Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[TweetBits] KIM HYUN AJOONG Assorted Updates – 2015.10.08-14 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Justice4KHJ‬

Source:  KHJ official mobile site

Credit:   khj_chikiyumi

[ HJ VOICE ] 【FROM HJ】僕が感じたことだけど..いつも肯定的な人が幸せみたいだ 他人の幸福を妬んだり 誰かのせいにするより いつも”よくやった” “大丈夫”と言える人になろう(韓) = One thing I felt .. seems always happy positive person. Rather than to blame someone Dari jealous of happiness of others, it will become a person who can be said to be always “well done” “okay”.

[ HJ VOICE ] 【FROM HJ】내가 느낀건데.. 항상 긍정적인 사람이 행복한 것 같아. 남의 행복을 배 아파하거나 누굴 탓하긴 보다 항상 “잘했어” “괜찮아” 할 수 있는 사랑이 되자고.

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HJ will take his first vacation in October “outing after interval of 5 months” [단독] 김현중, 10월 첫 휴가 나온다 ‘5개월만의 외출’

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Earlier Updates (Oct 8 – 13)

October 8

Tweet Credit:  Oct 8

★【알림】사서함 편지 및 이메일 전달 보고 ★-[김현중갤러리] letters n email ltrs hv been delivered to HJ every 2-3wks

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  • Per DCKHJGALL, HJ has been reading fans’ mail/email letters diligently. HJ’s camp had athletic competition event on ROK Armed Forces Day on Oct 1.

Tweets Credit:  Oct 8

Fans in a letter read on the best. You want to see the heart would send a letter to Mr. Hyun? Send by mail, send the email to ^^ ✉️📧💌📮😊 (Translated by Bing)

Tweet Credit: Oct 9

October 12

Tweets Credit:  Oct 12

Military support by United Support Team for KHJ

Actually the most hilarious thing about this support is the girl group posters !

★★【Notice】The United Support Event (1)★

★★【Notice】The United Support Event (2)★★

  • English notice 1 (of part 1)

Tweets Credit:  Oct 12

October 13

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Its about Atty Lee’s presscon for HJ’s DNA test and paternity test related conflicts between the two parties, as previously reported – Credit: 

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