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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG Legal Issues Update 3 – 2015.12.22 – 23

 Kim Hyun-joong’s parents, “No call at birth; when will they apologize?”


Kim Hyun-joong‘s parents expressed their disappointment in Kim’s ex-girlfriend Choi’s behavior.

Kim’s lawyer Lee Jae-man held a press conference on the 21st and made a statement about the results of the DNA test. Kim’s father Kim Heung-seong and his mother were also there.

Kim’s father said, “We never received a call from Choi, even when the child was born. We heard it was a boy at the fourth trial from her lawyer. We don’t know what kind of apology she wants from us”.

Kim’s mother said, “We told her that we would take responsibility, so we asked to see the child. But we haven’t heard anything yet and here we are today. She still wants an apology so does that mean she wants Kim Hyun-joong to die? Or does she want his family to die?”

“I don’t know what this apology request is. Do one of us have to die for it to become an apology?”

Choi’s lawyer Seon Jong-moon claimed that the DNA test results were 99.9999% positive. Choi’s child is Kim’s child as well.

Kim Hyun-joong is currently in National Service but his name is frequently being mentioned because of this trial with his ex-girlfriend who sued him for assault, a compensation of 1.6 billion won and more.

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Kim Hyun-joong’s 1.6 billion trial continues next year, the 5th trial delayed


Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend Choi’s trial is going to continue into next year.

The 5th trial has been postponed to the 3rd of February next year. It looks like the trial has to continue in 2016.

The statements between the two involved are very complex and through preparations they are expected to rearrange their statements and plans. This is required before the official trial.

Kim Hyun-joong has gone through a lot this year. Other than the trial, Choi requested he got his DNA tested. The results showed that he is 99.9999% the father of his child. Other additional cases again each other include defamation, fraud and others. Kim Hyun-joong is currently on National Duty.

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Tweets/Translation Credit:  Dec 21


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Reporter said Choi told media “if coming when & where DNA test is done. Said will say a few words for interview”


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Collective effort by several HJ fan gps with help fr KR fans sent basket of flowers to HJ parents as show of support

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In July last year and Hyun-Joong Kim, former girlfriend sent a letter to the mother of daughters ‘ concerns after the ball came to an idea or to eat ‘. As concerns the plan to have suspicions that you are eating. In December, Hyun-Joong Kim in Jeju-do as I went to the kitchen to coincide with this term will no doubt between a

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2014.07.13 Choi, Mr. mom daughter sent a letter-rights and interests “is concerned, you should have thought to eat note” use these characters in the family of Mr. Choi Hyun-Joong Kim, after a criminal complaint was actually 6 billion ‘ concerns ‘



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  1. Noya

    Merry Christmas to ALL and to Hj and his Family! May this new Year will bring TRUTH out !

    this bitchoi and her mom are the family from Hell and they played a scam to catch HJ and Blackmaile him….it is all about the MONEY! Their actions and their law suits it is only MONEY and more MONEY …parasite family wants to extort money from a decent man!

    Maybe I am delulu fan…but why do I still think that this all affair about the DNA the BABY something is not Kosher? If the Pig was sure the baby is 10000% sure the baby is Hj’s why she didn’t go with the said Baby at Human Pass ..prove to all is Hj’s? When baby will be in the custody of the Kim’s better they re-check the DNA ….still if that baby is bitchoi’s??

    Why go for paternity when they never lived together even her OWN famous txt msgs confirm this, Pig lawyer himself statements show they didn’t live together (go back in archives and you will see) so bottom line is still MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!

    All the Circus that Bitch made since Aug 2014 is only about MONEY and MORE MONEY!

    I wonder if she going to sue her mom if she will lose? what a creepy family from Hell…

    they are such a SHAME TO SK …yes Choi Hye Mi – aka Bitchoi is a Criminal Blackmailer a cheap tramp who brought shame to SK and their Media…

    Truth always has a way to Surface…so waiting patiently for Atty Lee to finish them…

    Saturday, December 26, 2015 at 3:08 am

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