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[Videos] KIM HYUN JOONG: INSPIRING GENERATION Making – #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

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This is great … more KHJ Fanclubs




[이미지/플짤] 14.11.28 김현중 감격시대 메이킹 #3

[Poll] YBA plus The Best of Korean Drama 2014 Voting Updates – 2014.11.25

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YBA updated: the gap to #2 is now >500k Let’s keep on voting to the end.  Awesome Henecians!!!

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Yeah… inspiring generation made it to second place… keep it up.. henecians jjang

World’s first! Kim Hyun Joong ‘Inspiring Generation’ Official Original Soundtrack Release


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세계 최초! 김현중 ‘감격 시대’공식 오리지널 사운드 트랙 발매 결정! 발매일:2014.12.24/ 예약사이트:

Translation via Deanna Dsc

World’s first! Kim Hyun Joong ‘Inspiring Generation’ official original soundtrack release decision!
Date: 12/24/2014 /
reservation site:

[TweetBits + Fancams/Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION FM & Showcase in YOKOHAMA – 2014.06.01

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  • IG premium FM & KHJ World Tour announcement キム・ヒョンジュン「感激時代~プレミアムファンミ」速報とソロツアー&大阪ファンイベント発表!予告動画


  • HJ: I’m happy to meet JP fans after a long time. IG is a drama I worked really hard preparing & shooting, hope everyone gives a lot of love.


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  • 「速報」キム・ヒョンジュン(リダ)“占いで素顔が浮き彫りに!?”「オンエア直前スペシャル!感激時代~プレミアムファンミーティング 2014~」開催!


  •  [포토] 김현중 ‘감격시대’ 日 프로모션 성황..’구름 팬 몰려드네~’

김현중, ‘감격시대’ 日 프로모션 대성황 1만 팬 운집

김현중, ‘감격시대’ 日 프로모션 대성황..8월 방영 ‘기대감 고조’

キム・ヒョンジュン「一生分戦った」 via

RT キム・ヒョンジュンの隠された裏の顔?「感激時代」プレミアムファンミーティング(後編)

김현중, ‘감격시대’ 일본 프로모션 성황 종료


Fancams and Photos from May 31 Event

Fancam Credit:  masa06hj

Published on May 31, 2014

이동시 원출처만 표기해 주세요
2차 가공, 재편집 및 재업로드 금지
우결관련 모든곳 이동 금지




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 Session 1


Session 2


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[Tweet Updates Part3] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION FM & Showcase in YOKOHAMA – 2014.05.31

So sorry for the late late update …. my LT is behaving badly …………. will just put these up and you can check back from time to time for updates …….. KHJ is now back in Korea ……

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Evening session: HJ prefers double, triple dating together w his male friends together. He thinks live continues longer in this way.

  • He useda metaphor: rather than fireworks who disappear in a blinkl, but ashes and charcoal remain long.
  • The night fortune teller expanded further. HJ tends to be b sieved in wild fantasy and cares for tiny things.
  • He has the habit of asking”why”. Once he likes something, he pursues thoroughly and deeply.
  • In another way,he tends to repeat the same stories. Also he is a bit abnormal, being fetish to smell. He also talent in writing
  • In future he may be interested in transferring something to others. HJ asked us whether we wud like to see his film if he directs.
  • Also HJ is a guy who developed his future with efforts and his talents rather than depending on luck. He does not have mic luck in reality.
  • Hit Sun concept: Danny rock. “With Bingo” , you can enjoy World Cup .
  • Viewpoints of IG: it depends by people and their nationality. But everyone can understand how Korean people lived and lived in the ’30’s.


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  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Wore a different outfit, showing white shirt inside. Fr @aaron9999KHJ: 换了套衣服 露出白衬衫
  • [FA] HJ in IG FM session2: Becos I’m artiste, can’t date at places with many people. I dun like single date, like to be in big groups. Alone with girlfriend, duno should do what.(Puhahahahahhaaha my boy ah, you ish duno what to do? I thot you’ll do ‘wrong’ things…. laugh ou loud aigoooo so cute!)@aaron9999KHJ: 因为是艺人 不能在人多的地方约会 我不喜欢就两个人的约会 喜欢大家在一起 单独女朋友在一起 不知道该作什么 [挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎]什么逻辑 精分型逻辑 [挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎][挖鼻屎]
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: MC: How does HJ feel abt female lead wearing kimono? HJ: Em em sorry, I was thinking about something else, was thinking of something that’s unrelated to the question. HJ was also very shocked at himself thinking about unrelated thing.orz…….@aaron9999KHJ: MC→贤重觉得女主传和服怎么样?贤重→嗯 〜〜嗯〜〜 对不起 刚在想别的事情 在想跟问题一点都没关系的事 对于自己在想完全没关系事情的自己也很吃惊。典型的双子精分型[汗][汗][汗][汗] 姐就是想知道你在想什么呢
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Had a scar during the filming that will stay on him for life, will treat it as an honorary scar  @aaronn9999KHJ: 拍戏的时候 留下了一辈子都不会掉的疤 我会把它当成是荣誉(光荣)的疤痕[good][good][good][good][good]
  • FA] HJ at IG FM session 2: Diviner: HJ character is one who will get to the bottom of something to find out about it. Actually the things that people don’t get to see, his character is a little pervert…@aaronn9999KHJ: 算命师→喜欢刨根问底 一定要弄个明白的性格 其实大家看不到的地方性格有点变态[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈] 明说 就是精分 [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session 2: HJ: I’m very sensitive to the body scent of people. This person is of this scent, that person is of that scent, will have these kind of thought.(Hahahahahahaha omg you really is from another planet)@aaron9999KHJ: 我对人身体的味道很敏感 这个人是这个味道 那个人是那样的味道 会有这种想法[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session 2: HJ said his weak point is when someone lick his ears, he’s very sensitive to it.XDDDDDDDDDDDDD@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第二场: 偶吧说他被舔耳朵的话是弱点,很敏感。[呵呵]告诉我们干嘛[呵呵]难道我们能舔到你的耳朵么[拜拜]赤裸裸的秀恩爱[拜拜]FR:chamikhj
  • [FA] MC: Believe in fortune telling? HJ: I believe in own fate is created by ownself. @aaron9999KHJ: mc 相信算命吗? 「我相信自己的命运自己创造 」
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: when arrived at Haneda airport, not sure why but felt not used to it. Seem like been a long time haven’t come to Japan. So this time went out to the streets, went to arcade, ate ramen. Played fishing n doll catching games at arcade. Wanted a One Piece doll but spent 10k Yen yet couldn’t catch one. Such a pity. (来新加坡,姐姐买给你。) @爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第二场: 来日本到羽田机场时,不知道为什么感觉不习惯。好像是很久没来日本的那种感觉。所以这次走到街上、去游戏厅玩、吃了拉面。(拉面脑残粉)在游戏厅玩了钓鱼游戏还有抓娃娃。想要海贼王的玩偶,花了1万日元,但是一个都没抓到。好可惜FR:rida0606cabin
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Ear licking is weak point. To this HJ also LOL. HJ: Indeed licked by his dogs at home, feeling weird about it. @弥凌伊: 被舔耳朵是弱项。这个贤重自己也爆笑!!HJ:确实是被家中的狗狗舔,奇怪的心情@mikitty
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Q: How does HJ feel abt ISH who changed another outfit? HJ: Thought will come on stage in a white outfit so was quite shocked! (ISH) Outfit’s color is skin color…looks like she wasn’t wearing anything (laughs) I really thought she just wore a necklace out?(弟弟, 刚刚问到和服的时候你也在想些有的没的么?? 哈哈)@弥凌伊: 问贤重换了新衣服出场的香香如何?他说:以为是白色礼服出场所以有惊讶到!衣服的颜色就是肌肤的颜色。。。看上去就像没穿一样(笑)还真想着只带了项链 吗?PS:还真符合第一场的喜欢妄想。。。。
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM: HJ likes to drill down to the bottom of a question. Will keep saying same thing repeatedly. Privately, got a pervert side of him. Special hobby of scent smelling. Unknowingly will smell women’s scent. Ear licking is weak point. HJ said he got strange feeling when his dogs licked his ears.(不好意思, 姐姐想很歪 XDDDDDDD)@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第二场:占卜师:贤重喜欢刨根问底。同样的事会说很多次。大家看不到的私下,有变态的一面。有闻气味的癖好。不自觉的闻女性 的香味。[拜拜]…然后,被舔耳朵是弱点。←这点偶吧自己也大笑。(接着说)偶吧:确实啊,被家里的狗狗舔耳朵,心情就会变得好奇怪。[呵呵]
  • [[FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Script giving to select 4 fans, MC told HJ to draw one at a time, HJ said pick 4 at once will be good (laughs). Fans: Ehh?! MC told HJ to be more serious (paused/laughs) and told HJ to draw one at a time.@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第二场:台本礼物选择4个人的时候,MC说每次从箱子里抽出一张,偶吧说一次如果抽出4张就好了^^;(笑)会场: 唉?!MC说请认真地(消停的[偷笑])每次抽取一张。^^为什么感觉偶吧好欠揍[挖鼻屎]脑补画面:MC:你小子给我麻溜的每次抽一张,偶吧(一脸委屈 样):好的。[嘻嘻]@kazum39
  • The night fortune teller expanded further. HJ tends to be b sieved in wild fantasy and cares for tiny things.
  • HJ leaving after fm by 发福的苗条俗女


Lucky fan who received the script for IG ep8 with HJ n SH’s autograph.

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Im Soo Hyang official fancafe update last night. Will share trans separately.

[ISH] Hello everyone. Long time no see~ I’ve came to Japan Yokohama because of Inspiring Generation’ fanmeet, weather is so nice~ Have to talk and sing in front of a crowd of audience, so nervous ‘(づ_ど) It’ll be good if everyone can come along, such a pity, a photo to compensate you ♥♥♥♥ Love you

@感激时代-斗神的诞生: #感激时代# 【斗神·留言】#林秀香# 官咖[The Top]留言(2014.05.30. 22:18)大家 好久不见了~因为感激时代的FM来到日本横滨,天气真好吖~在很多观众面前又要聊天又要唱歌 好紧张啊 ‘(づ_ど) 大家也一起来就好了,可惜呢,补偿你们给张图 ♥♥♥♥ 爱你们 @林秀香贴吧官博-SooHyang



[Tweet Updates Part2] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION FM & Shpwcase in YOKOHAMA – 2014.05.31

So sorry for the late late update …. my LT is behaving badly …………. will just put these up and you can check back from time to time for updates …….. KHJ is now back in Korea ……

For bigger resolution rightr click oin the pucs and open in new tab or window ….

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  • IG FanMeeting starts very soon.

  • Highlight was a fortune-telling. HJ’s basic character is, self-reliance, perfectionist, and artistic.
  • Very capable in memory, very smart which suits to a scholar, but he tends to forget what he said.
  • HJ’s mentality age is 60 years old since he was born. Very cool, listening to others very well.
  • Once he likes a certain food, he continues to eat the same food. HJ was astonished that the fortune-teller said was a bingo!
  • HJ tends to love a girl , brilliant, respectable . But he checks girl’s every detail so much .
  • HJ does not like a girl who does not say Hellow nor say ” thank you”. He also like a girl with white skin, well-educated lady.
  • Sorry 4 waiting. Continue daytime. HJ has fortune re live till the end of this year. Another fortune will be a few years later.
  • This year he will receive high reputation in his work. He will also challenge 4 what he has never done.
  • HJ nodded and confirmed that he also thinks to challenge for a brand new character.
  • In his mentality, matured man w 60 years old and the 2nd year student of junior school. Both HJ @ IsH agree w this.

  • For date with a girl, he has nothing special to do. Rather than giving a gift to a girl, he prefers to eat 떡볶.
  • Re HJ’s viewpoint, a guy who has a good sense, gives an egg to her while eating 떡볶. If he gives an egg yolk to her, it means a proposal.
  • World tour schedule in Jpn: July 29&30 Yokohama Arena,10,000 cap, Aug 5 at Osaka Castle Hall 10,000 & Aug 9 at Hiroshima Green , 8,000 cap.
  • For 임 수형 씨, the most impressive scene was when SJT ran into her room,asking if Kaya killed his father.
  • As it took an overnight to shoot. As both of them were absorbed in acting too much, it was a bit dangerous

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  • Current dates/countries firmed up for HJ’s world tour – 6/28 Korea, 7/5 Taiwan, 7/12 Beijing, 7/29.30 Yokohama, 8/5 Osaka, 8/9 Hiroshima.
  • Still, please wait for official notice for world tour dates. KE hurry please~ do something!!
  • [FA] Inspiring Generation Premium Event first session: Gift selection. Gifts are 3 types of posters and script. For the poster selection, mostly came from fans at Level 2. HJ made a mistake went he was picking the tickets, he read out the price of the ticket (normally you read out the seat number).(HJ ah, you are really unstoppable! Hahaha)@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第一场: 礼物抽选会。礼物是海报3种、台本。海报的抽选,抽到2楼的多。。。偶吧抽取号码的时候出错,把入场劵的价格给读出来了(正常应该读座位号[呵呵])。 [拜拜]偶吧,你是不是傻[拜拜]FR: hana_uta__
  • HJ singing at IG FM by 发福的窈窕俗女

  •  [FA] IG FM: 8/5 Osaka World Tour Concert and Inspiring Generation Fanmeet. IG FM will have Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang. Reservation starts tomorrow. Addition: will select 50 fans from today’s fanmeet attendees to participate free on 8/5 Osaka IG FM.@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第一场:8月5日大阪城HALL似乎是不仅有一场世巡还有一场感激时代FM ,即一天两场?[思考]小感FM出演者:金贤重、林秀香。 明天开始预约 另外:会从今天参加小感FM的人中抽取50人免费参加8/5的大阪场小感FM。FR:shubiwako&loving_khj &hana_uta__
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM: Yesterday spent 10K Yen playing One Piece doll catching machine.헐….@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第一场:昨日はワンピースのユーーフォーキャッチャーなど、1万くらい使ったってw FR: hana_uta__ 昨天玩海贼王的抓娃娃机,花了1万日元(614元人民币)。海贼王脑残粉[拜拜]
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM: A diviner said: HJ is a person who turns shy easily, but is very thoughtful/detailed to the opposite (not sure the ‘opposite’ here means gf or any person?). HJ has been very popular since 2011. It will come to an end by this year end, his popularity… Don’t get married next year… earliest to get marry is 3 years later.(Excuse me diviner, you then finish your popularity horrrrr!! >.< 老娘把你招牌给拆了!)@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第一场:占卜师:贤重是很容易害羞的人,但是对对方很细致。从2011年受欢迎期一直持续着。今年年末将告一段落。受欢迎期 结束。。。(占卜师你才受欢迎期结束[拜拜])明年不要结婚。。。。最早的结婚要在3年后。FR:ponycanyon_kdp 所以等出来就可以结婚了咩[呵呵]
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM: For the drama, didn’t drink for 3-4 months, diet control, only ate 2 meals a day.@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第一场:ドラマの為に、3,4ヶ月お酒は飲まず食事制限していた… 一日2食とか FR: hana_uta__ 为了电视剧,3-4个月不喝酒、控制饮食,每天吃两顿饭。[可怜]
  • [FA] HJ at IG FM: HJ said: If the outfit is dirty, make it even dirtier, the PD will be very happy.@爱贤21度C: #金贤重# 14.05.31感激时代FM第一场:衣装が汚れれば汚れるほど、監督が喜んでいた(ヒョンジュン) 偶吧说:如果衣服脏的话,弄得越脏,导演越高兴。[呵呵]FR: hana_uta__ 所以我们的正太每次都是挖煤造型咩[拜拜]
  • Fans queueing for merchandise for 2nd session of IG FM

  • [FA] HJ in IG FM: Q: How’s HJ’s lips? Gaya: Wet n very soft. Fr @弥凌伊: 问kaya,hj的唇如何?湿湿的 很柔软
  • [FA] HJ in IG FM: Diviner said HJ’s popularity will end this year. HJ: Hope everyone will give more attention to/watch out for me now.我说贤啊, 别太在意占卜师的话。你是我们的Only One所以我们都会看着你等着你的。阿拉搜? 约定!@弥凌伊: 占卜师说到今年大发期结束。HJ:请大家多多关注现在的我@hana*uta
  • @aaron9999KHJ: When singing, HJ seem to be looking out for familiar faces of fans 🙂


Tweet Credit:  감격시대: 투신의 탄생 @Inspiring_Age · May 31
[Video] Lim Soo Hyang from yesterday airport going to Japan [단독영상] 임수향 "김현중과 일본서 한 무대 서게 돼 기대된다" 출처 : 네이버 뉴스


Tweet Credit: 잠꾸러기현중 @jamkkuleogihj · May 31
김현중 공홈 스케줄 update
7월 29일~30일 요코하마
8월 5일 오사카
8월 9일 히로시마


Tweet Credit:  so far,so good @soso_life_ · May 31
즐겁고 기분 좋아 보이던 잘생김현중씨!
떡볶이에 있는 계란을 양보하면 대단한 사랑이라며…
거기다 노른자에 국물까지 얹어주면 거의 프로포즈라며 으헝헝거리며 웃는데 귀여워서 무대난입할뻔 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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HJ only had 2 meals a day fr drama : 드라마를 위해 3,4 개월 술은 마시지 않고 식사 제한했다 ..하루 2 끼니 RT : ドラマの為に、3,4ヶ月お酒は飲まず 食事制限していた…一日2食とか

Lucky fans will get IG poster or script : 선물은 포스터 3 종, 대본 RT : 商品は ポスター3種、台本”

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 Tweet Credit:  01왕자 @501wangja · May 31
HJ at IG FM session 1 by 发福的苗条俗女