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[Pexers Write-Ups] Keeping the Hearth Fire Burning + Tweet Bits

Author:  AprilStarr

Keeping the Hearth Fire Burning

This is to congratulate everyone for keeping the faith, the interest and love for KHJ. He knows it and grateful for the continuing affection given him.

Even if it seems sometimes embers are all there is left, it can still ignite and rekindle the passion. Let the cooler weather and rains not dampen the spirit . Love is livelier the second time around.

We can look at what has happened with the eyes that understand, we have the hands that can reach out to everyone, our thoughts send the warm signals we care and never will wane at all.

His recent life chapters both private and public might have ended, oh how we wish they finally did! And he now opens new pages and write new songs of a life regained.

He will not fail us, we will not fail him.

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[Pexers Write-Ups] Family Feud

Author:  AprilStarr

The KHJ versus CHM has turned into a family feud and not merely litigation between two adults, two individuals of major age but with the involvement of family members of both sides. It is still a reflection that in spite of being ultra modern and high technology based South Korea is now,it is still a society of families.

The family being being now at the forefront is a good illustration that there exists a cultural lag, in that somehow not all of society change. A part of it lags behind mostly its sacred values. It is its most enduring legacy.

The significance of the family is highlighted as in agricultural societies or even at the tribal level whenever a member is threatened or is endangered. The family acts as the fort guarding its members, resources, territories and honor. Among the elites, this behaviour is standard. The Kim Family is no different. They close ranks, put up defences, they act and speak in behalf of their beleaguered member. Perhaps this is what those critics of the active parental involvement do not understand.

The Choi family may have spoken only through their lawyer; but as bits and pieces of evidence crop up their active involvement, if proven may soon be critical to the cases.

The family feud may still intensify not so much about the monetary consideration but more about the restoration of a dignity and the custody of a child, a potential member of the family.

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[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2016.2.1


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[Pexers Write-Ups] As Predicted – 2016.02.10

Author:  AprilStarr


Attorney Lee already said,this case(s) will take some time to resolve. There are the inevitable postponements for various reasons. More changes in the date of the hearing cropped up. From February it has now been moved to March. The reason: change in the Judiciary personnel. So it means the new people are going to make their assessment of the cases. On the other hand, more expenses are incurred maintaining the legal teams; HJ has 20 working on his cases. They must have factored in those expenses to the compensation package being asked for in the cases.

Monetary expenses are one thing,but the stressful anticipation of the verdict is another. When one’s life and career is on hold it is difficult to measure the dire consequences. In fact,no compensation can ever be enough to restore dignity and everything else one worked for for a long time. It is not only HJ but his entire family Is affected. The other family? Well …I don’t want to say they brought it upon themselves. Did they not know,it is not an easy thing to enter into litigation that many people resort to settling their disputes outside the courts? But then filing cases are used by many people to threaten and harass others. The thing is, there is a limit to harassment.

Celebrities are vulnerable to harassment, the other side of the coin of fame and fortune. Scandals sometimes make or break them. They are human like all others with frailties but magnified thousand fold making them fodder for tabloid press and for those waiting to pounce on them. Celebrities they say need to be controversial to be noticed, but then it depends on how far the controversy goes and if it can be managed. Hyun Joong do not need to be noticed that way. And so he must and he did fight back!

We now wait for the wheels of justice to turn though looking temporarily stalled in its slowness. Hopefully it is not because they have been pushed to the back of the burner as some are beginning to suspect. Let the prediction be for a fair and judicious settlement

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[Pexers Write-Ups] Life Changing Revelations

Author:  AprilStarr

The DNA test result has been revealed what many knew all along. KHJ knew and never denied it nor refused his paternal responsibility in spite of what the other party is trying its best to say otherwise. To KHJ’s credit he has been consistent regarding the baby.

So what is the other party’s fuss about now that the DNA test confirmed the relationship? It is now in the courts to decide the financial awarding to raise a child excluding the mother. I read somewhere this Choi Hye Mi is asking for alimony. I know that alimony is only asked if the couple is married. Were they married though her lawyer always point out they lived together for two years?Unless I missed out on something or that SK has a different law. For sure it is not going to be one sided if they want HJ to acknowledge he is the father. Like visitation rights, whose family registry will include the baby, and other future concerns.

Usually the mother during the early years takes care of the baby. Her lawyer played up her being alone and lonely during her pregnancy months to elicit public sympathy. Will there be more emotional appeal now that the baby is growing up as what HJ’s father fears of using the baby as ” bargaining chip”?

On on the other hand, what becomes of HJ – ‘ single dad’, ‘ unwed father’? Society seems to be more open and accomodating to males who are raising kids without partners. Traditional parenting duties are no longer the sole domain of one but has now reverse the roles. This is due to many factors like careers,preferences, disabilities,technology and social media influences.

HJ has stated in his interviews that he is not ready for marriage due to his work, but it seemed he is okay for becoming a baby daddy. Whatevre lifestyle changes he has to face and do with this new status remains to be seen.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Latest Episode: Court Ordered DNA Tests for KHJ and CHM

Author:  AprilStarr

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The latest episode of this long winding drama is about the Seoul Family Court giving orders for KHJ and Choi Hye Mi to take DNA Test on December 14, 2015 at the Seoul University Hospital. The result will be out in a week’s time.

The court will impose a hefty fine for any of the party’s non- compliance. KHJ had undergone DNA test through the military doctors and Human Pass but Choi insisted that they should come together to do the test. Her baby has not taken the test.

The whole DNA testing is due to the Paternity Suit filed by Choi against KHJ.Her lawyer had earlier offered to show a picture of a baby on a cellphone claiming he looks like KHJ. Really ? KHJ’s father refused to look until after the DNA test result has been revealed.

In effect,the DNA result precedes the pre trial hearing on December 23rd. Although the two simultaneous cases are targeting different results, they can be seen to be related. Another case (criminal) filed by KHJ against Choi Is being watched closely if it will be affected .

Already strong opinions are being registered in online forums regarding the new development. But if it will mean laying down to rest the critical issue: is this baby his or not? I can imagine some have smirked as if to say “if there is a baby at all”. However, I am assuming the SK court had required an authenticated birth certificate.

Since HJ is in military service currently,it is presumed the court had requested the military for his presence at said hospital on the appointed date.

This slice of an actual human drama magnified thousand times because HJ is a public figure shows how the law intersect with a celebrity’s life. Of course it is wished that the law be on his side to correct the misalignment these cases had created in his life and career.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Hyun Joong and Entertainment Industry Economics

Author:  AprilStarr

HJ and the Entertainment Industry are two entities, yet inseparable until one does not want to be involved anymore with the other.

HJ used to say he has only 3 something minutes per number after which he Is done with it. He is finished with his job until the next one. From an individual performer’s point of view he is right. Yet that performance is part of the larger economic picture used to be dwarfed by the Giants agriculture,manufacturing, mining and other heavy industries. But not anymore. Entertainment has come to occupy its own space and importance.

Entertainment, as noted by Harold Vogel who studied this industry in 2001, delivers pleasurable and satisfying experiences. It is not free for like durable goods and services has costs. As we know performers come to us well trained and polished to the images set for them, they have to be promoted through the use of technology and communications. Though entertainment deal with talents and skills,it is capital intensive that needed return of investment sooner or later. The difference between entertainment when they became available to the public as they are now is that the latter is media dependent.

Countries’ GNP are now including the income derived from entertainment particularly the exported variety in the likes of Hallyu in the case of Sk. Whether we are conscious of this developments or not entertainment has been sucked into the vortex of world economy. Consumers of the “pleasurable experiences” of watching dramas and movies, being fans of kpop idols have to pay the price (attending concerts, buying albums, merchandises,following their stories,joining associations and others).

Once in a while we hear of collaboration and joint ventures of countries like Japan, China,South Korea,HongKong,USA to produce content. Likewise services in the areas of legal assistance, insurance, health and cosmetic care, schools and academies catering to training performers ,travelling,photography, real estate,tourism with shopping are available and proliferate more than before.

Entertainment is big business and the market has become global. Just as it expands to all corners of the world, followers of stars expect more from them as well particularly as merchandise can be had through E- commerce and cities become interconnected through the Internet.As what had happened, scandals and nasty rumours have spread virally and notorious cyber bullying are a current thing.

Transnational communities or fan base base spread among different countries for example Henecia have been formed in support of the star and his activities. When HJ’s career suffers a setback it is not just a personal loss, but also of those supporting him as well as his managing company and country. On the other hand, his recognitions and awards will bring gains to many.

Entertainment can be full of pitfalls as many have lost their lives,fame and fortune in search of success. But it remains the wellspring of opportunities which HJ know only too well.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Hyun Joong as Promdi



Author:   AprilStarr

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Can you imagine HJ not as an urbanite sophisticate? By his own admission in an interview many years ago, he said he has never left his neighbourhood in Songpa-Gu in Seoul till he debuted with his band.

He had that cool yet pretty bad boy air about him earning him the nickname “tough guy”befitting the rocker image. But that wasn’t what the agency wanted for him but to blend in with the SS501 Kpop looks and behaviour.

The dramas came along to Hyun Joong as the inevitable terrain Kpop idols must step in to show their versatility besides other jobs such being commercial models and endorsers. A sure fire return of investment for the talent agency.

He first portrayed golfer William, city dwelling guy who has issues who drove his manager to her wits end. It was simply crazy to try manage this athletic scholar.

From the rough, aloof young man of Can Love be Refilled mentioned above he became in Boys Over Flowers the gentle, semi recluse Joon Jihoo, heir to the vast cultural collection of the family and who was educated in the ultra elite Shinwa.

As Baek Seong Jo of Playful Kiss he was not as rich as Jihoo, nevertheless grew up in more than comfort courtesy of doting parents. A spoiled brat living in his impervious ivory tower until the obsessed and persistent Oh Hani came along.

In the aborted City Conquest he was Baek Mir who lived and fought in the troubled urban environment. We are just speculating how he’ d perform for the rest of the drama given we got to see only the making of two episodes.

At the Inspiring Generation he continued as a youngster who grew up and experienced life in the tumultuous era before World War 2 to becoming an adult amidst the highly charged Shanghai.

But then he was a natural in Bareoot Friends earning a living among the locals. Who can erase from the mind how he struggled and succeeded as the Gendong Man?

The shift from being a city dweller and rich at that to becoming a country bumpkin which is the equivalent of being called Promdi in the Philippines has not yet been tried by HJ. But I can, in my mind, see that he can do so in the near future given his ease in adapting to his roles. The country bumpkin is a popular drama character in South Korea as well as in the Philippines and elsewhere played by known actors. For sure there will be the funny and bumbling, romantic and challenging even tragic and pitiful scenes but revelations regarding malleability of human conditions. It will be triumph against all odds. Very like Hyun Joong.