Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Do you know William? [Can Love Be Refilled? – 2005]

Author:  AprilS  Pexers Write-Ups on FB


He was born in Europe and later returned to South Korea.He has one sister. As a young boy he has shown good skills in playing golf and was later given a scholarship to turn pro. He was put into the care of a female sport agent but proved to be a headache to manage as he is a jerk.

Right, William is a jerk who wouldn’t follow training schedules and recommended practices.He looked like he was dragging his body and his face was so indifferent to what is happening around him except for body building. Until one day, Jung Min came and put some spark into his life. It is not what you are thinking of. Rather they used to be friends turned rival when they were in school. Now years later Jung Min was the better athlete, disciplined at that. And he started to show interest on William’s sport agent. If you guessed Jung Min’s appearance threatened William and perked him up, you are right.

This drama erstwhile called sitcom Can Love Be Refilled broadcasted in 2005-06 in KBS2 Monday Tuesday at 9 pm in 140 episodes. It was Kim Hyun Joong’s FIRST DRAMA and not Boys Over Flowers. He is included in the drama’s main poster. The drama is about three sisters with different experiences in love, life and work.

As William, KHJ who was about 19 or 20 years old but made to act as if he was 25 then is a motorcycling guy who walks with a swagger and with an almost mumbled way of talking. He looks like a lost puppy, sulking like a brat as he tries to evade whatever order the sport agent was trying to inject into his life. His hair is black, long and disheveled. If the director ordered him to act like a rebel of sort he succeeded. However, he loved children and had a good bond with them.

If you are interested to get more acquainted with William, I suggest you hunt the cuts uploaded at Youtube. Be warned though if you are looking for the complete drama -you will find zero drama. Why? Beats me. What’s available are only the parts or cuts featuring KHJ subbed in english. The quality of the film is no good. Even the background music is awful. But you will discover the actor who played Old Man Fly in IG acted way back then with him in this drama.

Many fans were excited to watch this drama for Hyun Joong . However, they complained of difficulty of watching the drama outside of SK and was not subbed in English (unlike today where there are numerous sites to watch streaming and immediately subbed).

There was no followup drama after this as the SS501 went to Japan for a year to promote their music and became busy with their singles and concerts. HJ also became busy with advertisements, being MC with Brian Joo and participation in several variety shows, dubbing,modelling among others. By 2008, HJ was scouted for WGM and later to be one of the leading cast of SK’s version of HanaYori Dango.

Here are the KHJ Cuts on Youtube …. Enjoy!!!   (Ellen)

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