Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[News Bits 2] 김현중 KIM HY N JOONG at Seoul Eastern District Court – May 1, 2017

Translation Credit: Jackie Kim

(Not word by word but 90% keekee 🤣 BROVO TO ALL KIM HYUN JOONG’S FANS FOR SHOWING UP YESTERDAY 👍👍👍)
Dc said…before the court open and media came, henecian fans came in support of Kim Hyun Joong. Dc says thank you to all the henecian fans came. They didn’t see nor spotted Choi out side or inside the court house. The hearing last 2 hours. But due to many entrance to court house they didn’t see anyone leaving. Dc says this will be a step by step process (it won’t be a quick and easy conclusion) so they said don’t worry too much. Choi accusation was rejected by the high court. Choi decided to drop her appeals to supreme court. Choi getting justices and in jail is the best thing. (Proper credit please)



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KHJ’s SIGNATURE to a Store Owner

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