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[STILL] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG 2nd Japan Album Updates – 2014.02.13

STILL Album Updates

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おめでとう~ “レコチョク デイリーKpop” 【今でも!】1位❣

Congrats ~🎉 “Rekochoku Daily KPop” pcurrent ranking [even now! ] # 1 ❣

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레코쵸쿠 K-POP / 월드 뮤직 랭킹 데일리 2/12 김현중 – 今でも 1위!  Chok-K-POP/world music rankings daily 2/12 and Hyun-Joong Kim-topped de 今 mo!

キム・ヒョンジュン(김현중) × 2nd ALBUM『今でも』① TOWER RECORDS 渋谷店 パネル展をやっているので一番見応えがあります。4階K-POPコーナーでも大きく取り上げてくれていました。しかし在庫少ないです><

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Kim Hyun-Joong (김현중) x 2nd ALBUM “still”① spectacular will be best doing a TOWER RECORDS Shibuya store Panel exhibition. 4 floor even k-pop corners heavily featured thanks for was. But few stock > <

[STILL Updates] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Album Release – 2014.02.12

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The Kim Hyun Joong album is currently #2 on the charts in Japan. I produced "Tonight." 🙂 #kimhyunjoong #ss501

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  • Kim Hyun Joong’s new album which I produced is ranked #2 on Oricon Japan Album Chart today. Please check out his new title song, “今でも”
  • My living room. Sneak peek? 🙂

My living room 🙂 Nice weather today.

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  • Congrats HJ! New JP album tops OriconDaily at No2! Let’s like the news report ‘日컴백’ 김현중, 새 앨범 발매 첫날 오리콘 2위 등극 | 다음 연예

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【ロッテ免税店 FB 】カバー写真 変更! KimHyunJoong LOTTE DUTY FREE FB … new Update!!

[STILL – Scans] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Album Release Updates – 2014.02.11

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  • Kim Hyun Joong’s new album which I produced is ranked #2 on Oricon Japan Album Chart today. Please check out his new title song, “今でも”

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  • 【今でも】 KHJ 【STILL】2nd Japanese album is #2 in Oricon on it’s release day!
  • ①幕張3days全て異なったセットリストでパフォーマンス ②18日、全員とハイタッチ ③19日、メッセージカードの手渡し ④20日、スペシャル企画を準備 ぜいたくすぎる…
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① Performance in the setlist at Makuhari 3 days all different ②, 18, and all of Hitachi ③ 19, handing the message card ④ 20, special project preparation is too extravagant.

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2/10/2015 with the oricon daily CD album ranking 2nd place! Kim Hyun Joong even now ‘

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Daily CD albums ranking 2/10/2015 🌟 second 🌟 Kim Hyun now even happy ✧و // \\ ٩ (‘ω’)✧


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 KimHyunJoong’s SMILE


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[Henecia Japan] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG GEMINI Tour Updates – 2015.02.04

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  • 2月のスケジュール❣ Kim Hyun Joong’s February schedule ❣

  • [And in regard goods sold in Makuhari additional performances] sale time
    ■ 2 月 18 日 年 2015 (Wed) 15:00 ~
    ■ 2 月 19 日 年 2015 (Thu) 14: 00 ~
    ■ 2 月 20 日 年 2015 (gold) 15:00 ~
    In Makuhari additional performance venues, you can purchase all kinds: the muffler towel/ acrylic key chain of each venue has limited design.
    There is no sale of blanket & earphone.
    If you have sold out at the venue sales, there is no post-sale


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  • [VOICE]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.2.4

    “‘l will (can) always think carefully about you”

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  • HENECIA Japan からBirthday Card
    Happy ♪ ((o(^ ∇ ^)o)) born in December, I received a Birthday Card from the HENECIA ♪ for the first time. (// ∇ //) Thank you for your (*^ ▽ ^)/ ★*☆♪


[Tweet Bits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan GEMINI Tour



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  • HJ rehearsing at Yokohama now




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  • KHJ’s <Even Now> albums under Universal that will be selling at the concert venues WILL be counted into Oricon chart. RT @lafone0606: 김현중 <지금도> 에 대한 공연장에서 발매될 앨범도 오리콘에 반영된다고 Universal 에서 답장이 왔으니 오해하지는 없도록 부탁드립니다. Kim HYun Joong今でもアルバムは会場で発売されるものもオリコンに反映されます。Universal正式回答あり


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  • Tutorial on ordering <Even Now)>/ <Still> from Tower records. This counts towards Oricon.


[Info] New Year Charity Project – Hope for Children by @Henecia_India

CONGRATULATIONS Henecia India to a SUCCESSFUL Charity Project!!!

Source/Credit:  Henecia India on FB

Greetings From Admins [ Tania, Gladys & Ashwini ]

Dear ‪#‎Henecians‬,

We are very happy to inform you that our New Year Charity Project – Hope for Children has been completed successfully.

We visited the ‪#‎Orphanage‬ on 18th January, 2015 (Sunday) and donated the collected amount as part kind and part cash.

We collected a total of Rs. 37,769.96 from fans in India & Abroad.

We donated a total of Rs. 20,900/- in kind (i.e. Provisional Items, Rice, Stainless Steel Plates, Tumblers, etc.) and Rs. 14,100/- in cash.

We are immensely grateful to each and everyone who contributed for this good cause.

And we would like to inform you that we have got a certificate for the donation we have made. We would be sending the Certificate to ‪#‎KimHyunJoong‬ and let him know about Indian Henecians.

Thank You All Once Again.

~Admin Gladys