Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan Tour 2017 “INNER CORE” NIIGATA at Niigata Terrsa – 2017/06/24

LINE BLOG UPDATE:   6/22(木)仙台サンプラザ


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  • Venue at Niigata today 😊

  • Stay Here seemed to have made an early appearance today in the 1st segment! Mixing up to keep fans guessing?
  • HJ danced quite a bit for PLEASE and suggested a dance concert next year??! (PLEASE make it happen ~~^^)
  • Audience was so excited when he mentioned a dance concert… that he quickly added “rainen” (next year) lol!
  • INNER CORE Niigata Special: 하고 싶은 말!
  • Another Niigata Special: Sang part of SNOW PRINCE!
  • Another precious Niigata Special: HJ let all fans take videos while he sang GLEAMING STAR!

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  • Asked fans to sit down, rest and drink some water, then wondered if fans had water or not… passed a bottle to a fan in front (Nice ^^)
  • Today’s audience is very loud… teased that it’s so loud he feels scared
  • First part of Gleaming Star Credit coriibean
  • ENCORE: Goodbye & Distance~ Kimi to no kyori (Distance~君とのキョリ )… HJ’s really mixing it up!
  • LET’S PARTY! HJ’s heard our call! 😍
  • Thanks again to for the updates! Signing off fr another great INNER CORE concert… we’ll prob not be back though till Hiroshima

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  • 新潟…ハンパない。リダが怖がるくらい盛り上がったよ😆💓 Niigata was just awesome! Too good! even HJ scared💦
  • 一曲目ユアストの後に、いきなりStay here歌ってくれたよ💚 After the first song, Your Story, he sang ‘Stay here’ today👽
  • Seems many came as it is weekend.  Should hold in weekends only, but if I hold 21 concerts, have to stay 21weeks, that makes 5 months & a half.
  • “Why you look so happy? Even if so, it doesn’t mean you can do something with me (laugh)”😂💓
  • I haven’t studied much, but want to learn something besides music. I’m now planning.
  • Fans:Japanese!
  • HJ: Well, you’re right. I wanna learn Japanese. My Korean is still not that good though.. 😂😂😂😆
  • They say my Korean is hard 2 understand even 4 translators,so I want 2 learn usage of proper words.In conclusion,I want 2 learn linguistics👽
  • HJ: “Today I danced more than I usually do. I’ll dance more later. I still feel awkward dancing…”
  • HJ:  Not sure if I can hold a concert for 2 hrs w/ dancing..
  • Fans: You can!  No worries!
  • HJ: You guys have no worries!(That’s me have worries)
  • HJ: I want to hold a concert with dancing
  • Fans: When?
  • HJ: Next year, next year (in Japanese)
  • HJ: I guess it’s gonna be the last I show you my dance
  • Fans: Eh~
  • HJ: I’m OK, but dancers will get old! I might need to hire young ones 😂😂😂
  • 「皆さんに出来るだけ喜んでいただけるよう、ダンスを踊るキム・ヒョンジュンをお見せしたいとおもいます。」 “To make you all pleased, I will try to show you dancing KHJ
  • リダ、少年みたいに可愛い笑顔でGentlemanダンスしながら歌ってたよ💚皆が喜んでる姿が嬉しそうでたまらないみたいに😊 HJ danced & sang Gentleman like a kid.  Looked like he was so happy to see us smile
  • 今日初めて「伝えたい言葉(韓国語)」を歌ってくれたよ💚 HJ sang “Say Something” for the first time in this tour💚
  • “After MS, I feel that is very happy thing that I can sing songs on the stage where I like.”
  • A fan held a board “Sing’ A Song Calling for You’
  • HJ:  I think you had the same one before. Bring w/ you always?  It’s impossible.  Lucky Days? What is it?” 😳
  • “Don’t know why but I remember lyrics & dance of Snow Prince.  Not match me now.”  But we, after all sang together w/o music~Show me your heart♪
  • “When I was in MS, a senior,  younger than I am, told me to sing Snow Prince.  I remember that time I tried so hard to sing that song.” Poor HJ💦
  • Songs we want HJ to sing✨
  • Fans: Deja vu!
  • HJ:No for Deja vu.  I burned the musical score.
  • Fans:  LLT!
  • HJ:  LLT also the musical score burned! 😂😂😂
  • Before singing “Imademo”, fans still laughing✨ “Shall I talk a sad story before I sing?  I don’t have any sad stories lately.
  • “I pretend I”m sad. Isn’t it a good thing that I say I don’t have anything sad like this.”
  • 感謝の気持ちで。人生で一番大切な気持ちを込めて歌いますね。 Gleaming Star✨ With all my gratitude..  I sing this with my feelings of most precious in my life~Gleaming Star⭐

  • 今日は皆さんに本当に雰囲気がいいですね。今日はずっと歌っていたい日です。さっきはトークを沢山するといいましたが… Great atmosphere today! Feel like continue to sing.  Said I’ll talk a lot though
  • “I had a curious experience.  At a concert-well-done party, I found out, w/ beer, I can talk fluent JPN. Not good if I hold a concert w/ drinking?
  • 会場の盛り上がりに 「大変なことになっていますね。雰囲気が良いを通り越して、雰囲気が怖いくらいですね」 Fans got really lively “You really got me.The atmosphere is scary rather than great!”😂
  • 「皆さんがお腹がひっくり返って笑わされる様なことを考えていますので、期待していて下さい。」 I’m thinking to do something that makes you hold your sides with laughter.  Pls look forward to it!
  • 「この新潟で本当にいい思い出を貰いました。このツアーの間中、大事にしていきたいとおもいます。」 “I could make a really good memory in Niigata. I will cherish it during this tour.
  • Encore: Goodbye Distance Let’s Party
  • Let’s Party was added as the atmosphere was so good.
  • HJ left the stage as if he doesn’t wanna leave💚

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お見送り in Niigata 💚 “Good bye” HJ 💚💚

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Videos Credit:  Doublena Hyun

Videos Credit:  hyunjoong501charu




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