Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Jihoo: the Eternal White Knight [JiHoo Love Story / Story of Four Flowers: KHJ]

Author:  AprilS

It has been 5 years and 3 other characters- Baek SeongJo, Baek Mir and Shin Jung Tae but media and the world still are attached to Jihoo or Yoon Jihoo of Boys Over Flowers.


Is it because Jihoo as a name is easier to recall and say than the other names of the character Kim Hyun Joong played on the small screen? I bet many babies have been named Jihoo after the big splash BOF made 5 years ago.

Or did being Jihoo represented how KHJ has transformed remarkably different from his public persona? I still remember fans’ remarks that they were surprised how the usual ebullient and irrepressible Hyun Joong of SS501 and We Got Married TV show became the quiet, sensitive and caring Jihoo, member of the elite F4. Jihoo, white knight to Jandi was a perennial character saving damsels in distress in triangle love story in korean dramas. A colleague who appeared later in another drama with similar love story called himself the second Jihoo.

More than surprised, some fans wondered how KHJ became a Jihoo. A drama that he said he learned of his participation through the internet while in Japan. He was the first to be casted and the director remembered how he read the practice script like he was reading a textbook. He was honest enough to admit later he had to have a drama coach while filming for BOF. And how nervous he was in his kissing scenes with his ‘first love’ and Jandi that they had to reassure him while doing it. Well, you know how he did his kissing scenes in Playful Kiss! And the rest of his kissing history is not to be scoffed at. Not at all.

There were those who blamed the drama as the beginning of his getting to be distant from his group. Interviewers even asked a member of his group if he noticed any change in KHJ after BOF.

On the other hand, others said, Jihoo time was the time of growing up, of learning how to work with others.

Being Jihoo was also the time fans sit up and noticed him more outside the shell of SS501. Though as one popular blog site said it, he was the more popular member and not to be confused with the other of a similar name. Advertisers wanted him to endorse their products, variety shows focused on him though he came with his other members. He was always on the limelight partly due to being the leader and frontman of his group.

Many fans came to know Hyun Joong when he became Jihoo and later were surprised to learn that he also belonged to a boyband.Thus it was retrospectively they enjoyed his past performances as dancer and singer.That also explains why many fans are attached to him as solo artist rather than being part of a group that it wasn’t hard to root for him when he finally declared going solo sometime in in June, 2010.

It can said for now that there is a pre-Jihoo and post -Jihoo KHJ as a celebrity artist. It is amazing how a character, a role can serve as an end and beginning of a personal era in showbiz.


One acting coach commented after BOF regarding KHJ’s future as an actor. According to him (not quoted verbatim)he has a lot of promise but his main problem is – he is too handsome, that the viewers have a hard time concentrating on his acting. Do you agree with his assessment way back in 2009?

Jyst want to share “JIHOO LOVE STORY” series (Fanmade videos)


Video Credit:  JJ

Sub Credit:  IBreathLifeMusic

Upload Credit:  Czakhareina

Sorry for the last link … I just noticed that it didn’t show up in my post …

The Epilogue of Jihoo Love Story

Actually there’s JiHoo Lovse Story 6 part II aside from the epilogue.  But I cant find it anymore.

Will upload my copy if time permits. 

STORY OF FOUR FLOWERS: Story Of Kim Hyun Joong

Credit:  maiminsun

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