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[Write Ups] The Making of Kim Hyun Joong

By : AprilStarr

Most everyone knows Kim Hyun Joong; it seems media couldn’t get enough of him. Media knows he is a minefield of entertainment news: authentic, created or even invented. Recent full attention is focused on him particularly regarding his private life as much as what he doesn’t wish to show to the public.

A commonly acknowledged thing about him is that he shouldn’t be confused with somebody else with same or closely named performer. Kim Hyun Joong is not merely someone’s name but an image, almost a trademark. He sold commodities like beauty products, food, clothes, jewellery and services among others through endorsements.

Born in a year when Kpop was turning a new point from Seo Tai Jin’s music and spending teen years amidst the succession of Kpop groups doing dance music. Who knew that there is a niche waiting for him there several years later while dropping schooling thought not important in his life then. He had a direction for himself. This direction made him defy the odds turning his difficulties learning how to dance properly into skills, from playing an instrument in the band into the forefront of a 5 man group into a solo performer with dramas tucked in his belt as well.

Part of his charm was shielding his private life from being pried open by the curious public eyes as much as he could. His love life is said to be just the product of speculations, rumors and fan shipping efforts. He changed his marriage deadlines for himself many times.

It is often said celebrities are product of their talent agency’s marketing. It cannot be denied talent agency’ s magic fingers were at work all the time not only at him but so were the rest of the artists. It was just that different folks, different strokes. Or that same efforts produce different effects.

He is his own mould.

He is his own urban legend of sorts- having risen to fame according to his own accord.From childhood stories from his mama, his teenage exploits, to early attempts at starting stardom. His is the dream of countless young adults personified and fulfilled. Later, he will pontificate,’ go to school. My being a dropout followed me everywhere’. Hyun Joong shed the label, finished high school and started college. But stardom and career got in the way.

Does he need the theoretical and abstract studying when his plate is always full, all hands on? There is so much to do, so much to accomplish. Fans saw that, their celebrity had not cease to surprise them and every so often reinvented himself. Fans did not disappoint him or him them, although there were some who were.

As a celebrity, KHJ is no exception in experiencing road bumps here and there. He doesn’t get stucked there and manages to overcome.Like his brushes with a hated political figure’ s birthday party and getting the ire of netizens. Or when he went solo after the end of contract with DSP and getting the blame for the four others’ slower pace in getting back into the limelight. Or a disappointing drama local ratings. Taking these in a stride proved he is a tough cookie. They only made him turn to more productive ventures. His albums and concerts have not only done well but earned awards and recognition,too.

Like ordinary mortals, we all have our share of crises, however, not all personal mishaps are created equal. Some more devastating than others- or that they take longer to recuperate from. The significant thing though is healing, and most importantly bouncing back. Hyun Joong momentarily was in the dark only to show he is an able leader-soldier. He is now back in the warm embrace of his supporters. The ‘no one can bring a good person down’ works here. Not real life nor real time villains and certainly not a mud raking, mud slinging press can take down our man.

After all has been said and done, the dust finally settled, what is there to look forward to?
Kim Hyun Joong is still evolving. From the irrepressible youngster of the early years of 2000’s to the recently emerged manly looking and reserve nonetheless wiser army graduate,who is to say he had reached the end of his rope? As he has said, he is merely beginning the second half of his entertainment career. Like being back in a cocoon just waiting to spread his wings once more.

We can hardly wait to see what he will become in his next nth wind.