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[Pexers Write-Ups] Keeping the Hearth Fire Burning + Tweet Bits

Author:  AprilStarr

Keeping the Hearth Fire Burning

This is to congratulate everyone for keeping the faith, the interest and love for KHJ. He knows it and grateful for the continuing affection given him.

Even if it seems sometimes embers are all there is left, it can still ignite and rekindle the passion. Let the cooler weather and rains not dampen the spirit . Love is livelier the second time around.

We can look at what has happened with the eyes that understand, we have the hands that can reach out to everyone, our thoughts send the warm signals we care and never will wane at all.

His recent life chapters both private and public might have ended, oh how we wish they finally did! And he now opens new pages and write new songs of a life regained.

He will not fail us, we will not fail him.

November Tweet Bits  

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[Pexers Write-Ups] Family Feud

Author:  AprilStarr

The KHJ versus CHM has turned into a family feud and not merely litigation between two adults, two individuals of major age but with the involvement of family members of both sides. It is still a reflection that in spite of being ultra modern and high technology based South Korea is now,it is still a society of families.

The family being being now at the forefront is a good illustration that there exists a cultural lag, in that somehow not all of society change. A part of it lags behind mostly its sacred values. It is its most enduring legacy.

The significance of the family is highlighted as in agricultural societies or even at the tribal level whenever a member is threatened or is endangered. The family acts as the fort guarding its members, resources, territories and honor. Among the elites, this behaviour is standard. The Kim Family is no different. They close ranks, put up defences, they act and speak in behalf of their beleaguered member. Perhaps this is what those critics of the active parental involvement do not understand.

The Choi family may have spoken only through their lawyer; but as bits and pieces of evidence crop up their active involvement, if proven may soon be critical to the cases.

The family feud may still intensify not so much about the monetary consideration but more about the restoration of a dignity and the custody of a child, a potential member of the family.

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[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2016.2.1


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[Pexers Write-Ups] As Predicted – 2016.02.10

Author:  AprilStarr


Attorney Lee already said,this case(s) will take some time to resolve. There are the inevitable postponements for various reasons. More changes in the date of the hearing cropped up. From February it has now been moved to March. The reason: change in the Judiciary personnel. So it means the new people are going to make their assessment of the cases. On the other hand, more expenses are incurred maintaining the legal teams; HJ has 20 working on his cases. They must have factored in those expenses to the compensation package being asked for in the cases.

Monetary expenses are one thing,but the stressful anticipation of the verdict is another. When one’s life and career is on hold it is difficult to measure the dire consequences. In fact,no compensation can ever be enough to restore dignity and everything else one worked for for a long time. It is not only HJ but his entire family Is affected. The other family? Well …I don’t want to say they brought it upon themselves. Did they not know,it is not an easy thing to enter into litigation that many people resort to settling their disputes outside the courts? But then filing cases are used by many people to threaten and harass others. The thing is, there is a limit to harassment.

Celebrities are vulnerable to harassment, the other side of the coin of fame and fortune. Scandals sometimes make or break them. They are human like all others with frailties but magnified thousand fold making them fodder for tabloid press and for those waiting to pounce on them. Celebrities they say need to be controversial to be noticed, but then it depends on how far the controversy goes and if it can be managed. Hyun Joong do not need to be noticed that way. And so he must and he did fight back!

We now wait for the wheels of justice to turn though looking temporarily stalled in its slowness. Hopefully it is not because they have been pushed to the back of the burner as some are beginning to suspect. Let the prediction be for a fair and judicious settlement

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Updates

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[Pexers Write-Ups] Life Changing Revelations

Author:  AprilStarr

The DNA test result has been revealed what many knew all along. KHJ knew and never denied it nor refused his paternal responsibility in spite of what the other party is trying its best to say otherwise. To KHJ’s credit he has been consistent regarding the baby.

So what is the other party’s fuss about now that the DNA test confirmed the relationship? It is now in the courts to decide the financial awarding to raise a child excluding the mother. I read somewhere this Choi Hye Mi is asking for alimony. I know that alimony is only asked if the couple is married. Were they married though her lawyer always point out they lived together for two years?Unless I missed out on something or that SK has a different law. For sure it is not going to be one sided if they want HJ to acknowledge he is the father. Like visitation rights, whose family registry will include the baby, and other future concerns.

Usually the mother during the early years takes care of the baby. Her lawyer played up her being alone and lonely during her pregnancy months to elicit public sympathy. Will there be more emotional appeal now that the baby is growing up as what HJ’s father fears of using the baby as ” bargaining chip”?

On on the other hand, what becomes of HJ – ‘ single dad’, ‘ unwed father’? Society seems to be more open and accomodating to males who are raising kids without partners. Traditional parenting duties are no longer the sole domain of one but has now reverse the roles. This is due to many factors like careers,preferences, disabilities,technology and social media influences.

HJ has stated in his interviews that he is not ready for marriage due to his work, but it seemed he is okay for becoming a baby daddy. Whatevre lifestyle changes he has to face and do with this new status remains to be seen.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Latest Episode: Court Ordered DNA Tests for KHJ and CHM

Author:  AprilStarr

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The latest episode of this long winding drama is about the Seoul Family Court giving orders for KHJ and Choi Hye Mi to take DNA Test on December 14, 2015 at the Seoul University Hospital. The result will be out in a week’s time.

The court will impose a hefty fine for any of the party’s non- compliance. KHJ had undergone DNA test through the military doctors and Human Pass but Choi insisted that they should come together to do the test. Her baby has not taken the test.

The whole DNA testing is due to the Paternity Suit filed by Choi against KHJ.Her lawyer had earlier offered to show a picture of a baby on a cellphone claiming he looks like KHJ. Really ? KHJ’s father refused to look until after the DNA test result has been revealed.

In effect,the DNA result precedes the pre trial hearing on December 23rd. Although the two simultaneous cases are targeting different results, they can be seen to be related. Another case (criminal) filed by KHJ against Choi Is being watched closely if it will be affected .

Already strong opinions are being registered in online forums regarding the new development. But if it will mean laying down to rest the critical issue: is this baby his or not? I can imagine some have smirked as if to say “if there is a baby at all”. However, I am assuming the SK court had required an authenticated birth certificate.

Since HJ is in military service currently,it is presumed the court had requested the military for his presence at said hospital on the appointed date.

This slice of an actual human drama magnified thousand times because HJ is a public figure shows how the law intersect with a celebrity’s life. Of course it is wished that the law be on his side to correct the misalignment these cases had created in his life and career.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Hyun Joong and Entertainment Industry Economics

Author:  AprilStarr

HJ and the Entertainment Industry are two entities, yet inseparable until one does not want to be involved anymore with the other.

HJ used to say he has only 3 something minutes per number after which he Is done with it. He is finished with his job until the next one. From an individual performer’s point of view he is right. Yet that performance is part of the larger economic picture used to be dwarfed by the Giants agriculture,manufacturing, mining and other heavy industries. But not anymore. Entertainment has come to occupy its own space and importance.

Entertainment, as noted by Harold Vogel who studied this industry in 2001, delivers pleasurable and satisfying experiences. It is not free for like durable goods and services has costs. As we know performers come to us well trained and polished to the images set for them, they have to be promoted through the use of technology and communications. Though entertainment deal with talents and skills,it is capital intensive that needed return of investment sooner or later. The difference between entertainment when they became available to the public as they are now is that the latter is media dependent.

Countries’ GNP are now including the income derived from entertainment particularly the exported variety in the likes of Hallyu in the case of Sk. Whether we are conscious of this developments or not entertainment has been sucked into the vortex of world economy. Consumers of the “pleasurable experiences” of watching dramas and movies, being fans of kpop idols have to pay the price (attending concerts, buying albums, merchandises,following their stories,joining associations and others).

Once in a while we hear of collaboration and joint ventures of countries like Japan, China,South Korea,HongKong,USA to produce content. Likewise services in the areas of legal assistance, insurance, health and cosmetic care, schools and academies catering to training performers ,travelling,photography, real estate,tourism with shopping are available and proliferate more than before.

Entertainment is big business and the market has become global. Just as it expands to all corners of the world, followers of stars expect more from them as well particularly as merchandise can be had through E- commerce and cities become interconnected through the Internet.As what had happened, scandals and nasty rumours have spread virally and notorious cyber bullying are a current thing.

Transnational communities or fan base base spread among different countries for example Henecia have been formed in support of the star and his activities. When HJ’s career suffers a setback it is not just a personal loss, but also of those supporting him as well as his managing company and country. On the other hand, his recognitions and awards will bring gains to many.

Entertainment can be full of pitfalls as many have lost their lives,fame and fortune in search of success. But it remains the wellspring of opportunities which HJ know only too well.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Hyun Joong as Promdi



Author:   AprilStarr

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Can you imagine HJ not as an urbanite sophisticate? By his own admission in an interview many years ago, he said he has never left his neighbourhood in Songpa-Gu in Seoul till he debuted with his band.

He had that cool yet pretty bad boy air about him earning him the nickname “tough guy”befitting the rocker image. But that wasn’t what the agency wanted for him but to blend in with the SS501 Kpop looks and behaviour.

The dramas came along to Hyun Joong as the inevitable terrain Kpop idols must step in to show their versatility besides other jobs such being commercial models and endorsers. A sure fire return of investment for the talent agency.

He first portrayed golfer William, city dwelling guy who has issues who drove his manager to her wits end. It was simply crazy to try manage this athletic scholar.

From the rough, aloof young man of Can Love be Refilled mentioned above he became in Boys Over Flowers the gentle, semi recluse Joon Jihoo, heir to the vast cultural collection of the family and who was educated in the ultra elite Shinwa.

As Baek Seong Jo of Playful Kiss he was not as rich as Jihoo, nevertheless grew up in more than comfort courtesy of doting parents. A spoiled brat living in his impervious ivory tower until the obsessed and persistent Oh Hani came along.

In the aborted City Conquest he was Baek Mir who lived and fought in the troubled urban environment. We are just speculating how he’ d perform for the rest of the drama given we got to see only the making of two episodes.

At the Inspiring Generation he continued as a youngster who grew up and experienced life in the tumultuous era before World War 2 to becoming an adult amidst the highly charged Shanghai.

But then he was a natural in Bareoot Friends earning a living among the locals. Who can erase from the mind how he struggled and succeeded as the Gendong Man?

The shift from being a city dweller and rich at that to becoming a country bumpkin which is the equivalent of being called Promdi in the Philippines has not yet been tried by HJ. But I can, in my mind, see that he can do so in the near future given his ease in adapting to his roles. The country bumpkin is a popular drama character in South Korea as well as in the Philippines and elsewhere played by known actors. For sure there will be the funny and bumbling, romantic and challenging even tragic and pitiful scenes but revelations regarding malleability of human conditions. It will be triumph against all odds. Very like Hyun Joong.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Joong’s Looking Glass – #neverleaveKHJ #waiting4KHJ #Justice4KHJ

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Joong’s Looking Glass

Author:  AprilStarr

Like Alice, Joong had a looking glass.Here is what he saw : there is such a thing as an alternative world, a different universe. The trouble is he can’t come in and out as he please. Words spell the difference between the two worlds he now knows-order and regulation. If the rules of engagement are clearer where he is now it allows for the mind to see the directions he is heading.

If Alice had the chess game, Joong is into war games where tried strategies and tactics prevail. Just the same they have goals to pursue assuming decision making had been in place and consequences were taken into consideration.

It is not an alien life after all. Just planned and anticipated steps are seen including pitfalls and dilemmas.And dangers.

Perhaps Joong can appreciate his other world now. It has given him a chance to see with a clearer perspective his situation. The new milieu is a chance to renew the flogging spirit,the exhausted mind.The physical body attuned to gruelling dance practices before served him well though it is now with a different tune and tempo.

Unlike Alice who dreamt it all, Joong’s is flesh and bone existence not that he has a choice, it was a non-choice.

He has left that world briefly. And returned to it. Away from the temporary glitter of stardom, nonetheless proving one’s worth as a man.

Now straddling two worlds under his feet at least for now, he must have seen the games people play with clarity and lessons learned.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Writing Off Hyun Joong – #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

It’s about time to talk about this. Since the start of the big time scandal articles on and about KHJ has been slanted in such a way to portray him as a misbehaving celebrity. So much water has passed under the bridge since then, still the effort is to render him insignificant goes unabated.

There is an ongoing topic of comparing actors in terms of past work and roles and yet KHJ’s name is continuously omitted. Can’t credit be given where it is due? Yet, there is no dearth of mention of his legal battles. Is that tag worthy of attaching to his name all these time?

What is he supposed to be atoning for? The court of public opinion has changed dramatically in his favour. It is the other party that is now placed on the defensive.

Even the gifts that he and his co-soldiers received were attempted by some quarters to be blocked. In the U.S. Care packages are encouraged to be sent to soldiers including the military dogs. A long list of needed items are provided to the public.The guidelines are clear for as long as the gifts are given not to curry favours from the military. While it is the situation in the U.S., SK will not be far behind. Soldiers, after all are fulfilling their duties to their country and doing that is no joke.

But Hyun Joong’s fandom will not allow media to continue its unwarranted KHJ blockade.

[Pexers Write-Ups] BACKTRACKING – #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

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Everyone is doing it. Looking back to the good old days. In friendly sites in the internet one finds pictures, gifs, videos and films before the Choi era came to the public consciousness.

Reminisces in blogs and forums are aplenty of the times KHJ had his methodical rise to fame and fortune. We never cease to be amazed how he reinvented himself not by sheer whim but hard work and determination.

We analyse and ascribe meanings in every smile, a certain detachment at times, body language.It is as if we know him so well.It is that familiarity that perhaps separate his fandom from the rest. The world salutes his fandom’s steadfastness in believing in him. People without fail notice his professionalism even in the midst of personal problems. Or is it the ability to compartmentalise his thoughts,actions and feelings only giving way to swelling of pent up emotions as any human can only withstand for so long.

In the volatile world of South Korea entertainment industry where talents abound not to mention good looks whether natural or surgeried was such a feat that he managed his success so well. From being part of a group to being solo receiving brick bats along the way, he survived them all.

It is now part of history having entered the toxic world of celebrities with all its folly, with media involved in the fray and perhaps some other personalities as others strongly suspect. It’s over a year now and perhaps not to expect an immediate closure of the recent “scandal”.

Backtracking is a good pause – to review what some might have taken for granted. You know -that he is always there ready to surprise us,to reveal his latest the new and improved Kim hyun Joong.

It goes without saying we all backtrack with him. We were all part of his career and story in varying degrees. We have invested in what had happened to him.

One good way to look at this pause is that it will enable him to assess where he has been and where he will go next. Perhaps his route is just more dramatic then others but then KHJ is unique whether he willed it or not. Somebody said before he will always be in the spotlight. Destiny or fate?

How about us where are we going when all the dust settles down on the ground?

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ANA in-flight magazine The BEST of KHJ.  Listen to on board-♪

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Henecia USA Fan Club has become Legally Recognized in the United States! We are celebrating by opening up Applications for Members. You must be a RESIDENT of the United States to join. The Henecia USA Fan Club is a CLOSED GROUP and members are accepted by Application Only. Please carefully read the instructions on our blog page posted below.

EVERYONE is welcome to stop by our Official Blog Page ANYTIME! Please don’t forget to Like our page also! Anyone may comment on our posts as well.

Our Motto is: Henecia USA Members gather to show our love for Kim Hyun Joong and each other. The only rule is LOVE!


[Pexers Write-Ups] A Letter Straight from the Heart – #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

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A Letter Straight from the Heart

Author:  AprilStarr

Amidst all the legalities, media articles, online comments rational, some spiteful and even irrelevant here came a letter from KHJ. Perhaps it didn’t contain earth shaking revelations but just a heartfelt written communications – honest,direct and straight to the point.

It felt good reading his very words no ‘motherhood statements’, no inciting the emotion with big words like ‘ flagrant abuse of human rights’ that are at best empty though all noise. His words simply register very human, unpretentious though he is a man, fearlessly expressing what he actually feels.

He wrote us to hopefully cure the inaccuracies and misunderstandings floating around hurting not only him and his family but also the fans who trusted and believed in him.

Here is the man who valued his privacy and yet he bared and peeled himself to the core for all to see. His weaknesses he wasn’t ashamed to admit humbly. Yet that is where we see his strengths . His resolve to seek justice not only for his sake but for all who invested for it to triumph no matter what it takes.

But the most touching part is when he wrote to the child he hasn’t seen nor held yet in his arms. The usual ‘the child got the looks of the parent ‘ remarks he had missed. He is already regretting not being there during a child’s once in a lifetime event.

What if the child is not his? What if it is?

What he wrote tugs at the heart, because we know know where it came from -straight from his heart. Not out of character, but the KHJ that we have always known.

Credit: sudaru1103

English Translation Credit:

Translation based on HENECIAWINGLEE’s chinese translation on HJ’s letter which was delivered to media at press conference by Atty Lee on 17 September 2015.

Hi everyone, I’m KHJ. It has been awhile since I greeted everyone through letters and frankly I don’t really know how I should raise this matter. Due to recent online heated discussions, I’m really sorry that everyone saw a ‘not-good’ side of me. Even for myself, I’m also tired and sick of it. So I could imagine how everyone felt about it. Henceforth, to prevent any more misunderstandings, I should state my position directly on those few points which I was not able to share previously.

During enlistment time the situation was chaotic and I was not able to properly bid farewell to those who love and support me. In the end I enlisted with my head hung low, like a guilty person. It seemed like only yesterday yet I’m already a private first class now! For the past 1 year, while under everyone’s close scrutiny had made me felt uneasy and even to the point of feeling suffocating, it was also a period of time I had to myself. Thanks to comforting words from my training officers, I’ve grown/ matured and gradually becoming healthy again like before. Once again, I want to covey both my gratitude and apologies to everyone. Even though I would like to formally apologize to everyone when this whole matter is finally settled, I hope that there will not be any more misunderstanding, hence I would like to convey the following points to everyone.

Heard news about KHJ refused paternity test. But since enlistment till 12 September, the only news I heard was that the baby had been born, not even news of the delivery. It was from news reports that I found out about the delivery and that i had refused to go for paternity test. I thought such reporting may have surfaced because I have not said a single word about it. Actually I’ve already completed all the necessary info and preparation for the DNA test in the army. I decided to wait till 12 September as I thought the other side (A side) would get in touch with me. I’ve insisted on doing the paternity test as this is the only legal way for me to take responsibility. Although I’m determined and would really like to raise the child, but it is not something that is up to me to decide. Hence, I’m sorry that I could only say I will take the legal responsibility for the child. Even though it may sound like a hypocrite, but for the sake of the child, I would still like to say this. Even now as I write this letter with a trembling hand, becoming a military personnel made my mood even more subtle. Unable to be like other fathers to bless their child when the child is born, my mind kept thinking if the child would resemble me or not. Not being able to be with the child on the precious day of birth, I will forever feel apologetic to the child.

Every night before I sleep I would ask myself 10 times if I’m really prepared and if I know what to do. As custody of the child depends on the Court’s decision, I’m feeling somewhat depressed. The other party (A) had only informed me of the gender of the child but refused to disclose anything on the blood type or the hospital they are in. In addition, they have been lying in order to stop me from trying to approach the child. I may not be a qualified dad but I will definitely take responsibility. As the father of the child, there are many things I would like to say but I decided I won’t do so here as it would not be appropriate. Even though I’m really curious and would like to see the child very much, but I have to endure it now and strive to become an upright father, taking full responsibility for the child.

I sincerely hope that the child will not get exposed no matter where the child is. I’m sorry for the lack of orderliness in this letter and inadequacy in conveying my thoughts. i promise I will return as a more matured and healthy person to greet everyone.

(Note: Please note this is purely based on Chinese translation which I did not reference to the actual letter in Korean. So there may be slightly different interpretation but the gist of the message is there. It is a heartfelt letter from HJ and I can empathize how much it hurts him.)

[PexersWrite-Ups] Who is the Baby’s Daddy? #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

Who is the baby’s daddy ( girl according to one media source )? This issue is nowhere related to either of the current two cases but will need a separate lawsuit . But certainly it has piqued the public interest. Will it influence the outcome of the two court cases?

KHJ’s side claim it will not.

Choi’ s side cannot proceed with another lawsuit or rather if a paternity lawsuit is filed the court will compel that a paternity test be done so that the so-called biological father is 99.9 percent proven. The court will see to it that disinterested persons oversee the process in all the steps involved.

The current paternity test used is determining genetic markers offsprings inherit 50 per cent from each parent through the DNA testing.

The standard source material are tissues and fluids from the body and commonly through the buccal cells found in the walls of the inner cheeks. The inner cheeks are swabbed. Non standard samples include toothbrushes, hair with roots intact. Samples obtained are sent to laboratory testing centres about 4 in SK or if they wish international labs can be used. Results are out in a few days.

DNA testing has become popular and affordable. There is also prenatal DNA testing but with some risks. DNA testing has been featured in many dramas. It has laid to rest many of men’s doubts about supporting a child suspected not their own. Or in cases of inheritance disputes. Many men in Sk and elsewhere have used it.

Before DNA testing became THE test to settle questions of parentage,cultures have their own ways and means . In the Philippines, there is the so-called “Lukso ng Dugo” meaning a feeling of affinity one feels toward a relative. Dugo refers to blood and it seems ‘blood is thicker than water ‘ type of thinking. A child will also resemble the parents or have special markers such as moles or peculiar body parts. Will KHJ feel the ‘Lukso ng Dugo’ if he sees the baby?

In SK historical dramas they also tend to show the use of inherited body markers in determining relationships. Some even use divination, fortunes and other special events .

In the natural world, even other animals want to be assured that the offsprings they protect and provide food are theirs.

PS : one internet source said a woman can carry the genetic material from previous pregnancies for as long as 20 years. Will someone use this bit of info?

Comment:  Sandra Taylor

  • Male DNA can exist inside cells in women’s bodies for decades. Women absorb and carry living DNA and cells from every male they have unprotected intercourse with.

A response to KHJ that I wish I could have written myself  –  AprilStarr

[Pexers Write-Ups] The Light at the End of the Tunnel – 2015.09.13 #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Author:  AprilStarr

Are we seeing it? I wish. You wish.

We have gone past the darkest part. Boxed in by hatred comments and insults from many sides. But persistency and due diligence paid off including critical thinking to spot gaps in press releases. Steadfast belief , you may even say loyalty led fans to tenaciously hold on .Through the months KHJ maintained his dignity never succumbing to negative publicity’s taunts to lose his cool

Nerves made of steel? But we heard his inward human reactions and who can blame him. The military service is a good interregnum period to be away from them all.

Now that media has released the latest side or aside details of the case( s) it comes as some sort of ‘birth secret’. It was KHJ who can only recieve the flaks from text messages previously released to humiliate him. As some sarcastically refer to the latest development as another twist and turn in the latest episode of this real life drama, many wish to speed through this tunnel.

As the tunnel has been giving us claustrophobic feel already we want to see the light at the end of it. To move on.

Is that baby his or not? There are those who wish the baby belongs to another father. Or there is no baby at all as some insinuate. If he is the father, is that the end of this tunnel or are we entering another tunnel ?


Comment Credit:  Sandra Taylor

I’m nowhere near the dark. I’m just going by facts and evidences. That’s all, she need to learn how to love herself, before someone else can love her. Or she loved herself to much and there’s no room for outsider. I haven’t gotten to that point yet of being in the dark. I like how she blames poor Kim for everything that gone wrong in her life. If could walk around and go shopping why wasn’t she working knowing she have a baby coming. You can work while your pregnant. I did it. I’ve seen plenty of women work while their pregnant. But busy putting stuff in the news to destroy this man life. She’s probably broke from buying the expensive stuff with that $500,000 or what’s left of it. Maybe someone need to give her a movie deal. She sound a pro at what she does. I’m glad Kim is not around where she can accuse him of somethings. So now she wants to make up stuff. I’ve read plenty of articles where Kim said he would take care of the baby if it was his. Many people have read were he said he would be responsible for the child.

Credit:  angelayoriko

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Okay, okay…. so Henecia's quiet little world was rocked again today by Miss Choi (I honestly don't understand what she wants anymore… why is she drawing out this issue?) 😧😧😧 Gosh… its becoming quite tiring isn't it? But if YOU feel stressed, can you imagine how Our Only One feels? How it may seem like his world is crashing down around him? 😳😳😳 We all know what a sensitive young man he is, so can you imagine the excruciating pain HyunJoong-ssi MUST be going through, worrying about how all these impacts his fans, seeing his ussually stoic father speaking out to the media, watching as his mother silently suffers (we all know he takes after! 😊) I, for one, believe that the worrying about hurting his fans is heaviest on his shoulders. Knowing this, how can I repay his love otherwise? I feel an obligation to be a responsible fan, to try to do my best not to add to this circus/charade/media frenzy by typing in bad words or making loose conjectures about this issue. I do not repost or share the articles that I feel hurt his image more. I always take his side. No Matter What. Some have called me delusional (hence the "Delulu & Friends" group was born 😂😂😂) and there has been a few who think I am downright stupid because of my obsession. I think my Baccalaureate Degree from a prestigious institution in the Philippines would turn red at this 😶😶😶 But in defense all I will say is "wait til you get to know thia guy. Wait til you meet the real KHJ." ♡ HyunJoong ahh, I guess what your Noona is saying is that I will always have your back. I have respected your wishes and have stepped back and kept quiet all this time, and I am very happy now that your Abeoji and your byeonhosanim have been stepping forward to defend you and clean your good name. You can always lean on me and the rest of Henecia because we will never leave you. We will be the wind beneath your wings. ♡ #KimHyunJoong #KHJ #OurOnlyOne #HeIsUnbreakable #Waiting4KHJ #NeverLeaveKHJ #KpopKing #ManOfACertainKind #Pray4KHJ #ProudToBeHenecia #HENECIA #UBKBHenecia #HeneciaIG #KHJPhoenix2015 #GodKeepTheAlienSafe #SS501 #ss501Leader #TheLateEmpress

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[Pexers Write-Ups] The Silent Heart #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

His heart is aching, crying
but we do not hear
His pains deadened by a thousand bolts
only he would know.

Not so long ago his pictures
spoke of smashed dreams untold
Can all be waved away
like some wild nightmares?

Away from it all, the mornings
have ceased to be cold
Instead the warmth of sun
replaced another bitter day

Letters keep on coming putting
smiles on the once worried face
Life doesn’t stop, it goes on
One embraces what comes and goes.

The silent heart keeps on beating
even if that’s the only sound it hear
Maybe one day, it will go back to
to what it was before.

The heart goes back to where
it once belonged
A happy music wonderland
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[Pexers Write-Ups] Vampire(s) at the DMZ #Waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ #Justice4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

Arts Credit: @oaewma06

An unlikely topic in this day and age? But think of mothers, girlfriends, ex girlfriend, fans worrying about their sons and oppas now soldiers who are on night duty patrolling the border. What if they meet someone, something other than what they are told to think about, the protection of their country and destroy their enemy.

Night vision goggled soldiers on a single file started to get out of line. Something is moving in the dead of the night. Though they were told to empty their minds and focus on their mission, still something is moving in the dark.The leader of the team motioned to strategically scattered themselves in formation.

The mosquitoes kept on biting on whatever flesh is exposed. If they are harmless bites, they would just leave raised pelts but the mosquitoes are not patriotic. Imagine them capable of giving the soldiers malarial virus. But who knows maybe they crossed border and their loyalty belonged elsewhere.

The soldiers brushed away the mosquitoes humming incessantly in their ears. Someone said, it’s only because it is summer, mosquitoes will go away in the colder months.The noise in the dark canopy provided by the trees didn’t go away.

What if they finally encountered spies or some successful defectors from the neighbor across the river . All the practices they have been doing will not go to waste. Finally, the skills they have acquired can be tested. They held tight grip on their weapons. The leader shouted for that someone to stop and surrender, he/they are surrounded.

What if it is not someone they have been trained to subdue. Heaven forbid! What if they encountered a real honest-to-goodness vampire? Can their automatic assault weapon protect them from blood sucking creatures? What if they can’t stop him will they turn into blood suckers themselves? Will the military bosses like that? On the other hand, they can be the newest weapon-low tech and low maintenance blood sucking army. Not a bad idea.

Some of them have or at least ONE has met homegrown variety vampires (read: money sucking vampires) anyway back home. Ding ! Ding! Have they followed them at the camp? O my Kimchi!

Someone snickered the biggest vampire is the one that sucks the blood out of the young men for two years. They instinctively looked at their lean bodies and flat stomachs.

“I’ve lost a lot of weights around here”.

Have they been perhaps watching too many ghoulish movies and dramas before their enlistment that every noise made in the night is magnified ten fold?

The leader was about to motion to fire, when a birdlike creature scampered out of the dark. He was earlier caught in the barbed wire fence and freed himself to land at the South border.

“Another defector to put in our report at daybreak.”

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Soldier”s Story part 5: Summertime and the Living Not Easy #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Justice4KHJ‬.

Author:  AprilStarr

Summertime and the Living Not Easy

Arts Credit:    oaewma06

Summertime is supposedly a relaxing period of time …endless sunshine fill the the surroundings except penetrate the thick layers of leaves on the trees, walks are leisurely made by the beach capped by sipping cool fruit drinks.

Hyun Joong would have preferred fishing , scuba diving, or just lazily being with his friends in Jeju.But he can’t do these now not even by next summer.

Instead he would be doing early morning joggings with the boys at Paju’s DMZ. Then after breakfast and fulfilling routine chores at the barracks go marching under the scorching sun. Do combat fighting drills on the ground,some days sharpening shooting skills but everyday inspection of perimeter barbed wire fences, lookout tower posts,and seeing to it the enemies are nowhere dangerously near.

Soccer remains the soldiers’ pass time. As well as the good old fashioned all-boys fun, impromtu singing and dancing.Reading one’s mails can be the best time of the day. Just how does Hyun Joong get to finish going over his fan mails?

Four years ago all of above were far away realities. Hyun Joong did his fan meets in Singapore under the auspices of Face Shop. Summer then was to look pretty, have mini concerts and launched his albums since that time.He was a busybody with all his international commitments as a Hallyu star.

Military service cannot be put aside any longer. The day of enlistment finally arrived. Included in the long haul are the cycles of seasons-Summer, Autumn,Winter and Spring. Hyun Joong as well as all the soldiers must be all climate, all weather ready.

Summertime’s hottest days will be approaching soon in Paju and elsewhere. While the soldiers and military administration will be business as usual as no time can they be at ease, the city itself is in a festive mood . The arts festival will be celebrated, the English village becomes alive and the Book city will attract visitors. The parks will be full of families with their grilling meat whose scents will be all over the place later to be eaten with the pungent Kimchi and other side dishes.It is also the time to eat cold fresh fruits in season.The DMZ will continue to bring in tourists.

While Summer is at the extreme spectrum of climate as is Winter, the soldiers will have to learn how to adjust to their vagaries. But what’s that to the danger of the soldiers’ mission ?

 Instagram Post by:  seung_kyoya

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Soldier’s Story Pt 4 – A Seoulite Goes Border Patrolling #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬

Author:  AprilStarr

Arts Credit. @oaewma06

A Seoulite Goes Border Patrolling

Whether Kim Hyun Joong choose this assignment himself (as border patrol in Paju) or was randomized it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that he is in there and must be receiving additional training. What followed is a slew of fanrts,serious and comedic showing him in the new uniform in the absence of pictures.

Is a native of Seoul like him ready for an active duty as border patrol? No matter how hard working,disciplined,inured to infighting he is to the urban jungle nothing will compare to border wilderness.

Will the recent training suffice? At the border further training must be fitted according to posting such as the terrain, time of day, different seasons and varied factors not necessarily less important and urgent than the others.

No country friendly or hostile sworn enemies towards another has no issues regarding borders. For borders mean separation and recognition of national sovereignty of one from the other whether out of historical reasons,resulting political and military agreements.

Borders are seen by respective countries in their own perspectives and requirements thus may emphasize a certain approach or approaches. particularly in the age of terrorism,drugs,illegal migration and the like. South Korea first and foremost is protective of its way of life and the progress it has attained so far. It has often been said it stands to lose more in the event North Korea makes true its threat of annihilation. North Korea on the other hand,do not want defectors coming from their side crossing to the other (if they make it through sniping, landmines and getting caught). What the defectors’ reveal to the world are bad for their image.

Compared to becoming border patrols in the US where they are applied for, receive 18 months of intensive training and are rewarded with hefty salaries and benefits when hired, SK gets its border patrols from conscription, paid poorly and had only 5 weeks of basic training. Yet immediately face danger upon placement. Judging from the numerous border incidents through the years, getting assigned there is no joke. Short of five days before HJ arrived in Paju, a North Korean soldier described to be in his teens defected into SK.Instead of the usual interrogation they fed him ramen first. Hyun Joong missed a real life border drama -it could have been his first.

But there is no rush. By this time he must have seen the tunnels dug from NK to SK. Using the tunnels the NK authorities can deploy troops and materials and can be in Seoul in less than an hour.Can that realization bring a surge of patriotism in soldiers enough to be ready for combat?

Many SK soldiers feel they are fighting people who speaks the same language, from same racial stock, common historical traditions separated by the bridge of no return and other borders, ideology and economic realities. The difficulties of continuing training and active duty drain the newcomers that many suffer from mental health issues. Fortunately, Paju has initiated a program called Camp Health offering mental health counselling for soldiers.

There are videos on the life of an SK border patrol. In the absence of pictures in your mind put HJ in there. Maybe you’ll have an idea what he is going through.

You may yet see him posted standing guard at the Dorasan Train Station. But not likely: focusing his binoculars across the border while at the Village of Panmunjom, putting on his camouflage face painting and leaves on his helmet, nor inspecting the perimeter barbed wired fences.

For sure he’ll enjoy your letters, so continue sending them. Don’t forget the chocolates!

Arts Credit. @oaewma06

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Soldier’s Story Pt 3 – Destinatin: Paju #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬

Author: AprilStarr

Arts Credit:  @oaewma06

Destination: Paju

Paju, a historically important area as the site for the twin Buddha statues and pavilions is now a progressive city in the Geonggi-do province. Home to LG factory, publishing books, thus is called Book City, it has Panmunjom where the armistice agreement between North and South Korea was signed in July,1953 and the most sensitive area known as the Demilitarize Zone. It has become a tourist attraction in spite of or because of it being the border between two Koreas now the world’s most fortified and dangerous place .

This is the Paju KIm Hyun Joong ‘s destination for now and for the rest of his military service of less than 20 months.A respite from the bustling ambiance of Seoul, yet the seeming tranquility lies its contradiction: beauty and danger existing side by side.

Not far from Seoul and Inchon airport Paju is accessible to both by private and public means of transportation in an hour. Ilsan where Hyun Joong’s parents’ Jaksal chicken house is located is only about 25 minutes away. Are you thinking what I am thinking? HJ can easily hop in a bus when he is already allowed to take leave, bring his army friends over there, even serve and wash the dishes after seeing oma and apa.

Besides being buffer to and guarding the nation’s capital, Paju boasts of being a naturally preservation sanctuary of endangered species, less polluted, has lush farming areas and lower cost pf living compared to Metro Seoul. It is no wonder the population of the city is steadily increasing even being the home of SK’s border patrol, the US army camp Bonifas and the round the clock ever watchful eyes of NK border soldiers.

If you are planning to visit Paju in the hope of seeing HJ by chance just know that you can go to the DMZ only by accredited tour. As guests your movements are highly restricted and will be heavily escorted.

Thanks to my sources in the internet

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Soldier’s Story: A Prologue #‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Sorry I missed this part …… should have posted this before this article:

The End is Just the Beginning

Author:  AprilStarr

A Soldier’s Story

A Prologue

‘Kim Hyun Joong fresh from a 21 months stint in the Republic Of Korea Army relaunches to his musical and acting career’.

This is what his fans would like to read in articles upon his return from military duty. But we are going ahead of the story.

It is not heard that he comes from a military family.Yet there is a three generations of men who served the war not ended between his counry and the next door neighbor.

Like other males of age who enlisted before him and those who will come after him, not many are prepared for military camp life.Yet Kim Hyun Joong had led a life of discipline,structure, hard work and goal fixations that mimics the soldier’s existence. It was no wonder he gets quickly into trainee leadership role (the highest position) with a pleasing personality to boot.

Today, 18th of June,2015 he graduates together with other recruits from basic training of 5 weeks. So many wished him to stay healthy, strong and with fighting spirit. For sure he took them all to heart.

He received many letters and sweets from fans though many wonder why chocolates are the soldier’s favorite food. Whether soldiers know it or not chocolates elevate one’s moods. Hyun Joong specially mentioned it as ‘the best’ in his brief letter.It is hoped the senders sent enough at least for his squad to share.

The finale of the 5 week basic training is the exhausting kilometers trek with a heavy load on their backs. Well there goes our Gendong Man (remember Barefoot Friends?) only longer and more grueling sweat this time. The effort could have been rewarded by an anticipated visit by parents. But MERS roped them out and the authorities ordered a cordon sanitaire to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. It may not be exhaustion that will weaken the soldier,heaven forbid, but this was what happened before with pneumonia viral contagion.

It is just the beginning, already Hyun Joong has shown his resiliency and adaptability to his current situation through his pictures. From an honest face saying he was being unsure of what lies ahead to finally giving smiles of success. If his smiles are an indication that no matter how little success come to one’s way, Hyun Joong must have started counting his blessings.

Arts Credit:  Ruku Bebe Chew

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Soldier’s Story: The End is Just the Beginning #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ #‎Pray4KHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

A Soldier’s Story

The End is Just the Beginning

Graduation puts a lump on the throat. Also tears on the eyes.Why, it is a part of someone dear to us marking life changing special occasion .It is a transition or rite pf passage from one point to another-whether as part of growth and development, fulfillment of obligations cultural or otherwise, reaching of personal goals among others.

Some rite of passages are relatively easier to hurdle than others Some are longer than others. There is a rite of passage in South Korea that puts on hold all other activities and daily concerns and perhaps the most unique-the basic training to be a soldier.

Those who have gone through it swear the training overturned what they are used to doing outside the gates of the camp. It’s due to the highly regimented military way of life -the dividing wall between its personnel and civilians.

Its duration is five weeks to acquire the skills needed by the soldiers. This consist but not limited to handling guns, throw live grenades, do gas mask tests, combat training, live within set schedules without the amenities and gadgets of modern living,follow orders and to know the most important words to say is alget subnida ( formal : I understand ) to one’s superior. Some said it was a time to know oneself better and to learn to live with others within closed spaces.

The just concluded closing ceremony for Kim Hyun Joong and other soldiers last June 18th opens yet another level of training according to their assignments. The following day the men went to the different branches of the army of the country considered 8th strongest bastion of military power in the world.

KHJ goes to being border patrol (30th Division) at the Korean Demilitarized Zone at Paju in the province of Geonggi-do.Being Border patrol is considered one of the most dangerous assignment for soldiers.

Thanks to primary accounts posted at the net.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Kim Hyun Joong -10th year in Show Biz ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

A decade long struggle, reaching success, some setbacks here and there, all with hard work, fuelled by dreams and ambitions.

Having reached that milestone sometimes against all odds,nevertheless steady climb to achievements with SS501in the first five years and then the last five as solo artist.

Showbiz was and is one grand learning field for Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong never ceases to amaze his fans as he keeps on reinventing himself. There is always a new and improved KHJ around the corner.

If showbiz disappoint him sometimes, Hyun Joong has no regret. For him it is full of opportunities and crises but he faces them squarely with a ‘life is one punch’.

KHJ is in a temporary hiatus of 21 months (in a few days 20 months) but expect something different when he emerges out into the civilian world once again.

Congratulations Hyun Joong !

Tweet Credit:   Jun 6

  •  생일 축하합니다! May you find true peace & happiness ^^ Stay healthy! Peace Forbearance Love Faith

Tweet Credit   Jun 5

  • They delivered gifts to Ilsan. HJ’s aunt said HJ’s parents are fine and have been sleeping well too, asked fans not to worry

Tweet Credit   Jun 8

Tweet Credit   Jun 6 

  • We arrive japanese fans of leader just left they celebrated with cakes & soju. And we saw this outside

Tweet Credit   Jun 5

  • 현중아 서른번째 생일축하해 오늘도 우리 곁에 있어줘서 고맙고… 태어나줘서 감사해. 너의 30대도 함께할께^^ 사랑해

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  •  Happy Happy Birthday My Only One

  • 너무나 힘겨웠던 아홉수는 이제 끝! 앞으로는 이렇게 웃는 날만 계속될 거야~~ 현중아, 생일 축하해!!^^

늦었지만 우주신,생일 축하해!

  • 서른번째 생일인 오늘 하루는 어찌 보냈는지… 몸 건강하게, 마음은 더 건강하게 잘 지내길…. 김현중 생일 많이많이 축하한다~ ^^

  • Now its in USA too^^ 김현중 Pls come to d USA for concerts soon!!!!!

  • Enjoy ur birthday inside the camp w/ ur new friends. Be happy, eat well & sleep well, LUV YA!

[Pexers Write-Ups] The Economics of A Lawsuit + Legal Case Updates – 2015.06.12 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

Arts:  Ruku Bebe Chew

Any lawsuit is a claim of someone’s losses against the action of another to be remedied by legal and other compensatory means. In the Choi vs KHJ case the former is suing for her alleged damages from the latter. In all cases the side which presented the convincing arguments gets to reddress its grievances by being awarded what it claimed for though the judge make sure it is fair. On the other hand, the side which is able to argue that the accusation is groundless gets the case dismissed.

In a recent article published by on the current case filed by Choi H against Kim Hyun Joong it singled out a significant point why the parents of the star are involving themselves.

It cannot be denied that the parents have legitimate interest in their son’s case in his absence due to mandatory military service. However, most articles wrote about the parents’ and lawyer’s concern regarding regaining the star’s damaged reputation.

In‘s article, it mentioned that the parents are protecting their son’s assets which already was affected by Choi’s demand for compensation or settlement whichever way it is called in the previous assault case. The current case on the other hand is asking for another big chunk of money for claimed psychological damages due to the stress of pregnancy. And perhaps it doesn’t end there if the alleged unborn child has been proven to be fathered by KHJ.

KHJ has been in showbiz for the past ten years. Now tagged as one of the top well to do Hallyu celebrity where his wealth came from endorsements, past works and projects. The parents are understandably concerned about the further erosion of his hard earned resources not only saving his damaged reputation.

Thus this lawsuit, if KHJ loses, is seen as potentially a transfer of a part of his wealth to Choi. Or if he wins, the claim is null and void and a counter sue might reclaim what was earlier lost.


Tweets/Translation Credit:  Jun 11

  • From the parents interview on fuji tv. They said they feel like 1 day as 100days since Jan..they felt like living in a hell..

Upload Credit:  elleyable66

Tweets/Translation Credit:  Jun 12

  • Pls understand FUJI NONSTOP Interview with KHJ’s parents were translated to ENG from KOR translation of original broadcast in JPN. Hope it still helps^^

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Different Kind of Birthday Celebration #‎HappyHyunJoongDay‬ ‪#‎Happy30thKHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

Birthdays it is said are best celebrated with our loved ones. This year on his 30th birthday Kim Hyun Joong celebrate it with total strangers. In due time though they will no longer be strangers to each other as they share the same military room and board. Not only that KHJ’s designation as squad leader, the highest position a trainee can occupy, has accorded him that chance to know the soldiers more.

This year’s birthday celebrant becomes one year older while enmeshed in a mind blowing situation. Amidst all that it has become the time to grow wiser, a chance to start new. A chance to rebuild the self thrown at the brink of deep despair. Not to count the years but think through how one’s life was experienced.

Birthdays KHJ must have now realized is beyond receiving presents as it is more a reminder how one is loved and cared for. A letter now means much more, a simple greeting worth its weight in gold.

Perhaps the best kind of birthday celebration is to have the thought that one can leave behind the past and look forward to a brighter future.

Happy Birthday Hyun Joong !


MORE HJ’s Birthday Celebration from around the Globe
Tweet Credit:   Jun 7

  • KHJ Thailand has donated 21,606 THB [636 USD] to orphans at Wat Bot Woradit on Hyun Joong’s BD [06.06.2015]



Upload Credit:  toriasable

Published on Jun 9, 2015

HENECIA Bulgaria Celebrates KHJ’s Birthday @ Uzana on June 6 2015


Tweet Credit:    Jun 8

  • We did this just for supporting our Kim Hyun Joong ,with our endless love PERSIAN HENECIA henecia persia

[Pexers Write-Ups] Street Tales: Motherhood Statements ‪#‎waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎JusticeForKHJ‬ ‪#‎PrayForKHJ‬ ..

Author:  AprilStarr

Can’t help but chuckle at the exchanges between the two combatants (legal representatives of KHJ and Choi H) in the last last court hearing (June 3). It was a closed door hearing reporters resorted to interviewing both sides.

From what I gathered (fr translations) Atty Lee disclosed that he was looking for evidences or proofs as basis of whatever the other side is claiming(monetary compensation). He stands pat that only medical certificates and other acceptable documentation of alleged pregnancy and miscarriage should be presented in court.

On the other hand, what Choi’s side presented (results) has been questioned as it doesn’t yield acceptable results and in addition refers to text messages between the two parties . Then the atty lament the ‘lost of trust’ between them (KHJ and Choi H).That Choi is now ‘focusing on her pregnancy’.

From the start of the public exchanges between the parties, way back months ago, it was noticeable that when KHJ side asks for evidence, the other side retreats under the cover of “privacy”. Now it’s ‘she is focusing on pregnancy’ . And ‘truth will be told, not to cover eyes to the truth’, ‘lost of trust”,etc.

Those are are the statements that came from the side claiming it needs to be paid compensation. On closer look they are part of motherhood statements meant to present an image difficult to question. Who can question the need for privacy or need to focus on pregnancy? Truth and trust are big words. Text messages between two people supposedly having a relationship are undeniable evidence. But how do they replace actual material evidence in a court of law ? Instead Choi’s attorney resort to statements meant to tug at good human nature.

It is plain and simple. Is there evidence and documentation of an alleged body condition? Are they reliable and accurate?Are they certified by acceptable authorities? Actually answerable by yes and no.

Looks like KHJ ‘s side is attempting to establish a pattern, that Choi’s side is skirting the issue by being vague and issuing motherhood statements. Can it lead to unearthing the crux of the matter -KHJ fell for a ‘lie and a scam’?

Posted by:  AprilStarr

Thank you Appa Kim and Oma for giving Hyun Joong your time when he needed it most

Blood is indeed thicker than water