Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Baek Mir and Shin Jung Tae in Revenge Dramas 1 [City Conquest – 2013]

Author:  AprilS

Baek Mir of City Conquest

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Baek Mir of City Conquest is not a relative of Baek Seong Jo. They just happen to have the same last name. Mir is a far, far cry from Seung Jo. Even from the few scenes we’ve seen so far from that aborted drama, we already know Kim Hyun Joong has come of age in roles given to him.

KHJ has said goodbye to being a high school student and being a pretty boy. He has finally gotten what he wanted-to play the rough, manly persona in the small screen.

City Conquest from a popular manwha (Korean version of Japanese manga) became a highly anticipated drama after KHJ reportedly turned down Speed an earlier drama offered to him for a cable TV. But more than that, fans were excited to see him do action scenes and not to look wealthy for once. We’ve seen the Behind the Scenes shot in Japan and most must have chuckled ‘wow-that was awesome!’ as he had to do a lot of running, fist fighting, wrestling, rolling on the ground, dangling from a wall among others while being pursued by the usual bad men.

As Mir, KHJ assayed the role of a son who was left by a father who was later found to have been involved in some covert activities. He vowed to avenge first an absentee father who left his family and later the reason for doing so. He was going to be a one man avenger to put society in order according to the storyline.

From the shot scenes we saw KHJ as Mir with what I amusingly but lovingly called the bird nest hairstyle. It was this hairstyle when he reentered the rock genre for his songs Heat and Your Story of the same period of time (he was doing his drama and music at the same time that he reportedly got sick).

We were angry and frustrated then why and how internal politics or whatever else plagued the production company and KBS affected the drama. It was a pity after the drama was reportedly already sold overseas and the efforts of the artists and staff went kaput. To this day not a few still hold on to the idea that if it is really impossible to revive the drama it should be resurrected as a movie.

视频: 金贤重「都市征伐」完全ドキュメント~Episode 0

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Credit: Honey0606/ Uploaded by:  belindaKHJzzang

EPISODE 3  (sorry .. no link for full episode 3)

Credit:  ははケイマム

Upload Credit:  四次元小宇宙







Credit:  NS501NS TripleS-arab

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