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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG Legal Case Issues – 2015.06.26 #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬

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Suspected scam of pregnant ex-girlfriend to ask for 1.6 billion won
Kim Hyun Joong counterclaim for compensation
前女友疑似假怀孕 金贤重反诉索要16亿韩元赔偿

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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong: One Body, One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, One for Our Only One, One Unbreakable Henecia



The Best of Kim Hyun Joong Album Release July 1, 2015:  To Buy or Not to Buy is the Shakespearean Question.  Whatever the Conclusion, May We Remain United with Love


cr: Rukubebe
I always follow my heart when making decisions.  Logic may lead us to believe that leaving emotion out of our decisions would be most wise.  However, if you make a decision based only on cold, logical facts, you will ineviitbly lead a life of regret.  I listen to Wisdom and reason with my mind first.  God gave me a curious mind that loves to learn.  I like to research every possible angle of a situation before coming to my personal conclusion.  After I have exhausted all sources, I then turn to my heart.  I ask myself whether I am making a decision based in love.  If the emotion driving my decision is ANYTHING other than LOVE, I know it will lead me to regret.  If I am doing something out of Fear, Pain, Frustration, Anger, Jealousy, Spite, or even in the name of ‘Justice,’ in the end that decision is ultimately going to harm myself or another person or both.  And so, my judge and jury are LOVE and TRUTH.
I will follow the LOVE in my heart  and live by what I know to be TRUTH.   Simply put, in my life experience, LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH.  If something comes from anything other than a place of Real, Selfless, Unconditional LOVE, it is FALSE and comes from that Spirit of Deception that wants to turn our eyes from the path of righteousness.  To be righteous, I must ACT IN LOVE without any other emotions being involved.  It is ok to be angry.   It is ok to want Justice.  It is ok to grieve for someone we love and want to stomp down every enemy that rears its ugly head against that person we love body, mind, heart and soul.  This is RIGHTEOUS ANGER and has it’s place in Love.  However, we must consider carefully when deciding how to act in the best interest of the person we love.  If we act out of anger, we may end up doing more harm than good.  We may be directing it at our loved one’s enemy, but our loved one has the potential of getting hit in the crossfire, and we will regret our actions deeply once our anger cools.
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And So, after carefully listening to both sides of the current issue of whether ‘to buy or not to buy’, I have come to my personal conclusion.  By voicing my opinion here, I want my Fan Family to know that I have no less respect or love for them if they have done the same, weighing all the pros and cons, measuring against the love in their hearts for Kim Hyun Joong and landed on the opposite side of the coin.  I do not for one minute believe that my Fellow Fans love Kim Hyun Joong any less than I do just because we disagree on the best course of action.  That being said, I have decided that supporting and buying ‘The Best of Kim Hyun Joong’ Album and ‘Gemini 2015 Japan Tour’ DVD being released by Universal Japan is the best way to make sure I am able to see my Angel on Stage again after he completes his Military Service in 2017.  Ultimately, there were three posts on facebook that swayed me.  There were two posts by Ms. D of Henecia Philipinnes whom I love and respect with all my heart and soul crediting @illublue pointing out the BUSINESS side of this Album, it’s sales, the trend that was happening to his album and concert sales after the scandal, and the future of Hyun Joong’s career.


cr: as tagged
My conclusion after reading these is that FIRST, this album is Hyun Joong’s Last Gift to Us before he entered the Military Service.  He was unable to do his free concert.  This album is the consolation.  Like it or not,  he does not own the rights to distribute his own music for us.  It must be done through his contractual agreements with Key East and Universal Japan.  There is no other way for him to bring his music to his fans at this time.  In the future, he may have a choice.  Right now he does not and neither do we his fans.  It hurts, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it is the truth.  Key East and Universal Japan are the only means to bring Kim Hyun Joong to his hungry fans who are missing him so badly.  This is a KEEPSAKE album for us.  To pass up this opportunity to own it may fill us with regret for the future.  To say ‘I will buy it when he comes out of the Military in two years..this will make his comeback even stronger.’  Who is to say you will be ABLE to do that?  There are only so many copies pressed.  Many of his other singles are hard to find and VERY EXPENSIVE when you do find them because they press LIMITED EDITIONS.  And if it does not sell well now… there will be no more made to sell.  If you cannot afford this release, that is another matter.  I empathize with you closely.  To purchase this album and DVD set will be difficult for me financially.  I have other things that could be considered more urgent to do with that money.  However, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to support Hyun Joong’s future and own a once in a lifetime keepsake.  I would like to propose to the fans who have already bought their copies to think of ways to help their less fortunate fans by perhaps purchasing multiple copies as fan clubs and giving them away as gifts.  Or if individual fans have the means, purchase copies for your friends.  These are just ideas and suggestions.  I am not demanding anyone take any action, as I stated earlier, if you have decided that NOT buying the album is the best option, I am not trying to force you.  I am just stating my honest and heartfelt opinion.  I do not want to regret letting an opportunity to own this compilation of his 10 years in the music industry pass me by.


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“This 10th anniversary album is an album that means something. It takes the place of the concert that didn’t happen.” cr: @illublue

Regardless of whether we are angry at Key East for not supporting and protecting Hyun Joong is irrelevant to his future success.  The hard truth is he will need Industry Backing and Investors to make more music and dramas when he gets out of Military Service in 2017.   Whether they be Korean, Japanese, or International, The Investors will not care WHY the fans boycotted this album.  All they will care about are the numbers.  Did it Chart?  How many copies sold? etc.  Even a FULL PAGE AD IN EVERY KOREAN, JAPANESE,or WEEKLY WORLD WIDE PAPER explaining the boycott WILL NOT MATTER.  It will be blamed on the scandal, plain and simple, and Hyun Joong will LOSE in the end because numbers and dollars are the only language Investors speak.  I came to this conclusion after considering the true meaning of a Boycott.   The purpose of a Boycott is to voice your displeasure with a company’s Products and or Services.  To Boycott this album will say to Key East, ‘We are greatly dissatisfied with your services!  You failed to protect our Precious Kim Hyun Joong!  We are now PUNISHING you!”  However, it will also say, “We are not happy enough with your PRODUCT to purchase it!”  That Product is Our Only One, Kim Hyun Joong.  We are not unhappy with him in the least, but that negative message will be sent along with the intended message nonetheless.  Let us not “throw out the baby with the bath water.”  That Precious Baby that might get tossed into the street is our Hyun Joongie.  May that never happen because we were short sighted in our anger.  Hyun Joong’s sales suffered on his last two albums and the Gemini Tour was cut way back to conserve costs and not nearly as many fans turned out as in previous Tours.  It was heartbreaking, but it is a fact we cannot ignore.
cr: Nhor Manuel

“ No sales = “must be due to all that negative publicity”. Occasionally one has to be a pragmatist, not an idealist.” cr: @illublue

The final post I discovered on facebook was this one also posted by Ms. D:  Hyun Joong’s Letter read to his fans at his concert in 2011 at the Breakdown Showcase.  I remember the controversies going on amongst the fans back then.  I was a new fan at the time and had to have  my dear Sister LazerKim explain to me why the fans were fighting and being so hateful to each other.  I will not go into that issue as it is now long over but the current mud slinging and mean comments going back and forth over this Best of Album Controversy reminded me of that time.  I am sure that is why Ms. D. chose to post this letter again.  Kim Hyun Joong grieves DEEPLY over us when we are fighting over what we think is best for him.  It BREAKS HIS HEART!  Those who are for the Album and those who are opposed, we are All His Loving Fans.  We All Love Him Equally!  There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’ in this FAMILY.  I hope we can put those differences aside and be United for Our Only One.  He needs us more than ever.  I want to cry rivers when I think he may hear of the division and feel helpless there in his Dangerous Post in the DMZ.  Right now, I just want him to focus on staying SAFE and Healing his broken heart over this scandal.  He has been damaged more than we could possibly know by it.  We are his LIFELINE.  We are his Wings of Courage.  Let us come together and LIFT HIM UP in every way we possibly can.  Everyone is welcome to their opinion, and it is ultimately each individual fan’s personal right to decide how he or she will support our bias.  Let us make those personal decisions without making it personal with our fellow fans.  We are a LOVING FAMILY in this fandom.  It has been a remarkable show of Unity to those outside it.  Let us not break down that image of Unconditional Love for our idol and each other.  WE ARE ONE FOR OUR ONLY ONE!  I love each and every one of you whether you agree with me or not.  I have very DEAR and PRECIOUS Sisters I know are on the other side of this issue.  I have expressed to them my love because I never EVER want them to believe I don’t love them just because I chose the opposite.  And I would never EVER think they love Hyun Joong any less than I do.  I know they are following the convictions of their hearts with the passion of their love for him just as I have chosen to do.  Let us support each other in love with every step so that we do not fall.  Hyun Joong needs us and we need each other.

“In the next 2 years, I believe I will venture on a whole new path.
As a man, an entertainer, a responsible public figure.
I will come back maturely.

Throughout the past 1 year, I have lived under the love and support that I have received and felt from my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I am grateful to, and fans.

I will return once after I complete my duties, as a better person, if not a perfect individual.
I promise to greet you again with smiles on the day of my return…”

-Kim Hyun Joong, May 12th, 2015

The individual hearts and minds in this fandom are all special, and needed.  We are ONE BODY with many individual parts.  Some fans are active posting memories and photos every day on their social media.  There are the Artist fans who create beautiful and breathtaking Fan Art for us to enjoy.  There are the fans who make jokes about Hyun Joong and the latest news and make us laugh.  Others post news and translate tirelessly for the fans in just about every language around the world.  There are still others that quietly vote in every poll on the world wide web that has Kim Hyun Joong’s name or one of his dramas in the running.  Those fans have made him #1 countless times in those popularity races.  There are the bloggers who post their thoughts, feelings and opinions acting as the voices for the fans who are unable to express themselves with words.  There are the fan clubs that unite the fans by country and region and bring them together for wonderful events and celebrations.  There are the fans who have started fan pages on facebook to support and promote Hyun Joong in every country and language.  There are the fans who are tirelessly coming up with projects and videos to bring our love messages to him and his family in S. Korea.  Each individual is needed and this fandom, Kim Hyun Joong’s precious Henecia, can only be STRONG when we appreciate and rely on each other.  I have wanted to do SO MANY things for Hyun Joong and this fandom.  I have written blog posts during the scandal trying to keep the love of the fans together in our grief over the injustice that was happening to our sweet Angel.  I have posted a Support KHJ page here on my blog and tried to keep it updated as often as I possibly can for you to have a central location for all of his polls and social media pages.  I have helped organize and produced two video projects and sent them to Hyun Joong to bring your messages and prayers to his eyes and ears.  Finally, I started the facebook page Prayers United for Kim Hyun Joong Global Page after God put a HEAVY call on my heart to do so.  I am so grateful to the Sisters I invited to help me who have kept it going beautifully and to the fans who have liked the page and visited each day.  In all my busyness and activity, I realized I SIMPLY CANNOT DO EVERYTHING!  I want to, but I am just one person.  I NEED ALL OF YOU doing what you are good at doing and following your heart to support him.  I cannot do this alone.  We cannot do it alone.  We need each other and our Hyunnie needs us.  We must be United at all Times.  One Body, One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, Only One Kim Hyun Joong.  What an AMAZING fandom!  Henecia:  Hyun Joong’s ‘Blessing.’
cr: Nhor Manuel

“The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” I Corinthians 12:21

I want to conclude that we are still together despite all of the pain and hardship over this last year.  Let’s keep holding each other’s hands and lift each other up every day supporting and sending our prayers to strengthen our Soldier as he serves the rest of his duty at the border.  I have prayed countless times a day for him as my heart cannot help but worry at his dangerous assignment.  I wear my Handmade Prayer Bracelet morning, noon and night.  Yes, I even wear it to bed!  I will not take it off until he returns to us safely!  Only the hardest and the best for our man.  He is a Warrior and a Child at the same time.  Let us cheer him on as we are proud and let us hold and protect him tenderly as he needs our hearts and love.  Hyun Joong, my Angel, be blessed, be healthy, be safe, be diligent, be strong.  But most of all BE HAPPY!  Counting down the days until you return to us with that promised smile!  We are waiting patiently and supporting you all the way!  I pray you feel our love each day as you go about your duties and know deep in your heart we will be here when you are ready to take the stage again.  We will ALL be here, Hyun Joong.  You better prepare a large enough venue!  Your Investors better know we will sell it out 10 times over!  You are Our Only One now and always!


Angie Noonim

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At CD Japan

Amazon: カタカナ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Kim+Hyun+joong&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AKim+Hyun+joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] A Soldier’s Story: A Prologue #‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Sorry I missed this part …… should have posted this before this article:

The End is Just the Beginning

Author:  AprilStarr

A Soldier’s Story

A Prologue

‘Kim Hyun Joong fresh from a 21 months stint in the Republic Of Korea Army relaunches to his musical and acting career’.

This is what his fans would like to read in articles upon his return from military duty. But we are going ahead of the story.

It is not heard that he comes from a military family.Yet there is a three generations of men who served the war not ended between his counry and the next door neighbor.

Like other males of age who enlisted before him and those who will come after him, not many are prepared for military camp life.Yet Kim Hyun Joong had led a life of discipline,structure, hard work and goal fixations that mimics the soldier’s existence. It was no wonder he gets quickly into trainee leadership role (the highest position) with a pleasing personality to boot.

Today, 18th of June,2015 he graduates together with other recruits from basic training of 5 weeks. So many wished him to stay healthy, strong and with fighting spirit. For sure he took them all to heart.

He received many letters and sweets from fans though many wonder why chocolates are the soldier’s favorite food. Whether soldiers know it or not chocolates elevate one’s moods. Hyun Joong specially mentioned it as ‘the best’ in his brief letter.It is hoped the senders sent enough at least for his squad to share.

The finale of the 5 week basic training is the exhausting kilometers trek with a heavy load on their backs. Well there goes our Gendong Man (remember Barefoot Friends?) only longer and more grueling sweat this time. The effort could have been rewarded by an anticipated visit by parents. But MERS roped them out and the authorities ordered a cordon sanitaire to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. It may not be exhaustion that will weaken the soldier,heaven forbid, but this was what happened before with pneumonia viral contagion.

It is just the beginning, already Hyun Joong has shown his resiliency and adaptability to his current situation through his pictures. From an honest face saying he was being unsure of what lies ahead to finally giving smiles of success. If his smiles are an indication that no matter how little success come to one’s way, Hyun Joong must have started counting his blessings.

Arts Credit:  Ruku Bebe Chew

[More Info] The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG Album #‎SupportTBoKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎TheBestOfKHJalbum‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎KHJBestAlbum‬

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For those living in Singapore ONLY who wish to order The Best of KHJ album, @luvKHJ4ever will be collating orders. Please send an email to with
1) version 2)no. of copies 3) telephone 4) name
Payment will be in advance

Cost (approximately)
Version A – $64
Version B – $53
Regular – $43

For those who want to support but not too concerned about charts:

IMPORTANT READS RE Support for KHJ’s Album

Reposting this Tweet:  Please note that the person mentioned is definitely reliable and really close to KHJ. 

And you may click illublue’s link to see her post.

These are the words a person, whom I trust with no hesitation, told me this morning regarding the whole issue of the boycott: “His value as a singer is depending on this album”. 😔 This person let me tell you is someone who knows the business and works in it and very close to HJ. You take it or leave it. I know that not revealing the identity of this person may make you doubtful of what I’m saying but many of u have known me for quite a long time, others less and some u don’t but I hope you all know how much I care abt HJ and believe in my word. Maybe I’m asking for too much though. 😔 The situation is serious, more than you can think of and that I’m allowed to tell. If this album doesn’t sell, we may never get the chance to see HJ on a stage ever again and this may be HJ’s last album. Not even in Japan he’ll have a career if he can prove the ppl in the business that he’s profitable (and many ppl are doubting that even in Japan right now). What @illublue said on her long tweet is very accurate. Also this is a Japanese release not a SK so KE’s take in it is very low compared to UM’s. (I confirmed this, I’m not speculating) So HJ has a lot to loose and very little to gain from this whole boycott. And please bear this in mind, HJ’s future is in our hands, non other, his fans, and it is now, not later. We might be too late if we wait. Business is business and ppl in this world don’t care abt feelings, boycotts or whatever. They only see graphs, numbers and results and mostly inmediate ones.

Tweeted by: Jun 23

For those supporting the boycott by not buying HJ’s album, may I be bold and request u to rethink your position. I don’t want to engage in an argument nor am I forcing my thoughts on anyone.

I don’t expect HJ’s album to get top spot at the Oricon but I do want it to get a respectable sales figure. If it lands in top spot, that will really be great!

@illublue and @MarutaSan_KHJ have accurately summed up why we should not boycott.

As fans, we do what we do with HJ in mind. Always. But don’t let your judgement be influenced by your anger and hate towards KE.

All I ask is for you to revisit your position. Particularly those who have a lot of following. You have so much influence on your followers.

Rethinking will not hurt. If you still think that the boycott is the answer…then ok… you’ve made a choice and I will respect that. #supportKHJalbum

Tweeted by: 

When I read some tweets, I have a feeling that some think we (those that are against the boycott) are putting more importance on the album sales rather than the scandal being resolve. If I’m wrong to think this way, then I apologize

But for some who may have thought this, please don’t because this cannot be farther from the truth.

There was a statement that was tweeted ie. we must think of what’s important for HJ now.

Undeniably, what’s important for HJ now is clearing his name. It’s top priority for his family…particularly for his mum and dad. Top priority for us too….his fans.

I’ve always maintained that resolving the scandal and supporting the album are 2 distinct subjects. But the reality is, BOTH are happening at the same time. The album’s release is next week.

HJ’s lawyer is doing all he can to clear his name. We are all praying for a favorable outcome. As a fandom, we can pray. And should his lawyer need our support, we will support without hesitation. But other than that, I don’t see how else we can help.

Now here we have an album that’s about to be released. As a fandom, we can show support and help with buying. This is something we can actively participate in.

But we are divided. Some intend to boycott and not buy. Why? You all have your reasons and KE is in the centre of it. And some also don’t believe it is important for HJ. As some say, this album will not define him.

Maybe so, but I don’t want this album to be the reason for his downfall either.

I don’t know why I keep explaining myself. To put it simply…I’m a fan.

All i want to put out there is that those of us who intend to support the album…know that we also have issues about KE. We also want the truth exposed just like everyone else. The only difference is we want to support the album. Why?
Because we want to do it for HJ. We don’t want to gamble or take a risk… that poor sales may have a negative impact on his career.

[NewsBits] Kim Hyun Joong Legal Case Issues- 2015.06.24 #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Wating4KHJ‬

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Tweet/Translation Updates:

  • We already know fans/non-fans in SK are sued by A. Some fans who analyzed/posted false docs/pics got sued too. We may not know all things fans do quietly
  • Pls note again:  There are evidences in court Per Atty Lee

1.  Four-week no period medcert for pregnancy last yr

2.  non but there words in court for self pregnancy tester for this pregnancy

  • 뷰티한국 모바일 사이트, 김현중, 초음파 사진 공개 ‘초강수’…김현중 최모, 임신 사기극? “..최씨가 김현중 부모에게 준 초음파사진에는 산모이름도 없고, 검사시각이 진료시각과 다르게 표기됐다”고 문제를제기

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic: KHJ/Choi, Pregnancy fraud? Ultrasound pic provided by Choi has no name and time discrepancy

  • 라이브엔 모바일 사이트, 김현중 초음파사진 공개, 김현중 전여친 본인 것? “최씨가 김현중 부모에게 준 초음파사진에 적힌 검사 시각과 산부인과 진료 시각이 다르게 표시 돼 있으며, 산모 이름조차 없다”고 주장

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pics, Are they ex-girlfriend’s? Utlrasound pics provided by Choi have no name and  discrepancy in time.

  • 김현중초음파사진공개, 김현중母 “전 여친의 거부로 초음파 사진 못받아” | 다음 뉴스 “일주일 후 해당 초음파 사진을 받았지만…검사 받은 시각과 초음파 사진 속 기록 시각이 다르다” 라고 주장했다

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic, KHJ’s mother “unable to get the pic due to ex-girlfriend’s refusal”   Pic received later has no name…

  • 김현중, 초음파 사진 공개 “사진에 문제점 있다” | 다음 연예 “최 씨가 김현중 부모에게 준 초음파 사진에는 산모 이름도 없고, 검사 시각이 진료 시각과 다르게 표기돼 있다”

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic “The pic is questionable” The pic provided by Choi has no name and discrepancy in time.

  • 김현중 초음파 사진공개, 점점 미궁으로..”탐정까지 나서야 할 판” |다음연예 “기계의 체크가 잘못된 것일수도있지만, 그병원이 대형병원인데다 그럴리 없다고 병원측에서도 확인해줬으니 기계결함은 아닌 것으로보인다”

KHJ side reveals ultrasound pic, deeper into maze… need a private eye? Ruled out the possibility for mechanical defects

[ENG SUMMARY] SBS Morning Wide 모닝와이드 간추린 영역

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The reporter went to the same hospital and got bunch of ultrasound pics that Choi took in April and May. According to the reporter, regular ultrasound pics do not have names but 3D ultrasound pics have her surname Choi. The pics taken on May 28, regular pic doesn’t have her name but 3D pic has.

Also the reporter showed the medcert issued on Mar 12. It shows surname Choi and expected delivery date on Sept 12 but covers impregnation date.

In the related article, Choi’s side said they have no way of clearly clarifying why the pic [provided to HJ’s parents] was marked with the time 11:22, when the pic was taken between 10:30 – 11:00.

Choi’s side appealed not to raise a frivolous question about pregnancy after the joint visit to the hospital three months ago on Mar 12.

[I dont know why Choi’s side did not submit the pics as evidence to court].
[Ultrasound pics were all blurred, so the size of fetus is not showing at all.]
[Per Atty Lee impregnation date is Dec 21]

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  • 김현중 측이 밝히는 전여친 A씨의 '두번의 임신' 미스터리 지난해 임신과 폭행으로 인한 유산’이 사실이 아님을 확인한데 이어 현재 임신에 대해서도 강한 의구심을 제기하고 나섰다

KHJ side reveals A’s two time pregnancy mystery:  affirmed no pregnancy/miscarriage by assault last yr and strongly questions pregnancy this yr

Tweeted by: 

  •  [최씨가 주장했던 폭행유산은 사실이 아니다!] 김현중측이 산부인과 등에 사실조회신청한 결과 지난해 임신 및 유산 사실을 증명한 곳이 한 곳도 없다고 합니다.따라서 최씨가 폭행유산이라고 했던 부분은 허위주장입니다
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Some of the statement of facts are returned to court. Among those responded, no clinics confirmed pregnancy and miscarriage last yr

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  • [2번째 임신의문] 임신확인서에는 임신시점과 출산시점 등이 담겨 있어 친자여부 확인에 있어 중요한 서류임에도 최씨는 당시 임신테스트기로 확인했다며 서류를 보여주지 않고 있으며 심지어 재판부에도 서류제출 안함.

Question about 2nd pregnancy:  pregnancy cert with impregnation and delivry info is important but A confirmed by tester and didn’t submit it to court

  • 김현중 측은 “이번 임신 시점에 대해서도 의문이 많지만, 이번 임신은 재판의 쟁점이 아니다. 사랑하는 사람들이 만나 임신을 했다고 16억원을 요구할수는 없기때문이다. A씨의 이번 소송은 그자체로 말이 되지 않는다”면서
  • “중요한 것은 지난해 임신과 유산에 대한 A씨의 주장인데, 이는 이미 사실이 아님이 드러났다”고 밝혔다.
  • KHJ side: we have questions about the time of impregnation but the current pregnancy is not the issue of litigation.  When two people met in love and pregnancy happened, it can,t be a reason to demand 1.6BW. A’s litigation itself does not make any sense. The important issue is A’s claim for pregnancy and miscarriage last yr, but it is found to be not true: #3 stated Atty Lee.
  • KHJ side reveals ex-girlfriend’s ultrasound pic, 2Qs? Pics given by ex-gf doesn’t have name and discrepancy in time of check-up and pic taken

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[News] Kim Hyun-joong suspects Choi’s ultrasonic #‎Justice4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ ‪#‎Wating4KHJ‬


While Kim Hyun-joong is in legal dispute with ex-girlfriend Choi, Kim’s parents raised questions about Choi’s ultrasonic pictures.
Kim’s parents claim to have gotten ultrasonic pictures from Choi at a recent interview with K Star Report.
According to Kim’s parents, Kim’s mother went to a gynecologist to check for pregnancy on the 12th of March around 10:40AM and saw two ultrasonic pictures of Choi laying on the table. However, she couldn’t get them because Choi refused.
Kim’s parents received the pictures a week later, but the time was stamped: ‘March 12th, 11:20AM and 11:22AM’.
The time of the pictures and the time Choi was there doesn’t match.
They also claim the name of the mother wasn’t printed on the ultrasonic.
Previously, Choi filed a legal case against Kim Hyun-joong claiming that she was pregnant with his child. She claimed pregnancy last year too but claimed she lost the child because Kim Hyun-joong had hit her. Kim paid her 600 million in alimony. The next trial is to be held on the 22nd of July.
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[Tweet Bits] The BEST of KIM HYUN JOONG – Teaser Video #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬


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キム・ヒョンジュン『The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG』- teaser – Release 7/1

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『The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG』- teaser – UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN cr @Holhyun

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To buy or not to buy?

As I had said before both sides have good reasons for their decisions. Personally I thought about it for a long time before I finally decided to buy the album after all.

I really hate KE/ BYJ BUT I love HJ much more than anything else in this case. What I really do not want to see as mentioned earlier by a fan (and I agreed) is that HJ becomes collateral damage as a result of our actions even though they are not directed at him at all, and hence, provides excuses for trash media to put HJ down again with their biased reporting!

My key consideration to buy the album is because I want to ensure HJ will remain as one of Universal Music Japan’s (UMJ) top selling artistes from Korea in the JP market, so that when HJ finishes his MS in less than 2 years’ time he will be able to return to the JP market with ease to launch new music projects, with support from a major label like UMJ! I’m no expert of the music industry in JP and what I know about it is just based on what I had read about it before. But I know it would be essential/ beneficial for HJ to have a major label like UMJ, supporting the production and distribution of his future work in that market. Like it or not, sale-ability of his albums will be one of the key considerations for UMJ to continue to support HJ in the future!

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Just wanted to consolidate my thoughts regarding this album.

Whatever one’s thoughts regarding KE and amidst conspiracy theories…

In the first place, no one even knows the details of the contractual arrangements. Either on the Japanese side or the Korean side. There are entirely too many assumptions.

This 10th anniversary album is an album that means something. It takes the place of the concert that didn’t happen. That’s one.
HJ has had intense negative publicity. Anything associated with a drop in sales will be directly associated with this whether we like it or not. It is total naivety to assume industry people will take into account whether or not the fans were upset and whether or not there was a boycott going on at the time. In the real world, the business world, cold hard facts are the norm. This person isn’t selling well? So what if he had selling power before? Obviously that’s now a thing of the past since sales have been dropping. Is there any proof you can show me that this person is worth investing in? Yes? No? All that remains of a Japanese album at the end of a couple of years are – did it make no.1? What were the total sales? The number of units sold? Year by year what is the increase or decrease? There is no discussion of the controversies that surround each album. If you cannot offer proof, then forget it. Whatever your assurances to me are, facts are what we seek. This is a company’s view.

So we will support his next album and activity. “Umm…. If you cannot prove to me this will make money I will not bother to fund any more albums or activities. Don’t bother contacting us – what proof can you offer me that his activities will have support after this whole scandal? Oh, he gets lots of letters? The fans came to see him? Hmm…. Can you assure me that translates into profits?” So perhaps fans will finally have the opportunity to save money. Many of you might not have realised how dressed down the concerts were on his last tour. This is no accident. No one with an ounce of business sense would doubt that cost saving was an issue. And likely it was a condition that HJ had to accept before even being allowed to hold the tour.

Just as it was important to show the world we supported him at the end of the world tour, just as it was important for us to show he still had this support at his enlistment, so it is important now to show that this, potentially his last album, still has selling power.

It is illogical to assume that any company is going to spend a majority of its profits in bringing someone down. The purpose of a company is to make money. Yes there may be a lot of manipulation going behind the scenes but no one knows exactly what. Anyone with business sense would know that.

No one likes being held ransom. But for me, it is a small price to pay in return for eradication of that risk of collateral damage to HJ at this very critical point in time. No bystander will bother to delve into the details of why fans are not buying. No sales = “must be due to all that negative publicity”. Occasionally one has to be a pragmatist, not an idealist.

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These are the words a person, whom I trust with no hesitation, told me this morning regarding the whole issue of the boycott: “His value as a singer is depending on this album”. 😔 This person let me tell you is someone who knows the business and works in it and very close to HJ. You take it or leave it. I know that not revealing the identity of this person may make you doubtful of what I’m saying but many of u have known me for quite a long time, others less and some u don’t but I hope you all know how much I care abt HJ and believe in my word. Maybe I’m asking for too much though. 😔 The situation is serious, more than you can think of and that I’m allowed to tell. If this album doesn’t sell, we may never get the chance to see HJ on a stage ever again and this may be HJ’s last album. Not even in Japan he’ll have a career if he can prove the ppl in the business that he’s profitable (and many ppl are doubting that even in Japan right now). What @illublue said on her long tweet is very accurate. Also this is a Japanese release not a SK so KE’s take in it is very low compared to UM’s. (I confirmed this, I’m not speculating) So HJ has a lot to loose and very little to gain from this whole boycott. And please bear this in mind, HJ’s future is in our hands, non other, his fans, and it is now, not later. We might be too late if we wait. Business is business and ppl in this world don’t care abt feelings, boycotts or whatever. They only see graphs, numbers and results and mostly immediate ones.


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