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[Article]The Last Saturday of April


By: AprilStarr

Finally it happened after months preparation the journey of self assigned representatives of Henecia Philippines 🇵🇭 to the Fanmeet was long and almost torturous route. IiHe Even before setting foot on the tiles of Inchon airport, there were all sorts of suspenseful turns from obtaining airline ticket, passport, visa, arrangement for accomodation, itinerary, and others. We had a thousand meetings, texted each other, burned the messenger pages, endless bank and credit card transactions thanks to Liz, Nadz,Tita Penny and of course our South Korean connections. I did not even mention that Metro Manila was a busy hive due to the ASEAN leaders’ meet the last week of April. They were coming in and we were going out.

Seoul was what tourists expected it to be that night we arrived. Colourful lights from giant LED screens showing celebrity endorsed commercials competed with brightly lit business signs. Buses and cars were still on the road though lessened in numbers, the number of urbanites had dwindled down except the night shoppers.It was a good hour long trip from the airport to our temporary home. We discussed what will happen the next day, the highlight of the trip. From the looks of it our schedule for the next seven days was tight. We didn’t expect it to be unforgettable.

That last Saturday of April started for us with a Lotte Entertainment World visit followed by a sumptuous meal. We feared we will be tired for the Fanmeet but the mind and heart prevailed for the man we wanted to meet. We were greeted by the sight of fans already in line ready to enter the venue. An almost spontaneous reunion happened seeing old friends -veterans of past fanmeets and concerts. It was also the right time to meet new friends or comrade in arms for Hyun Joong. That spring night was more than cool but the anticipation of the fans somehow upped the temperature. Fever pitch that couldn’t be helped after all the waiting, never mind the stress from the cases, the recent twist of the driving incident, but it was more the excitement seeing him again after four years.

Fans couldn’t go wrong in locating the venue as KHJ giant posters were all over the glass walls and doors. For the FM, fans exchanged KHJ souvenir giveaways, maybe more will come from the organisation of fans who also sent rice wreaths to the venue earlier. A standard of congratulatory gesture to the celebrity but with social intentions to benefit the less fortunate such as orphaned children.

The seats were assigned according to the ticket purchased. It was a little bit complicated for the overseas fans who had to rely on some generous souls to intercede in their behalf. At the venue it was at least organised, and fans were seated soon enough. The distribution of seats I heard were lotteried, otherwise how to explain the best seats taken. Although the venue was not completely full, the overall numbers of about 4,000 fans was impressive enough.

The lights dimmed at the venue signalling the start of the show already fifteen minutes late. Slight commotion emerged from the audience seated below the stage perhaps thinking KHJ will enter through the back. The stage backdrop was simple and the band physically played. Down at the audience level one finds 4 tables where his technical support people manned computers and many more behind the curtains. Outside and inside the venue bodyguards and guards were all over the place. One realisation was that this Facemeet now almost a concert, involved people and money, time and lots of preparations. Two giant screens,one in the left and the other on the right of the stage enlarged HJ stage presence.

The stage came alive with his band playing and after few minutes KHJ came out singing immediately. He wore an all black attire, while subdued lights serving as his background reflected on his face. Were perspiration the ones glistening on his face or tears ? The lack of bright colors at the beginning of the Fanmeet conveyed his mood in the opening numbers- serious and pensive.

He sang his first four songs with all his might, veins radiating almost ready to pop out on his neck, body slightly swaying, open palms releasing his energy in belting it all out. His audience responded with swaying of green sticks and clapping. He finally spoke, clear and direct to his point that almost everyone expected. After explaining the meaning of Anemone as ” I love you forever” he went on to say ‘it was better to go on with the Fanmeet and thank you (The fans) now than some other time later. He didn’t go into specifics as he must have assumed his fans knew about them anyway. A slice of his army life he shared while he addressed his weaknesses and frailties, and thanking everyone for understanding and standing by him in spite of them all.He promised to do better reflecting and doing good deeds.

After his talk he ventured into songs again, this time his songs were lighter, faster, happier. He dressed in white to match the change in his mood. If he “died” in the past in what had happened to him, he is now “resurrected”, revived and alive again. Seeing his fans at the Fanmeet gave him hope. That hope was intensified with the presence of his family and friends, including his SS501 members Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. He joked several times displaying his famous smiles and eyes narrowing in glee. His love for dance music, his body language gave him away : he was 🕺 dancing slightly through the songs that made him known and well loved. He looked like repressing it, the audience missing his dancing, thought he would just give in.

He paused and we thought there will be intermission but he returned strumming his guitar for a full number. After which he goes down from the stage to his audience. The audience broke into screams as he weaved into the audience still singing, at one time almost tripping while doing so. He returns only to go back again to another section of the audience at the sides and shook hands with two of our Henecia Philippines members who were mobility challenged. In his third time mingling with the audience he went to another side only to be met with surging fans prompting his body guards to lead him back to stage.

Three boxes were also laid on the stage containing questions/comments from Chinese, Japanese and Korean fans. He dipped his hands into them to get the questions but he said most were saying ‘fighting’. If they would have scolded him as he earlier said ‘gentle criticism’, he would have welcomed them. One question taken out asked for his next project, for which he replied not in
Korea, not for awhile but in Japan. Very sad indeed for a country he defended with his life, the cases he didn’t cause, and driving incident many commit he would be 🙅‍♂️ rejected.

He sang a total of 15 songs: Please,Your Story,Let Me be the One,Gentlemen,Gentlemen,Beauty, White Hole, Thank you,Lucky Guy,I’m Your Man,Unbreakable,Do You Like That,Nothing On You, Imademo,What I Wanted to Say and Save Today. The list is like his thoughts on what had happened to him and what he wants to happen. Was it a case of prognostication?

As the Fanmeet pressed through the night, the fans danced to his songs while other kinds of light sticks were waved about. The atmosphere was further ignited with explosions of colors of stage lighting effects. As usual the fans chanted out his name in unison.

As all good things must come to an end, the Fanmeet dwindled down to its final number. Some of the fans started leaving the venue while a greater number stayed for the handshake. Outside, what most people didn’t know that five lucky persons ( Tita Penny, Nadz, Jeng, Liz and Jackie Kim) would be able to get their picture taken with no less than KHJ. KHJ himself asked “picture, picture?” Would you have turned that down?

Some of us lingered around in the lobby, where we saw KHJ’s family : his mother and father, his hyung, young son and wife. What a delightful bonus of the night.Earlier, we saw his friends who were easily recognisable in the crowd – Jun Sang, Lucas among others.

Some fans took with them some of the smaller KHJ posters outside the venue.Others wrote down on the white paper 📝 pinned on the wall their sentiments and comments on that memorable night. A memorable night that perhaps will signal the beginning of a new era in the life of this entertainer.

Still on cloud nine the Philippine Henecians rode on the van back to their residence bubbling about the Fanmeet. Do you think they easily fell asleep that night?

What they didn’t know was they were going to meet in person in the days to follow: Shin Dong Ho of Ukiss and Jun Sang of Jaksal, HJ’s long time and close friend.

Go to YouTube to watch KHJ videos in his Anemone 2017 FM

credit: azi767

Pay attention at mark 1:46 on Part 14, we can see Hyun Joong Shook Hands with Tita Penny and Jackie Kim and recieved gifts from Jackie’s Mom and Aunt.

[ Videos] Kim Hyun Joong Anemone Fan Meet 17.04.29

credit: azi767

Pay attention at mark 1:46 on Part 14, we can see Hyun Joong Shook Hands with Tita Penny and Jackie Kim and recieved gifts from Jackie’s Mom and Aunt.

[Write Ups] The Making of Kim Hyun Joong

By : AprilStarr

Most everyone knows Kim Hyun Joong; it seems media couldn’t get enough of him. Media knows he is a minefield of entertainment news: authentic, created or even invented. Recent full attention is focused on him particularly regarding his private life as much as what he doesn’t wish to show to the public.

A commonly acknowledged thing about him is that he shouldn’t be confused with somebody else with same or closely named performer. Kim Hyun Joong is not merely someone’s name but an image, almost a trademark. He sold commodities like beauty products, food, clothes, jewellery and services among others through endorsements.

Born in a year when Kpop was turning a new point from Seo Tai Jin’s music and spending teen years amidst the succession of Kpop groups doing dance music. Who knew that there is a niche waiting for him there several years later while dropping schooling thought not important in his life then. He had a direction for himself. This direction made him defy the odds turning his difficulties learning how to dance properly into skills, from playing an instrument in the band into the forefront of a 5 man group into a solo performer with dramas tucked in his belt as well.

Part of his charm was shielding his private life from being pried open by the curious public eyes as much as he could. His love life is said to be just the product of speculations, rumors and fan shipping efforts. He changed his marriage deadlines for himself many times.

It is often said celebrities are product of their talent agency’s marketing. It cannot be denied talent agency’ s magic fingers were at work all the time not only at him but so were the rest of the artists. It was just that different folks, different strokes. Or that same efforts produce different effects.

He is his own mould.

He is his own urban legend of sorts- having risen to fame according to his own accord.From childhood stories from his mama, his teenage exploits, to early attempts at starting stardom. His is the dream of countless young adults personified and fulfilled. Later, he will pontificate,’ go to school. My being a dropout followed me everywhere’. Hyun Joong shed the label, finished high school and started college. But stardom and career got in the way.

Does he need the theoretical and abstract studying when his plate is always full, all hands on? There is so much to do, so much to accomplish. Fans saw that, their celebrity had not cease to surprise them and every so often reinvented himself. Fans did not disappoint him or him them, although there were some who were.

As a celebrity, KHJ is no exception in experiencing road bumps here and there. He doesn’t get stucked there and manages to overcome.Like his brushes with a hated political figure’ s birthday party and getting the ire of netizens. Or when he went solo after the end of contract with DSP and getting the blame for the four others’ slower pace in getting back into the limelight. Or a disappointing drama local ratings. Taking these in a stride proved he is a tough cookie. They only made him turn to more productive ventures. His albums and concerts have not only done well but earned awards and recognition,too.

Like ordinary mortals, we all have our share of crises, however, not all personal mishaps are created equal. Some more devastating than others- or that they take longer to recuperate from. The significant thing though is healing, and most importantly bouncing back. Hyun Joong momentarily was in the dark only to show he is an able leader-soldier. He is now back in the warm embrace of his supporters. The ‘no one can bring a good person down’ works here. Not real life nor real time villains and certainly not a mud raking, mud slinging press can take down our man.

After all has been said and done, the dust finally settled, what is there to look forward to?
Kim Hyun Joong is still evolving. From the irrepressible youngster of the early years of 2000’s to the recently emerged manly looking and reserve nonetheless wiser army graduate,who is to say he had reached the end of his rope? As he has said, he is merely beginning the second half of his entertainment career. Like being back in a cocoon just waiting to spread his wings once more.

We can hardly wait to see what he will become in his next nth wind.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Sitting In the Front Row

Author:  AprilStarr

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Do you know who sits in the front row of any significant gathering? Celebrities and distinctive guests of course. It’s unimaginable to think of Kim Hyun Joong seated elsewhere. Unless he wants to be incognito or nobody knew he was coming.

Seats in the Front Rows have been reserved since time immemorial for the royalties of fashion, entertainment,arts, other known branch of Culture,political figures and other personages such as sponsors and potential investors that need to be impressed or lent their importance to the event.

Even as a newcomer in the Kpop scene KHJ in variety shows sat in front where the cameras and the mc’s prioritised his presence. You can actually see other guests strained their necks to be seen or had to shout out their contributions to be heard.

Celebrity Marketing

Was it a case of celebrity marketing for KHJ to seat him in front? If it was, it was successful.No he didn’t have to look outrageous. He was at his natural best- handsome, funny, witty and speaking whatever comes to his mind earning him being called a 4D. It cannot be denied he was the program’s favourite if he happens to grace one.

While the show did contribute to his increasing popularity, KHJ’ s presence pulled up the show ratings as well. Directors knew that the moment Hyun Joong’s face is flashed on the screen numbers go up. Exactly, this is why cameras stayed glued on him. One of the other perennial  guests complained “why his shots were cut and not HJ”, to which he responded,”you tried too hard”. HJ was just himself enjoying his stay.

Even when he wasn’t doing anything and not on stage as performer or on the runway as a model he was seated in the front row. This was how he lent his recognizability to fashion shows or other event where he was the invited guest.He wasn’t declared a three time winner of being Style Icon for Kpop for nothing. Several years being winner of “most searched in Yahoo”strengthened his position as Hallyu star with an international fanbase in many countries.

Other Ways to Stay Front Row

Practically he is also at the front row of many advertisements endorsing products and services that no less than CNN noted “no product worth buying without KHJ saying so”. Of course the casual shirts,the athletic getup, the formal attire looked like they were precisely cut and sewn on him alone. But his sartorial good looks and the ways he carried them can rub on any wearer,or so the manufacturers think. Or pray they will.

Did he not stay front row in numerous interviews for magazines as he made it in their cover photos? The same way happened in interviews over for television entertainment portals answering truthfully ( or so it seemed) questions fielded at him or evading those intruding into his love life every time he has a music album out or a new drama.

As if having a wax figure in a museum isn’t enough, his airport fashion does not escape scrutiny, the soccer field, rare public sightings and every episode of Barefoot Friends his fans documented even the moments he isn’t playing as if he is in the front row all the time.

Yet left on his own he wishes to avoid over exposure. He does not tweet, nor do Instagram, most of all did not open a Facebook account. He chose his projects carefully seeing to it his drama appearances is not sacrificed to his concert performances and vice versa.

When he joined the military as a conscript in May of last year, camera shots gave him importance, and why not, he is the KHJ and was the only one escorted by the big boss of Key East and several bodyguards( not family members). Looking at past photos you’d think he was in the front row already a trademark anyway, as everybody is already accustomed to seeing.

Now that the inner core of his private life being played out in public by tabloid media and through exchanges between legal representatives he remains “seated in the front row” although other characters have inserted themselves to share, though pathetically, that reflected glory.

Thanks, no thanks to the unscrupulous media who jumped at all opportunities to write about him and all the salacious details to sell their products and services, KHJ can be said to maintain his position as most searched. Hence, still sitting in front though in a hot seat. There are those who commented wryly, the media coverage made his personal life like a never ending small screen Korean drama.

How Long Will He be “Sitting in Front”?

International observers of celebrities who rise and fall noted that celebrities must change through life milestones such as getting married,having a family, scandal optional to stay in the radar of their publics. It goes without saying they are able to withstand the effects of changeover in their career. Even if it means shedding more blood,sweat and tears than before.

It also translate into a fact that celebrities should not be boring, doing the same thing like a broken record. If they have setbacks from scandals ( from personal issues or public abrasions) they should eventually able to put them behind. Recovery may take short or long period of time depending on  how resilient the celebrity is and how forgiving the public to accept them again.

Kim Hyun Joong is no stranger to scandals. He has had them such as when he attended a birthday celebration of a despised ex-national leader, when he figured in a motor accident and when he changed management company. The interest in these so called scandals depended on the public perceptions fueling intense fan debates. His most recent one (still going on scandal),according to some observers, is the longest period of time a celebrity has gone through to date (2 years).

Although unbelievers in his ability to bounce back has proclaimed he is finished in his career,it is said they have largely forgotten Kim Hyun Joong has the habit of surprising his public of his discipline, new talent and skills honed behind the scenes, to present his unlimited self through his work.

He showed the range of what he was able to do and what else he can do at the rate he produced and launched his music albums in the past. He put in the extravaganza in Lucky Guy, the bad boy vibe in Breakdown, the party feel in another,the angst of a lover next, playfulness and rock mood  completed the varieties then. Not really aiming for  commercial success but acting in characters that challenges his abilities in dramas no matter how hard it took him to be in their shoes. His works were all about him : confident without being abrasive about it, creative without being just fancy, doing the unexpected and surpassing his previous achievements.

If he can be called a workaholic, it is an understatement. His fans know this and have seen his various transformations since becoming solo artist. He burst out of his cocoon as if making up for lost time.His works are his best tool to show he is in charge.

His persona is another matter. He is transparent, brave yet vulnerable at times, happy like a child for simple pleasures yet manly to own his setbacks because he knows he can overcome them. Many times he showed he was able to.His comebacks ( a favourite expression used on Kpop stars)were nothing less than spectacular. His absence is always a prelude to something unusual and well thought out presentation of a master showman.

Even his mandatory hiatus couldn’t and HJ wouldn’t allow it to cool down his ardor for the
profession he embraced so passionately. It is not surprising if we learn that he has prepared himself psychologically and physically to bounce back, which is a very sound thing to do in order to move on. Somebody said setbacks are structured to prepare one for a comeback? Even with the legal cases raging on as long as his love for his work remains fierce and his focus steadfast, there is no way for him but to go up. If for him success is not an end in itself but the motor  leading to the next chapter of his career, he will remain sitting in the front row

[Pexers Write-Ups] Concert Images

Author:  AprilStarr

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We have seen Kim Hyun Joong go through an evolution of images. From the rebellious, tough guy who exchanged his comfortable home and recognized talent at schoolwork for music, the happy -go- lucky guy who can sleep anywhere,anytime, maturing into a gentle Jihoo. He was also the 4D guy,darling of variety shows, the favorite athlete of the soccer field and icon of celebrity clothes and makeup. His latest image was that of the rough and manly persona of Inspiring Generation. Those images were developed by his talent agencies through which he was promoted and became known as a Kpop idol. They became second skin to him much of what was understood as part and parcel of background and life experiences.

His solo concert images is another story, they were his creation as they projected his own aspirations and represented where he is at the moment. He showed his capabilities through different musical genres, freed to experiment combinations to deliver the ambiance that he wanted, showed how he released himself from the past though not necessarily completely rejecting them as he tried performing with a Live band. His image was that of being natural, touchable and even vulnerable to his emotions.

Every concert is a collective enterprise between him and the fans, between him and the people who worked with him to make the concert an experience to remember for a long time. Every concert bore his unmistakable signature. He closes the gap between him and the fans- going down from the stage to the audience rows, fan participation in the programs, handshakes and seeing them leave by the door as a gracious host- all fan services of course. But he does it with all humble appreciation and sincerity.

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Here at the concert he, as well as the fans are all up close compared to the segmented and edited dramas where he waits for the ratings to see how he has done his work. The high of a performer from the audience reception of his number,or the whole set of it judging from the thunderous applause, to the ear splitting screams of his name can be summarised by the phrase “you don’t know how you made me so happy” right then and there. You don’t have to hear him say it, his face and body language say them all.


[Pexers Write-Ups]New Year’s Resolution(s)

Dear readers … Hyunnies Pexers went hiatus the last few weeks…. And now we’re back.  We apologize for not informing you all of our status.  Let’s all welcome 2016 with new hope and a better year for our Only One – KHJ.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERONE!!!

New Year’s Resolution(s)

Author:  AprilStarr


Arts Credit:  Jackie Kim

Are we still doing it? Or is it already outdated? Are we still coming up with a wish list as pointed out by somebody but not how we will do it ?

Some people I know have given up on making a list. After all the list is more honoured by breaking them than actualizing them. Nothing wrong if we do modify the list along the way. Nothing has been set in stone anyway.

Some are wondering what will be in HJ’s list assuming he has drawn or drawing up one. Even if his civilian life seems to be on hold while being a soldier, everyone knows his grind with his cases continues. 2016 has already offered him a different scenario- with a DNA declared biological relationship with a three month old son and all the responsibilities that go with it. What about his lawsuit against an ex girlfriend? How will it prosper?

2016 is just 12 months that can easily slide by and yet so many things can happen. Will it result to a new and improved Hyun Joong? Let’s not forget, 2017 is not so far away by the second month of the new year. Yet that gives him lead time to think of what his future holds. It should be another exciting turn in his life which seems to come by every five years since he entered show biz. For those who need to remember 2005 -2010 was being in a boyband and side activities. From 2010 to 2015 being solo performer. What will be it for the next five years?

As we know, HJ is one that does not merely wish but he does make them happen in the ways he knows how with or without scandal and even with the interregnum military service period. His mind is an ever fertile ground for ideas ready for execution.

As I’m writing this piece with just 30 minutes or so before 2016 rolls in amidst the sound of firecrackers welcoming the New Year, I wish him all the best …because his best is yet to come.

I also wish everyone visiting this site a safe and prosperous New Year and to continue holding HJ ‘s hand in his quest for an enlightened and just milieu. He will not fail.

Heard this from someone… January was named after the Greek god Janus meaning two faced. One to look back to learn our lessons, the other to look forward to the future and improve.

[Pexers Write-Ups] First Born and Male!


Author:  AprilStarr

Photo by murdererq

Will this be a father’s shout of joy? It could be. Particularly in a Patriarchal society like South Korea, the eldest son fulfills filial duties. And remember the State has another soldier in the making. Though relationships built on a genetic test and contested allegations are not exactly desirable. But it happens. Worst is many wish that son is not his. Many thinks HJ should have the chance for his life to find its path as he see fit and move on.

He has said since the case started he isn’t shirking from his fatherly duties and obligations if that baby is proven his. His lawyer repeats the same pronouncement even as the other side makes the accusation KHJ is in denial of his paternity.

The suspense is building up on the result of KHJ’s second time to take the DNA test and the baby ‘s first time. Some people suggested that the woman claiming to be the mother should also take the test to put to rest the ugly rumours.

It won’t be long now. If it takes a week expect to hear the good or bad news by Dec 21. If it is two weeks, look forward to Dec 28. But Dec 28 is the feast day of the Innocents ( Catholic tradition)-the babies slaughtered or sacrificed by a threatened Herod. What do you think of this coincidence

[Pexers Write-Ups] Storms Of Our Lives – #neverleaveKHJ #waiting4KHJ #Justice4KHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

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Hyun Joong is not the only one who experienced turbulence in his life, many of us did at one point or the other. Only that as a celebrity his life and troubles are magnified a thousand times thanks ( no thanks) to the social media.

It was a very private affair turned into a circus taken advantaged of, according to observers, by some interested parties.

Like nature, humans have bred storms of their own making. Did we see them coming like what weather forcasters do in tracking the path of the forces hitting land or remain suspended somewhere?

Most of the time we don’t, throwing caution to the winds so to speak. Or we became overconfident or too trusting. Naive, maybe. Busyness sometimes take precedence over other matters. Bad luck, being conspired upon. Our list can go on and on to speculate what went wrong.

It’s when we let our guards down that our weaknesses are revealed as the saying goes, the gods also have feet of clay. But that create an inordinary interest on the embattled gods. If it can happen to them, what more with us? Or they can be harder hit than most.

Personal storms whether ours or that of a favourite celebrity get us involved in varying degrees. There are basically three ways of involvement – as spectator, as the actors and being the director.

As spectators, we can be detached or immersed depending on how invested we were. We followed the episodic developments like how we tune in to television dramas. Some make critical comments in blogs, some write articles, some tweet, some send support in various ways to which side they favour. It is a continuing interest to note the changing tide of public opinion given by spectators.

Actors are the characters involved in the larger than life joust. They give us their interpretation of what happened – the “he said, she said” we read or as circulated. The parties’ repartees maybe mediated by their representatives (families, friends, legal personages,others).

The narratives of the actors are very important to the flow of the story. Their timing and content show how credible they are(consistent, direct to the point, useful or redundantly irrelevant) and if they give away motives and intentions.

Directors are those in control, they manage the process by putting up walls and opening and closing doors. They are important in dissipating the deleterious effects of the storm. Can they be those in the judicial system because the parties resorted to them in solving their problem or conflict?

Personal storms similar to the storms in the physical world eventually dissipate like spent forces. Though both could have wrecked havoc but they offer chances for renewal and rebuilding. If nature has cycles of re growth, humans also have the ability to bounce back. From the humiliating public scrutiny of one’s private life, Hyun Joong will survive his personal storm. The crack in the dark skies, as an inspirational quote say, will let him or us see the light.

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YAHOO Asia Buzz Award 2015

Henecia & Triple S… “YAHOO Asia Buzz Award 2015” started!! Kim Hyun Joong is nominated as “Asian Idol “. Please let’s vote for him!! …Remember that VOTES are UNLIMITED! So, vote as many as you can!!! He deserves win this award, it will be his 7th consecutive victory!!! 💚
Let’s share this so that more fans know about this vote! Fighting!!!

[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG A Little Bit of the Sea

Author:  AprilStarr/

Arts:  crazy4hyun

If only the poet can come out of me
as I look at the little bit of the sea
passing by the house each day
I’d imagine hearing the sea breathing,
its tranquility disturbed by boats cruising
fishes happily showing its naughty faces
eluding the traps and rods
the birds flying, hovering minding their business
unmindful of gems carried from beneath
the ocean
the tides bring in water as it also withdraw it
the repetitious cycles I do not tire of seeing
Just a little bit of the sea is what I need
even if I cannot fathom the vastness of it all
I know we share the same sea
let it wash away our sorrows and pain
as we delight in its renewing force
its waves vibrating in energy
its sparkling waters mirroring the sun
and the moon in all their eternal glories
in a little bit of the sea

[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: Choosing His Own Adventures + LDFS April 2015 Wallpaper Calendar #neverleaveKHJ #2015KHJPhoenix

Author:  AprilStarr  Pexers Write-Ups on Facebook

We’ve been told life is a mix bag of adventures with no clear cut keys to its endings.

Education creates the paths or is a pathfinder. However, outside of that institution lays a myriad of challenges and yes, opportunities. What one does without stepping foot in it or in spite of it is another story.

It is often said it is up to the individual to choose his own road or allow others to select for him/her.Some go for the well beaten avenues, others make their own ways never mind the dust, the road imperfections,the junctures and crossroads.

Kim Hyun Joong’s choices are not for everyone. Maybe some of those choices resulted to some bad judgement and miscalculations here and there. False reading and faulty insights led to certain conclusions. But who does it right all the time anyway?

Besides, there is a private and public life -and a world of difference between the two. Where the private life intrude into the public and vice versa incongruence occurs. Expectations may not be met at least to the eyes of his public.

Life scripts are not always written the way we want them to . Because there are many characters we have to consider -their own motives and agenda besides our own. When ours and others do not coincide and endings cannot be neatly tied by nice colored ribbons trouble begins. And because he is a public figure looming larger than life, it creates not ripples but waves of disturbances.

Rewatching throwback videos makes one wonder and wish what if and if only things can be rewind back and undo what has been done. Rewriting history to travel backward and make the necessary cure and correction.

Or to have the warning like the drama Mirae’s Choice where the main protagonist encountered her future self and that self warned her of consequences of her choices at present.

Alas, our man cannot have those means. He can perhaps only look back like the rest of us, chuckle, and say ‘If I only knew then what I know now’.

Life’s adventures are not always given to us like a well written fairytale book whose endings are predictable like living happily ever after. Or slaying the bloated monsters of the kingdom and for the prize-the hand of the princess or the affection of the prince But those endings are getting to be boring after a while.

Kim Hyun Joong ‘s life saga is not written in the books. Some may wish for him to pursue his life events in its”proper sequences”. But he doesn’t, thank you very much. Is he an enigma? So many are already playing psychologists, counselors, soothsayers, faith healers, quack fortune tellers and horoscope readers in the attempt to understand him and put his ‘life in order’.

However, whatever final order in the present disorder we desire for him, it’s his life. In his own uniqueness, he choose and will continue to make his own adventures. He will find his way out and as he will will find there are more adventures to meet. The roads to take are aplenty ahead.

LDFS Calendar:

[Pexers Write-Ups] Street Tales: That Blank Space #neverleaveKHJ

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We don’t treat spaces equally. Some spaces are treated with dignity and respect.They command high prices and have good press releases. Others are not. Trash and other unmentionables are thrown in it. Or occupy it. Though it then becomes a political issue more than an economic concern.

We are in agreement if you say yes to space being symbolic of what is or what’s not important to a society. It could be spaces on the ground or what stands above it. Cyberspace offer unlimited virtual spaces.

Our senses specially the eyes have been so accustomed to focus on what’s in the spaces more than what is missing. It is called perception. Artists have discovered that certain arrangement of objects can show depth and distance.Photographers discovered that nature have a lot of it to offer.

Man-made spaces have created great cities, quaint towns, elegant and simple households. They have become iconic and landmarks. Companies and offices can show through their public spaces what they stand for, their prized possessions, their accomplishments.

One such office in Seoul show posters on their artists’ unforgettable and outstanding works. But lately an observation was made that allegedly one poster – that of Inspiring Generation is missing in its gallery. To the eyes of those sensitive to movements of any kind it indicated what they have been suspecting already happened. The beginning of an end of a relationship. One of these days. It is the Ides of March- a turning point. But for whom?

It is the case of what is no longer there.

If the rumoured parting of the ways this month (end of contract, non renewing of contract) has already began, it saddens the heart. The home is no longer a home? It was the nest that saw one artist (need I mention his name?)grew and develop his potentials. Outsiders think they saw relationships turned sour. Many had looked to ominous signs and yet wished in their heart of hearts that it isn’t so.

If parting really occurred it should be amicable and still sweet.Though it is the flowing waters under the bridge, the bridge shouldn’t be burned. The entertainment world is not that big. That blank space should no longer be there. That poster should be returned to the space it once occupied not only for old times’ sake but for the work it represented and once displayed with pride was done with the best of the best efforts.

Out of the nest in spite of the storm out there a bird will use the strength of his own wings.An empty nest means it has done its job.

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[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: The Sound of Silence

Author:  AprilStarr

Have you ever awaken to a persistent phone call ? Then you reached for your phone in half opened eyes only to hear a ‘pitch black’ vacuum of nothing?

That is one kind of an annoying silence because it disturbed you and you didn’t get anything in return.

For all you know the other party wanted to just test your alertness. Or was a wrong number call and decided to drop it when he/she realized it wasn’t you he wanted. Anyway, you can always call back and with adeptness to return the favor of nothingness.

Silence is also when people do not respond to your queries and totally ignore you. As If you do not exist at all.

Or totally chaotic noises and then suddenly no one is talking or if ever they are talking it seem to just be a recycling of everything that has been said. Though now grounded every last byte for further analysis or even meta analysis. Does this remind you of the ruckus that raised the roof on Kim Hyun Joong and the other party?

Silence is said to be deafening- negative decibels of sounds of different kinds. It is a figure of speech.But it drives home the point. We cannot tolerate silence for a long time.

Humans want to be in the know and have learned to distinguish between sounds. The human ears and other organs are fed with stimuli from its environment. We are very good in environmental sensing particularly what affects persons of interest. Or of persons we are interested in.

WE are interested in Kim Hyun Joong’s MS enlistment.We are interested in his continuing saga with his personal life and issues. We are interested in his career if there will be twists and turns post-MS. The WE includes not only the fans but also the anti-fans,the Press, the entertainment world and all the other associated interested parties.He isn’t popular for nothing.

The silence on the whatabouts of KHJ is driving some people crazy. Or most. Although it was what some of his supporters are saying -not to use media as conduit of discussion of personal affairs. So it must not have fallen on deaf ears.

Is no news good news? Hopefully it does. Will you be happy to know that the silence mean he has already entered MS? Or that he has reconciled with you know who? I have to bite my lips lest I type ‘heaven forbid’.

In the meantime enjoy the silence, smell the roses and hear the chirping of the birds.

[Pexers Write-Ups] My Love Is Leaving

Author:    AprilStarr

My love is leaving
I couldn’t even say goodbye
The rains came but didn’t
wash my tears away.
My love wouldn’t look back
If he look back
he would see me here
drowning in my sorrows
pains etched in my heart.
My love is leaving
to a faraway land
even crickets couldn’t chirp
only blades of grass are waving.
He told me not to be sad
he’s coming back
wait through the seasons coming
and going, the moon giving its wink.
Though my love is leaving
memories of moments
I know will linger to last
till he find his way back.

[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: Street Tales : Who is Deep Throat ? #‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

Tamra Judge‘s photo.

Nobody wants to be left behind in making the announcement regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s enlistment for MS end of March this year.

It must have been a race who could put out the first news. The others must have been just contented to be the echo of the others.

The articles were trying to milk the news dry and just for “good measure” added the case which had been already resolved last year. Why still continuously rub it in ad nauseam? Have they not humiliated him enough?

The news gets to be additionally coloured and flavoured with his current “personal issues” as if people will not read without mentioning them.

Now the shift of attention is on who leaked the information to the press when HJ said he wants to enter the MS quietly and his fans respected his wishes.

Who is the mystery info leaker? What is his/her purpose? The plot thickens.

Anyway,one thing is certain. Kim Hyun Joong makes the news.

 Sincere and Touching  THANK YOU!!!

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20150220 GEMINI in Makuhari 고맙다

Full Fancam:  lovejoong0606

The winter spell is broken with the blooming of the tulips. May the winter of your despair be over. Like the tulips of spring may you experience the renewed cycle of growth. There’s always pain as we grow,but we learn to overcome. Enjoy what life has to offer.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Battling the Inner Demons

Author:  AprilStarr

Physical things register on a scale. When we travel we want to keep within our limit as much as possible dreading to be told we have ‘excess baggage’. But it is easier to throw away our excess baggage or to even pay for it.

Our emotions carry weights as well but that we can’t measure but only feel that burden. We say ‘I have a heavy heart’ or ‘my shoulder feel as if am carrying the world’. Our emotions are harder to handle. No amount of sleep nor alcohol can fade them away. Perhaps just momentarily forget or blur them in our consciousness.

Many times it is not so much as having caused someone pain, but worse is having to live with guilt and regrets, and the ‘what if I had not done that ‘ litany. The feeling of disappointment with one’s self is simply overwhelming. To think what a person has gone through to be where one is now and saw it crumble is devastating. It is the battle of one’s inner demons.

A solo fight.

The battle is about all the things that went wrong. It is the difficulty of forgiving oneself. It is the burden no one can know but the person affected. It is that inward blaming.

It is easy to say to the person to forget what has happened when reminders are aplenty. There is a need to perhaps change places so that a new perspective may be gained from all that has happened. But the afflicted person needs a person to hear his view of things who isn’t judgemental, to figuratively hold his hands towards the path of healing.

Maybe one needs to write down his thoughts though they need to be processed. Did he hold himself to a certain standard or expectations? If he felt remorse that is good to correct what needs to be corrected. To not let that guilt develop into shaming and self-loathing. Worse is self-destruction.

From the way things seem to be even from afar KIm Hyun Joong is wounded. He needs to heal from all that beating. From all those thorns that tore through his heart. From all the accusations he received and quietly kept within.

He has courage to own his mistake and responsibilities. I salute him for turning to his parents for help and for his parents to show they are there for him. Always.

Though we cannot know nor feel his exact pains we all have been there one time or the other. It is part of our journey through life. We are after all human with all our imperfections. We have our weaknesses and strengths. We used different strategies to balance things up.

Time is a a good healer. So is love He need space to clear his thoughts. Someone to tell him he is a good person and for him to believe it. To love himself again.

He will have scars. It is good to have scars for it means the wound is healed. A person’s medal for his battles -battling his inner demons. Emerging the victor, he knows only he can pick himself up as he has done before.

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  • DSP Japan President Update ASKING! Emergency! Let’s send a message for him ( ) No to loneliness


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Reposting AprilStarr’s  Comments here ….

 There’s a name I came across to refer to this affliction on invasion of privacy : pathological intrusiveness.
The problem is someone is feeding info to the press.You know who that is. If she gets stressed as claimed, whose fault is that ?
If there is one putting all the blame on HJ at this point, he/she forgets one thing or just a case of selective amnesia. It takes two to tango. And the two are not children either. Two consenting adults.
Let their private lives remain private.

Btw, it’s getting tiring that there are people still going back and forth to his assault case which already went through two layers of SK Judicial system-the police and prosecution. He was fined for the one case he admitted bodily harm and apologized.
Is this system a laughing matter then to those who refuse to lay the case to rest?
Stop the madness of the court of biased public opinion. It is just spinning in a vicious cycle.

[Pexers Write-Ups] You Are Entitled To My Opinion: What’s All the Ruckus About?

Author:  AprilStarr

In the noises created by the recent media conversations between two parties, what is it about? Really.

So many joined the fray creating all the dusts up in the air. Yet majority agreed whatever is happening is something private between two individuals and by extension their families.

Then why are A LOT of people so involved ? The answer is because a lot of people have taken sides early on.

As one commentor said in a forum, who is your horse in this race? Fans of Hyun Joong may say, we have been with him for so long we know him, but not Ms A (now Choi). There is so much investment in HJ in terms of emotions, resources,time and most supporting him through thick and thin. All on the basis of what fans think they know about him. NO ONE will dispute his hardworking ways to be able to present his best to his fans. His fans were proud of his achievements as if he is a favorite family member.

How about Ms A who up to now remains anonymous to most? Her rise to most’ consciousness was through the infamous assault case. But she found allies among what many would call HJ haters but some may be legit women’s rights defenders.

HJ was able to overcome what people initially said the end of his career. For his fans defended him and supported him in his Gemini Tour. He goes home after his successful tour and most would just be waiting for some news he entered the mandatory military service. Many prepared themselves for the period of drought.

There is no period of drought yet.

The day of his setting foot in SK was greeted with the news of his impending marriage and Ms A’s pregnancy. Many reacted with disappointment,disbelief,hatred on the other party,name calling for both parties, confusion, pledges of allegiance to Hyun Joong,etc. Media had a field day exposing (it sells,too) what should have been transpiring in private. True tabloid. Why not, who’s going to pass up this opportunity? Specially if opportunity presents itself and Hyun Joong is a popular figure. If he is a relatively unknown, who will care?

In the past, this kind of stories should have been told as blind items.

Begging the question is : up to what extent should private matters be dragged into the open?

Most public persona do not want their private lives exposed. However, celebrity lives are very vulnerable to being open books that finds immediate readers. Particularly with social media that in seconds spread the news, commented upon from the mild to the bizarre.

It is very tempting to be in the know of the latest. Although at a certain point one employs the wisdom of the three monkeys-hear no evil,see no evil,speak no evil (see past article).

Understandably fans’ protective love for Hyun Joong do not want him to be placed in a tight spot as before. But some are beginning to realize they are now caught in something they have no control of. Some are beginning to treat the episodic happenings like watching a makjang kdrama that others pale in comparison. Others with a tsk,tsk,tsk remarked it is beginning to mimic a front row seat watching a fight round by round. Or blow by blow. As the parties exchanges interviews and timelines the inevitable is asked, who is telling the truth? But honestly,who cares for that, it’s their life.

Yet many are led to inquire for motivations and intentions for starting the media play shoving the pregnancy and marriage issue to public forum and subsequent revelations of text messages. What for? The presence of lawyers from a law firm as mouthpieces does not prognosticate a healthy settlement (of whatever it is they are trying to settle).

But I’m getting lost in the maze of these brickbats.

What is the commotion about again?

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[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: Make Today Yesterday

Author:  AprilStarr

If I can have a wishing well
I’ll wish for time to hurry
hours and days please go by
make today yesterday.

Someone said ‘ today
is called present’ likened
to a gift, precious
and full of surprises

This present didn’t come
out of nowhere
it was the consequences
of choices and decisions

Still, if only our present
is the one hoped for
then we don’t have to
wish ‘make today yesterday’.


[Pexers Write-Ups] Kim Hyun Joong’s Shangri-la #2015KHJGemini #2015KHJPhoenix

Author:  AprilStarr

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The Gemini concert venues should have a banner that says’Welcome to Shangri-la’. Why? KHJ’s concerts are not short of being Shangri-las where both artist and fans meet.It is a place where people are happy. Here people do not age, and where magical encounters do take place. But be warned. It is a place separate from the other world. Can you still come out of it? It is all up to you.

The possibilities are endless here. Hyun Joong shows what he can do,time and again his fans rediscovers him as he display another or many sides to him.From handshakes, high fives now to seeing his fans on their way out the door, like a very polite host. Surprising fans by going to the other floors, kissing their hands,what else would he do next?

These latest concerts and the one the fans will remember for the next years while he is in MS because it represent what he has become since he started in the solo stage. From having dancers and his numbers requiring him to dance while singing, to singing different repertoire with a band and without his usual dancers. While having a lot of people on stage is fun, it can be distracting.So the change is a welcome development for those who would like to see more of Hyun Joong.

Like the usual mystical Shangri-la of yesteryears, most of us will get to hear about Hyun Joong’s through accounts and tales of those who went and went home starry-eyed. But so what ?

However, unlike the olden times, we now get stolen shots and videos.


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[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: A Match Made In Heaven – #KHJPhoenix2015

Author:  AprilStarr

I couldn’t resist not writing about it. I’m not only seeing Kim Hyun Joong in this ongoing 2015 concert. I’m seeing him and his fans in the venue and those millions (latest estimates I heard 4 m and growing) round the world. The scenario tells me or rather reveal once again -Kim Hyun Joong would not have reached this far, with so called scandal to boot without his loyal fans.I can hear protestations that Hyun Joong deserve to be loved and followed. Yes. Definitely yes. I don’t need to enumerate what endeared him to them. His fans knew it in their heart and bones.

But he also didn’t choose his fans, his fans chose him and stayed with him through all the bumps,the rough rides and smooth sailings. But the true test comes in the rough rides. The fans’ promise ‘you’ll never be alone’ bring tears to the eyes. His and ours.

Hyun Joong realized that – as he explained the meaning of Gemini. He stressed the importance of reliance on each other through the hard times. He was forthright and honest without saying directly it was what pulled him through. It was and is the special relationship he has with his fans. If doctors have their patients,the teachers have their students, the lawyers have their clients, celebrities also have their fans.

But Hyun Joong’s relationship with his fans goes deeper than the usual attraction generated by his latest works or projects.Though they cement the bond because he shows he cares by presenting his very best efforts all hands on. He knows we expect no less from him. Even his personal dilemma is never an excuse, he rises above it. So in countless times and ways we learn from it. We are inspired from it.

HJ and fans matched by heaven.


[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: The Pictures Did Not Lie #KHJGemini2015 #KHJPhoenix2015

Author:  AprilStarr

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This time the pictures did not lie…it wasn’t meant to twist anything but show KHJ comeback was very strong, in full force and performing as if he hasn’t performed this well before.

But we learn lessons from this…we stand up after having fallen…we face what is in store for us …we don’t lose hope.

It wasn’t his professional skills that was questioned…but his personal integrity. But then his fans have spoken. They knew who to believe.Their faith never shaken and now have shown the strength of that foundation of trust.

Kim Hyun Joong is the Only One!

(fanart courtesy of Lina Perez)


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Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2015’Gemini’ Makuhari Messe event schedule. キム・ヒョンジュン追加公演開催地、幕張メッセのイベントスケジュールに!

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Tomorrow’s venue for Concert “KANAZAWA OPERA HOUSE” “: 카나자와 오페라 하우스 “

‬ [Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 Bul Sa Jo

Author:  AprilStarr

Bul Sa Jo (the korean drama used Bul Sae) is the Korean term for the immortal bird. It is also Bong Hwang a Korean pronunciation of the Chinese Feng Huang. In Japan it is the Hoho bird. depicted as slewing snakes while its wings are spread. Western mythology, on the other hand, calls this bird the Phoenix. In Russian mythology owning this bird brings good and bad fortune.

As the name implies the immortal bird never dies. It disappear in times of trouble but appear again to mark the beginning of a new period. Among the Chinese the bird symbolises high virtue and grace.

Like the Bul Sa Jo and its variants in other cultures, Kim Hyun Joong’s life and career parallel that of the bird. He show signs that his setbacks are just that- temporary. He may seem to be retreating during troubled times but he is merely gathering strength only to return full force. And yes, like this magnificent bird he is the harbinger of a new beginning.

In his poster he shows himself on fire with wings spread as if consumed with passion. The bird’s glorious color like the glowing fiery sun has been borrowed giving him the look of power for recreating and establishing himself once more.

Kim Hyun Joong is coming back, he comes back like the human form of Bul Sa Jo.

(Thanks to my sources in the internet)

Arts Credit:  Thaty Perroni/@WCFKHJ606

[Pexers Write-Ups] Bewitching Hours Over

Author:  AprilStarr

Witches and bitches
twitching on snitches
minding only what
sizzles on a pan of leeches

Eating courses of gossips
with side dishes of lies
choking, burping indigestion
needing bottles of antacid

One loses all teeth except one
Another goes bloating,
a creature goes cross-eyed
over their own invented brew

But hey, they will run out
of poisons plucked from
nowhere, soon grow
tired of their own concoctions

Thunder are a-clapping
lightning warns of striking
stale air will be gone
cooling rains are coming


Poem for the Haters?  Love  it …..  Brilliant one Miss Dean


[Pexers Write-Ups] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: Loose Ends

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.1.23

Author: AprilStarr

As in any continuing talks on and about KHJ which pundits say is very healthy he stays being talked about. It is free publicity positive or negative-thanks to the delusional haters as a cynic happily chuckled. It is reassuring people will never ran out of topics to talk about like his love life (past …present ?). Everyone has a bias and sometimes earn enemies because of it. Or becomes a “member” of camps with flags waving in the air. But wait till HJ surprises everyone (again?).

His state of wealth has often been compared with other idols,giving credence to the fact that Hallyuing brings enough moolah for them to be able to buy buildings and choice real estate properties, put up management companies and other conspicuous display of wealth, err, investments.

Awards and recognition is another battlefield where the combatants are really the fans not the artists. Dedication and efforts have been at stake here. It is living proof how invested fans are on their bias.

In a way celebrities are not celebrities in the true sense of the word (be they saintly, toxic, insane or whatever talent they acquired along the way) if there are no controversies aka scandals. The watchful eyes of media and the internet mob are forever looking for their prey. THERE ARE THOSE BETTER PREY THAN OTHERS.Their stories however convoluted and twisted sell. It is often said celebrities cannot be onion skinned because whether they like it or not must develop thick hides to survive perhaps emerged unscathed and stronger. Think of it as occupational hazard.

All the noise and the dust kicked in the air makes the entertainment industry truly entertaining. It is showbiz remember, and yet it is taken seriously by devotees. For example, in the current still raging “case” of KHJ is it really resolved as in closed with a period or just a comma or a question? People are driven up a wall with each “new” revelation like the so-called martial arts demo. What will they come up next? Somebody pleads please let someone come up with a firm ending and not speculations or “wish”.

Digging for the roots of them ‘why all of these happen to the only one’ have given birth to different conspiracy theories. It is also the mother drama of them all. Like the regular weekly, daily dramas we look forward to the next episodes. Makjangs and still yet other secrets to be revealed? Oh by the way, the ratings went up. Again. Truth is stranger than fiction as is always said.

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Fresh Start

Reposting Deanna Dsc’s message for reference …. I totally agree … Let’s move on and continue to support our ONLY ONE!!!!    (Ellen)


Since yesterday’s news came out, I’ve been besieged by fellow Henecians on my take on Hyun Joong’s “summary-indictment-case”.
So once & for all…this is what I think…some may disagree with me, but here goes:
“In a way, I feel relieved….
Frankly, this case has been dragging for way too long & so with HJ’s career!
Its opportune that he’s in Japan when the news came out!
Realistically, we’re all aware that this case will forever be mentioned whenever KHJ’s name is in the news…even 20 yrs from now…so I’m not surprised anymore! So let’s ALL just move on & support his upcoming album & concert series & think of it as a fresh start for our ONLY ONE
Ms. D

Author:  AprilS

We have to thank Deanna for giving that advice -what we all need at this time is to give HJ that much needed ‘fresh start’.It means putting behind what has happened,for it will do no one good to continuously harp on them. His pain, our pains led to all having scars -only shows what life is all about.We wear them like badges of courage.A fresh start for him and maybe ours. It means strengthening our belief in him,if ever it was shaken at all, If we saw him fall, it means we help him get up on his feet once more .It means we are giving him the loving arms to bring him to a place where he belongs.

It is now the time to dwell on the present which someone said is a ‘gift’. That ‘gift’ when opened contains new vista of inspired work, renewed vigor and revitalised performances. As he is giving us and himself that gift, we are also giving him ours – support and love that time and troubles had tested.

Let him have his fresh start -to surprise us once more!