Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong’s 2012 Career Milestones

Kim Hyun Joong 2012 Career Milestones in Review:


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Thanks to SS501ode for taking the time to post the round up of all 5 SS501 member’s 2012 accomplishments.  Here is the portion dedicated to Kim Hyun Joong.  This 2012 had been a blast in terms of  career milestone.  Cheers to another successful 2013 for Kim Hyun Joong!

– Made his first solo debut in Japan at the beginning of the year, and scored such good results with 3 Japan discographies (2 Singles – January 2012 『Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy』, July 2012 『HEAT』) (1 Album – December 2012 『UNLIMITED』) all getting No.1 on the significant Oricon Charts at Daily, Weekly, even Monthly. It also includes other music charts like Tower Records Charts, HMV charts, Tsutaya Charts, etc.

– He created several history with the title of a foreign solo artiste/Korean solo artiste with his sole name. With his 3 Japan discographies, he even topped the top few ranks for half-year and year count.

– Is the highest sales amongst Kpop Solo+Group singers who have had released Japan Singles in 2012 – with 『HEAT』! To which it also achieved the Gold status.

– Came in top in the few music categories related to his 3 Japan discographies upon immediate release (ie, Ringtone, Caller Ring, MV viewcounts, Realtime Searches on music and news portals, etc)

– Came in top on Oricon Charts under the ‘DVD’ category with 『First Impact』

– Got invited to quite many significant market shows, events, ceremonies, festivals as one of the top and VIP performer

– Successfully completed 1 Asia Fanmeeting Tour across 3 months (May-July) in 8 countries/cities!

– Held many many fanmeetings and fansigns (ie, with Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy, HEAT, UNLIMITED, City Conquest, Lotte Duty Free, The Face Shop, Centerpole, Hangten)

– Invited for the first time on China’s most popular variety programme 『Happy Camp』 and achieved highest ratings amongst all other top Korean artistes who have had appeared on the same show before!

– Got many many awards (Korea’s Asia Song Festival, China’s Miguhui Music Ceremony, Hong Kong’s Yahoo Buzz Asia Awards). Amongst which, he received 4 trophies altogether (‘Most Popular of the Decade’, ‘Hong Kong, Taiwan, Asia’s Most Popular Korean Artiste’). This proves he is been internationally and massively acknowledged.

– Confirmed his 3rd Drama to be an action melo-drama 『City Conquest』 where he is the protagonist.

Conclusion: He focused on lots of opportunities to interacted with fans. This was an extremely helpful opportunity that help displayed his most honest, sincere and down-to-earth personality to his fans. And that is why his positive power just keeps influencing across Asia, and is slowly making its way towards the world!
It was mainly his Japan activities and the Asia Fanmeeting Tour. This couldn’t have been possible if there was not enough enthusiasm from the market. It is great!!

How time flies!  Here is the flashback of Hyun Joong’s 2011 Career Milestone

Here are some of the videos captured by the ever reliable Hollis♥Hyun님의 채널

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