Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Pexers Write-Ups: Small Screen Drama Watching

The trouble with small screen aka tv watching of Kdrmas via the computer, laptops and other smaller versions is that the mind wanders and tend to replace the actor with Kim Hyun Joong. Unfair you say to other actors, but what can I do in my mind KHJ could have garnered that role,or he could have done it better.

You know what’s better is to think they got the role because KHJ is not around for now. I’m not the only one who thinks he could have moved on to another genre after Inspiring Generation if he didn’t have the misfortune of the case(s) but then it probably made his appreciation of real life richer and more in depth.I hope to see that happen when he assay another role as his comeback.

A small screen bonus watching for international Kdrma addicts is watching them in the raw meaning sans English or other languages translation. Instead of reading the dialogue, raw watching allows one to concentrate on their acting- behaviour, facial expressions, voice projections given the contextual situations they are in.

Some viewers prefer watching Kdrmas when they have completed their run but I like the anticipation and the weekly installments through the various episodes. They are part of my week schedule. Right now I am watching Monster and Royal Gambler. Like most viewers I go for certain dramas because I like the actors. Still nothing can top (yet) my excitement waiting for Playful Kiss and Inspiring Generation when they were ongoing dramas on online sites. Of course comparing notes with others who also watched made the day complete.

Some Kdramas are given super promotion and made more memorable by the OST’s sung by well known artists. Some Kdramas have the additional push by a superb casting, excellent background designs, appropriate dialogues, location shooting and excellent post production work.

It is lamentable when we hear that artists , stars and staff were not paid their wages as what happened to some dramas. Most of all when domestic rating are low or the drama did not even get to be completed and not shown at all.

While some dramas we’re slashed down when their ratings were low, some dramas have additional episodes. Or the dramas have impossible working schedules conducive to accidents, hazardous conditions to the health of those involved, still the Kdrma production is thriving,alive and well.

Kdramas’ main mission is entertainment and of course it is an industry and big business

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  1. Bella

    Wow , Thank you so much for the article. i ‘m craving for your article and come here to check everyday whether there is an article to read. It’s just great to read how you feel when watching Kdrama. To be honest that’s what I thought too. It really can’t help to imagine HJ in some roles there. I can not wait to see him more in different serious roles in Kdrama.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 2:09 am



    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 3:24 am

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