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[Pexers Write-Ups] SJT’s World : The Brilliant Sun of Bangsamtong Finale

Author:  AprilStarr

If the sun had set in the previous episode, this last episode looks at the sun shining brightly, the sun is so brilliant it is almost blinding.Yet this sun is energizing, it will allow regrowth and sustenance towards a new beginning for Bangsamtong…

The warfare between Hwangbang and Bangsamtong is entering its fierce and decisive stage. Hwangbang may have its resources and connections but Bangsamtong has Shin Jung Tae. Shin Jung Tae has Mo and Jae Hwa by his side.

The long overdue win over the excesses of the Hwangbang, according to Jung Tae, is not whether one has the best fighting skills but by determination. And so Bangsamtong utilized guerilla warfare methods- ambush of opium delivery, sabotage and sowing terror through car bombing, looting of the Hwangbang bank, and using the public wall to publicize Hwangabang’s opium trade involvement. Open fighting was still there even as they were disadvantaged by not having swords nor guns.

Jung Te did not stop there and went the political route by going to the high authorities asking that the Bangsamtong community and its people be recognized as a safety zone. It was a way of protecting them in the light of imminent start of China-Japan War. He also made sure the Chinese military authorities were alerted of Seol doo Sung’s opium activities. To increase his leverage he used the Japanese military strategy document that fell into his hands (courtesy of Gaya) to encourage the Chinese General to grant his request in behalf of Bangsamtong. Not contented, the Bangsamtong rallied in front of the office of the authorities. With persistency they won their case eventually.

Seol Dong did not take Jung Te’s actions sitting down. The concerted effort to eliminate Jung Te went on without let up and also to totally exterminate his community. The latter was a costly expedition because Wang Baek San and a score of his men lost their lives. Through all these Doo Goo remained his loyal dog.

Entrapping Jung Te and his fellow fighters, Seol Dong thought he had finally going to rid himself of them when the good Chinese general came to the scene and arrested the two men of Hwang bang and the crony Chirinbang.

Finally, tied up, tortured and in prisoner rags, the three faced Jung Te. Up to the last minute, Seol Dong refused to show remorse and acknowledge his killings that Jung Te gave him a painful jab on the face. Jung Te didn’t have to soil his hands with his blood, somebody else did it and killed the old man for his past atrocities right then and there.

The fight is still not over though the IGH had suffered a blow at the hands of the Bangsamtong. Aoki and his men as a last ditch effort to prove they are still viable marched towards the Bangsamtong claiming the place to them has some strategic value. Earlier, Gaya wanted to alert Jung Te about Aoki’s plain this but was intercepted by Aoki. Aoki then realized how much Jung Te really mean to Gaya.

It was a valiant fight that unfortunately Jae Hwa had to face alone. He sent Woo Jin to call Jung Te, but the former was intercepted by two sword wielding Japanese soldiers. Gaya’s timely arrival saved her though she pretended to stab her with her short sword.

Jae Hwa was almost a goner when Jung Tae arrived. He fought Aoki who didn’t have a chance with his superior skills and he could have dealt him a fatal blow if not for Gaya who embraced Aoki. Gaya said let’s put a stop to the fighting to which Jung Te agreed to do.

After the dust of fighting finally settled, Jung Te paid his respect to his father ‘s memorial tablet at the temple. He reported to his late father he has avenged him and donned a black hat. The hat is slightly large perhaps indicating he still has room to grow as he find his mission accomplished though a larger and broader mission is waiting for him to pursue.

Like the last man standing Jung Te bids farewell to the leaving r men of substance -Jae Hwa with Woo Jin, Mo with Pyeong, and there’s Aoki.

Mo left with a wink, maybe he is returning some day after locating his family in Dandong. Aoki wants a rematch with Jung Te who responded with a smile, a handshake and “anytime”.

Gaya, perhaps could have stayed. If only Jung Te was ready to give a response to her drop hints ” I have nowhere to return to, I’m going somewhere, anywhere”. Then she handed him a letter. The letter explained what had happened to Chung Ah.

After the car Aoki and Gaya were in drove away, a young lady appeared. No, she didn’t run to him and shouted “Oppa!”. She approached him silently -we actually don’t know what their greetings was to each other after that long turbulent decade. The camera shot gave us a distant view of Jung Tae and Chung Ah. (we didn’t get see these: Gaya embraced Jung Tae; Jung Tae had an emotional reunion with his sister and a closer shot of the two)

Chung Ah, you miss all the fun!


Thank you all for reading and commenting my reviews for the 24 episodes of Inspiring Generation. It was such an exciting experience waiting for the Wednesday and Thursday of the week. Time flew by from January to first week of April, 2014.

Aren’t we glad we were around to witness the birth of the new action star Kim Hyun Joong? If Shin Jung Te has his mission accomplished and more to come, so is Hyun Joong.

As we offer him our heartfelt congratulations, I want to wish you all safe and healthy days to come. More happy viewing of KHJ’s works …THE BEST IS YET TO COME!)

#감격시대 #김현중[TweetBits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Episode 23 – 2014.04.02

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Credit:  Kenan Anderson


[감격시대] Shin Jung Tae & Ok Ryeon – Broken heart scene (Ep23)

Credit:  bosuhjvn



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Tweet Credit:

  • News on Okryeon’s death & Jung Tae’s tears tops DAUM Main Entertainment News as of 2014.04.03 01:10 KST ^^

  • the last we’ll see of JSY… ‘감격시대’ 진세연 최후! 김현중 구하고 떠났다 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • JSY saved KHJ and died ‘감격시대’ 진세연, 김현중 살리고 죽었다 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  •  JSY drank posion & died on behalf of ‘감격시대’ 진세연, 김현중 대신해 독약 마시고 죽었다 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • KSO reappeared, told the whole truth ‘감격시대’ 김성오 재등장, 김현중에게 모든 진실 알려줬다 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • DAUM Real-Time Drama Search No.1 감격시대 : 투신의 탄생 as of 2014.04.03 00:50 KST ^^








[Tweet-ReCaps] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Episode 23 – 2014.04.02

Screencaps/Captions Credit  

  • Inspiring Generation Ep 23 starts soon. And this will be the last time I will do scaps & trans. I will not do for Final Episode tomorrow.
  • Decided I will savor and enjoy the final episode tomorrow so no scapping and spoilers. Mian. Let’s just all enjoy.
  • IG ep23 starts with Jung Tae proposal to OK

  • Jung Tae says I Love You to OK then kissed her.

  • Jung Tae and OK in front of his abeoji’s memorial telling him they are getting married.

  • A celebratory drink prepared by WBS poured by SDS, he said cheers to JT but OK took the drink

  • JT and OK inside the car when OK started not feeling well

  • Jung Tae carries OK inside

  • Oh MY GOD. OMG!!!!! Nooooooooo!!! Poor Ok Ryeon!!!! OMG.
  • I’m so sad!!!

  • Ok Ryeon has given her ALL for Shin Jung Tae. Her love remains unparalleled. Such unconditional love for Jung Tae.
  • Kim Hyun Joong’s epic acting!!! Bravo!!

  • Jung Tae gone mad. Running and fighting everyone on his path.

  • Jung Jae Hwa comes back! Trying to put some sense back to Jung Tae.

  • Jae Hwa and the rest of the BST people kneeling in front of Jung Tae

  • Don’t be sad anymore Jung Tae-ya.

  • LOL sucha funny scene SDS trying to barf off poison then JT shows up. 😂😂😂

  • SJT taking back his dad’s memorial tablet

  • Jung Tae fights Wang Baek San again

  • And killed him!! Yah! Finally WBS down!

  • Jung Tae in front of OK and her mom’s memorial tablet. He asked for forgiveness from OK omma.

  • Gaya shows up and gave flowers to OK memorial

  • JT pours a drink for SDS and his friends.

  • The way Jung Tae stares at his abeonim. Omo! Look at that face. SDS scared shit the drink is poisoned. 😂

  • Jung Tae threatening talks to SDS

  • Heol! WBS ain’t dead yet? He’s got 9 lives or what?? He’s badly wounded though.
  • SDS has gone crazy outside Seolrak as JJH and SJT listen to his rage

  • Jung Tae talking to SoSo

  • Inspiring Generation 2nd to the last episode ended. No finale preview for tomorrow.



Screencaps/Captions Credit:     

  • Episode starts with JT-OR engagement

Embedded image permalink

  • SDS asked WBS to prepare ‘congratulatory wine’

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae n OR paying respect to JT’s father. JT : Father, do you remember her?

Embedded image permalink

  • JT: I’m getting engaged with her today and will live well together (something like that.. forgot exact lines…)

Embedded image permalink

  • Poison wine…

Embedded image permalink

  • SDS pouring wine into cups for JT and OR

Embedded image permalink

  • OR noticed e guy beside WBS n remembered abt e bottle WBS took from him

Embedded image permalink

  • OR grew suspicious of SDS intention

Embedded image permalink

  • SDS passsed e cups to JT n OR and urged them to drink up

Embedded image permalink

  • OR stopped JT n took his cup over n swapped with hers

Embedded image permalink

  • SDS n JT exchanged words while OR changing e cups secretly

Embedded image permalink

  • OR gave e ‘safe’ cup of wine to JT and they both drank e wine

Embedded image permalink

  • OR urged JT to quickly go since e engagement is over

Embedded image permalink

  • MIL n WP were puzzled at OR’s reaction

Embedded image permalink

  • OR feeling uneasy

Embedded image permalink

  • Heading to Bangsamtong

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae is happy and hold OR’s hand

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae’s warm smile holding OR’s hand

Embedded image permalink

  • Poison kicking in on OR

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae shocked n worried

Embedded image permalink

  • Carried OR into her room

Embedded image permalink

  • Flustered Jung Tae

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae wants to fetch Woo Jin but OR dun let him go saying it’s too late

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • OR feeling miserable n JT sit her up holding her

Embedded image permalink

  • OR to JT: From Shiniju to here, thanks for everything..

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae’s sobs here is really making one’s heart like thousands of knives stabbing it.. really painful..

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • OR died. JT sobbing uncontrollably and helplessly

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • JT heads out to HwangBang angrily

Embedded image permalink

  • JT’s men tried to stop him

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae fought his way through his men who tried to stop him

Embedded image permalink

  • MIH tried to stop JT n got a punch on e face

Embedded image permalink

  • MIH asked e men to go after JT else he will get killed

Embedded image permalink

  • JT running crazily on e streets

Embedded image permalink

  • JT remembered OR mum’s words to protect her

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • BST gang chasing after JT

Embedded image permalink

  • Banging at Seolrak’s door ‘Open the door bast**d SDS!!!’

Embedded image permalink

  • JT throwing punches at whoever tried to stop him

Embedded image permalink

  • Jjang~ Jung Jae Hwa appeared!!

Embedded image permalink

  • forgot what JJH said..

Embedded image permalink

  • Oh, JJH told JT abt how his family members got threatened n killed by SDS

Embedded image permalink

  • Listening intensely to JJH as he tells of his father’s story

Embedded image permalink

  • JJH told JT abt his dad protecting e family n BST, JT started feeling guilty of his rash act

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • Broke down crying

Embedded image permalink

  • He regrets his rash act to revenge SDS n looks regrettably at BST folks who regard him as their hope for better life

Embedded image permalink

  • BST folks watched him quietly

Embedded image permalink

  • JJH knelt down and asked JT to buck up and also think of BST folks

Embedded image permalink

  • BST folks followed JJH n knelt down to plead JT

Embedded image permalink

  • JT realised his rash acts has hurt BST folks too n knelt down n apologised to them ‘I’m sorry, I’m wrong’… TT_TT

Embedded image permalink

  • ahhhhh i cried a bucket here… TT_____TT

Embedded image permalink

  • MIH also teared…

Embedded image permalink

  • heartbreaking scene.. comparable to e scene when Poongcha died… 😦

Embedded image permalink

  • WBS told SDS that JT didn’t die and OR died instead

Embedded image permalink

  • JT asked Woo Jin to get him some poison

Embedded image permalink

  • JJH pondering when JT asked WJ for poison

Embedded image permalink

  • So-so gv JT e maps n notes OR drew up when she was still in Seolrak

Embedded image permalink

  • JT felt sad again knowing how much OR did for him during her time in Seolrak

Embedded image permalink

  • JT asked JJH to help

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • Woo Jin thinking about OR

Embedded image permalink

  • Woo Jin said something about OR (forgot) and started tearing

Embedded image permalink

  • JJH holding WJ hand to comfort her

Embedded image permalink

  • Dokku.. getting irritating i dun even feel like listening to what he said…

Embedded image permalink

  • Seolrak kitchen staff died of poisoning and SDS worried abt e drink he took earlier if it’s poisoned too..

Embedded image permalink

  • SDS asked Dokku to clean out his gastric

Embedded image permalink

  • serve you right!! evil man!!

Embedded image permalink

  • Jung Tae appeared with OR’s tablet at Seolrak

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

  • JT said he will slowly slowly slowly kill SDS… ho

Embedded image permalink

  • JT watched as SDS walked away weakly

Embedded image permalink

[TweetBits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Updates – 2014.02.21

Fancam Credit:  KingHyunjoong

En Trans  Credit:
At 1:34 Kim Hyun Joong said ” I can’t smell any. I might get used to the smell.”
Acc2 @pink_floccus something stunk badly around the film site that day.


Tweets Credit: 

  • Ep 13 seem to be one intense episode for viewers! Romantic scenes for JT & OR, and Dokku appeared again >.<
  • [Trans] Inspiring Generation Ep 13 text preview:

    Jung Tae resist the attack by the Japanese, Wang Baek San who witnessed the fight was astonished by Jung Tae’s strength. During this time in Shanghai Club, Gaya draw her twin swords at Jung Jae Hwa, revealing that she is the killer of Shanghai Eagle. Jung Tae who was receiving treatment wrote a letter to Ok Ryeon, delivering his intention that he will not leave her again. After confirming each other’s feelings, they had a date and spent good times together. Then, Dokku get close to Jung Tae and told him the killer who killed Shanghai Eagle is none other than Gaya….

    Trans by kelemama




Inspiring Generation Episode 11 – Playful Noonas’ Favorite Scenes


Age of Feeling: Episode 11 Recaps


#김현중감격시대 [Tweet Updates] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Episode 12 – 2014.02.20

Uploaded by: dm_5274ede08ddcd


Snippets by khjperfect_IG


Download Links: 

Tweets Credit: 

  • Jung Jae Hwa got his men to bring Shin Young Cheol’s body to the lodge where Ok Ryeon stays

    Jung Tae thought about So-So’s words and decided to change out of the clothing n head back to Bang Sam Tong

  • So-So waiting outside the room for Jung Tae to go back to BST together

  • Wang Baek San stopping Gaya to see Shin Young Cheol’s body

  • Woo Jin checking on SYC’s injuries n discovered other than e cut tat caused his death, there’s another set of injury

  • Jae Hwa wants to bring Jung Tae back to BST

  • Watching Jae Hwa and his gang outside streets of BST

  • Jae Hwa talking to folks on BST

  • Jung Tae (seemingly doubting on Jae Hwa’s words?? haha i can’t really describe his feeling)

  • Shinichi! Finally on screen again, with new haircut too.

  • Woo Jin told Jae Hwa abt her findings on SYC’s injuries.

  • Exchanging bows to people who came to pay respect to his dad

  • Listening intensely to So-So’s words on his dad

  • So-So told Jung Tae about things happened to BST and his dad

  • So-So’s words seem to have given Jung Tae insights to his dad’s life

  • Jung Tae paying last respect to his father

  • ‘I no longer hate you, forget abt everything n leave peacefully. Forget all sadness n pain, leave with good memories’

  • ‘(Your) son and daughter have never once forgotten about you, we missed you a lot and we love you’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Jung Tae knelt down and paid respect to his father

  • Heartaching sobs

Tweets Credit: 

  • Aigoo my alarm didn’t go off! Almost didn’t make it for Inspiring Generation Ep 12!! Anyway here we go…

  • Am not late right? It started with the scene of SJT & So-So in the dressing room?

  • I wasn’t too late for this! Good morning to me abs.nn(Ms K …. you had me laughing there… but I agree … you’re just in time for the beefy part ….)
  • SJT took the formal white shirt off and donned his old clothes back on.

  • SJT meets Jae Hwa and Doo Sung

  • SJT shy smile

  • He looks on as Jae Hwa takes the podium to address the people in Bang Samtong

  • So-So sees him in the crowd.

  • Soo Wun reports her findings on SJT’s abeoji’s autopsy to Jae Hwa

  • SJT in traditional mourning clothes

  • He was so surprised as young kids start touching his hand

  • KHJ looks good wearing ANYTHING ~ no pun to the dead intended

  • SJT saying his last words to his abeoji.

  • OMG I’m crying!!! SJT is crying while saying his last words. My heart breaks for him.

  • Bravo HJ! Can see his tears slowly trekking down as talked to his abeoji

  • His pained expression. Full of heartaches and regrets.

  • Awww he was with Ok Ryeon as they spread his dad’s ashes

  • Nice bonding albeit sad moment between SJT & Ok Ryeon

  • Felt bad for Ok Ryeon as she remembered her dead mother

  • The previous love birds strolling.

  • Eeee the way SJT looks at Ok Ryeon

  • They hid from the invaders..French? Officers?

  • SJT got so angry as he watched the people getting beat up

  • Ok Ryeon stopped SJT from fighting back for the people

  • An angry SJT can’t do anything but watch

  • Whaaaaa SJT held Ok Ryeon’s hand and asked if she was ok

  • Kinda sad…Ok Ryeon pushed his hand away. You stupid girl or what? That’s Shin Jung Tae! 😂😂😂

  • SJT says he’s sorry to Ok Ryeon. Seems like that’s pretty much what he can do right now.

  • He overheard what Ok Ryeon said?

  • SJT gets attacked while he was fetching water

  • Dammit SJT is wounded again!

  • Inspiring Generation Ep 12 ends. No preview.



Tweets Credit: 

  • ‘Inspiring Generation’, the concerns about the change of writer appeared to be groundless.. Becomes more interesting

  • KimHyunJoong’s sweet confession “I’ve never forgotten about u even once,” melt women’s hearts~

  • It’s now a waste of time to worry abt KHJ’s crying acting he always does crying scene so well!

  • ‘Inspiring Generation’ released 2 OSTs today, “Good Day to Die” by J2M and “Way” by Rhosy (the song we’ve heard in IG previews)

Tweets Credit: 

[Filming Updates] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION – 2014.02.15

Photos Credit:

Photos Credit:  //

  • 20140215 HJ finished filming IG He’s so cute

Photos Credit: 





Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation – Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)




Age of Feeling: Episode 9 by HeadsNo2

[English Subbed] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Episodes 9 & 10 – 2014.02.12 & 13



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[HD] Full Video Tudou

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Inspiring Generation 010 (ekao / 720p); Inspiring Generation 010 (MARS / 450p); Inspiring Generation 010 (WITH / 720p); Inspiring Generation 010 (HANrel); Inspiring Generation 010 (HANrel / 720p);

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[Torrent] Download link “Inspiring Generation” Ep10


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Inspiring Generation 009 (ekao / 720p);
Inspiring Generation 009 (WITH / 720p);
Inspiring Generation 009 (HANrel); & (HANrel / 720p);

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[Torrent] Download link “Inspiring Generation” Ep09



Credit  Eunji ‏@ADS_Eunji  (Subtitles for IG Ep 01-10) 

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EPISODE 9     EPISODE 9&10(Drama Discussion)