Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Henecia Projects

[Video] Henecians Farewell Project + Project Let’s Party with KHJ

A collaboration project of KHJ’s World Fans Club. 

Sorry for the late posting … been busy for a while. 

For those who have contributed to this project …. THANK YOU. 

Below is a new UBKB Project and everyone is welcome to join. 

Dear Fans,
The below are the details in English of the new UBKB Henecia project to be sent to Kim Hyun Joong for his birthday.PLEASE mention your COUNTRY when you email your video. We are providing you with links below to help you and give you an idea for your video as well as a video of the lyrics of the song, LET’S PARTY…Good luck!
Lyrics video-
Official MV-
HJ’s dance video-…
Sample fan videos of other songs-…

Dear fans, here are the details of the new project translated to 9 languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Persian…please spread them around…fighting!