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김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan Tour 2017 “INNER CORE” Nagoya Aichi Forest Hall – 2017/06/16


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Place is so abuzz with excitement with HJ’s music playing in the background

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We’re HERE! Aichi : Forest Hall, Nippon Shogakui City Municipal Hall ^^

HJ capsule is also HERE! ^^

  • HJ indulging fans with some dance steps today! 💕
  • He’s amused at how fans always seem to want him to take off his shirt 😂
  • Gave a twitch of his outer shirt and fans started screaming haha
  • Asked fans which song they liked from new single and someone said Stay Here.. said he didn’t prepare.. anyway sang a couple of lines 😊
  • Made some fan very happy earlier.. when shower of paper bits fell down during kiss kiss, asked fan who pointed it out to take out for him
  • HJ saying bye to fans
  • Great response from crowd and great atmosphere ! HJ looked very happy

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HJ saying bye

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[ENGL] 061617 A SK fan posted a few fan accounts after Nagoya concert. It seems HJ and fans had a crazy fun night! ❤️👍🏼💚👏🏼❤️


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(HD) Kim Hyun Joong – World fans support (Fan made)

[Osaka Fan Account] A Valentine’s Day with Hyun Joong in Osaka – 2015.02.14 + HD Photos – Osaka

Author:  @soopaprincess of LKHJ



Can mere words convey adequately all that was seen and felt at last night’s concert?

I know this isn’t possible, but for those who were not there, I write this account. So that you will be able to vicariously experience how special Valentine’s Day with Hyun Joong was in Osaka. My hope is that as you read this, watch fancams, and look at pictures, you too will have another memory to store into your memory banks. It was truly an unforgettable night.

The house lights go down, and the hall is awash with green lights.
I always watch this scene with awe and wonder. It’s mesmerizing.
The music starts and the lights wave in tandem to the beat, beating in rhythmic anticipation.

The thumping bass of Breakdown thumps so loud that it feels like it’s thumping right through my body as the excitement builds. This is a show opener that never fails to get my heartbeat going no matter how many times I watch HJ perform. The lights are thumping more powerfully too, the visual matching the feelings. Fireballs shoot in the air, full stage effects tonight!

HJ appears, and kicks the show off with a powerful vocal. If he was feeling sick in the last week, either he was all better, or not sick at all from the sounds of it. The energy was in his voice and his movements. The band sounded much tighter this time too. After almost a dozen performances together, the cohesion of sound was apparent. Proved once again in Unbreakable and directly moving on to Tonight. The crowd is fully fired up, and I start to break a sweat from waving my light stick too hard. I remind myself mentally to take it easy, and change hands from time to time. At Yokohama, I ended up with one aching arm the day after!

As he greets the fans, his voice is a little hoarse. Clearly, he had spared no vocal effort for the first 3 songs. I’m silently hoping it won’t get worse. HJ you have more than 15,000 fans here! My worries dissipate quickly as he launched into laying out a challenge for fans tonight. A surprise present, provided the fans are able to cheer louder than 110 decibels matching the JAL flight to Osaka. A decibel measuring device is brought out. I’m thinking – are you seriously trying to measure this? Lol- HJ, where do you get these ideas from?

The first try by fans doesn’t prove satisfactory, because it was not done in unison. In the end he suggests everyone shout “Leader” and at the second attempt, he goes over to read the machine, but apparently it isn’t working. Saying we beat the target, with a satisfied smile on his face he moves into singing Timing, Hot Sun, and Love Like This, complete with dance at the chorus. Why oh why…. Are cameras not allowed?.. I so wanted to capture his dancing, and his expression of utter joy.

At the end of this sequence, he paused to speak again, saying he so wants to leave the stage and move down to the audience but the hall regulations won’t allow him to. For a moment we don’t know know whether we should believe him, and are silent. He says this with a straight face- completely serious. He finally says he is kidding…. How cheeky! HJ’s mischievous sense of humor Is clearly coming out tonight!

Next song, Bingo – gets everyone jumping! To me, it is like a short but intense aerobics work out; HJ the instructor, conducting us waving of our lightsticks from right to left. He gestures for us to jump..! My cardio workout this week, with possibly the most handsome instructor I’ve ever seen.. Haha!

To let us catch our breath, he asks the Osaka resident fans to wave, and starts speaking to them. He says he was there last year for a concert, and took a video of the fans from stage. This is the only video of fans that he has on his phone. He, however, remembered the location wrongly, and was corrected by fans that it was not in Osaka but in Yokohama that he did this, he laughs sheepishly, clearly embarassed and apologized saying that he will kneel down to sing in apology, but it would be too hard to get up again. So naughty! He waves to fans in the furthest distance of the hall, saying he can’t see them and needs binoculars. He really wished he could see every single fan. Our warm hearted HJ!

The way HJ was conducting his conversation with fans made me forget that he was talking to some 15,000 other people. A candid conversation; like a conversation friends would have sitting around in a cafe. This is his trademark style, his ability to shrink the distance between himself and his audience, and there is more candid conversation to come.

Can’t Erase You – one of his favourite songs is delivered with aplomb. It’s funny, as cool as HJ is, his favorite songs to sing are ballads. Tonight, a lift takes him high above the stage. He finishes the song, and just as the lift puts him down, he mutters- “I went all the way up there and I still couldn’t see you all..” It was so funny, because he was acting slightly frustrated. LOL!

He continues- taking a sip of a drink saying that a Korean fan brought this herbal drink for him. He didn’t know who brought it but he is really grateful because he thinks drinking it helped him today, and that he has felt better and better as he continues singing each song. HJ then points out some funny placards that have caught his attention. He said there are a couple of very unusual ones, and the one that caught his attention first was “I want to be your mother’s daughter-in-law”. He says it is a 19 year old fan whose mother loves him, but apologized that he cannot marry her now as she is too young, and she will become an adult when he is in MS. The other placard he spotted was – ” we will support you forever- so pray that we will have a long life!” I think HJ’s fans are as witty as he is.

Imademo is up next, I have come to love this song because of the way it stretches HJ’s vocals in the high, drawn out notes. The intensity of feelings expressed is etched all over his face as he sings. When he ends the number, he asks fans why we haven’t memorized the lyrics to sing along with him? As if chastising us….! Quick, go learn the lyrics before the encore concerts!

HJ received some chocolates this Valentine’s Day. He took the opportunity to say he has worked with an amazing team these last few years. Took the time to appreciate them. He then told us who gave him chocolates, but he didn’t just thank them, he highlighted them so he could tease them for giving him chocolates. Clearly tonight he was out to tease everyone, his fans and his crew and staff. He tells us he had a dream a couple of nights ago that he won a lot of prize money in a lottery. He memorized the numbers and called his friend up to buy them for him. He told his friend that if he wins, he will split the winnings with him 50/50. If he wins the lottery he will give a free concert. Hahahaha. HJ takes the stairs off the stage and looks for the girl that he wants to sing I’m Your Man to. He finds her, and she is wearing a floral head garland. He says it is very pretty. She is at first quite overwhelmed, but finally gets it together to follow him. the fans screamed when he takes her hand to lead her up on stage, sits her down, and then he says- her skirt is a little short, he moves to take off his jacket and puts it on her lap. Everyone is screaming, he picks up his water and gives it to her. As she takes a sip he says- you dripped some water on my jacket! Lol – HJ you really make me laugh! Classic push/pull maneuver!

I’m Your Man- the way he has been singing this song this tour has enthralled me. I watch him in silent rapture, unable to wave my lightstick. But, at the end, he pauses without finishing the last line, takes several steps backwards away from her, counting a few beats in his head, and launches smoothly, pitch perfect, into The Reason I Live. I am completely mesmerized, frozen to the spot, just listening to the beauty of these 2 ballads so artfully put together. He finishes the last line switching back to the last line of I’m Your Man kneeling down. It took us by surprise, and it was a beautiful. The lucky fan….lucky, lucky fan. Over 6 minutes of utter bliss, and she is visibly moved.
He stands, and takes a picture with her, the perfect gentleman puts on his jacket before taking the picture. HJ then continues with Tonight- ever so suave, ever the perfect gentleman.

After the short interval, he emerges singing Lucky Guy standing on top of a moving carriage that is moving very slowly in a circumference of the arena. Of course, as he approaches, we get higher and higher helped along by the music. High, high, high, high! This song is pure exhilaration. Followed directly by Beauty Beauty, it gives HJ enough time to make the entire round in order to see as many fans as possible in this huge venue. We jump and wave excitedly when he approached us, almost pitching forward down the steep stands for a moment- whoa!

When HJ finally gets on stage he immediately says he needs to change shoes. I’m wondering if I heard him correctly..?. He explains that he wanted to get off the trolley but couldn’t cos he had gum stuck to his shoe. He asked -who on earth spat out the gum? He sounds like he wanted to scold the culprit! He asks for a shoe change again, and even put his mike to his foot trying to let us hear the “tak tak ” sound of his shoes sticking to the stage. He goes off quickly and changes shoes. I bet backstage they were scrambling to get him another pair of shoes- Pali!!! He comes back onstage skipping, like a happy kid, jumping, saying he can now fly! Hj starts singing a Korean children’s song about new shoes. Impromptu. The band picks up and plays the tune.. Tonight he is springing surprises everywhere and we and his team are all just trying to keep up! He even tried to sing a Japanese translation, trying to translate the lyrics from Korean to Japanese himself. The childlike sincerity- one of his many charms,

Ready to charm us all over again, he sings Kiss Kiss dancing to the chorus, in quick succession he follows with Please. His dancing is really poetry in motion. It is little wonder why fans call for him to dance. Let Me Be The One follows as I remember that when this song was released, I was a very new fan in 2010. Words I want to Say – I am singing along… And I can hear the audience singing along too- loud and clear.

To lend weight to this song, HJ launches into more talking, saying because he was distracted by the gum stuck on his shoe, he didn’t get to speak so much. He says that he is glad and feels that it is fortunate that Osaka is not the last concert as it was initially meant to be. He will be away for 2 years, and it was clear to me that HJ wants to see as many fans, as much as he can before he enlists. As he goes off to do what every Korean man has the responsibility to do, he knows that he will not be lonely over this period because he has so many memories from his 20s to keep him going. It’s like he was saying to us, the memories that he has/we have; will keep him going for 2 years. He has so much more of these than other men, and counts himself lucky; an indirect tribute to his fans for giving him these memories. He light-heartedly explains that he wants to enlist in secret without public scrutiny because he thinks he will drink a lot the night before, and doesn’t want his picture taken. To me, what HJ is saying here is- enlisting will be as emotionally difficult for him as it will for us- because of the separation from his fans.

His move to assure us that he looks forward to his return in 2/3 years, doesn’t help some hold back the tears. He says finally, “The words I Really want to say – Don’t get sick (take care of yourselves). Stay strong and endure the 2 years, ” like he is chiding us gently he says, “I WILL COME BACK.”.
At this point.., I can barely hold back the tears. But I succeed only because the conversation turns to Gwiyomi, quickly lifting the emotional atmosphere. HJ feigns resignation asking us why we keep asking for Gwiyomi. He then strong arms the backup singer to do it first saying he will only do it if he does. Clearly none of his crew are going to disappoint the fans, and the backup singer gamely does it first. Hj cracks up on stage, completely thrilled. Laughing the laugh that we have seen in Barefoot Friends- you know, that no holds barred, hands on his gut laugh, almost doubling over.
He then feigns reluctance as the fans insist it is his turn, and he delivers the cute much to our glee. As if to redeem his self-esteem, he then starts a Gwiyomi lesson from stage, teaching us all the actions, and stops to point at a fan… Going off stage again impromptu to get her to do Gwiyomi with him. He crosses to the other side to the fan wearing the floral garland and gets her to do Gwiyomi with her too. As you know, from here, HJ made a suggestion, and he will pick 5 fans at Makuhari to do this with. The cutest person will be rewarded with a kiss on the cheek!

When he gets back on stage, he says he has delayed the show by 15 mins doing Gwiyomi. It is then that I realize that HJ, like me- did not want this night to end. He was so clearly buying time. Saying all the things he wants to say, showing us all the different sides to him, all in one night. This was his intention for tonight all along. He packed it all in, showing us the best of himself. The singing, the dancing, the humor, the cute, the gentleman , the wit, the charm, the romance, the candor, and the sincere thoughtfulness. It was all there – intact.

Save Today and 2 more songs (boy, is this fan account long or what.,?!)
HJ turns up the Heat, and the heat literally emanates from the stage with the fireballs. Even HJ comments on this, checking his fringe to make sure it didn’t get burnt. How apt. I can never stop myself from dancing to Heat.. .. It’s hot and intense tonight.

Cooling us off, and before singing Hoshizora, HJ tells us why he chose to sing this song.
To him, each green light is like a star – and even when we are separated, we are still together – One heart.
He will always remember this moment, so wait for him to come back.
Everything at this point comes rushing at me. Hearing these words, and knowing why he named this concert “Gemini”.

To me, HJ you are my Star – forever in my heart.
To him – we are his stars. Each and every one of us.

I am ever so proud to be part of the constellation of Henecia, to have watched HJ overcome all obstacles and get to this point.
To see him so happy – was just overwhelming.

The tears finally fall.

His rendition of Hoshizora is poignant and beautiful, and I lose the battle to keep from crying through the whole song.
My glasses are flooded, and I cannot translate anymore.

Thankfully, we are at the encore, and I spend the next 3 songs trying to get it all together.
The high energy encore of Love Like This, Lucky Guy and Goodbye help me to come up for air and smile again.
HJ ran through the entire arena, as I firmly etched in my memory bank a picture of his exhilaration.

The last bow, the final thank you, all done with great reluctance.

I will never forget this Valentine’s Day, and I bet neither will Hyun Joong and his fans.
What a truly wonderful night.
Thank you, Hyun Joong, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

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I posted 23 photos on Facebook in the album “[14.2.2015] KHJ @ Osaka ‘Gemini’ Tour by MY_KHJ”

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[Fan Account + Photos – Kanazawa] My Memory of Sapporo and Sendai while Observing Gemini at Night.

Thank you Aunty Jo for sharing this with us …….  I smile with pride as I read your account.  I imagine myself in your place listening to KHJ’s serenades …. and with a very good visual of the man …. aaaaah that would be priceless. 

My Memory of Sapporo and Sendai while Observing Gemini at Night.

Source/Credit:  (

Sapporo Citizen Hall.
i didnt take notes of order or impressions but four renditions have stayed long after ramen and beer. Cappuccino, Words i want to say, Im your man, and Let me be the one.

i liked that Cappuccino was sung a notch slower as if to savour the lyrics, like how i would sit with friends and have a coffee on a lazy morning. and i sure appreciated that the beat was less hard hitting.
And then there were Words. wow. what can i say. This man can sing. can emote. can mesmerize. can take me to the song that i almost forget the singer. the pure sincere delivery of the heart behind the music and lyric.
Third, I’m Your Man. To be brutally honest, i skip this song sometimes when running through my playlist. But today, i feel the voice from the abdomen, the strength of conviction.
(Later, in Sendai, when he added the final phrase, ‘kimi ni mono dayou’ meaning I’m Yours, it certainly felt absolutely spot on)
This being the first concert of the Gemini series i’m watching, i begin to notice for the first time, he’s singing earnestly to carve out a space for his soul to breathe. Like that is his priority before entertaining us. So then by the time he ends the encore with Let me be the One, im wildly cheering for his spirit… Live Little one, live courageously. you are always loved.

Sendai Sun Plaza Hall.
Wah… that he was here in 2013, now 2015 and last night he promised 2017. and i can guess why he likes this place. Sitting on third floor of a circular deep ricebowl shaped arena, the sound rises as a rock concert. The sea of green lights is certainly not as far stretching as in a 10000 person capacity stadium but the roundness of the sea of green emanating from first floor, seond floor, third floor makes it the most memorable of greenlights.
Right from the first break after belting a string of songs, third floor called for attention. and he did not disappoint. he looked up at the third and second floor every now and then.

For me, the highlight of the evening was more just the very lovely Im Your Man during encore, but also that stretch of time he was moving around fans. And it was a long time. Starting with Lucky Guy on the third floor, he did more than just come within 5 metres of every fan on the third floor. He also leaned over the balcony railing and serenaded to first and second floor fans. and on the second floor he did the same. Thrice.
The priceless part was when LG ended and Beauty Beauty came on. At that moment he was at the second floor railing and stood there singing quite long bit to first floor. Kind of like romeo juliet reversal of location.
But prettiest of all moments has to be when he sang the words ‘beauty beauty’ to two young girls separately. what a blessing to these little children. And in that ricebowl shaped arena, everyone of us on the second and third floor were witness to such a beautiful moment.

Ƭ ɧ ձ ƞ Ƙ ʂ❤ (◦˘ З(◦’ںˉ◦) Ȼ ɧ ư ♡  ✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚✎・✿.。.:* ♡LOVE♡LOVE♡ ✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:*

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[Updated][Concert Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI TOUR: NAGOYA – Concert at Nagoya Congress Center (2015.02.05) #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

Live Updates:

  • HJ arrived at venue not long ago 🙂
  • Female band members got to pick criteria today of the fan he will I’m Your Man.
  • Female band members each have one criteria :p Criteria: Wanted 3rd floor: with glasses,wearing a white piece one piece dress. In her 20s.
  • Girl is so shy kept her head down all the time Got usual present and photo Staff camera working today Audience sang I’m your girl for her

: Omg the lucky fan he chose was scared to sing “I’m your woman back” so all the fans sang with her~so cute”

  • Interlude. Band playing U.
  • Bent down to kiss a fan’s hand during kiss kiss Among the crowd now
  • Think he kissed the hand of another I think. At the end! In the crowd. Because she was giving great support and dancing? Just guessing tho.
  • Dancing a bit of PLEASE.
  • HJ wearing Long brown jacket, shiny dark grey tee and black pants this second half. Hair today like last two – playful kiss style.
  • Everyone went wild with LOVE LIKE THIS!
  • This was the song that set everyone wild during unlimited tour too ^^
  • HJ will be saying bye to each one at the door.
  • HJ left venue.. Car went very slowly today. Leaned out of window



More Tweet Updates Credited as Tagged


  • yyID 80606816 connected… Con starts ^^
  • Heat + Timing + Talk Time
  • 15.02.05 in Nagoya – Heat cdtonlogo

  • Oh my! The sound….  at Nagoya is starting now! YES! Fans are screaming! UNBREAKABLE…
  • Wow! HEAT! Can feel it now HJ!
  • TIMING! You’re timing is always perfect HJ!
  • Talk time…. nice interaction between him and the fans as always…
  • Wow! One of my fave… CAPPUCCINO!
  • And they’re singing with him!
  • Cappuccino + Hot-sun + B.I.N.G.O + Talk
  • BINGO with fans singing along with HJ loudly
  • HJ is talking now

  •  BINGO!
  • Louder screaming from fans after Bingo… HJ is talking again and their laughing!
  • I think the 4D prince strikes again!

  • He’s talking about chicken
  • Talk over. HJ singing Can’t erase you from my mind now
  • HJ back to talking now. Seems like fans have lots of reactions 🙂

  •  AH! Another fave….love your voice HJ! I CAN’T ERASE YOU FROM MY MIND!
  • Talk time with HJ…fans are enjoying it… 
  • OMG! His new song STILL! FINALLY!
  •  Wonder what they’re talking about now coz other fans are screaming…
  • The fans are really having fun there! Oh my! Wish I’m there right now!

  • HJ is going to sing his new song – STILL/ Even Now!
  • HJ is talking now
  • Fans are very responsive to HJ’s talking! lol
  • He said even today the time for event has come
  • He isn’t picking out the person who has their birthday this time, it seems
  • Or was it his band mate?
  • Did he do a lucky draw or something?
  • The fans are saying that she looks scared
  • Seems like he was finally able to pick someone up
  • OK…finally HJ is singing I’m Your Man to the chosen one today 🙂
  • It seemed HJ chose someone from 3rd floor?!
  • HJ back to his talk now
  • HJ singing Your Story
  • Break time – band playing U
  • Lucky guy
  • HJ remembered what he said in Nagoya last time. He said that he would be back with good songs.
  • BEAUTY, BEAUTY …Love the song… love HJ’s voice!
  • HJ talking now
  • Kiss kiss
  • Kiss kiss – Fans are singing along with HJ
  •  Oh my! Why they are screaming so loud?
  • KISS KISS …. another favorite. The singer, the song, the choreography. Wonder if he’s dancing…
  • OMG! She’s so lucky! I’m so jealous!  “: Bent down to kiss a fan’s hand during kiss kiss Among the crowd now”

  • Fans are so loud!
  • Did he sit down at the edge of the stage??
  • Maybe he’s dancing?
  • I KNEW HE WOULD KISS SOMEONE ONE DAY!!!! RT : Bent down to kiss a fan’s hand during kiss kiss Among the crowd now
  • This man is seriously on a mission to kill us all

  • HJ is talking now
  • Please

  • PLEASE …. I love this version with the band…. so appealing!
  • Omg that note gave goosebumps
  • Omg I need this song.

  • After Please HJ talking now
  • Let me be the one
  • Only three songs left?

  •  Now that is my most favorite song of him – Words I Want to Say ( Say Something )… You are the best KHJ!
  • Talk time again… And fans love it!
  • SAVE TODAY… so nice! Love to sing it with him as if I can really sing.
  • My 4th favourite song
  • Mo ichido Save Today
  • Semete kyou dake waaaa
  • Fans are so responsive today… So daebak!
  • : HJ’s band is so awesome Tbh!”
  • Agreed like him!
  • GOODBYE…. Oh my! It’s about to end ): Time is flying so fast…
  • (: It’s really about to end…. can it be longer this time?
  • Good-bye!
  • In the midst of the song fans shout out HJ’s name
  • Fans shouting HJ’s name
  • Waiting for encore time!
  • Third year running at Nagoya and the crowd here in Nagoya is really one of the best!
  • HJ is out and singing his new song – Still second time tonight
  • Lucky guy
  • HJ talking
  • HJ singing Love Like this! Wow!
  • OMG!!! Love Like this for encore
  • Special song fr NAGOYA FANS!
  • HJ is talking. Saying his farewell
  •  “: Everyone went wild with LOVE LIKE THIS!”
  • Farewell from HJ and his band…. BRAVO! GREAT CONCERT KHJ! 
  • Concert just ended… Streaming stops now

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  • 20150205 – KHJ @ Nagoya (Far far away)

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20150205 KHJ @ Gemini Tour in Nagoya ~~ leaving the venue Cr: Henecia-菲

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Sorry upside down HJ leaving venue at Nagoya

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Fancam Credit:  TheMARUAKI

Fancam Credit:  kao0606




As a fan of Kim Hyun Joong for over 10 years and SS501 my first K-pop I love and follow since July 1, of 2005, yes I have seen them grow right in front of my eyes as I have grown with them too. Each member from young teens to beautiful grown men; each with their own gifts and talents. As a group of five guys they were my first love in the K-pop world. But all things whether we like or not must come to a end sometimes. In South Korea, it’s usually about five years or so for K-pop groups.

As young guys growing into adult roll, they have their own dreams and goals each guys want to do and as true fans, we need to honor their decisions and wish them the best in whatever their hearts want and wishes are.

As a K-pop group yes SS501 will forever be my number one group. Now that each members are solo artist, I am sure everyone who knows me from You Tube to Face book even working on Blogs and making my own, well yes; leader, Kim Hyun Joong is my number one bias but I have sub 98% of all SS501 songs and sub each members solo songs as well. Did I need to subtitles on K-pop videos, of course not, I’m Korean; why would I need sub? I’m born in South Korea and move to the USA. I’m bilingual fluently in both Korean and English, oh yea I started because I was not happy with the subs out there on You Tube and other places so I started as a hobby which led me to meeting and making new friends around the world which is very cool. I’m in pain 24/7 from a car accident so it helps me forget about that and it makes people happy which makes me happy. 🙂

South Korea where more then 70% of my family still live, where I have more then 50+ cousins. I love seeing my family and visiting there but would I want to live there? Hack no~!!!~ lol Sorry but you cannot read about my country from a book nor the media. You need to be Korean to fully know and understand what it’s like and how Korean people are with each other and towards others. I am not saying all Korean people are like this so don’t hate me, I’m just giving you my own life viewpoint and what I went through and saw what others have gone through. Some pretty great and other stuff very ugly. (Very judgmental selfish and ruthless) That’s just putting it lightly.

Everyone know I love Kim Hyun Joong, right? As his fan from 10 years to now I still love him. But how can I after what happen this past August? Hmm I think I explain that in my last article, (The truth isn’t always black and white, it’s shades of gray) If you haven’t read it, go read it, I maybe Kim Hyun Joong’s fan but I’m direct and honest. I tell it like it is, no BS about it.

It’s been a very tough rough and painful four months for all Kim Hyun Joong’s fans right, me included. We have seen what bringing honesty and truthfulness gives. A nutty media circus around you; an anti page about you, I can go on and on but I won’t since my arm hurt and I like to focus on some issues that’s been bugging the hack out of me for those four months of hell for Kim Hyun Joong’s fans went through but of course that’s nothing in compare to what Kim Hyun Joong has gone through himself. Yes some fans have left Kim Hyun Joong side but I don’t think they were true fans to begin with. If you’re a true fan, you stick with him or her till the end; bad or good, you don’t just walk or run away in the middle without knowing the ending; because Kim Hyun Joong going through some rough patches in his life. He’s not perfect, fans may think he is but he’s human too and make mistake too even he himself had said he is far from perfect but he tries his best and give everything he has for his fans because he knows without us, (his fans) he couldn’t be so successful. Sometimes I think fans take him for granted.

OK lets get back to my County, where I was born. Not all Koreans, but most seem to look out for their own self only. They love to see others fall from grace, especially idols political people and even the president; judgmental no empathy nor symphony towards others. I know this from my own experience as someone who’s disabled yea I see how they treat me and others who’s different from them. And oh no, everyone need to be perfect; they can’t make mistake especially idols actors oh no, they are not human; they need to be perfect in the eyes of the public. The Korean media, wow they need to be unbiased right and do their actual jobs. Yea right sure, and I see little alien in my house (Laughing) They had Kim Hyun Joong who had no prior record of any arrest, tried and sentience even before he went to the police station, to give his side of what went on. Someone wrote Kim Hyun Joong was arrested, not true. The evinces is shady at best with multiple holes in it but still our guy took full responsibility knowing full well the consequence he would be facing from media and his fans but that’s why we love him he doesn’t hide nor run away, he stood firm without fear while the whole media were saying all over the Korean TV online blogs tweets etc went nuts. I am not sure why it’s taking so long for Korean DA to make a decision? Either close the case or arrest him. Don’t they have better things to do with tax payers money geez. The media outlet are like ticks that smell blood and won’t let go till they take all your blood.

Our guy is one gentleman indeed, he could have leak his ex name out to the public but no he want to protect her, wow most guys wouldn’t be so forgiving. What about his Co, Ke? The last time I check they haven’t post nothing on our guy since August. They are keeping quiet to protect him some one had said, yea sure they are. Do you really think SMtown or cjes or YG would let their top star blow in the wind like Ke is doing to Kim Hyun Joong? Of course not they would be suing everyone from media and so on. I am not saying to boy cut Ke, that’s up to the fans and no one can tell any fan what to do, its their choice (Free will) I am just glad our guy was smart enough to sign with a big Japanese Co in Japan so he can do what he love most that’s make music.

I know we have been voting non stop for Kim Hyun Joong where ever his name is. Some fans been voting without sleeping eating, even in pain even for 3-4 days especially at Yahoo Buzz award. I am speaking as a fan and for myself not this blog but lets call it for what it is, Kim Hyun Joong got droop…rob…blind sided. He got the most votes by his fans as top artist of Asia and huh what happened we got whiplash. Yahoo change the award to whole new category I never ever heard of, but ok let’s move on as Kim Hyun Joong has. We all know everyone know he won top artist of Asia voted by his fans. (Feeling a bit better to get that out)

Finally there are light in this nightmare. Kim Hyun Joong world tour DVD is selling out like pancakes despite being expensive especially in Japan. And what, our guy is out doing what he does best; helping others in need. That’s our only one and why we love him. When things seem like everything is falling apart, Kim Hyun Joong still gives back and help others in need. He still has his big smile and his golden heart.

Kim Hyun Joong hiding, in exile…far from that and I been telling a few people no he was not hiding but working. I don’t want to toot my own hone but (TOOT TOOT) lololol And now you guys know he wasn’t in exile nor hiding he was working on a new album coming out next year call “Still” 12 songs in all with two new songs and a tour starting in late Jan. to mid Feb. 2015 in Japan and I know this album will hit number one like all his other Japanese albums has. It’s been a hard tough road back that would had ruin any idol but of course our only one is one of kind and won’t give up nor his fans will never give up on him.

In conclusion I think we should do as the same as thing Kim Hyun Joong is doing and do something to help others who’s need it; what ever that maybe, opening a door for some one who’s in a wheelchair or giving money to a church/ charity or give a coat you don’t need anything is good. Just be positive to you and your family and friends. Don’t be so judgmental wait till you know the whole story, treat others as you want to be treated. EVERYONE deserve fairness kindness and respect. Lots of love too. Our only one never give up nor sell his value. He loves his fans and we love him. Kim Hyun Joong, he always shows grace even under fire and for that’s an another reason why he amaze me and earn my respect. KIM HYUN JOONG rinsed again and show all who thought his career is over and he’ll never recover. Well, Kim Hyun Joong shows and proves they were wrong~! His fans are very proud and love him even more now~!!!~


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