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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG 김현중 Legal Issues Update – 2016.06.24

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2016.6.24

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1. Per article for non-related case, once a criminal case is filed, police must send it to prosecutor within 3 months.

2. If that’s d case, HJ’s case must be at prosecutor’s office, considering the investigation began early this year.


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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG 김현중 Tweet Updates – 2016.06.15

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🎂From staff blog🎂 HJ’s manager handed over the mosaic art to HJ. He said “Thanks to all of u, I’ll do my best more.”

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Jun 14


HENECIA PHILIPPINES CELEBRATED KHJ’s 31st BDAY on June 10 at the KCC On-Screen-Demand GEMINI Concert

[HJ VOICE] KIM HYUN JOONG Japan Mobile Site Update – 2016.06.08

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[Article] 10 times we were happy that Kim Hyun Joong was born


10 times we were happy that Kim Hyun Joong was born

Vivi on Thu, Jun 05, 2014

June 6 is Kim Hyun Joong‘s 28th birthday (29 in Korean age)! While I’m sure the birthday boy will receive his fair share of gifts, his birthday is also a gift for the many fans who enjoy his work. Here are ten times we were happy that Kim Hyun Joong was born:

1. When he gave us Second Lead Syndrome

There are few dramas that had the audience split between the male leads like Boys over Flowers did, and we can thank Ji Hoo for that.

2. When he wooed us with his voice

(I had to edit this part since the original video posted is not available)

3. When he made us dance

4. When he convinced us that he was both completely adorable…

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5. But also a legit street fighter in his latest drama Age of Feeling.

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We’ll help you tend those wounds!

6. When he melted our hearts with a single smile

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7. When he wasn’t afraid to pull off basically any hairstyle

Don’t you love his shaggy, auburn look from Playful Kiss? How do you feel about this latest ‘do with the blonde top?

8. When he had a giving heart to match his kind face

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Kim Hyun Joong is known for donating both time and money to a wide variety of causes, from disaster relief to scholarship funds.

9. When we wanted to make him laugh like this

10. When he kindly demonstrated the value of physical fitness

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Happiest of birthdays, Kim Hyun Joong! What are your favorite Kim Hyun Joong moments? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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Sorry for the late post.  we were quite busy preparing for the Upcoming HP Event …

The day Henecia’s Brightest Star is born is now being celebrated around the globe.  Here’s wishing our celebrant ALL THE BEST to come ….. 



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가수 배우 김현중(Kim Hyun Joong) 생일축하 쌀드리미화환 – 쌀화환 드리미

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[Tweet Updates] 1.6BW damage suit KHJ vs Choi New witnesses – 2016.06.05

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[Must Read] The two witnesses of KHJ side testified – 2016.06.04

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Jun 4