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[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG Legal Issues – 2016.06.03 – Updating


Tweets Credit:  Jun 1

Tweets/Translation Credit:  Jun 3

Tweets/Translation Credit:  Jun 3

Tweets/Translation Credit: 

According to KE Rep “In 2014 when D Media published an exclusive report on the alleged assault by HJ, KE called D to seek explanation since it was a one-sided report which would impact on HJ badly & such action should stop. But D representative said based on the amount of information they had received what was published was just tip of the iceberg.  There are info on pregnancy, assault, miscarriage, etc., so it would be best for HJ to settle the issue quickly.  HJ was really scared so even though request from the bitch was unreasonable, he had gone ahead to pay 600mil won Only when the payment was made then those info were not published. Cr 无公害芋头

KE Rep Yang : Choi Hye Mi only had those supposedly ‘diagnosis report’ as her claim against HJ. In actual fact, there wasn’t any proper medical records or truth in her claims. Because of Choi Hye Mi’s malicious accusations, HJ had shingles & suffered panic disorder. For 5+ years that we had worked tog, I had never seen him like this”

Above translation based on 无公害芋头 (Cr for the Chinese translation)

Atty Lee : Due to all those alleged assault, miscarriage media reports, for the last 3 years HJ had suffered  tremendously; concerts in Mexico & Beijing were cancelled resulting loss of 300mil won of earnings; loss of Lotte renewal contract of 600mil won plus loss of 16ep drama series worth several billion won these losses are within our compensation demand. Cr 无公害芋头

Tweets/Translation Credit: 

2)”2014년 6월에는 A씨를 술집에서 봤는데 A씨,A씨의 친구 단 둘만 있었다.그 날이 유산한 다음날인데 술집에서 술을 재미있게 마시는 걸 봤다” (계속)


3)”2014년 6월 당시 A씨는 흰 상의에 베이지색 카디건을 걸치고 있었다. A씨가 카디건을 벗었을 때 A씨가 주장했던 팔에 멍자국은 없었다”

Pls note there was no mention of SJK at all during hearing yet those trash media anyhow add it in! WTF! 😡😡😡

MichLui added,

기자가 아니라 쓰레기들임. 송중기가 핵심이 아니라 김현중이 공포를 심하게 느꼈고 그렇게 6억을 뺏기고 또다시 최혜미가 공포심을 악용해서 16억을 뺏으려고 했다는 게 핵심인데 송중기를 왜 기사제목에 끼워넣냐? 기자 너흰 영원히 쓰레기야!!

Tweets Credit:  Jun 3

Tweet Credit:  Jun 3


Tweet Credit:  Jun 3

Tweets/Translation Credit:  Jun 3

Tweets Credit: 

Tweet Credit: 

Tweets/Translation Credit

Background of Witness L: used to be a teacher in university and now is a home-maker. Her friend is fan of HJ  when she read about Choi’s claims of assault, miscarriage by HJ, as one of the witnesses she took the initiative to contact AttyLee and hope to appear in Court as witness. (Thank you, Ms L👍👍👍)

Cr 无公害芋头 for the translation



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