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[Article]The Last Saturday of April


By: AprilStarr

Finally it happened after months preparation the journey of self assigned representatives of Henecia Philippines 🇵🇭 to the Fanmeet was long and almost torturous route. IiHe Even before setting foot on the tiles of Inchon airport, there were all sorts of suspenseful turns from obtaining airline ticket, passport, visa, arrangement for accomodation, itinerary, and others. We had a thousand meetings, texted each other, burned the messenger pages, endless bank and credit card transactions thanks to Liz, Nadz,Tita Penny and of course our South Korean connections. I did not even mention that Metro Manila was a busy hive due to the ASEAN leaders’ meet the last week of April. They were coming in and we were going out.

Seoul was what tourists expected it to be that night we arrived. Colourful lights from giant LED screens showing celebrity endorsed commercials competed with brightly lit business signs. Buses and cars were still on the road though lessened in numbers, the number of urbanites had dwindled down except the night shoppers.It was a good hour long trip from the airport to our temporary home. We discussed what will happen the next day, the highlight of the trip. From the looks of it our schedule for the next seven days was tight. We didn’t expect it to be unforgettable.

That last Saturday of April started for us with a Lotte Entertainment World visit followed by a sumptuous meal. We feared we will be tired for the Fanmeet but the mind and heart prevailed for the man we wanted to meet. We were greeted by the sight of fans already in line ready to enter the venue. An almost spontaneous reunion happened seeing old friends -veterans of past fanmeets and concerts. It was also the right time to meet new friends or comrade in arms for Hyun Joong. That spring night was more than cool but the anticipation of the fans somehow upped the temperature. Fever pitch that couldn’t be helped after all the waiting, never mind the stress from the cases, the recent twist of the driving incident, but it was more the excitement seeing him again after four years.

Fans couldn’t go wrong in locating the venue as KHJ giant posters were all over the glass walls and doors. For the FM, fans exchanged KHJ souvenir giveaways, maybe more will come from the organisation of fans who also sent rice wreaths to the venue earlier. A standard of congratulatory gesture to the celebrity but with social intentions to benefit the less fortunate such as orphaned children.

The seats were assigned according to the ticket purchased. It was a little bit complicated for the overseas fans who had to rely on some generous souls to intercede in their behalf. At the venue it was at least organised, and fans were seated soon enough. The distribution of seats I heard were lotteried, otherwise how to explain the best seats taken. Although the venue was not completely full, the overall numbers of about 4,000 fans was impressive enough.

The lights dimmed at the venue signalling the start of the show already fifteen minutes late. Slight commotion emerged from the audience seated below the stage perhaps thinking KHJ will enter through the back. The stage backdrop was simple and the band physically played. Down at the audience level one finds 4 tables where his technical support people manned computers and many more behind the curtains. Outside and inside the venue bodyguards and guards were all over the place. One realisation was that this Facemeet now almost a concert, involved people and money, time and lots of preparations. Two giant screens,one in the left and the other on the right of the stage enlarged HJ stage presence.

The stage came alive with his band playing and after few minutes KHJ came out singing immediately. He wore an all black attire, while subdued lights serving as his background reflected on his face. Were perspiration the ones glistening on his face or tears ? The lack of bright colors at the beginning of the Fanmeet conveyed his mood in the opening numbers- serious and pensive.

He sang his first four songs with all his might, veins radiating almost ready to pop out on his neck, body slightly swaying, open palms releasing his energy in belting it all out. His audience responded with swaying of green sticks and clapping. He finally spoke, clear and direct to his point that almost everyone expected. After explaining the meaning of Anemone as ” I love you forever” he went on to say ‘it was better to go on with the Fanmeet and thank you (The fans) now than some other time later. He didn’t go into specifics as he must have assumed his fans knew about them anyway. A slice of his army life he shared while he addressed his weaknesses and frailties, and thanking everyone for understanding and standing by him in spite of them all.He promised to do better reflecting and doing good deeds.

After his talk he ventured into songs again, this time his songs were lighter, faster, happier. He dressed in white to match the change in his mood. If he “died” in the past in what had happened to him, he is now “resurrected”, revived and alive again. Seeing his fans at the Fanmeet gave him hope. That hope was intensified with the presence of his family and friends, including his SS501 members Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. He joked several times displaying his famous smiles and eyes narrowing in glee. His love for dance music, his body language gave him away : he was 🕺 dancing slightly through the songs that made him known and well loved. He looked like repressing it, the audience missing his dancing, thought he would just give in.

He paused and we thought there will be intermission but he returned strumming his guitar for a full number. After which he goes down from the stage to his audience. The audience broke into screams as he weaved into the audience still singing, at one time almost tripping while doing so. He returns only to go back again to another section of the audience at the sides and shook hands with two of our Henecia Philippines members who were mobility challenged. In his third time mingling with the audience he went to another side only to be met with surging fans prompting his body guards to lead him back to stage.

Three boxes were also laid on the stage containing questions/comments from Chinese, Japanese and Korean fans. He dipped his hands into them to get the questions but he said most were saying ‘fighting’. If they would have scolded him as he earlier said ‘gentle criticism’, he would have welcomed them. One question taken out asked for his next project, for which he replied not in
Korea, not for awhile but in Japan. Very sad indeed for a country he defended with his life, the cases he didn’t cause, and driving incident many commit he would be 🙅‍♂️ rejected.

He sang a total of 15 songs: Please,Your Story,Let Me be the One,Gentlemen,Gentlemen,Beauty, White Hole, Thank you,Lucky Guy,I’m Your Man,Unbreakable,Do You Like That,Nothing On You, Imademo,What I Wanted to Say and Save Today. The list is like his thoughts on what had happened to him and what he wants to happen. Was it a case of prognostication?

As the Fanmeet pressed through the night, the fans danced to his songs while other kinds of light sticks were waved about. The atmosphere was further ignited with explosions of colors of stage lighting effects. As usual the fans chanted out his name in unison.

As all good things must come to an end, the Fanmeet dwindled down to its final number. Some of the fans started leaving the venue while a greater number stayed for the handshake. Outside, what most people didn’t know that five lucky persons ( Tita Penny, Nadz, Jeng, Liz and Jackie Kim) would be able to get their picture taken with no less than KHJ. KHJ himself asked “picture, picture?” Would you have turned that down?

Some of us lingered around in the lobby, where we saw KHJ’s family : his mother and father, his hyung, young son and wife. What a delightful bonus of the night.Earlier, we saw his friends who were easily recognisable in the crowd – Jun Sang, Lucas among others.

Some fans took with them some of the smaller KHJ posters outside the venue.Others wrote down on the white paper 📝 pinned on the wall their sentiments and comments on that memorable night. A memorable night that perhaps will signal the beginning of a new era in the life of this entertainer.

Still on cloud nine the Philippine Henecians rode on the van back to their residence bubbling about the Fanmeet. Do you think they easily fell asleep that night?

What they didn’t know was they were going to meet in person in the days to follow: Shin Dong Ho of Ukiss and Jun Sang of Jaksal, HJ’s long time and close friend.

Go to YouTube to watch KHJ videos in his Anemone 2017 FM

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Pay attention at mark 1:46 on Part 14, we can see Hyun Joong Shook Hands with Tita Penny and Jackie Kim and recieved gifts from Jackie’s Mom and Aunt.

[Photos/Videos -2] Welcome Back Kim Hyun Joong ! – 2017.02.11

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[Info Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting “Anemone”

KHJ FM: 4/29 7PM Olympic Park Hall W99,000 Gifts/Handshakes after FM included Ticket open @ 3/13 8PM


Kim Hyun Joong Wants to Start The Second Half Of His Life After Discharge From Military


Kim Hyun Joong is officially back!

On February 11, Kim Hyun Joong officially discharged from his military obligations.

As soon as he was discharged, the singer had a short interview with the media. He expressed his honest thoughts and expectations after 21 months of serving in the army, saying: “I felt the feeling of starting the second half of my life.”

Furthermore, the heartthrob shared about what he had learned during his time in the army and hoped that fans would continue supporting him in the future.

He said: “I am still worried and fearful. However, I have been thinking a lot during the time serving the mandatory service. I hope that all of you will still trust and watch me more.”

He added: “I have gotten a lot of courage in the 21-month period. I want to thank the instructors, the officials and all of my fans.”

Over 1,500 fans from Korea, China, and Japan gathered to welcome their idol after a long hiatus.

[News]Kim Hyun Joong writes letter to fans: ‘How are you?’

K-pop star and actor Kim Hyun Joong has released a video and a letter addressed to his fans ahead of his discharge from the Korean army.

Kim Hyun Joong. (Screenshot from his 'White hole' video on YouTube) /

He enlisted in the army on May 12, 2015 amid legal conflict with his former girlfriend.

Kim Hyun Joong, who rose to fame as leader of K-pop boy band SS501, is set to finish his 21-month military service as an active-duty soldier and will be discharged on Feb. 11 from the Korean Army’s 30th Division in Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do Province.

In his letter, which is also translated to Japanese, Chinese and English, Kim Hyun Joong said to fans, “Hi. Long time no see. How are you?”

“I have been wondering what to say. After a few days of pondering, I say hello while overcoming those long and harsh days. I realised how vulnerable I am,” he wrote.

Kim Hyun Joong will be discharged on February 11. (Photos courtesy of his official website) /

He added, “Thanks to my family & friends whom I can rely on, I could hold out and felt thankful to my life. So, I just wanted to ask if you are good. How are you? I’d like to talk about telling stories with you face to face. Thanks everyone.”

A video titled “White hole” has also been uploaded that shows him writing “Henecia,” his fan club’s name, in the sand.

Besides singing, Kim Hyun Joong also starred in dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers,” “Playful Kiss” and “Inspiring Generation.”

KeyEast Entertainment, the star’s agency, has not announced any comeback project for Kim Hyun Joong.

[Updates] Ex-GF Charged in Bitter Feud with KIM HYUN JOONG 2017.0120

Ex-Girlfriend Charged in Bitter Feud with Kim Hyun-joong

Source Credit:

Prosecutors have charged the ex-girlfriend of singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong with attempted fraud and defamation.

The woman, surnamed Choi, is accused of fabricating text messages she exchanged with the actor and claiming that she had a miscarriage after he assaulted her.

Choi sued Kim for W1.6 billion in May of 2014, claiming that he kicked her in the abdomen while she was pregnant, which resulted in a miscarriage, and tried several times to force her to have an abortion, resulting in psychological trauma (US$1=W1,167).

Kim countersued, saying Choi breached a confidentiality agreement after a W600 million payoff and damaged his reputation by spreading lies about their relationship.

A court ruled in August last year Choi must pay Kim W100 million in damages.

Kim also brought criminal charges against Choi in June of last year accusing her of intimidation and extortion, but prosecutors did not find enough evidence. Kim then turned to a higher prosecutors’ office, which decided to indict the woman.

Source/Credit:   Jan 18

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