Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan Tour 2017 “INNER CORE” SAITAMA at Omiya Sonic City – 2017/06/27







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  • Something happened in change room so HJ’s change of stage clothes had to be delayed (?!)
  • That’s why he said he returned very quickly to stage, cos he was meant to have changed at that point but couldn’t
  • Hugged an ahjusshi and said , “although you must have come here because of your wife!”
  • “Is there anyone who hasn’t shaken hands with me? Raise your hands! (Some people raised their hands) Don’t lie ! Must tell the truth! (Still some people raising hands) surely not? Is it because you didn’t buy CD? Buy slowly..!”
  • Said will give out hugs to everyone at his next CD release!
  • Updates via Chinese updates from Winnie-Hyun

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  • He will hold hug event in the next song release💚
  • Seeing-off event

  • HJ:  “What everyone is holding (forgot name) Ah, lightsticks!  There’re several kinds. When did u:zooshin one appear? Was it used to be like this?
  • “Several yrs ago?Why I feel it’s new to me today…like no connection with me.” Fans:”Eh~~??”🙄💦
  • Very sensational opening talk…😅
  • Watched other artists by youtube for two days “I’ll sing affectionately like always but they made me feel like singing w/ my whole heart more”
  • “These 2 days made me realize that not just I deliver sound, but singing w/emotions is the way it should be.”
  • Today more than 2000 fans in the hall.
  • We sang Snow Prince in Niigata by acapella.Then keyboard lady volunteered to play today.
  • HJ:  “As she volunteered, I have no choice but sing”😅
  • After ‘Gentleman’, he went off the stage &  everyone sat down.  Then he suddenly came back again😳  He forgot to sing 1 more song😂
  • “Didn’t mean that I wanted to go back early.Staffs were in panic in backstage. This will become a good memory, too”
  • Fans: Big laugh🤣😂😆
  • If you’re like me♪
  • This song is like my prayer. I have numbers of feelings for you~gratitude, love, sorry, regretful…
  • If I say these feelings by just one word, “Like U”. I’ll sing this song hoping you feel the same
  • [After singing If you’re like me] “I feel this song contains all the things I want to say to you all.”
  • “So while I was singing, something hot welled up in my heart. Not sure if you felt my emotions & feelings to u..” Burst into warm applause👏
  • “Next song is also the words I want to say to you all~Let Me Be the One”
  • “Today’s ballads time, I feel I sang with all my heart than usual.”
  • Talked about Korea-Japan Worldcup 11 yrs ago “The young lady over there nod like “Aha (as if she knew about it)
  • “Then her mother in next hit her saying “Don’t lie!” Mother hit you when you lie in both countries-Japan&Korea. It’s like my mother.”
  • “If you’ve never shook hands with me, raise your hand.If you lie, you’ll be struck by lightning on your way back home.”
  • Some raise hand
  • “Haven’t u bought my CD? Pls buy when you feel like it”
  • HJ:  Hug event is coming soon. I heard it’s limited only”
  • Fans: Eh~
  • HJ: Too bad(laugh). There will be nothing even if you hug w/ me.
  • HJ:  After all you take a shower when you get back home.  I’ll hug only the ones who are confident that never take a shower till die after hug.
  • “I wish I could get a hug from my favorite singer. Ah, I’m talking about a guy. But I really want to hug this person.”
  • Suddenly came down to stage and hug a guy sitting in front seat. “This man,I really wanted to hug.” All felt relieved (as not a lady)☺️💓
  • I think today’s stage was filled with gratitude towards many fans.
  • HJ: It’s sad, but this is the last…
  • Fans: Eh~~
  • HJ: That “Eh~”was a reaction without emotion.
  • HJ:  You just saw the person next to you and said “Eh~” so without thinking you just said the same. Pls give me warm applause instead of “Eh~


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