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김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan Tour 2017 “INNER CORE” Nagoya Aichi Forest Hall – 2017/06/16


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Place is so abuzz with excitement with HJ’s music playing in the background

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We’re HERE! Aichi : Forest Hall, Nippon Shogakui City Municipal Hall ^^

HJ capsule is also HERE! ^^

  • HJ indulging fans with some dance steps today! 💕
  • He’s amused at how fans always seem to want him to take off his shirt 😂
  • Gave a twitch of his outer shirt and fans started screaming haha
  • Asked fans which song they liked from new single and someone said Stay Here.. said he didn’t prepare.. anyway sang a couple of lines 😊
  • Made some fan very happy earlier.. when shower of paper bits fell down during kiss kiss, asked fan who pointed it out to take out for him
  • HJ saying bye to fans
  • Great response from crowd and great atmosphere ! HJ looked very happy

HJ saying bye

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[ENGL] 061617 A SK fan posted a few fan accounts after Nagoya concert. It seems HJ and fans had a crazy fun night! ❤️👍🏼💚👏🏼❤️


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[From HyunJoong] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG’s Handwritten Letter with Eng Translation – 2015.05.12 + Media Photos

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  • キム・ヒョンジュンより HENECIA JAPAN

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Translation for Hyun Joong’s handwritten letter before enlistment…

Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong.
There was hardly a chance to greet (you)
and finally here comes the farewell greetings.
To be honest, I was utmost regretful all this while.
As a public figure, I couldn’t convey my thoughts,
That I have to go hiatus to reflect on my immature self,
and it was indeed a tough period spent.
I’ve also given a lot of thought on how should I convey my apologies and farewell earnestly.
To all my fans in my heart…no..
I have two feelings to convey to all my fans.
Apologies, gratitude…
Many of you have given me a lot of emotional support during the hardest time.
The never-changing trust for me more than I could take, how could I repay all these…
And to those who were angry and hurt (after the news) because of me, I don’t know how I should convey (my apologies) but I’m taking it as an heavy debt (as I enlist).

Of course it’s a fact that every men born in this piece of land (South Korea) will be enlisted into the army, but finally when it’s my turn, I’m feeling a little nervous.
I always thought that I have been working hard and living ambitiously all this while…but when the day finally comes, I’m feeling nervous…
But anyway, in the next 2 years, I believe I will venture on a whole new path.
As a man, an entertainer, a responsible public figure.
I will come back maturely.

Throughout the past 1 year, I have lived under the love and support that I have received and felt from my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I am grateful to, and fans.

I will return once after I complete my duties, as a better person, if not a perfect individual.
I promise to greet you again with smiles on the day of my return, and this ends my letter.

12th May 2015,
Kim Hyun Joong.

Eng Trans Credit: Soopaprincess · @soopaprincess

Hj’s letter 12.05.2015

Hello this is Kim Hyun Joong.
I was looking for a chance to say hello not too seriously but it became a time to say good bye. As a matter of fact, I had this burden in my heart feeling sorry to you all. I couldn’t say all the things in my heart because I am public figure. I had to be quiet. it was hard time for me blaming myself not being more thoughtful and mature. I didn’t know what to say to express my apologies and regret of leaving you. I have mixed feeling of sorry and thankful for my fans. Many people supported me in the time of difficulties. They took care of even the part that I couldn’t say, trusted me, and strengthened me. How could I pay back. And to those who were disappointed in me and hurt, I don’t know how to apologise, I am like in a great debt. Everyone in this land has to go to army but when it comes to my turn, some part of my heart is not at easy. I thought I have been living the life in my best but this night before starting my army life, I feel weakness in me. I believe next two years will be a chance for me to reborn. I will return as a far better man, a celebrity and a responsible citizen. For last one year, I felt that I was living a good life in the care from family, friends, colleagues, people I thank, and fans. When I come back after finishing my national duty, to those who gave me trust I will return as better man. I promise to see you smiling when I return. 12 May 2015
[cr: @soopaprincess]

05/12 [diary] 32nd Story – This is Kim HyunJoong

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ & REPOST WITH FULL CREDITS ONLY

Hello. This is Kim HyunJoong.
I couldn’t get an opportunity to greet (you) comfortably, and in the end had to say farewell.
The truth is, I am very sorry during this period.
Because I am a public figure, I wasn’t able to pour out my heart but to keep it under my breath, I blame myself for not being considerate enough and mature while I spent these tough times.
That’s why I am very worried how to express entirely my apologies and regrets of farewell.
In my heart, for all of you fans…No
To all of you fans, I have two mixed feelings.
Sorriness, Thankfulness…
Many of you supported me mentally during times of confusion. On the parts where I couldn’t talk about, you have prejudged and constantly believe in me, which gave me confidence. How will I ever repay you…
Also, to those who are hurt and angry because of me, I don’t know how I can apologise, I feel like I am leaving with a whole lot of debt in my arms.
Even though all the men born in this country has to serve military, now that it is my turn (to enter), deep in my heart I feel jittery. I thought I am always working hard and living so intensely… but actually the day prior (to enlistment), I felt that I am weak…
However, in the upcoming 2 years, I believe that this is an opportunity for me to reborn again.
As a man, as an entertainer, I will grow up and return as a responsible person of the society.
In the (past) one years’ time, I fully felt that…I have been living well and was protected with more caution and from a heart-warming position, by my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I’m thankful to, and fans…
After I finish my duties at the National Defense, I will return as a better person, if not the best, for all of you who believed in me more than I do. On the day when I return, I promise that I will smile and greet (you), with that I end my letter.

Kim HyunJoong

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  • “HJ enlistment, fans’ hearts that are stronger than tanks” Indeed we’re stronger than tanks!

  • Hope HJ sleeps well tonight, knowing how many people care for him & will miss him terribly while he’s away.. 😢

    Take care & stay healthy, HJ!

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  • キム・ヒョンジュンが今日(12日)午後12時10分頃、京畿道高陽市の陸軍30師団新兵教育隊に入所した。ペ・ヨンジュンと一緒に黒のレンジローバーに乗って衛兵所を通過。

  • キム・ヒョンジュン、新兵教育隊入所式(5/12)

  • 俳優 ペ・ヨンジュン、(12日、キム・ヒョンジュン新兵教育隊入所式)

  • 俳優 ペ・ヨンジュン、(12日、キム・ヒョンジュン入隊現場) 2 Actor BAE Yong joon, (12, Kim Hyun Joong joined field) 2 

  • キム・ヒョンジュン、新兵教育隊入所式(5/12) 3  Kim Hyun-Joong, recruit education admission ceremony (5/12) 3 

  • [동아포토]김현중 입대 – Bing Trans:    [Dong photo] Kim Hyun-Joong enlisted

[Photo/Voice]김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update – 2015.03.13 #‎neverleaveKHJ‬


[VOICE]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.3.11 君のために作ったよ、どう?(韓)

[Pexers Write-Ups] The Going got Tough, the Tough got Going

[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2014.12.29

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Author:  AprilS

The Unsinkable One -Unlimited and Unbreakable will hit Japan by storm again in less than a month.

Some fans may have Judged how he looked in a recent wedding photos as gloomy or even depressed. For all we know he may be just tired for all that recording for a new album and preparation for the Gemini Concert.

That is HJ’s response to his current tough situation. To go on working.To show the world he’s got the talent and perseverance. The man is in the brave world of entertainment where perils are everyday fare and where media hope they happen or even make it happen. Include with that netizens who delight in scandals -which they juice to the last pulp bits. However, it cannot be denied that celebrities are prone to risky behavior or lives in a fishbowl existence and placed in pedestals by the public.

With or without the so called scandal, HJ is in a war zone in SK. Landmines are all over the place ready to blowup to smithereens any unfortunate celebrity. There are also snipers and marauding bands looking for morsels of gossips to use as bullets against anyone.

No sacred cow here. Everything/everybody is fair game though there are ways to avoid/duck the bullets. Shall I enumerate how? Those who are in the know say money talks, money walks,money makes and moves mountains and oceans.

There are flying bits and pieces of whispers here and there but let us just say HJ is likened to a wounded soldier who becomes more courageous with each strike he receives. What had happened may have been his hardest battle so far, but it doesn’t deter him from moving on and having a life.

And so it is a life of being a musician that he chooses to pursue for now. Nothing is lost -it is his first love anyway.

Maybe he wil even produce his masterpiece -pressure and stress produce wonder you know!

김현중 Pexers’ Write -Ups

[Photo + TweetBits]KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Japan Mobile Site Update – 2014.11.07

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CNN 한국 화장품산업 인기 분석 리포트에 김현중 이름 등장 How South Korea drives Asia’s love affair with cosmetics

[KBS뉴스]한국 화장품산업 인기에는 한국드라마와 한류스타들에 대한 아시아인에 갈망이있다고 CNN은 분석했습니다 김현중을 예를 들며 중국소비자들이 한류스타들의 스타일을 그대로 따라하고 그 제품을 산다는 것입니다

KBS covered CNN report which mentioned Hyun Joong as the Hallyu star China consumers look up & buy his product…/virtual-think-tank-china-asia-cos…/


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VOTE《kpop world Most Handsome kpop idol》FB登録している方、リダに19ぽちお願いします!

[LDFS Calendar] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) LDFS Wallpaper for October 2014



Japan Mobile Site Updates

Credit:  専用Rida




[Info] Inspiring Generation DVD set 1 & 2 to be released on Dec 17,2014 + Japan IG Event on January 2015

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キム・ヒョンジュン、約4年ぶりとなる待望のドラマ主演作「感激時代~闘神の誕生」本編DVDの発売が決定! 김현중 ‘감격 시대 ~ 투신의 탄생’본편 DVD의 발매결정!

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There’ll be an Inspiring Generation event with HJ on January 10, 2015 in Japan! Limited by invitation for those who purchase IG DVD box set.

IG event will be at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall on Jan 10, 2015. Part 1 will have a handshake session & Part 2 will have a photo session w/ HJ

Inspiring Generation DVD BOX 1 & 2, Release Date: December 17, 2014




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Inspiring Generation Event on 10th January 2015 (final amended)

There will an Inspiring Generation Event on 10th January 2015 at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall (Yokohama).

Tickets come with the purchase of Inspiring Generation DVD Box set (DVD 1 + 2) which will be released on 1st October 2014 at 1000am JST, via DATV.

Each DVD cost 22,800¥ each (excluding tax + shipping fee).

DVD 1 covers Inspiring Generation’s press con. DVD 2 includes poster shooting & script reading session. Each DVD comes with 24-pages photo book and 5 bromide sets.

There is 2 separate events to be held on 10th January 2015:

1) Handshake event – starting at 1300pm JST.
2) Photograph event – starting at 1530pm JST.

When you are making your DVD purchase, you may select which event you wish to attend as entry tickets for both events are different. But you must purchase the entire set (DVD 1 + 2) to be eligible to only either of the event.

**To attend both events, you have to buy 2 SETS. **

The purchase will be on first come first served basis, until the DVDs are sold out.

P/S: The venue can hold 2,433 seats but it is not sure whether the entire hall will be opened for the event.

Good luck in getting the DVDs, tickets, handshake & photo session with Hyun Joong.


Japanese handshake related website: