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[Concert Review] Good times: Hyun Joong comes back to Bangkok


Hyun Joong comes back to Bangkok

By Suwitcha Chaiyong
Photos courtesy of T-Group Holding

Hyun Joong has been nominated world’s best male artist for this year’s World Music Awards.

It had been two years since gorgeous K-pop star Kim Hyun Joong visited the Land of Smiles when he returned to perform at Thunder Dome on August 24. The 28-year-old singer, who recently released his album Timing, was in Bangkok as part of his 2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour.

The two hour concert was a great showcase of Hyun Joong’s versatile abilities. The singer started the concert energetically, looking splendid in a black outfit as he performed the catchy electro dance songs “Let Me Go,” “Unbreakable” and “Break Down.”


Hyun Joong’s Thai Henecia fan club responded to first three fun songs wildly. Hyun Joong said that his Thai fans screamed louder than anybody else. The singer revealed that he wasn’t morning person, but said that he was very energetic in the evening. Since the concert was held in the evening, he promised to be very active.


Throughout the concert, Hyun Joong moved his nice body beautifully. He also satisfied his fans with fine singing and breathtaking choreography. The star sang impressively on the emotional ballad “When Today Passes,” which was recorded for the soundtrack of Hyun Joong’s latest action drama TV series, Inspiring Generation.


At one point during the concert, Hyun Joong said that he was looking for the most beautiful Thai girl there to join him onstage. The lucky girl turned out to be a 6-year-old kid, who was about to start crying while the star sang “I’m Your Man.” The girl’s mother came to sit with her, and Hyun Joong joked that he didn’t expect to sing for two women onstage.


Hyun Joong entertained his fans with 23 songs, and Henecia obviously enjoyed the show. They enthusiastically sang and boogied along to the dance songs, and listened quietly to the ballads. During the song “Lucky Guy,” everybody clapped and sang along loudly. The fans became frantic when Hyun Joong sang “Please” and took his T-shirt off. The singer teased his fans about particularly liking that song a lot.


During the encore, Hyun Joong moved closer to his fans while singing “Your Story,” “Please” and “Do You Like That.” The fans were flattered to hear the singer say that he would bring their affection home with him, and that he would never forget their warm hearts.

[Pexers Write-Ups] SJT’s World : The Brilliant Sun of Bangsamtong Finale

Author:  AprilStarr

If the sun had set in the previous episode, this last episode looks at the sun shining brightly, the sun is so brilliant it is almost blinding.Yet this sun is energizing, it will allow regrowth and sustenance towards a new beginning for Bangsamtong…

The warfare between Hwangbang and Bangsamtong is entering its fierce and decisive stage. Hwangbang may have its resources and connections but Bangsamtong has Shin Jung Tae. Shin Jung Tae has Mo and Jae Hwa by his side.

The long overdue win over the excesses of the Hwangbang, according to Jung Tae, is not whether one has the best fighting skills but by determination. And so Bangsamtong utilized guerilla warfare methods- ambush of opium delivery, sabotage and sowing terror through car bombing, looting of the Hwangbang bank, and using the public wall to publicize Hwangabang’s opium trade involvement. Open fighting was still there even as they were disadvantaged by not having swords nor guns.

Jung Te did not stop there and went the political route by going to the high authorities asking that the Bangsamtong community and its people be recognized as a safety zone. It was a way of protecting them in the light of imminent start of China-Japan War. He also made sure the Chinese military authorities were alerted of Seol doo Sung’s opium activities. To increase his leverage he used the Japanese military strategy document that fell into his hands (courtesy of Gaya) to encourage the Chinese General to grant his request in behalf of Bangsamtong. Not contented, the Bangsamtong rallied in front of the office of the authorities. With persistency they won their case eventually.

Seol Dong did not take Jung Te’s actions sitting down. The concerted effort to eliminate Jung Te went on without let up and also to totally exterminate his community. The latter was a costly expedition because Wang Baek San and a score of his men lost their lives. Through all these Doo Goo remained his loyal dog.

Entrapping Jung Te and his fellow fighters, Seol Dong thought he had finally going to rid himself of them when the good Chinese general came to the scene and arrested the two men of Hwang bang and the crony Chirinbang.

Finally, tied up, tortured and in prisoner rags, the three faced Jung Te. Up to the last minute, Seol Dong refused to show remorse and acknowledge his killings that Jung Te gave him a painful jab on the face. Jung Te didn’t have to soil his hands with his blood, somebody else did it and killed the old man for his past atrocities right then and there.

The fight is still not over though the IGH had suffered a blow at the hands of the Bangsamtong. Aoki and his men as a last ditch effort to prove they are still viable marched towards the Bangsamtong claiming the place to them has some strategic value. Earlier, Gaya wanted to alert Jung Te about Aoki’s plain this but was intercepted by Aoki. Aoki then realized how much Jung Te really mean to Gaya.

It was a valiant fight that unfortunately Jae Hwa had to face alone. He sent Woo Jin to call Jung Te, but the former was intercepted by two sword wielding Japanese soldiers. Gaya’s timely arrival saved her though she pretended to stab her with her short sword.

Jae Hwa was almost a goner when Jung Tae arrived. He fought Aoki who didn’t have a chance with his superior skills and he could have dealt him a fatal blow if not for Gaya who embraced Aoki. Gaya said let’s put a stop to the fighting to which Jung Te agreed to do.

After the dust of fighting finally settled, Jung Te paid his respect to his father ‘s memorial tablet at the temple. He reported to his late father he has avenged him and donned a black hat. The hat is slightly large perhaps indicating he still has room to grow as he find his mission accomplished though a larger and broader mission is waiting for him to pursue.

Like the last man standing Jung Te bids farewell to the leaving r men of substance -Jae Hwa with Woo Jin, Mo with Pyeong, and there’s Aoki.

Mo left with a wink, maybe he is returning some day after locating his family in Dandong. Aoki wants a rematch with Jung Te who responded with a smile, a handshake and “anytime”.

Gaya, perhaps could have stayed. If only Jung Te was ready to give a response to her drop hints ” I have nowhere to return to, I’m going somewhere, anywhere”. Then she handed him a letter. The letter explained what had happened to Chung Ah.

After the car Aoki and Gaya were in drove away, a young lady appeared. No, she didn’t run to him and shouted “Oppa!”. She approached him silently -we actually don’t know what their greetings was to each other after that long turbulent decade. The camera shot gave us a distant view of Jung Tae and Chung Ah. (we didn’t get see these: Gaya embraced Jung Tae; Jung Tae had an emotional reunion with his sister and a closer shot of the two)

Chung Ah, you miss all the fun!


Thank you all for reading and commenting my reviews for the 24 episodes of Inspiring Generation. It was such an exciting experience waiting for the Wednesday and Thursday of the week. Time flew by from January to first week of April, 2014.

Aren’t we glad we were around to witness the birth of the new action star Kim Hyun Joong? If Shin Jung Te has his mission accomplished and more to come, so is Hyun Joong.

As we offer him our heartfelt congratulations, I want to wish you all safe and healthy days to come. More happy viewing of KHJ’s works …THE BEST IS YET TO COME!)

“Can one man break or make a hit drama”

“Can one man break or make a drama succeed” By Jackie Kim ❤

As a fan of Kim Hyun Joong since he debut in 2005, I’ve been enchanted by his unique personality and his beautiful smile. I love him from the moment I saw him in the Korean TV show X-man and of course the leader of my favorite K-pop group SS501. As many of you guys who know me through You Tube and Facebook and here, Kim Hyun Joong is my bias.

I have seen him grow up from a young boy into a strong man with all the charms, good looks, talents, and his golden heart which I love most. Even back as part of SS501 he fit the roll as leader, of course I love all the members of SS501 and they will always be my forever favorite K-pop group.

As a solo artist, Kim Hyun Joong has proven he can make it big on his own two feet and sell out concerts and albums. It has not been an easy road though. He had to work and fight his way to the top but he always knew that his fans love and support him throughout his career. Kim Hyun Joong also adore his fans and is very grateful towards his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong has also made an impact in acting rings from short drama like “Can Love be refilled” to the big hit reality show “We got Married” which really show his 4D personality to the max. And his breakout hit drama, Boys over Flowers; a big hit in South Korea, playing the perfect prince charming roll that most ladies would fall in love with. (Like me) 🙂 He also started in Playful kiss which didn’t do well on Korean TV but was a hit on line. Kim Hyun Joong show a different side to his acting.

His next acting roll was the lead actor in the action drama “City Conquest” but of course we all know how that unfolded. This January 2014, Kim Hyun Joong is in the lead roll in the Korean drama, “Inspiring Generation” or to me in Korean its Generation of Dreams, lol never mind the title I’ll just go by “Inspiring Generation” This is an action pack drama with a twist of romance. Kim Hyun Joong has the lead roll playing Shin Jung Tae, a street fighter who love his only sister and would do whatever it take to protect her and the people he loves.

This drama has 24 Ep and we are half way point. What do you guys think so far of the story, actors, and our only one Kim Hyun Joong? Can one man break or make a hit drama? Hmm a tough question right? My answer is yes and no keekee And this is why I think so, only my own opinion.

I get to watch all the Korean drama so yes I can tell if a drama will be a hit or not. Even with top idols or stars, it won’t automatically be a big hit. It need more then top stars, actors, and or idols. It need a good story that people can relate care about or something that can tug on your heartstrings and emotion. Good writing team and good director/ producer are important too. And of course good acting from the actors itself.

Inspiring Generation with Kim Hyun Joong as the lead actor fit the story well. He’s working with great co stars. The lead actress is good, I’ve seen her in other dramas and she can hold her own ground. She maybe just 19 but a talented actress indeed (Jin Se Yeon) From Ep 1 this drama grab me by the powerful acting talents of the kids to the scenery story the actors and Kim Hyun Joong kicking butt. I haven’t seen him as an action hero so this drama is very different refreshing and dark.

Without Kim Hyun Joong as the lead roll in this drama, no I probably wouldn’t be watching this drama. I have very short attention spend, so a drama need to make me care and grab me within the first two Ep. Kim Hyun Joong fighting scene just make you hold your breath and his ability to act in the saddest moment to his soft voice to his looks is all fit the drama. I am impress by his acting. It has grown and gotten better. You can feel his pain when he lost his sister and father. You can see what he see when he fights. You can feel his love and conflict. Of course he has great cast to help him. But this drama isn’t perfect. I was not happy when they kill off main characters which I thought would add more to the drama and the five year gap, I wasn’t thrill about but at least they are bringing back Mo ll Hwa play by Song Jae Rim. I felt the story needed to fill in some blanks that was missing and the return of Mo I think will help a lot and the story too.

In my final thoughts, Kim Hyun Joong totally rock as an action hero. He live up to the hipped of this drama and I’m looking forward to all the twist and turns of this drama. Who are really the bad guys or girls and will Shin Jung Tae ever find his beloved sister and find who really kill his father and find true love and with who? Keep watching everyone and always support our one and only Kim Hyun Joong! ღ •˚ ˚ ˚★

[TweetBits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Updates – 2014.02.21

Fancam Credit:  KingHyunjoong

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At 1:34 Kim Hyun Joong said ” I can’t smell any. I might get used to the smell.”
Acc2 @pink_floccus something stunk badly around the film site that day.


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  • Ep 13 seem to be one intense episode for viewers! Romantic scenes for JT & OR, and Dokku appeared again >.<
  • [Trans] Inspiring Generation Ep 13 text preview:

    Jung Tae resist the attack by the Japanese, Wang Baek San who witnessed the fight was astonished by Jung Tae’s strength. During this time in Shanghai Club, Gaya draw her twin swords at Jung Jae Hwa, revealing that she is the killer of Shanghai Eagle. Jung Tae who was receiving treatment wrote a letter to Ok Ryeon, delivering his intention that he will not leave her again. After confirming each other’s feelings, they had a date and spent good times together. Then, Dokku get close to Jung Tae and told him the killer who killed Shanghai Eagle is none other than Gaya….

    Trans by kelemama




Inspiring Generation Episode 11 – Playful Noonas’ Favorite Scenes


Age of Feeling: Episode 11 Recaps


[Filming Updates] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION – 2014.02.15

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  • 20140215 HJ finished filming IG He’s so cute

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Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation – Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)




Age of Feeling: Episode 9 by HeadsNo2

[English Subbed] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Episodes 9 & 10 – 2014.02.12 & 13



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[Torrent] Download link “Inspiring Generation” Ep10


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EPISODE 9     EPISODE 9&10(Drama Discussion)


[Pexers Write-Ups] Shin Jung Tae’s World:The Inciting Events of episode 7

Author: AprilStarr

Shin Jung Tae’s World:The Inciting Events of episode 7

Jung Tae survived an ambush. He defeated a group of armed men though he himself, as usual, only had his fists. He noticed the two trucks and their plate number momentarily blinding him with their lights inside the warehouse.

He staggered towards their meeting place, bloodied and weak.He knew she would still be there waiting;Ok Ryeon knew he would come no matter how late.

He fell on the ground mumbling something,OK Ryeon loudly sobbed asking for help.It was like a scene from tragic plays where the protagonists finally meet but the hero is dying and the heroine cries helplessly.

But OK Ryeon is not helpless as she proceeded to clean and treat JT’s wounds. Even without uttering a word, her face says ‘when will you stop?’ To which JT responds amidst his pained moans , ‘I’m sorry’. He grasps her hand as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek as if it can brush away all his sufferings. Jung Tae’s hands reached up to touch her cheek and pulled her for a passionate kiss on the lips. Ok Ryeon did not pull away. She returned his kiss with hers.

Perhaps that was what Jung Tae needed to restore his vitals and fell asleep. A man’s subconscious gives him away in his sleep as he said, ‘I’m sorry, Gaya’. OK Ryeon’s face turned dark, she had to see Gaya.

OR straight forwardly told Gaya to stop hurting JT to which the latter shot back she doesn’t have an idea what she is talking about. She later figured out and accosted Shinichi about it.

The Dobi gang bosses heard about the incident. Poong Cha went to confront the Bool Gom boss about it. The accusation and the defeat in the hands of Poong Cha was too much to bear. Do Gyoo was summoned and beaten up.He was later dragged and made to kneel in front of the Dobi gang. But JT knew there was somebody else who wanted him finished for good.

Everything that happened in the three days was exhausting for Ok Ryeon. Her mother who couldn’t help noticing her flagging spirits had to talk to JT about not making her daughter suffer like she did. Soo Ok’s unannounced visit and their eating out lifted Ok Ryeon’s spirits somehow.

Do Gyoo couldn’t anymore handle his embarassment to Shinichi for failing to deliver JT to him and most of all his lost of face to the Dobi gang. He planned to kill his boss, which did not only succeed but he learned about his past from the dying man.His miserable conditions only made his resolve to get even with his tormentors.

Perhaps Ok Ryeon’s question regarding JT’s debt made Gaya do a sentimental visit to her old home. She reminisced her kiss from JT when they were young and her dad’s gift of a wooden horse he made himself.

The Japanese are tightening the noose around the smuggler’s neck by choking the points and train carriers. These has caused alarm in some of the men in the Dobi gang. JT correctly concluded they or least Shinichi want him. His meeting with him proved he is no match to his fighting skills. Yet Shinichi gave a promise that if he loses he will disobey the order to destroy the Dobi gang. JT, on the other hand,wanted Shinichi to let Gaya go if he wins.

Jung Tae lost no time to let Bong Shik know he could be the sacrificial lamb to the Japanese which the latter said no. Then JT bargained with – let him learn how to fight them even with their own weapons.


So far JT knew only how to fight relying on his guts and own home made skills. His bravery may shortchange him in the long run for he has to learn how to strategize -run if he can when outnumbered, pick up a weapon when necessary.

His plan to fight better with someone wielding a sword when he faces Shinichi again is predictive of what will happen next. For what, you ask? For the Dobi gang, for Gaya or for his very life and future?

We now have in our radar the love stories pivotal to our characters’ development -JT with OR, SO with OR, JT and Gaya. How about Shinichi and Gaya? Which one will flourish?

The Japanese moves to intensify crackdown on smuggling and the smugglers is a development pivotal to what we will see in the next episodes.Its repercussions can turn violent if either parties do not give in.

It is now a matter of discussion if JT is unfair to OR or not given his circumstances. Or if it is alright for OR to entertain SO’s advances into her heart.

In the meantime, let us not forget what is in the dark heart of Doo Gyoo the Desperado, can and will do. We have many Doo Gyoos in our society today. Unfortunately, their tragedies become ours, too.

Episode 7 unfolded before our eyes the inciting events of the drama. They will lead our characters to face what lay ahead, their major battles in the turbulent era.