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[Pexers Write-Ups] What Will Happen in the KHJ vs Choi H Case #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

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Just in case you are interested in what will happen starting June 3, 2015 court hearing continue reading …

For a June 3 court hearing to have been scheduled it is presumed the case have gone through two steps :

1. Plaintiff (Choi) has filed a written complaint with the court (Seoul Central District), has paid the court costs of 0.5 % of claims and in addition paid administrative costs.

2.Plaintiff and Defendant(KHJ) through their lawyers have gone through Pre trial Procedures and Discovery. They have submitted their preliminary briefings to the court. The court then reviewed and clarified issues involved. There are no juries but a judge or a panel of judges to try the case.

The burden of proving the plaintiff deserved to be awarded her claims remains with her. She has to present evidences such as documentation, expert opinions, witnesses, herself standing before the court, etc.

The defendant will have to contest her allegations otherwise it will be deemed admitted. The court is said to be a fact finder determining all presented arguments emanating from both sides.

There are 3 to 4 weeks period of time between hearings.

If and when the court ends its hearing, ruling is ready after 2 to 4 weeks but not enforceable until all appeals are exhausted including recommended compromises and settlement if any. Then there are other courts to appeal the ruling all the way to the Supreme Court.

Reference: Dispute Resolution in South Korea https: //www fernuna-hagen

An aside : expect the media for a full coverage of the hearing(s). Early on there were already other (meaning neither of the two parties)legal opinions on the merits of the claims.It will be interesting to watch on the sides presented arguments and rebuttals.Does it look simple and easy? It is said one of the hardest to prove is emotional distress and receive compensation for it.

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[Pexers Write-Ups] Battling the Inner Demons

Author:  AprilStarr

Physical things register on a scale. When we travel we want to keep within our limit as much as possible dreading to be told we have ‘excess baggage’. But it is easier to throw away our excess baggage or to even pay for it.

Our emotions carry weights as well but that we can’t measure but only feel that burden. We say ‘I have a heavy heart’ or ‘my shoulder feel as if am carrying the world’. Our emotions are harder to handle. No amount of sleep nor alcohol can fade them away. Perhaps just momentarily forget or blur them in our consciousness.

Many times it is not so much as having caused someone pain, but worse is having to live with guilt and regrets, and the ‘what if I had not done that ‘ litany. The feeling of disappointment with one’s self is simply overwhelming. To think what a person has gone through to be where one is now and saw it crumble is devastating. It is the battle of one’s inner demons.

A solo fight.

The battle is about all the things that went wrong. It is the difficulty of forgiving oneself. It is the burden no one can know but the person affected. It is that inward blaming.

It is easy to say to the person to forget what has happened when reminders are aplenty. There is a need to perhaps change places so that a new perspective may be gained from all that has happened. But the afflicted person needs a person to hear his view of things who isn’t judgemental, to figuratively hold his hands towards the path of healing.

Maybe one needs to write down his thoughts though they need to be processed. Did he hold himself to a certain standard or expectations? If he felt remorse that is good to correct what needs to be corrected. To not let that guilt develop into shaming and self-loathing. Worse is self-destruction.

From the way things seem to be even from afar KIm Hyun Joong is wounded. He needs to heal from all that beating. From all those thorns that tore through his heart. From all the accusations he received and quietly kept within.

He has courage to own his mistake and responsibilities. I salute him for turning to his parents for help and for his parents to show they are there for him. Always.

Though we cannot know nor feel his exact pains we all have been there one time or the other. It is part of our journey through life. We are after all human with all our imperfections. We have our weaknesses and strengths. We used different strategies to balance things up.

Time is a a good healer. So is love He need space to clear his thoughts. Someone to tell him he is a good person and for him to believe it. To love himself again.

He will have scars. It is good to have scars for it means the wound is healed. A person’s medal for his battles -battling his inner demons. Emerging the victor, he knows only he can pick himself up as he has done before.

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Arts Credit: Thaty Perroni

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  • DSP Japan President Update ASKING! Emergency! Let’s send a message for him ( ) No to loneliness


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Reposting AprilStarr’s  Comments here ….

 There’s a name I came across to refer to this affliction on invasion of privacy : pathological intrusiveness.
The problem is someone is feeding info to the press.You know who that is. If she gets stressed as claimed, whose fault is that ?
If there is one putting all the blame on HJ at this point, he/she forgets one thing or just a case of selective amnesia. It takes two to tango. And the two are not children either. Two consenting adults.
Let their private lives remain private.

Btw, it’s getting tiring that there are people still going back and forth to his assault case which already went through two layers of SK Judicial system-the police and prosecution. He was fined for the one case he admitted bodily harm and apologized.
Is this system a laughing matter then to those who refuse to lay the case to rest?
Stop the madness of the court of biased public opinion. It is just spinning in a vicious cycle.

[TweetBits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Updates – 2015.02.27






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  • Where is the flower blooming without shaking?(All good things are result of pain, patience, endurance.)


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Kim Hyun Joong’s Manager Seo’s FB

“I’ve been (working with him) for 4 years but this is the only photo with him..
Always feeling great and proud that I’ve been working with you..!
It does! and it will continue to do so!”\

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4년 넘게 있었는데 같이 찍은 사진이 이거 하나뿐이네..
항상 옆에서 일한다는게 자랑스럽고 뿌듯했다..!
지금도 그렇고! 앞으로도 그렇고!


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[Exclusive interview] and Hyun-Joong Kim’s parents, “abortion is not required! Concerned about the health of the fetus ”

[Tweet Bits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan GEMINI Tour



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  • HJ rehearsing at Yokohama now




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  • KHJ’s <Even Now> albums under Universal that will be selling at the concert venues WILL be counted into Oricon chart. RT @lafone0606: 김현중 <지금도> 에 대한 공연장에서 발매될 앨범도 오리콘에 반영된다고 Universal 에서 답장이 왔으니 오해하지는 없도록 부탁드립니다. Kim HYun Joong今でもアルバムは会場で発売されるものもオリコンに反映されます。Universal正式回答あり


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  • Tutorial on ordering <Even Now)>/ <Still> from Tower records. This counts towards Oricon.