Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] As Predicted – 2016.02.10

Author:  AprilStarr


Attorney Lee already said,this case(s) will take some time to resolve. There are the inevitable postponements for various reasons. More changes in the date of the hearing cropped up. From February it has now been moved to March. The reason: change in the Judiciary personnel. So it means the new people are going to make their assessment of the cases. On the other hand, more expenses are incurred maintaining the legal teams; HJ has 20 working on his cases. They must have factored in those expenses to the compensation package being asked for in the cases.

Monetary expenses are one thing,but the stressful anticipation of the verdict is another. When one’s life and career is on hold it is difficult to measure the dire consequences. In fact,no compensation can ever be enough to restore dignity and everything else one worked for for a long time. It is not only HJ but his entire family Is affected. The other family? Well …I don’t want to say they brought it upon themselves. Did they not know,it is not an easy thing to enter into litigation that many people resort to settling their disputes outside the courts? But then filing cases are used by many people to threaten and harass others. The thing is, there is a limit to harassment.

Celebrities are vulnerable to harassment, the other side of the coin of fame and fortune. Scandals sometimes make or break them. They are human like all others with frailties but magnified thousand fold making them fodder for tabloid press and for those waiting to pounce on them. Celebrities they say need to be controversial to be noticed, but then it depends on how far the controversy goes and if it can be managed. Hyun Joong do not need to be noticed that way. And so he must and he did fight back!

We now wait for the wheels of justice to turn though looking temporarily stalled in its slowness. Hopefully it is not because they have been pushed to the back of the burner as some are beginning to suspect. Let the prediction be for a fair and judicious settlement

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  1. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. I just hope this don’t hurt his case. I like to know who’s paying Choi’s legal fee’s. If she don’t have money to take care of a baby how is she paying for this lawyer. I hope whomever this big person is I hope they go broke. Behind Choi and her mess I hope they all get what’s coming to them. A crime is a crime whether you have kids or not. I still what to know what Choi and her family have on this person to spend so much money and time on this scandal. Because her and her mother isn’t the only one’s doing this. If this big person see that this was lies why are they still helping her. I’m starting to thing whomever this big person is, what do they have against KHJ. I believe its someone from his past. Because someone that don’t know you wouldn’t work this hard. KHJ need to think is their anyone he’s cross paths with another star or manger the reason why they’re against him like this. This big person is someone KHJ know, or someone he maybe work for and it didn’t work out.

    Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 6:21 pm

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