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(HD) Kim Hyun Joong – World fans support (Fan made)

[TweetBits] Inspiring Generation to be broadcast in HK from Nov 6

[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2014.11.4

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Inspiring Generation to be broadcast in HK from Nov 6! “: The best news lately! 證明TVB劇集買手有眼光^________^ ”

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無綫煲劇2台 韓劇 – 感激時代:鬪神的誕生 預告: via 감격시대 예고 @ 홍콩TVB Drama Channel #2

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김현중 스페셜 특별판 11월호 ‘어디에 있든 최선을 다하는 그의 이름은 김현중이다!’

Google Translation:  Kim Hyun-Joong special Special Edition” NOVEMBER, where he made the best of the name is Kim Hyun-Joong!

[HD Photos by Ahlia0606][직찍] 2014 KIM HYUN JOONG World Tour ‘夢幻’ in Seoul – 2014.06.28

MEDIAFIRE LINK:  2014 KIM HYUN JOONG World Tour ‘夢幻’ in Seoul – 2014.06.28 by ahlia0606


2014 KIM HYUN JOONG World Tour ‘몽환’ in Seoul-Clear File


[직찍]2014 KIM HYUN JOONG World Tour ‘夢幻’ in Seoul(2014.06.28)


[Rough trans] parts of HJ’s video messages to fans during Seoul concert


June 28, 2014
‘몽환’ (Phantasm)
A time that’s like a dream
And to say it’s ending is regretful
If it’s a dream I wish I don’t wake up from it…
If it’s ending
I wish I can turn back the time…
From the beginning… All over again?
Right now I wish that this moment could be forever

Right now I will make you all feel
How much I am thankful to all of you
How much I love all of you

‘To My Beauty’


I love you.

Thank you.

And also…

I always…
Want to see everyone.

Really, truly…
From the bottom of my heart…

#감격시대 #김현중 [Tweet Bits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” NewsBits and Updates – 2014.02.12

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  • sobbing at Poong Cha’s death ‘expressed strong feelings’ 김현중 오열, 조달환 죽음에 ‘격한 감정 표출’




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  • Lee Hae-In joins ‘Inspiring Generation’ cast as the cool-headed & charismatic female doctor Sun Woo-Jin (from ep 10)

  • Jo Dal Hwan highly praises Kim Hyun Joong, “KHJ has an admirable personality, I respect him.”
  • JDH: Friend like KHJ is very rare; handsome & also has good personality. I learn a lot from HJ to live simply. He is a man with no pretense.

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  • In Jo Dal Hwan’s interview, he really gave high praise for Hyun Joong and said he wish to continue to be friends even after filming ends ❤
  • Jo Dal Hwan “It’s not just me that think like that. Fellow colleagues and senior actors also have high appraisal on HJ’s personality.”

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  • EP08 has been Kim Jae Wook`s last episode in `Inspiring Generation` 작가교체 ‘감격시대’ 김재욱도 급하차 “불가피한 상황” | 미디어다음
  • Kim Jae Wook quits `Inspiring Generation`. Episode 8 is his last episode appearance.
  • Accdg to the news, Kim Jae Wook quits `IG` because of unavoidable circumstances due to storyline and writer changes.


Photos Credit:  賢重君@weibo

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Shanghai BTS Fancams Credit:  khjcmf

Published on 13 Feb 2014

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[Tweet Bits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” – 2014.02.05


New behind cuts of Kim Hyun Joong were unleashed.

On February 6th, the production team of KBS 2TV drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ released new behind cuts of Kim Hyun Joong, who is playing as ‘Shin Jung Tae’.

The photos show Kim Hyun Joong participating in an intense physical training.

He hits a tree with bare hands, hardens his elbows, and practices kicks in the photos, and his tough and charismatic look is drawing a great number of fans’ attention.

The production team said, “Future episodes will show Jung Tae training himself in order to fight against strong opponents. Jung Tae will run into a great number of enemies and friends while going through trainings, and Kim Hyun Joong is doing his best for his part. Please show him a lot of supports.”


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  • ‘Inspiring Generation’ ep. 7 rating is 8.4%, rise up 0.1 from previous ep & ranks 2nd among dramas in same time slot.
  • ‘IG Kim Hyun Joong even taking off his shirt, intense training to become the God of Battles’
  • IG KimHyunJoong, preparing for a fight with JoDongHyuk (Shinichi) by training in the mountains

Episode 7 Recaps


  • JT knows that DG didnt do it alone n there’s somebody else involved behind DG. JT is not only handsome but also smart

  • OR’s mom goes to see JT n tells him dat she doesnt want to see OR worry abt JT’s safety all d time.

  • JT accepts d challenge.”I will come, so wait. I will clearly show what I am really made of!”OMG! What wl happen tmr?

  • JT tells BS d IKH’s threat against Dobipae because of him. JT wants to learn how he can fight against sword! WOW!

  • Preview: JT asks OR to spend all day 2gether! OR knows sth is up! CANT WAIT TILL D NEXT EP!!!!!


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[Official Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION BTS Stills – 2014.01.24



[Eng Translation + GIFS + Captures] KIMHYUNJOONG 김현중 – KBS 감격시대 예고편2 – 2014.01.08

IG Filming Updates @Icheon (Jan 8)


  • HJ just left after a hard night’s filming in the bitter cold. He was very appreciative after though of the fans who had waited for him… Walked slowly and collected the gifts as he approached his car . As he left in his car, he wound down the window and waved to fans.
  • Temp in Icheon tonight … Poor HJ didn’t have much winter protection while filming

fancam Credit:   유미희


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00:00 “와서 보게. 상하이를 지배하는 자가 누구인지”
“come to see, who’s ruled Shanghai”

0:06 “난 정태야, 신정태”
“I am Jung Tae, Shin Jung Tae”

0:09 “난, 데구치 가야”
“I am Tekuchi Kaya”

0:11 “아빠..”

0:12 “아..아버지..?”

0:13 “죽여버릴꺼야!!”
“I will kill you!!”

0:14 “살아야 복수도 할 수 있다”
“live first if you want to revenge”

0:18 “니가 사랑하고 널 사랑하는 모든 이들을 파멸시킬꺼야”
“I will destroy everyone who you love and who loves you”

0:23 “내 분노를 담아가서 죄를 물어!”
“Bring my fury to charge for the sin!”

0:26 “멀고도 험한 길을 오시었오”
“You came all this way”

0:28 “제가 이곳에 온 건 아버지를 지우기 위해섭니다.”
“I came here to erase my father”

0:34 “오랜만이다. 신정태”
“It’s been a long time, Shin Jung Tae”

0:36 “죽음이 두려워 비겁자가 될 순 없지 않은가”
“Can’t be a coward for fear of death”

0:40 “잘 봐. 이제부터가 진짜니까”
“Watch this, is the real deal now”

GIFS Credit: 

  • [GIF1] 김현중 감격시대 “Come to see. Who’s taken control of Shanghai”

  • [GIF2] 김현중 감격시대 Shin Jung Tae vs Jung Jae Hwa met at Bang Sam Tong, Shanghai

  • [GIF3] 김현중 감격시대 child JungTae and Kaya witnessed Shin Jyo(Kaya’s dad)’s death and thought ShinYoungChool killed him

  • [GIF4] 김현중 감격시대 transition into adult Jung Tae

  • GIF5] 김현중 감격시대 Jung Tae and Kaya’s love and hatred relation “I will destroy everyone who you love and who loves you”

  • [GIF6] 김현중 감격시대”You came all this way” HwangBangPa’s WangBaekSan confronted Kaya and IlKookHoi

  • [GIF7] 김현중 감격시대 Jung Tae also heading to Shanghai “I came here to erase (memory of) my father”

  • [GIF8] 김현중 감격시대 Jung Tae having a fight at ‘club Shanghai’ where Ok Ryeon works

  • [GIF9] 김현중 감격시대 Jung Tae, wrapping a tablecloth around his hand to fight +_+ too sexy!! RU READY?

  • [GIF10] 김현중 감격시대 Kaya’s appearance & pointed swords at him “It’s been a long time,ShinJungTae”

  • [GIF11] 김현중 감격시대 Jung Tae, Kaya, and Ok Ryeon,re destined to meet here again. What are their eyes telling each other?

  • [GIF12] 김현중 감격시대 Kim Hyun Joong, transformed into a fighter, Shin Jung Tae

  • [GIF13] 김현중 감격시대 smashing the screen transition into the logo ‘Inspiring Generation: The Birth of the GOD of Battles’

Captures by:  Rukubebe唯爱贤V白..

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(1080p) VIDEO BY MARIA CECILIA (Happy birthday jackie 2014) /▌*˛˚ღ •˚ ˚ ˚★


(HD1080) ★SS501★ ROCKIN CHRISTMAS 2013 (fan made)


VIDEO – Kim Hyun Joong 2014 Calendar Making

CREDIT – Credit:

Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) – The Making of 2014 DATV Calendar

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Credit:  Henecia婷婷

Credit:  @Cozy via @許欣琪 (Lifted from DeannaDsc’s FB Wall)


[Captures By Ahlia] Hyun Joong in Barefoot Friends Episode 25


Hyun Joong is drop dead gorgeous from this captures.  I really envy his youthful enthusiasm.


Here’s to hoping that the ratings will continue to rise.


Thanks for the captures, Ms. AHLIA.


































[English Subbed] Barefoot Friends Episode 24 + GIFS – 2013.09.29 (Updated)











POSTED: Barefoot Friends 024 (HANrel);

POSTED: Barefoot Friends 024 (HANrel / 720p);



Barefoot Friends (맨발의 친구들) (Korean Variety Show)

Release info: Barefoot.Friends.E24.130929.HDTV.H264.720p-LIMO

Credit:  riri13

These subtitles fits to all versions of episode 24. Enjoy:):):) {Not mine I’ve just uploaded It and synchronized it to fits all of the versions} 

Download English Subtitle 



Gifs Credit: The Alien Prince 김현중


[Barefoot Friends ep. 24] Poor Hyun Joong being deceived by the evil hyungs, and he can do nothing but smiling helplessly as they took away his food..



[Tweet Bits/Streaming Links] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 24 – 2013.09.29





TweetBits Credit: 

  • BF did rock, paper, scissors to select who
    would eat the grape vinegar and HJ lost…. poor HJ


  • Hyun Joong always shows rock first and then scissors next. LOL

  • 맨친 시청률 째금 오름ㅋ BF’s rating slightly increased, up +0.7% compared to the previous week

  • I imagined it would be sweet and delicious but as soon as I ate, I realized…

  • seems HJ and JW competed each other for “who’s the dumber” LOL

  • What the Romans brushed the teeth with for toothwhitening? Hyun Joong muttered Clorox

  • Hyun Joong answered “urine!!!!” and it was correct!! ROFL

  • Hyun Joong was tricked by KHD and lost his chance to eat dumpling

  • What foam Cleopatra used for the bath to keep her skin young. HJ answered urine again!

  • argh.. look so delicious.. I mean the dishes not HJ..



  • HJ continued to eat even if other ppl finished and started talking.

TweetBits Credit: 

  • HJ when tasting the green grape (vinegar), “This is the weirdest!” He’s shocked by the taste & even got goosebumps 😀

  • [Q: Coffee, potable drinks, & ramen have something in common..]
    EJW: “Instant!”
    HJ: “How can we think exactly the same? It’s scary! Really scary!”
    *goosebumps again*

  • [Q:Man’s 1st vending machine (in ancient Egypt)?] EJW: “Water!” HJ: “We think exactly same again!” *shake hands & hug

  • BF shooting with Brian Joo today, for Oct 13 broadcast. RT 브라이언님 은 지금 “SBS맨발의친구들” 녹화를 하고 있습니다

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[ScreenCaps/Gifs] CITY CONqUEST Episode 1


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[Gifs] KIM HYUN JOONG BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 19 – 21013.08.25



 photo 803554119.gif photo 803549264.gif photo 803551725.gif photo 803523874.gif photo 803534396.gif photo 803534081.gif photo 803524182.gif photo 803498985.gif photo 803498376.gif photo 803498105.gif photo 803497843.gif photo 803497122.gif photo 803496662.gif photo 803496110.gif photo 803495489.gif photo 803475552.gif photo 803476195.gif photo 803476021.gif


[ScreenCaps Part1] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 12 – 2013.07.07

This one is from Episode 11

[Notice] KHJ to attend diving competition on July 11, 2013


  • Notice KHJ to attend diving competition 7/11.15 Henecian will be invited.If u interested,plz apply via e mail.1 tix.per person
  • [Application fr diving competition]
    Date: 11 JUL (Thurs)
    Location & Time : Gimcheon /detailed info. will be announced fr winner onlyApplication time: 5 JUL (Fri) 0:00 am
    Winner announcement : 5 JUL (Fri) 2 pm

Gifs Credit:  Ahlia

[Gifs] Kim Hyun Joong @ Waterfall for Barefoot Friends


[Info] Kim Hyun Joong’s Wax Figure Unveiled at Madame Tussauds Museum in Busan


“앞선 사람을 존경하되, 나는 늘 그 이상이 되어야 한다는 마음가짐으로 끊임없이 노력한다.”

김현중은 2005년 SS501의 멤버로 정식 데뷔한 후, F대표적인 한류 스타로 손꼽히며 아시아 전역에서 폭발적인 인기를 누려왔다. 2011년에 솔로 앨범을 발표하여 오리콘 차트 1위를 석권하였다.

KBS드라마 ‘꽃보다 남자(2009)’에서는 F4 ‘윤지후’역을 맡아 연기자로 데뷔, ‘지후 선배 신드롬’을 불러 일으키며 높은 인기를 끌었다. MBC 가상 결혼 버라이어티 ‘우리 결혼했어요(2009)’를 통해서는 소탈하고 인간적인 면모를 선보이며 팬들의 사랑을 한 몸에 받았다.

2012년 성공적으로 끝낸 아시아 투어 당시의 모습을 재현하였으며, 공연 당시 착용하였던 오리지널 의상을 전시 하였다.

본명은 김현중이며 1986년 6월 6일 대한민국 서울에서 태어났다.



“Respect the way of the foregoer and make constant efforts to go further”


In 2005, Kim Hyun Joong made his entertainment debut as a member of boy band SS501, which made him a rising Korean superstar across Asia.

He released his solo debut in 2011, and topped Japan’s Oricon chart in the International Imported Album category


Kim’s performance as ‘Yoon Ji-hoo’ in the KBS drama Boys Over Flowers (2009) drove the female population into a ‘Ji-hoo frenzy.’ He also joined the cast of We Got Married (2009), a marriage reality show, which showcased his natural and easygoing character


    He is portrayed here from his 2012 tour of Asia. He donated his original concert costume, which he wore during this tour



Born Kim Hyun Joong on 6th June 1986 in Seoul, Korea.

Sculpted from a sitting in 2012

[Gif] Kim Hyun Joong Paid His Respects to Yoochun’s Father


Our thoughts & prayers  are with Mickey Yoochun & his family.  It is a great loss, and may his father rest in peace.

Phenomenal Captures from Hyun Joong’s SBS Gayo Daejun Performance


Gifs & Captures from Kim Hyun Joong’s Lucky 2nd Teaser



GIFS From Lucky MV Teaser

credit:happy tree @