision.t
  • How unfair is it to condemn legal process, when its following the set of rules set up for all suits. Lets exercise fairness as we want fairness^^

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    Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 4:03 pm

  2. Tity

    agreed with u. Should post ur message to all korean website

    Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 12:49 pm

  3. trying to be fair to the courts, but its hard since Choi and her attny keep going to the Media and then we see right after they do the court does nothing to stop them, just let Choi and her attny continue to delay? I guess so many international fans see this destruction of KHJ character as a shameful thing being done not just by Choi and her attny but by the Hate Media and the Korean people too. We don’t understand why there aren’t media and people of the country coming out to defend KHJ against what is so obvious abuse of KHJ both physically and mentally. Most of us had come to admire Korea for many things through our love and admiration of KHJ.. but now we are having so many doubts about the moral character of Korea. But.. as you said.. maybe what we see isn’t the whole picture.. maybe the system is just working it’s way to justice. And we have seen some supportive posts from Koreans.. but why don’t they speak louder.. why do they hide in the closet in their support of him? We just don’t understand, and we get angrier at them. The positive effect is that the world fans are just that much more united in KHJ defense. He’s our friend, son, love, brother, each of us personally caring for KHJ the best way we can.

    Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 8:43 am

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