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[Tweet Bits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan GEMINI Tour



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  • HJ rehearsing at Yokohama now




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  • KHJ’s <Even Now> albums under Universal that will be selling at the concert venues WILL be counted into Oricon chart. RT @lafone0606: 김현중 <지금도> 에 대한 공연장에서 발매될 앨범도 오리콘에 반영된다고 Universal 에서 답장이 왔으니 오해하지는 없도록 부탁드립니다. Kim HYun Joong今でもアルバムは会場で発売されるものもオリコンに反映されます。Universal正式回答あり


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  • Tutorial on ordering <Even Now)>/ <Still> from Tower records. This counts towards Oricon.


[Info] New Year Charity Project – Hope for Children by @Henecia_India

CONGRATULATIONS Henecia India to a SUCCESSFUL Charity Project!!!

Source/Credit:  Henecia India on FB

Greetings From Admins [ Tania, Gladys & Ashwini ]

Dear ‪#‎Henecians‬,

We are very happy to inform you that our New Year Charity Project – Hope for Children has been completed successfully.

We visited the ‪#‎Orphanage‬ on 18th January, 2015 (Sunday) and donated the collected amount as part kind and part cash.

We collected a total of Rs. 37,769.96 from fans in India & Abroad.

We donated a total of Rs. 20,900/- in kind (i.e. Provisional Items, Rice, Stainless Steel Plates, Tumblers, etc.) and Rs. 14,100/- in cash.

We are immensely grateful to each and everyone who contributed for this good cause.

And we would like to inform you that we have got a certificate for the donation we have made. We would be sending the Certificate to ‪#‎KimHyunJoong‬ and let him know about Indian Henecians.

Thank You All Once Again.

~Admin Gladys

[Still/Even Now] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Album Support – Release Date: February 11, 2015

- Updating this Post -

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  • Good morning ♡
    JAPAN TOUR to start next week. Let’s meet Hyun Joong’s smiles
    please have a Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ Weekend

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  • Please support HJ’s Gemini tour and album! This may be his last for a very long time as he pointed out in his last IG FM ..
  • For sales of <Even Now>/<Still> to count towards Oricon, the albums need to be sent to a Japanese address. Not overseas.
    If you don’t have a Japanese address, you can use a third party forwarding service such as which has full English instructions.
    If your local Fanclub is organizing a bulk buy or pre-order please contact them.
    LKHJ will be organizing one – please see thread for details:;t=3418
  • If you or a friend are going to Japan, you may buy directly from the stores. Pre orders will count towards first day sales which are important
  • For those attending the Henecia-only concerts (Henecia Japan members) on 27/1 (Yokohama) and 5/2 (Nagoya) please note the following:Main points to note. Need to bring the following
    1) concert ticket
    2) henecia card
    For those ppl who joined during nov-dec 2014 or lost the card or can’t print the email, can show the email on the mobile.Something to note:
    1) if none of the above can be produced, they can reject the person from entering the concert.
    2) If they find out the ticket has resold, membership will be revokedIf no email, check junk folder and allow to send email.. else contact them before 1500 MondayRough translation from thanks to @coriibean and Ariel for the translation!

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Tweet Credit:    via DeannaDsc@FB

***Option for Overseas Fans to buy HJ’s “STILL” album:
1) Google chrome with translate works well for those trying to order… We haven’t had too many issues. So don’t be put off. Detailed instructions as to how to fill in addresses etc exist on the tenso site:

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【During the talk session of IG event】
HJ: The pics of “Still” was taken by my manager. He’s good at taking pics. I had a thought that I want to make this album with my close people. It’s just a hobby for my manager to take pics, but I was sure that he must take great photos of me.

HJ : It may be a sensitive talk, I had a thought that this album might be the last before my military service. so If I filmed the music video, I wanted to burn the studio set. we tried to burn it once, but it was too hot. so I felt like all of my body was burned. and it was burned than I thought. so we had to call fire engine.
(sorry for my poor English

Post Credit:  June Chapelle of LKHJ

In the past few days, some fans have expressed difficulties in buying albums online
As such, I decided to do up this tutorial as I was pre-ordering a set of albums yesterday
Screenshot my way through the steps to make it clearer
The full pages of Japanese may seem daunting… but one gets used to it after a while
Hopefully, it’ll help to make it easier for some who’d like to pre-order via a Japanese address
For fans who wonder why we make our lives so difficult… it’s all for HJ ^^

Do You Know?

1) Not all sales of Japanese albums are reflected on Oricon Chart

2) Orders directly from oversea using an oversea address will NOT count towards Oricon Charts (e.g. YesAsia)

3) Sales from Pre-Orders are reflected on 1st Day Sale, an important indicator of success on Oricon Chart (another important indicator is 1st week sale)

How Can an Album Sale be Counted on Oricon Chart?

1) It needs to be sold physically from a CD store in Japan; or

2) It needs to be sold online to a Japanese address (& usu a Japanese registered contact number too)

How Can We Purchase Albums that are Counted on Oricon?

1) Fly to Japan and buy ourselves or get someone to buy for us at a store in Japan.

2) Use a Forwarding Service, e.g. TENSO (Japan), VPOST (Singapore), etc. which will provide a Japanese address and a Japanese contact number necessary for making online purchases on local Japanese sites.

How does a Forwarding Service Account Work?

A service account set up to arrange for goods purchased overseas to be forwarded to you, with charges for delivery and handling.
Step 1: Goods purchased in Japan sent to local address provided by forwarding service.
Step 2: Forwarding service will receive the goods and send notification email to inform you on their arrival and request payment for delivery and handling fees.
Step 3: Choose you preferred mode of delivery and make payment for delivery and handling.
Step 4: Forwarding service will process the delivery and provide you with a tracking number once the goods are on their way.

Please note…

You MUST set up an account with a forwarding service BEFORE you make any purchase
You will need the Japanese Address and Japanese Contact Number provided by the forwarding service

I’ll not be giving tutorial on setting up accounts at forwarding services
The steps are simple with full English instructions on their websites
I’ve have personally used forwarding services for a while
TENSO for purchases in Japan and VPOST for purchases in US
As I understand, TENSO is widely used for purchases in Japan
It is known to be efficient and reliable
Click HERE if you want to check out TENSO English site

How to Buy HJ’s Album at Tower Records Online?

Post Credit:  June Chapelle of LKHJ

Part I: Register for an Account at Tower Records Online

Step 1:
Go to the official Tower Records Online site:
Or click HERE
Click the login button as highlighted in the green box below

Step 2:
Click on the bottom left button to sign up an account using an email address

Step 3:
Fill in your email address as your Login ID
An email will be sent to the address for verification purpose upon clicking the button below

Step 4:
Click the link within the email to verify the address

Step 5:
Key in your personal particulars to set up the account (translation in pics)
Please fill in the same English name here as the one you’d used in your forwarding service to avoid confusion during delivery

Step 6:
If you do not yet have a Japanese version of your name, use this link or Click HERE
This site will help to produce a Katakana version of your name
Japanese in Katakana is the romanization of your name in Japanese

Step 7:
Continue filling in all your personal particulars and preferences
Use the postal code provided by the forwarding service
Click the button on the bottom right corner once all information is filled

Step 8:
Double check if the information provided is correct
Click the button on the bottom right corner if all is correct

Step 9:
Registration for your account is completed if you see the page below

How to Buy HJ’s Albums at Tower Records Online?

Post Credit:  June Chapelle of LKHJ

Part II: Choose & Purchase HJ’s Album

Step 1:

Step 2:
Choose the album you want to purchase by clicking the button on the right (see pic)

Step 3:
Choose the number of copies
Click bottom left button to add more albums to the cart
Click bottom right button to make payment for all selected albums

Step 4:
After getting all albums that you want, click bottom right button to make payment for all

Step 5:
Click the top button to send everything together
The button under it is for items to be sent individually

Step 6:
Fill in your personal particulars
Copy and paste information you have received from forwarding service
Such as Japanse address and contact number

Step 7:
Click the bottom right button to proceed after all particulars are keyed in

Step 8:
Choose no usage of coupon above
Click no usage of points below

Step 9:
Choose to pay by credit card
Fill in card particulars and make sure to key in name as written on card

Step 10:
Click the option above to choose the same address as keyed in earlier for delivery

Step 11:
Check the summary page of your order
Click the botton at the botton right corner to confirm the order

Step 12:
The purchase is done!
Order number will be provided immdiately

Fallen for a ST★R … 김현중 … Together Always
늘 변함 없이 언제나 함께해요..


[Photos] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG New Year Message plus LDFS Wallpaper

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Khj Happy New Year Japan ムービーギャラリー HENECIA JAPAN キム・ヒョンジュン日本公式ファンクラブ: by Jacqueline Leung

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New year message from HJ (for mobile site)

① Hello. I’m Kim Hyun Joong. I’ll work hard so that I can turn up with good news this year.

② Wishing you always good health & be filled with happiness in 2015. Thank you.


The Best Korean Drama of 2014: INSPIRING GENERATION!!!!


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[Congratulations!] The Best Korean Drama of 2014 1위는 총 139개국 131,879표 중 22,287표를 득표한 감격시대!!

[Info] Sohu Takes a 6 percent Stakein Keyeast

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By SHI JING (China Daily) Updated: 2014-08-08 07:22

Chinese Internet company Inc announced on Thursday that it will invest $15 million in South Korean artist management agency Keyeast Co Ltd to become its second-largest shareholder.

Sohu will hold 6 percent of Keyeast and become Keyeast’s exclusive Internet partner in China.

Founded in 2006, Keyeast represents a number of celebrated actors and actresses, including Kim Soo-hyun, who starred in the hit TV drama My Love from the Star, and Bae Yong-joon, who still owns 29 percent of Keyeast’s stocks.

Keyeast said it chose Sohu as its partner in China because of its diversified business portfolio, which is what Keyeast has been seeking for years. Sohu’s strength in publicity and its abundant resources will provide strong support for Keyeast to enter China.

“We may have the preemptive right to buy the works produced by this company in the future. Keyeast will provide Sohu opportunities to get involved in the reporting in South Korea. When their artists come to China, Sohu will be able to provide updates on our online entertainment news. China is such a larger market than South Korea that Keyeast’s works will be able to sell at a nice price,” said Charles Zhang, chairman and CEO of Sohu.

TV dramas from the United States used to be Sohu’s focus. However, as the government tightens its control over US TV dramas broadcast on video websites, Sohu is attaching more importance to popular South Korean TV dramas, according to Hao Xi, an analyst at EntGroup Consulting.

Pang Yiming, an analyst with research company Analysys International, agreed that South Korean TV dramas and entertainment programs are winning over the Chinese audience, especially the younger generation.

As a result, Baidu Inc announced in May a strategic cooperation with S.M. Entertainment Co Ltd, which is also from South Korea, to help with the licensing of the latter company’s copyrighted music and videos in the Chinese mainland.

However, Pang still urged online video websites to come up with more creative ideas other than competing for copyrights or commercials.

“With the rise of mobile users, video websites should come to understand that they can be more than a content provider. We really look forward to this cooperation between Sohu and Keyeast to breed more creative attempts,” she said.

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“Inspiring Generation” DVD & ticket for 1.10.2015 IG event in Japan

DVD 1&2 Teaser:   ponycanyonkdp


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「感激時代」のDVD&チケット届きました。 席は座席指定でした。 そして、思い出したんだけれどマグカップも予約してあった! いつ届くんだろう?

English Translation via DeannaDsc

“Inspiring Generation” DVD & ticket for 1.10.2015 IG event in Japan
Seat was seat assignment.  cr: @julyhakuradin

  • 感激時代DVD キタ───(*ノдノ)───ァ‼︎

  • 感激時代DVD 裏はこんな感じ^ ^

  • 「感激時代」DVD BOX-1 ♡ ブックレット&生写真付き(*´艸`)

  • 「感激時代」DVD BOX-2 ♡ ブックレット&生写真…こっちも素敵( ˘ ³˘) ゚+。:.゚


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  • 感激時代♡届きました(≧∇≦)


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